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Profile Headline: eroticism, sensuality and love... what are you looking for?
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About Me
Name: AngiePersy
CamScore: 2301
Gender: Female
Body Type: Athletic
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 55 kilos
Height: 167 centimeters
Age: 23
City: pereira
Country: Colombia
Sexual Preference: Bi-curious
Smoke: Non Smoker
Drink: Occasional
Drugs: Never
Marital Status: Single
Occupation/Major: musician, artist and hot camgirl
School/College: university
Favorite Food: all kind of food, i love fruits.. all natural
Pets: my beautiful mixed dogs, Saya and Tisha and now the sheperd Lana
Car: my pretty feet :D
About Me:
Friends of the Underworld
I like those who wants to be good friends, and if you are nice and polite with me and others you will be in my heart forever. if you are a good friend or a big fan please help me to be a top model:
Being a girl I love when you send me gifts. If you are a generous person, here's my (you can click it) wishlist if do you want something special for me, and it's not listed, I give my address to my big lovers. Or you can simply send some cash.
I have a Twitter account. It's free to follow me on Twitter. Here is where I have news about MFC, announcing when I will be on cam, and occasionally posting pics.
I also have a Facebook account, and you can become my friend for 222 tokens. There we can chat as friends, share funny and interesting things, and you can learn a little more about my daily life. Facebook is for people that want to talk to me as a friend, not as a model. So, I have a rule...we will not talk about MFC or sexy things on Facebook. If you use Facebook to talk about those things, I will delete you from my Facebook friends.
Tags: sex, little tits, tight ass, short wavy hair, white creamy skin, latin, anal only in pvt, videos HD for sale, shaved pussy sometimes, hairy pussy sometimes, musician, dancer, dildos collection, Colombian, creamy cum, puffy nipples, teaser, sensual, culture, single, custom videos, painting for sale, artist, body tour, tender friend, snapchat 333tk per month, cyber girlfriend, natural body, big cinnamon eyes, striptease, raffles, role player
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Meaning of Life:
*Goddess of the Underworld*
Hello my name is Angie, my last account was called Persefonex, is why I decided call my new account AngiePersy, I'm a Colombian girl, yes 100% Latin girl. I currently live in the famous coffee triangle, but this is not my hometown. I was born in the Valley where my family keep yet. I was trying to be a musician but for a hearing disease i cant do anymore. I also be an Artist, well, at least a artist-wannabe. I used to play violin and other instruments like piano, but now i enjoy listening good music and be in peace. Sometimes I sing, but honestly I'm not too good at it. Now my BIG passion is the art, I do that since child but I never have studied about, otherwise I enjoy doing that.
I do love to study, I do love read and learn about mythology and ancient hystory. I have lerned english here in mfc thanks to some good friends and practicing when i am cooking lol :). In my free time, i like play xbox, cook desserts or cook for my friends, i love play with my crazy girls dogs Saya and Tisha, and every time i am drawing and painting and every night a good book waits for me.
I love the Metal, Rock and New Age, I feel myself a goddess of the underworld, because I like the mistery and the darkness, how i said I love Mhytology and Phersefones story is my favorite.
I do not like profanity. I love good music (I bet you guessed that already, only come to my room and listen) I'm definitely no escort, I prefer a cyber lover, my Hades (are you him?). I can be naughty with you but only on camera. I do not squirt, I cum real creamy, I'm not kinky. I'm not dirty. What I'm good at is best described as erotica and sensual. I love dance on cam, i really like seduce you with all my sense, captivate with my moves and my smile, be your sunshine and make you feel what i feel when i touch my body.
Five Things I Can't Live Without:
Gods and Warriors of the Underworld
To understand this Contest, let me welcome you to the dark world Hades, home of the dead. In the Fields of Asphodel (MFC), souls wander, hoping the reaper will take them to Elysium...the fields of glory, passion, and infinite pleasure. The weak will endure terrible torment and punishment. Only the strongest and bravest warriors will have a place on the wall of Elysian be celebrated and rewarded.
