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Username: AngieMoore
Gender: Female
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Always Different
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 110 pounds
Height: 61 inches
Age: 27
City: Los Angeles
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bi-curious
Smoke: Non Smoker
Drink: Occasional
Drugs: Never
Marital Status: Single
Occupation/Major: Nurse/MFC Model
Favorite Food: Italian Seafood
Pets: 1 dog
Automobile: Honda Civic
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photo Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 5.33.51 PM_zpsg9z9lk36.png photo IMG_0102_zpshvcfagnd.jpg


1. Dancing on top of my new kitchen counter, I tease
you and slowly strip and get off with my
fingers. 8:54 mins long.

2. Dancing wearing my black dress in my bedroom, I
slowly tease you and strip getting off with my
vibrating dildo. 12:14 mins long.

3. I named it Spitty Tits, I suck and spit on my tits in
my bath tub, while playing with my pussy till I cum
hard. 8:19 mins long.

4. Dining Play, I get off on my new dining chair, watch
me creamy cum. 8:44 mins long.

5. He only wants me, I am telling some girl off (pretending to)
that wants to fuck my man. I show her what my man likes and
how a real woman gets off with my hitachi. 9:15 mins long.

* 200 Tip each or All 5 of them for 550 Tip*


photo bvidseditBLUR_zpsibtq1wl2.jpeg


B1. Angies Car Play: I get off in my car, in the garage, shhh I need to be extra quiet!
8:43 mins long. 150 Tip

B2. Dancing Nylons: Watch me play with myself with my fingers while standing and dancing mostly.
5:00 mins long. 101 Tip

B3. Heel Fun: [[Fetish video]] for those who love heels, I enjoy getting off with mine!!
10:27 mins long. 150 Tip

B4. BG Romance: You have never seen me this romanic before! Making him cum extra thick!
8:52 mins long. 150 Tip

B5. Legs Up: A little of everything here from BJ to Anal, foreplay, legs extra high up, he creams me good!
10:55 mins long. 150 Tip

B6. Wet Doggie Rug: I'm fresh out of the shower, no makeup. I start by sucking his cock and he
finishes me doggie, cream pies me. 5:46 mins long. 150 Tip

B7. New Bed Play: I seduce you and give a strip tease dancing in front of my new king size bed, watch me
play with my dildo and clit till I cum. 10:27 mins long. 150 Tip

B8. BG Doggie Sofa: watch him fuck my brains out doggie style, I jump on top and ride him. Ends in a deep
creampie and see the cum up close. 5:37 mins long 150 Tip

B9. Jerk Off Instructions: Watch me dance to the song Anaconda, afterwards I'll give you jerk off instructions while
I fuck my pussy on my bed using my dildo and my hitachi.
12:19 mins long 150 Tip

B10. Nightstand fun: right before selling my bedroom set, had to have some fun on my nightstand one last time!
I tease you and then I get myself off with my dildo and hitachi. 7:51 mins long 111 Tip

B11. Front Riding: Watch me fuck his brains out facing backwards, he cums like never before inside of me.
7:00 mins long 150 Tip

B12: Spitty Tits 1: [[Fetish video]] I suck and spit on my tits while talking dirty.
10 mins long 150 Tip

B13: POV Facial: Shot point of view in my bathroom, watch me suck him up good,
ending with a delicious thick creamy facial. 5:35 mins long. 150 Tip

B14. BG Legs up: I start with giving him a sloppy blow job, watch him fuck me hard with
my legs over his shoulders, he cums in my mouth. 8:05 mins long 150 Tip

B15. BG Angie's Sex Ed: [[Fetish video]] I teach you the best way to make a baby, mostly doggie,
he cums deep in me and watch me hold it in. 6:54 mins long 150 Tip

B16. Angie's Sex Ed: [[Fetish Video]] I teach you about a woman's body parts and what they're for,
I also show you how I orgasm with my vibrating dildo, watch me cum hard with this on
9:07 mins long 150 Tip

B17. Pool Fun: Thats right I was dared to get naked in my community pool!! Filmed early in the morning,
I make sure to be very quiet! Sucking my tits and playing with my pussy, I almost got caught right
while I orgasm! 7:07 mins long 150 Tip

B18. Garage Fun: I start on top fucking him good, then he gets me from be hide on the chair.
He fucks me hard, I almost fall off the chair. He cream pies me deep. 6:18 long 150 Tip

B19. Garage Solo Fun: I play with my pussy using only my fingers, I make myself cum extra hard.
5:14 mins long 150 Tip

B20. PlayFul Feet: [[Fetish video]] for my foot lovers! I start by dancing a little,
wearing my black nylons and boots, he throws me on the bed, eats my pussy, I then
play with his cock with my feet, with and without the nylons, good close ups as well.
He finishes off inside of me and I release the cum front facing view. 11:29 mins long 150 Tip

B21. Vanity Fun: Wearing my new bathing suit, watch me get off with my Hitachi hard and fast!
4:51 mins long 111 Tip

