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About Me
Username: Aristocles
Gender: Male
Weight: 100 kilos
Height: 100 centimeters
Age: 108
Country: Romania
Sexual Preference: Straight
About Me:


Hey! I'm Serena! Welcome to my page! I love to sing, dance and preform for my room.

I appreciate my supporters so much, without whom I couldn't be an entertainer here!). Tips are always appreciated, and they keep me on cam, but please don't feel like you can't just chat with me. I love to see a friendly face (or screen name, heh) and I appreciate anyone with a good sense of humor.

I want you to see the names of the people who make my performances possible:

I talk a lot here, it's my favorite part of MFC.(Read: Don't lurk here, say hello!) I'm a feminist cam girl. I bet you are a feminist too, and if you don't believe it, I bet I can convince you. I paint, and run and do yoga. I like to be naked outside. I travel and hike. I like to perform, and I was previously a burlesque artist. I spend a lot of time thinking, and reading, but I prefer talking and listening. I read palms, and if you're nice, maybe I'll warn you about your impending doom. I play the ukulele and some guitar and banjo. Sometimes write stupid songs. My favorite thing in the world is meeting new people. My cam SUPER POWERS are:1) being able to make friends with nearly anyone, 2) being able to find value in everyone, and 3) holding intelligent room conversations on educational, political, and social topics while giving you a boner. Think I can't? Try me.


If you have questions, look through my FAQ.

Can I do a private with you?

Yes, I do privates. I want to go in knowing what to expect, and I have to know you're willing to spend at least 10 minutes with me there. I absolutely *will not* accept an 'on the fly private'. Please PM me so that we can discuss it first.

Can I send you a gift card/email/letter?

Yes, you can send me things here:

Will you add me to friends?

A friend add is for a friend. If you return and make conversation with me on the regular, you may be added to my friends list, you cannot buy your way on to it, but a tip never hurts ;)

A friend add is really special and pretty rare in my room. However, I love to chat in public, so, don't be shy!

Will you open my cam?

Yes, I will open cams, sometimes I like to open cams for my friends, and I am happy to open yours, I do have two rules:

  • When I open it, I would also like to see your face.
  • Please dont request that I open your cam without a tip.

Can I buy your panties/stockings?

Yes, I will sell you my panties, but nothing in sets, (the matching stuff) they are 600 tokens, please include a tip note as well as MFC mail with your address. There is even a button at the top of my profile so that you can easily leave an offline tip for them. Typically, they are sent out in 2-3 days, US shipping ONLY.

Special Events

Countdown Clock

  • Contests
  • Raffles
  • Game Night

Code of Conduct

I delight in entertaining people in my room by my singing, dancing and other performances.

If you enjoy my performance then please show some token(s) of your appreciation. :)

We have a code of conduct in my room, but the code is more what you'd call 'guidelines' than actual rules

The regulars in my room engage in chat with me and one another. We prefer a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere, and we conduct ourselves accordingly.

  • I try to greet everyone who enters my room, and when I greet you, please reply with a greeting as well.
  • I do my best to satisfy my room, and with me they are quite content. They're exceedingly polite, and they think it only right to respond with token tips.
  • Bad language or abuse we never never use whatever the emergency. Though "bother it" I may occasionally say, I rarely use the big, big B!
  • Bring tact and decorum when you visit my room, and also bring, or at least borrow some refinement.
  • People who verbally assault me or other people in my room shall get punished. I may just scold them, but also I may ban them.
  • I welcome requests that will make the room even more fun for you, and of course, when you make a request, please provide a tip with the request.
  • Please avoid saying I am perfect. I am a perfectly imperfect person.

I hope you love my perfect imperfections, and that you will have a good time visiting my room.


Ask my about videos! You can find information about videos of me below!

  • The Bathtub Fuck Me Please: Im begging you to fuck me just by looking at you and teasing you..What a pity the person behind the camera was female, and I am straight. Next time I want a man behind the cam then on top (or behind) me!
  • The Balcony
  • The Bedroom
  • The Black Cat

Custom Videos

Didn't see what you were looking for? I do custom videos. If you want your own personalized video (or anything, really. As long as it sounds good to me and is something I'm willing to do), contact me and we'll discuss the price. Typically, they will exclusively be viewed by you, but as I do retain all rights to any videos and might choose to make yours available for purchase on my c4s site or on MFC. *Customs must be discussed in detail before tips are made for them*

Song Recordings

Ask my about the recordings I have of my singing!

General Store

Ask me about my A_Dream_Lady custom branded products! You can find information about the products below!

  • Deck of Cards Get a custom made deck of Poker playing cards with sexy pictures of me.
    Clear plastic case included!
    BUY 575 Tokens
  • Puzzle A Bad Hair Day makes for puzzling results. BUY ??? Tokens
  • Poster #1: Hugging a pillow When I am alone I must make do with a pillow. I wish you were here instead of the pillow! BUY ??? Tokens
  • Poster #2: Gazing at you Can you guess what I am thinking as I stand here on the bed? I would rather be lying down! BUY ??? Tokens
  • Product Category: Necklaces
    dog tag pendant
    BUY ??? Tokens
  • Product Category: Bags
    tote bags, reusable shopping bags, coin purses, cosmetic bags, wristlet clutches
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