#1...crs1973 13296 tok
The title GOD OF HADES is earned by the #1 top member. How do you get that? Easy! Spend more time with me, spoil me, and you will be the king for one month. The GOD will get 1-month Snapchat. If you are not able to use Snapchat, we can discuss another prize.
#2...PunchTheClown 2467 tok
#3...jiggaman1232 2277 tok
#4...AlephOne 2050 tok
#5...Sighman 1996 tok
The Warriors of Hades are brave men who are willing to fight for their goddess. Each month, the names of my *Top 5 members*, will appear here. These 5 men will win a prize at the beginning of the next month
Favorite Books:
Music and Art
Music and Art are my big passions. That's why I often played my violin on cam or paint, Sadly I had to stop playing violin because I have a problem with my hearing and i a half deaf, I had a surgery to fix that, but getting worst with the time, and the violin too near to my ear is not nice. for now playing piano time to time, is more quiet to me :) so maybe you can listen me play some day.
I like to share who really I am, so years ago I made some home recordings of my own music with the help of my music partner and some friends. Both trying to do a quality job with the few tools we havewe arent professionals in this. Below you can see a list of songs that I have for sale at this time. The price of each song is 60tk or 500tk for the full album. You tip with your e-mail address in a note, and I send the mp3 to your e-mail. This price may seem high for music, but you will be supporting my music work, and this deaf musician :).
TitleBy /Duration
Beautifull Memories3:09 minutes
Dancing3:21 minutes
Towards to my Dreams3:19 minutes
Dark Blue3:40 minutes
Fuente4:45 minutes
Tragico desenlace5:07 minutes
All what I learn2:47 minutes
Last defeat4:30 minutes
Origen4:28 minutes
What I Like To Do For Fun:
Art (oil painting)
I'm doing an online art show. you can have me paint a custom picture (send a photo or keyword of what you want me to paint). The cost for a custom painting with size 50cm x 70cm x 1,5 is $200 USD or 4000 tokens offline tip x EEUU... $250 usd or 5000 tokens offline tip x Europe (if you pay using tokens, you will receive an extra gift: photos, video or somthing else) these prices include shipping to your destination.
Favorite Songs:
Public, Group and Private shows
If this is your first time in my room, let me introduce you to my world. Usually in public I like to play music, paint (when I'm doing an art raffle or only for fun), dance, play games, tease with my body, chat and have great time with all of you. We don't talk about sex all the time, but when we do, it is with respect. I rarely do public shows, but when I do believe me, your eyes will be wide open!!!.. ofcourse I like sometimes play with my pussy or something anal, but!!, i prefer do it only for you, I don't like those who request do something fast or cum fast, i like enjoy it and i am not a sex machine, so enjoy and lets cum together.
You can request me to use a special toy during my shows (check toys gallery) 200tk each, when we are in group show, you can request something with a tip at least 50tok
In Private, let me know what you like to see and I will do my best (following the rules, of course). I can open your cam, talk to you, and show you how horny and naughty I can be. Are you looking for a non-sexual show?? Yes, we can do that too. Just let me know what would you like to do and we will do it :D. I will not take privates for only 2 or 3 minutes, that is the time that i use to stripdance, so if you take me in pvt at least take 10min to reach the heaven together. If you take me of my room to make me lost my time and see what you could tip in public, I sadly will ban you.
Favorite Movies:
** Do not beg.
** Do you want a flash of my special parts or feet or armpits, whatever are your tastes? plz tip at least 40tk.
** No foul language in my room or PM.
** 100 tokens or less to get naked is an insult to me or any other model.
** I will open your cam if I'm interested. If that didn't happen just yet, I can open it by request tip 60 tok.
** I'm not an escort and will not discuss that.
** If you have a request, please state it clearly with your tip. Otherwise I will gladly accept it as your gift. To be 100% sure - ask first.
** You are obviously free to come and go as you wish. If you dont like my style, my performance or my looks, please do not make unnecessary comments.
** A group show is not a private, so plz dont request at least that you tip and I will close the group show when is only a member left.