*Please let me know in tip comment which video you're tipping for*

photo Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 8.02.45 PM_zpsu8cjgxn0.png

photo A Vids_zpshqjzovic.png

A1. Fourth time ever getting my pussy fucked by a real cock, this time shot POV
(point of view). My titties bounce up and down while I drive him insane! I Swallow his cum!
7:12 mins long 150 Tip

A2. CreamPied on the Coffee Table. I start with an introduction on how I became
a cam girl and how I feel about being creampied. Shot mostly POV from both me
and him. 7:46 mins long 150 Tip

A3. I start sucking him off, we perform a 69, then he fucks me hard doggie.
7:55 mins long 150 Tip

A4. BG cream-pie, we haven't fucked in a bit, watch me make him cum in me quickly.
4:00 mins long 150 Tip

A5. BG blue Sofa Facial. I start by giving him head, we do a 69 and then I fuck his
brains out. He gives me a nice thick facial. 6:33 mins long 150 Tip

A6. BG Nylon Fun. Watch me tease him with the nylons, as we take turns pleasing
each other and he gives me a nice facial. 8 mins long 150 Tip

A7. Third time EVER having intercourse with a man. I can't get enough of it, we
take turns. My little pussy is so sore afterwards. I am cream pied for the first time
in my life! 8:13 mins long 150 Tip

A8. BG Daytime Fun. Watch me suck him off for a bit, then we take turns to cum hard.
Ending with a deep cream pie! 10:00 mins long 150 Tip

A9. BG Wet Bath Fun, filmed under natural sunlight only, we take turns, watch him cream
pie me deep! I squeeze it out and lick it. 7:27 mins long 150 Tip

A10.My first time ever doing anal with a REAL COCK! Watch us take turns in this hot video.
He cums in my mouth and I swallow. Catch a close up of my sweet little asshole all teared
up afterwards! 11:58 mins long 150 Tip

A11. Sofa Fucking. Watch me Suck him, fuck him cowgirl style both backwards and front.
I sure love to please him and make him cum! Hes a little shy and rather wear a mask during
fliming. 9:03 mins long 150 Tip

A12. Sofa Creampied. I screw him good on the sofa, he can't get enough of me.
7:36 mins long 150 Tip

A13. BG Car Fun. Okay, so 'Ive had sex a few times before in the car but I've never
recorded doing so. Great angles taken.. watch him cum fast and hard inside me.
10:42 mins long 150 Tip

*Please let me know in tip comment which video you're tipping for*

photo dust_zpseda3e9zl.png

photo Plentybanners_zpsr7zyaaur.jpg

photo newvids_zps87rdlrxy.jpg

A. First Girl on Girl Video. Watch us role play, I am the maid and I clean her pipes,
then she cleans mine! I squirt all over her face! 10 mins long, 550 Tip

B. I suck him off very tenderly, he cums on my tits! 8 mins long, 200 Tip

C. First time Eaten and Fingered on Video! Watch him finger me fast and hard!
He knows how to suck and lick this little sweet pussy. 10:50 mins long, 200 Tip

D. I suck him off good, shot POV (point of view), he cums in my mouth, I swallow! 8 mins long, 200 Tip

E. I deep throat his fat cock, he fucks my face fast and hard. I swallow his cum! 6:36 mins long, 200 Tip

F. Watch me get a Facial!! Shot POV (point of view). 6:25 mins long, 200 Tip

G: Messy BJ. I love sucking this cock! Watch me suck it deep and fast in the kitchen.
I love to lick it all around and suck on those balls. He cums all over my eyes. Shot POV, 9:03 mins long. 200 Tip

H: POV Titty Fuck/BJ. Watch me suck him off while I spit on his cock and titty fuck it good,
he enjoys me to hurt him a little too. I love to get dirty with this guy!
He shoots his load all over my eyes. I love cum eyes. 15:18 Mins long. 200 Tip

I. Hand job fun, watch me make him cum hard and super fast using only my hands! 3 mins long, 200 Tip

photo solovidsbanner_zps6nhi1i8v.jpg

photo Angie2_zpszlwd9q6l.jpg

1. Gym Play! 9 mins long, 151 Tip

2. I Strip, Play with my Hitachi and Buttplug inserted. 9 mins long, 151 Tip

3. Fingers Only! Watch me cum hard, while I shake in pleasure! 11:39 mins long, 151 Tip

4. I Suck my Toy, DP (double penetration) my toys. 10 mins long, 151 Tip

5. All Natural in the Shower, wearing no make up. I start teasing you with some Erotic dancing,
then I give my dildo some love. My shower head makes me cum twice! 12 mins long, 151 Tip

6. I Start off by wearing my scrubs, then I tease the fuck out of my nipples with ice. 10 mins long, 151 Tip

7. Sugar Rush! I strip, pour whole bottle of whip cream and chocolate syrup all over me slowly.
I then make myself cum so good. 11:43 mins long, 151 Tip

8. I dance with my scrubs on, then I slowly remove them, I make myself cum! 8 mins long, 151 Tip

9. Sofa Loving! I use my vibrator and glass dildo. Mmmmm, watch me strip and cum! 11:13 mins Long, 151 Tip

10. My 1st video ever! I just love to cum to you guys, thats why I started to make videos,
to please you when I'm not online! 5 mins long, 151 Tip

