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Username: Amiri
CamScore: 4370
Gender: Female
Body Type: Athletic
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 100 pounds
Height: 64 inches
Age: 33
Country: Russian Federation
Sexual Preference: Straight
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Tags: pain, in, the, ass
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Favorite Models: sexyvany
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Favorite Books: 'The Secret', 'Hotel' and 'Airport' by Arthur Hailey
Favorite Movies: The Green Mile, The Shawshank Redemption, The Langoliers, Premonition, Signs, War of the Worlds, Interstate 60: Episodes of the Road, Back to the Future, Apocalypto, Lost, Knowing, Fight Club, Pulp Fiction, Cast Away, The Mothman Prophecies, Final Destination, Four Rooms, Bedazzled, Breaking Bad
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sooo u not polite!!!And i not like u!!!SO i hope i never see u again
Good morning Amiri, hope you slept well and wanted to leave you my email 123mybox123 along with an invite to my twitter (@Diossiempreamo) in hopes you want to be friends and keep in touch. Have a great day sweet heart!
While on line I say thanks! to-you often. I believe in recognizing those 'deserving quality credit.' You deserve that recognition. I very much appreciate your skills and achievements (i.e., which are demonstrated to me daily).
You are Beautiful!
te ves caliente como el infierno que lleva un towl blanco en la cama! buenas noches, Amiri
just beautiful
Reading back on seem's like you have some Hater's huh?? Hi-fives!!! Haters are alway's a sign your doing something right! lol. So here's a msg for you mfc memeber 'taketheuv': wow..thanks for your BS pseudo Freudian psychoanalysis there pal.And yes, you are right.Amiri can be rude,offensive,sarcastic, condescending etc etc.But if you'd taken time to see past the bad girl bitchy exterior, you'd realize that underneath, she is THE most sweetest,funniest(and clumsy!) most beautiful and classy lady you could ever wish to meet. SO. here is my dose of Freudian psychoanalysis for you my friend. Please feel free to take your insecure, woman hating, sexually frustrated and repressed little ego, and kindly GO.FUCK.YOUR.MOM. Thankyou x
Thankyou hunny, for such a fun time! Your Happy smile made my day!(sure the Kick ass athletic body helped too hehe) sorry for the confusion over tokens etc, s'all good. I'm just a freakin Noob! See you again soon beautiful.Nostrovia! x
Many thanks for letting me view your page and had alot of fun visitng you room! Ntmu Amiri hunny - This UK Gym boy would be honoured to have some fun in C2C some time? Your smile alone, is Perfetion!
March 4th- The Day of Creative Isolation...Those born on March 4th are able to live and work in isoation without having too much contact with the outside world. Although many born on this day do not consciously choose isolation, nevertheless it often proves to be an important recurring theme in their lives, so again and again they find themselves either physically, emotionally or spiritually cut off from their fellow human beings or environment. However,to most born on this day being alone is not a lonely experience, but rather a chance to be productive. --- ta da- i got a book that says "taketheluv" is full of shit
can i be a friend?
Very interesting psychosis this girl lives in. Very rude, condescending, arrogant, and disrespectful on the outside. Any professional can see that she is, in actuality, an intensely insecure person, one in sadness and depression, total rationalization and denial. A danger to herself. Needs immediate counseling before it becomes too late.....she talked herself into being a whore, a slut, a contemporary prostitute. Non of these lowlife whores admit to it. That's what they are in reality. Not sexy, at all. Too old. Rather obnoxious and repugnant. Has the usual mental illnesses: self-admiration, false sense of entitlement, and just a complete distortion of the real world.....pretty much a mental midge, emotionally immature, and no cognitive skills.......
Amiri , you are super hot & sexy , friendly & entertaining woman , i am sadly in love
thanks darlin you are one very hot and beautiful lady
excellent movie selection it felt like I was reading my own selection. You a an exquisite creature your beauty simply pure. Hope to see you again. Thanks, Ron
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