** Take me at least 10min or better we keep in public, girls hate fast guys and Patience has its rewards
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done:
In the following list you can find the titles of my latest videos, a brief description, the length and the price in tokens and in $ if you want to pay with dollar (ask me and i will give you the steps to pay with dollar use this e-mail if I'm offline: I will answer as soon as I see the e-mail, I'm checking 3 times x day. Please always specify your name or mfc nickname. As soon as I receive your tip or payment I will send you the download link and the password to open up the file.
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now:
MODELING FOR YOU9min300$30(hairy, dressed and naked, full body and few zooms, music background: 2 of my own songs) model 10 underwear sets for you including my Eva costume :D, this is a sensual video only.
SWEATY ANGIE25min300$30(shaved, in my own GYM, music background, lifting, crunches, leg...etc. a lot of sweat , shiny ) keep me company in a work out session, sweat with me and see my special stretch at end and more surprises
ANGIEBOT300025min300$30(shaved, make up like bionic-girl, music background, robotic voice, toys, no cum, only teasing) I will teach you my functions, buttons, and uses.
THE EVIL NUN25min300$30(shaved, nun costume, music background, all my toys, anal, double penetration, hard cum) I'm a naughty nun who has lost faith, now the demons and Satan will visit me.
NAUGHTY WALK IN THE GARDEN20min300tk30$(shaved, cute dress, background music, masturbation, outside in the garden of a small park) See me walk around a beautiful place, play with my dogs, and walk behind a tree to have a nice cum with my hands, hoping nobody sees me.
HITACHI NIGHTMARE20min300tk30$(tied, dog collar, hitachi, shaved pussy) on this occasion i am tied to the chair with my purple hitachi stuck to my pussy, can you count how count how many cums i have?
LOOK INTO MY EYES15min300tk30$(face to cam, no make up, short hair, topless) this is a special video for those who love a woman face while is cuming, see in hight quality all my expresion during my orgasms, and how my nips get hard.
TEASING WITH MY MIRROR17min300tk30$(short hair, landing strip, dressed, hands) have you dream about what a girl make in front a mirror? check this and you will know.
FROSTY ORGASMS21min300tk30$(short hair, shave, naked, hands) I am frosting a cake but that bring me hot thoughs, now i will frost my whole body and enjoy it like a wild girl.mmmmm tasty.
Banana and cream16min300tk30$(short hair, shave, naked, hands, banana) Looking for a snack i found a banana... what could I make first, eat or play with it?
SHAVING MY BONSAI17min300tk30$(short hair, shaving my pussy, naked, shower) make me company while I shave my pretty pussy and let her smooth :)
HAIRY SEX (SEXO PELUDO)18min300$30(hairy, long hair, corset and white stockings, breaded hair) Like a little virgin in white, I will suck his dick, and he will lick my ass and hairy pussy too. I enjoy lots of positions to get finally his sweet and hot cum all over my tits.
BLOWJOB P.O.V.6min300$30(Shaved pussy, long brown hair. P.O.V., Facial)
SEX TIME WITH REDHEAD ANGIE14min300$30(Landing strip, long red hair, kisses, P.O.V blowjob.Doggy Style, Cowgirl, Facial) A very beautiful and hot video where Let my friend cum on my face.
NEW!! KITTY LOOKING FOR HER MILK 10min300$30(shaved, short brown hair, butt plug tail and ears, sensual moves, P.O.V blowjob.Doggy Style, swallow)I am a very thirsty Kitty and I will do anything to get my milk. Do you want to see me enjoy drinking it?
Perfect Date:
Custom Videos and Pics
Custom Videos: Prices start at 1000 tokens (15-20 minute solo video). Send me your idea and we may discuss the details and the price depending on your request. Each video takes around 15 to 20 days to be produced. The content of videos may include: toys (check my toys gallery, they are marked with the uses), clothing preference, striptease, shouting your name, setting, talking Spanish or English, cum, music, singing, dance, costumes, or pretty much anything that you would like to see me doing. Although, I will not accept unpleasant requests, requests that violate my integrity, or videos with girls or outdoors. Otherwise if you are looking for a video in couple, (10-15 minutes) prices start with 2000tk. you should ask first, no all time is avalible.