11. I Jerk you Off! I give you jerk off instructions while I play with my popped out tits,
wearing just my bikini. I make you cum on demand! 7:53 mins long, 151 Tip

12. In my Hot Lace White Dress! I make my tight virgin cunt cum! 10 mins long, 151 Tip

13. Cowgirl Fantasy? I give a super hot/sexy cowgirl strip tease! I strip to two country songs,
very slowly, very hot. 7:11 mins long, 151 Tip

14. Lots of Licking. I am so horny, I start with sucking and licking my tits out of my blouse,
then I work down and make my sweet pink pussy cum, I tease a little more after that. Very classy! 12:38 mins long, 151 Tip

15. Laundry Fun, Watch me play with my Hitachi and my fingers,
I don't want to cum too fast. Been wanting to try this for quite some time! 10:44 mins long, 151 Tip

16. Little Black Dress dancing. I dance super sexual to two songs.
Wearing one of my favorite little black clubbing dresses, half way up, I let my tits out time to time. Very hot teasing! 6:20 mins long, 151 Tip

17. Stair Fun 2. Roomie is up stairs so I need to be quiet. I fuck myself good and cum so quietly! 9:02 mins long, 151 Tip

18. Solo, 3 toys in each hole. Watch me fuck my ass, pussy and mouth at the same time.
I scream so loud during my orgasm! 10:37 mins long, 151 Tip

19. Rug fun. I start teasing wearing just my jeans, watch me get down on my rug and fuck my cunt hard with my fingers
and then please myself with my Hitachi. I have a lot of fun and I cum pretty hard! 15:32 mins long, 151 Tip

20. I dance with no panties, I play with my tits... Watch my dress go up as I tease you. 7:08 mins long, 151 Tip

21. Watch me milk myself, I squirt milk everywhere and I cum hard (a surprise included). 8:11 mins long, 151 Tip

22. Solo car fun. I've always wanted to get off in a car alone, watch me get off by myself in my car. Fingers only. 9:15 mins long, 151 Tip

23. Solo bedtime fun with my pretty pink pjs. I leave it half off while I fuck and rub my wet little pussy with my dildo. 6:51 mins long, 151 Tip

24. Balcony outdoor fun. Been very horny and what better way to get off outside and risk someone catching me? Super hot plus I came extremely hard. I think someone had fun watching a few doors down! 6:54 mins long, 151 Tip

25. Solo on my bed, fingers only. Lots of close ups! 11:04 mins long, 151 Tip

26. Purple Nylon Bathroom Dream. Watch me get off with my pink vibrator on my bathroom counter. 9:00 mins long, 151 Tip

27. Solo Porno Fun. I get off watching a porno using my dildo. Watch me cum harder than my porno. 8:07 mins long, 151 Tip

28. New toy fun. Wearing yoga clothes I seduce myself and remove just about it all, while I fuck my cunt with my new vibrating toy. 7 mins long, 151 Tip

29. Breakfast table solo, I start by dancing in my leggings, I get on the table and fuck myself hard with my toy, I cum in the air. 9 1/2 mins long, 151 Tip

Have All 29 of them for 1000 Tip, that's over 4 hours of content!

photo preggovidsbanner_zps8nxxjqbg.jpg

photo e2320b96-c91c-4f48-bf1d-8dd86684b9aa_zpse36b3ccb.jpg
P1. First Preggo Video (7 Months Pregnant), watch me oil up my tits and belly and squeeze milk out of my tits.
I get off using my toy in cowgirl position... I cum so hard. 10:30 mins long, 200 Tip

P2. Valentines Video, due to high demand keeping it for sale all year round. I dance a little,
lick some honey off my tits and get off with my fingers,
watch me fuck my pussy with 3 fingers all at once for the first time ever! 10:59 mins long, 200 Tip

P3. Fucking Quickie Video. When I say quickie, I mean Quickie! Watch me Fuck his brains out Fast and Hard.
He cums in my tight pussy and I squeeze it out... So much cum! 3:19 mins long, 300 Tip

P4. One of my favorite places to get off is in my Shower! Watch me wash and soap up my body then Cum
with my retractable shower head. Very sexual! 10:58 mins long, 300 Tip

P5. Watch me Dance, Strip, while getting off with my New
ButterFly Remote control attached toy. I get off so hard while rubbing
lotion all over myself. 9:07 mins long, 300 Tip

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Great seeing you Angie as you were always an angel to me
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Hoping all's well Angie. Thinking about you girl
Just sayin hi
Hey Angie hope you've been well & hope the baby is well also
Hey Angie hope all is well & hope to see you again soon
Angie Glad we're still talking you still look phenomenal even after the pregnancy & I feel like your friendship has grown with me
Angie you've always been a sweety. Hope we can talk soon
ur awesome
Ur such an awesome friend Angie!
you are very sexy preggo lady.
Angie, I like the sprite in you!
I hope everything is alright I miss you
I miss you very much sweetie!!!
How do i do a offline tip??
what beautiful girl you are
Thank you for being my BFF
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