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Profile Headline: eroticism, sensuality and love... what are you looking for?
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Username: AngiePersy
CamScore: 1755
Gender: Female
Body Type: Athletic
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 55 kilos
Height: 167 centimeters
Age: 22
City: Underworld, Hades city
Sexual Preference: Bi-curious
Marital Status: Single
Occupation/Major: musician, artist and hot camgirl
Pets: my beautiful mixed dogs, Saya and Tisha
Tags: cosplay, little tits, bubble ass, wavy hair, white skin, latina, anal, videos HD, shaved pussy, natural, artist, dancer, dildos, goddess, creamy cum, puffy nipples, teaser, sensual, classy, single, custom videos, sweet, spoiled, body tour, graceful, snapchat, smart, lover, brunette, striptease, raffles, role player
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*Goddess of the Underworld*
Hello, my name is Angie, Im 28 years old, Latin girl. I enjoy a lot being on cam, i like enjoy my body and all the things i can do with it, i like video games and dance for you, I have 2 mongrel dogs, Saya and Tisha, and finally Im here to make you happy and be a happy girl.
I call my room The Underworld, and I am Persephone in this land. As your goddess, I only ask you to respect me and my friends. I don't like foul language or those who request without tips or complain about my shows. There are a lot of beautiful girls that may suit your tastes better. Those who don't understand the rules will fall in Tartarus without a path to return.

Friends of the Underworld
Hungry for more? bellow you will find my social sites, click on the picture, and for those who wants to be more generous my wish lists.
You are free to follow me on Twitter. Here is where I have news about MFC, announcing when I will be on cam. I dont add unknown people on skype or snapchat, you must pay first, and give me your nickname. DO not take screenshots or i sadly have to delete you from my friends list. I use my social media for normal life stuffs, no like a extention of a mfc shows, if you want a show please come to mfc and take me into a pvt or grp.
Favorite Books:

Events of the month
thank you to all the participants on my raffle and a big clap and congratulations to : Punchtheclown who won it :)
Favorite Songs:

Persephone's Pantheon
My 5 highest monthly tippers will become gods and claim their throne in Persephone's Pantheon. All my gods will receive rewards of a special goddess themed video. My Hades will receive some extra benefits in addition. These change with the months. Check the list to see what my Hades will win (for now updated til august)
Hades...Daddy_Bob63 4000 tokens
Zeus...PunchTheClown 3132 tokens
Poseidon...crs1973 2195 tokens
Ares...Sighman 2001 tokens
Dionysus...Falamir 1000 tokens
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now:

Custom Videos and Pics
Custom Videos:
Prices start at 1000 tokens (15 - 20 minute solo video). Send me your idea and we may discuss the details and the price depending on your request. Each video takes around 15 to 20 days to be produced. The content of videos may include: toys (check my toys gallery, they are marked with the uses), clothing preference ( you should put a note on your custom vids purchase description (I have many props and costumes see my costumes gallery down my profile. But you will be required to pay extra if I need to purchase a prop or costume for your vid. costumes list below), striptease, shouting your name, setting, talking Spanish or English, cum, music, singing, dance or pretty much anything that you would like to see me doing. Although, I will not accept unpleasant requests, requests that violate my integrity, or videos with girls or outdoors. Otherwise if you are looking for a video in couple, prices start with 3000tk (10 - 15 minutes). you should ask first, no all time is avalible.
Custom Pics:
You can request personalized photos. Just do your best to describe what you'd like to see. They take around 15 to 20 days to produce, depending your request and quantity. price start with 40 tokens per 1 photo or 300 tokens per 10 photos.