Custom Pictures: You can request personalized photos. Just do your best to describe what you'd like to see. They take around 15 to 20 days to produce, depending your request and quantity. 40 tokens per 1 photo.
Turn Ons/Offs:
Would you like watch my smile and my funny time or watch my tight round ass, pretty pussy or my puffy nipps every morning on your phone?? tip 333tk offline and you will get 1 month of me :)
Best Reason to Get to Know Me:
***********Friends Wall***********
Message Wall
Posted by pmaravel:
Good to meet you-- peter maravelias
Posted by Mahabharata3:
Hello wonderful Angie!! Few words to say i'm very happy to have met! It's very pleasant to chat with you about life, paintings! You're fucking amazing!! You're so sensual as hell... you could damn all priest in the world lol
Posted by AngiePersy:
congratulations to my Hades of february: crs1973 (11465 tok) and all my warriors: PunchTheClown (4344 tok), Sighman (4096 tok), regJO (3314 tok), AlephOne (2533 tok) always is a pleasure be your Goddess and share with all of you ... kissssss
Posted by MichaelWets:
Friends Comments Pictures
Kiss you Angie.
Posted by AngiePersy:
Thank you to all the guys who participated of my Valentines games and contest, i felt loved and soiled and ofcourse i had a lot fun with all of you... here you have my new Valentine 2015 : Sighman (2100 tokens)who will enjoy 1 year of my especial treatment til the next Valentine, my secrets lovers: Shiryu133(2000 tokens) and PunchTheClown (1726 tokens), because they were very close to reach my heart but at the end only one had to win, And my last secret lover: DmbFuck (15 corazones) who won my Game "capture my heart"...thank you guys and Happy Valentines day your prizes are coming soon
Posted by MichaelWets:
Valentine's Day Comments Pictures
Kiss you Angie.
Posted by LoveOrDie_:
Posted by AngiePersy:
a big clap to my Janary God of Hades: crs1973 23.525 tokens record 5 months without be dethroned!!!, and my warriors LoverOfDoe 3.162 tokens, xJawdropperx 2.561 tokens, Freeze_ 2.355 tokens, sexsailor 1.808 tokens ... Your Goddes Persefone is happy, thank you... thousand of kisses and hundred of huggies
Posted by AngiePersy:
Posted by AngiePersy:
Thank you all the guys that get my deal, remember all the galleries and videos previous to 2014 will be deleted of my pc, of the download sites and from the list, be sure you have all what you want and say bye bye to all what you lost .... im joking!! I also want to thank you for all your support. i will uploud my profile soon XOXOXOX
Posted by AngiePersy:
big deal 2 weeks left: 2500tk for all my (40 videos) solos, B/G, G/G and blowjob 3some, after this month all the old videos will be deleted
Posted by AngiePersy:
congratulations to my God of Hades in December crs1973 (13789) because for 4 months have taken the first place in my top 5 of members, and a big hug and thank you to my warriors: An0nimo (411, DrZiggy_Kinky (3575), jmh2323 (3162), llama_stew (283
Posted by AngiePersy:
Thank you for all the love and support that you give me every day ... i feel loved in many many ways, thank you very much and happy new year 2015... cheers for our friendship guys
Posted by LoveOrDie_:
Happy new year 2015 dear Doe
Posted by Freeze_:
Sweet New Year image
Happy New Year Angie!
Posted by MichaelWets:
New Year Comments Pictures
Kiss Michael.
Posted by AngiePersy:
Thank you for all the good wishes guys!! i hope you had a great christmas time kisssss
Posted by Freeze_:
I hope to find you under my tree on Christmas morning! photo FelizNavidadAngie 1_zps8nnwo1fg.gif
Posted by Mr_South:
Christmas Comments Pictures
More Images @
Posted by MichaelWets:
Oops Angie, something went wrong with the pm window and mfc-mail, I saw you send me a message but couldn't answer you. sorry angel.

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