Video List
Are you Hungry for more? click here --> to take a look of my complete list of videos
250 Tokens
(hairy) playing with my favorite toy while I talk dirty in spanish
The evil nun25:20min
250 Tokens
(Anal, shave) I am a nun coming to the dark side, lets fuck my ass and take all this evil out.
Latin Girl20:06min
250 Tokens
(Anal, shaved) I like so much to show off my ass, lets play with a lot toys and talk dirty in spanish
freeze feet10:28 min
200 Tokens
(no toys or orgasm) A vid for my foot lovers. Watch me in the nude, licking and spitting on my feet. Meanwhile, at the snap of the timer, I must freeze and hold my pose until it snap again.
Wednesdays ass17:23min
250 Tokens
(anal with glass toy) Wednesday has been a very bad girl. She feels her ass needs some punishment. So she gets her glass plug and punishes herself. But it feels so good that she cums too.
Pervy dark angel16:05min
200 Tokens
(naked, not toys, 3 orgasms) I'm a dirty and evil angel. My wings, halo, lips, and even my nipples are black with lipstick. I pee and then start to masturbate. But that's not the end...I use the pressure of the water from a hose to help myself cum.
Naughty dance13:42min
200 Tokens
(no toys, standing cum) I am doing my sexy warrior dance when I start to touch my nipples, ass, and pussy. The music turns me on so much that, while dancing, I masturbate until I cum.
Christmas Angel10:42min
200 Tokens
Get into the Christmas spirit with your sexy Christmas angel. Wrapped in a string of Christmas lights, Im a good angel, dressed in my white wings, but I have a naughty side. Watch me masturbate next to my tree.
Hidden camera20:23min
250 Tokens
double orgasm) I come home from a day out and just want to relax. I strip down to my panties, go pee (not shown), and get a bit of water and sit down to play video games. But the games bore me quickly and I start to touch myself and drool on my nipples. I take off my panties and finger my pussy until I cum. Then it's back to the video games
Zeus and Leda14:33min
200 Tokens
big fat dildo, roleplay greek mythology)With a clap of thunder, Zeus appears to me, Leda, as a swan. He has come to seduce me. I am ashamed to be unfaithful to my husband, but my passion overwhelms me. I suck Zeus's huge cock and he ravages my pussy with it
Ledas dream11:54min
200 Tokens
buttplug and dildo bj) Leda is enamored with Zeus. She dreams of him. She fantasizes that he puts his swan beak in her ass while she sucks his enormous cock
sweet Chocolate for valentine11:47min
200 Tokens
banana and chocolate on my body, masturbation)I was going to cook something sweet for you. But i forgot some ingredients. Change of plans. Watch me rub myself with chocolate and fuck my pussy with a banana until i get her cream
The abduction of Persephone11:05min
200 Tokens
solo video, greek goddess costume, dildo, orgasm)Pure Persephone, flowers in her hair, takes a rest in the fields to masturbate. Hades catches her scent and abducts her. He blindfolds her and fucks her. After he makes her cum, she pledges her life to him and becomes his queen in the underworld
Modeling and playing with panties20:12min
250 Tokens
A new video is coming on here...
a gift from Hephaestus13:11min
200 Tokens
The priestess of the temple must pay tribute to Hephaestus, god of sculpture. He has gifted humans with fine crafted glass dildos. The priestess will pay tribute by fucking her pussy and ass with the glass dildos until she cums
Anal with bbc12:11min
200 Tokens
black dildo, squirt toy) my black daddy come to fuck my mouth, pussy and ass with his big black cock, i let him cum inside my ass and squirt the cum out
200 Tokens
reading news in spanish, naked, no toys ) The network needs to increase its ratings. So I, the sexy newscaster, read the evening news in spanish while undressing and masturbating
Horny shaving19:31min
250 Tokens
Sitting in my shower chair, I masturbate until I cum. Then I shave my pussy, leaving it clean and smooth
New video! Coming soonmin
250 Tokens
A new video is coming on here...
B/G and B/G/GVideos
Kitty gets her milk 10:32min
200 Tokens
(shaved, tail plug, doggy style, facial) This kitty wants her milk. She will suck and get fucked until she gets it.
Double blowjob11:36min
200 Tokens
(2 girls 1 boy) My friend Helen was super horny, so we shared our friend's dick to get his milk. We also kiss each other and she licks my ass and pussy.
The Beauties and the Dick 16:56min
250 Tokens
Helen and Angie kiss and touch each other and give their friend a blowjob. Angie gets fucked while Helen licks her ass and rubs her tits. Finally, their friend gives them a sweet load in their mouths.
Anal fever8:59min
150 Tokens
anal in couple, blowjob, cum)I start giving my friend a blowjob. Then he fucks my ass in multiple positions. He finishes with shooting his cum on my ass
Spellbound and abducted32min
250 Tokens
I am walking my dogs when a stranger stops to ask for directions. It's a trick...he uses his power to freeze me and abduct me. He takes me to his house and does funny and naughty things to me. He puts me in weird poses, and fucks my mouth and my pussy. Then he cums on my face. Then he cleans me up, dresses me, and returns me to the place where he found me
shut up and fuck me12:58min
200 Tokens
My pussy is wet. I don't want to talk. I just want cock. So I suck his dick and he fucks me in doggy and reverse cowgirl. Then I take his load on my face
Spellbound and abducted 232:58min
250 Tokens
The girl is going to houses in the neighborhood to give the word of the lord...but she knocks on the wrong door. The man with the ability to freeze time is there. He snaps his fingers and she freezes. He brings her inside and undresses her, posing her in funny and sexy positions. Then he fucks her mouth and cums on her face, all while she is frozen at his mercy
Perfect Mate:

Short Videos

Cold and Hot 7:57min
150 Tokens
t's a summer day and I need a cold shower. But it's not enough to control the heat inside of me.
Snow White and the 7 plugs 9:27min
150 Tokens
Snow White is very grateful to the 7 dwarves, so she wants to repay them with her ass. Don't miss this short story. Disney would be proud!
Worship my ass6:50min
150 Tokens
come and dream of this round ass being spanked with pantyhosse, thong, watering, put lotion, soft and naughty voice. ready to worship?
Spoil my feet7:04min
150 Tokens
Let me show you how I spoil my feet and make them soft and cute like baby's feet. :) I wash them with soft soap, nude polish and lotion them with a nice and tender massage. And did I just catch you peeking at my pussy and nipples? :)
The Madame (JOI) 7:25min
150 Tokens
I am your mistress and you will obey me if you want to please me. Let me teach you.
Be my Valentine9:41
150 Tokens
I just want to be loved, to love, to please, and more... :D
Naughty Cinderella7:54min
150 Tokens
A Cinderella dropped her glass dildo while dancing at the ball. When the prince brings it to her, she proves that it is hers by fucking her ass with it until she cums.
150 Tokens
Goldilocks comes to the house to find that mama isn't home. She snoops and finds a box of dildos. She tries them until she finds the perfect toy(s) that make her pussy cum
150 Tokens
The police want to know who the prisoner's accomplices are. During the interrogation, they vibrate her pussy until she can't keep quiet. She says she will rat on her accomplices, if the police let her cum.
Up close and personal7:34min
150 Tokens
get up close and personal with my pussy. All close ups while i rub her, plug in my ass and make her cum with my fingers,
150 Tokens
(lovense hush in my ass, lovense lush on my clit, flapper dress)Welcome to my speakeasy, for a naughty 1930s show with a modern twist. Watch me in my flapper dress and assless panties as I dance and cum with my Lovense and vibrating buttplug vibrating to swing music. But shhhhh, speak easy about this sexy show.
100 Tokens
no masturbation, no toys) Watch me model on your own private catwalk. Your own private naked fashion show, complete with music
Saint patricks day9:51min
150 Tokens
blowjob with dildo, fake cum)I am in my beer maiden dress and see a lonely leprechaun. He is all alone, on St. Patty's Day, no less! So, I give his lucky dick a blowjob until he cums in my mouth
Letter to Hermes8:50min
150 Tokens
no toys, shaved) I am writing a love letter to a stranger that I once made love with, telling him of my sex fantasy. I hope Hermes will deliver this letter. But I also get horny while writing it. Listen to me read the letter and finger my pussy thinking of this fantasy, until I cum
Guardian Angel vs death angel8:54min
150 Tokens
hands, clon effect) angels must have fun too. See both sides of this angel... the white angel and the black angel... both masturbating until cumming
A mermaid for Poseidon9:01min
150 Tokens
no toys or close ups) I am a mermaid in a bubble under the sea. I tempt Poseidon with my dance. Then I masturbate for him until I cum
frozen ass10:46min
150 Tokens
buttplug, no orgasms or cumming, freeze fetish) Using my mirror so you can see my face and ass at the same time, I finger my ass and play with my butt plug. The random snapping sound tells me when I must stop and when I may continue playing
New video! Coming soonmin
150 Tokens
A new video is coming on here...
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