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Profile Headline: ^-^ Welcome to Baby Zelda's profile! <3 ^-^
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About Me
Name: BabyZelda
CamScore: 6635
Gender: Female
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Always Different
Eyes: Blue
Age: 21
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Marital Status: Single
Occupation/Major: Entrepreneur / Indie Game Artist
School/College: dropped out of Space Camp
Favorite Food: Sushi
Pets: I have 3 birdies! Metroid (male blue crown conure), Samus (female aqua indian ringneck), and Chozo (
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My name is Zelda! I'm a smart gamer girl/anime nerd who loves to make new friends & roleplay!
A few of my favorite games are League of Legends (similar to DOTA), Legend of Zelda, Metroid,
Diablo 2, Dark Souls, Baldur's Gate, Ultima Online, Psychonauts & Portal!

I try to get on cam Tuesday - Saturday nights between 12 - 1 am PST (5 days a week),
and stay online for 4 - 6 hrs. I always tweet when I'm about to cam on my Twitter. ^-^



If you offline tip me for vids, I will send them to you the same day or the next day at the latest.
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of next month to ensure that everyone gets their name here a full month! For a detailed
explanation of the brony prizes click here! ^-^


I'm available for privates during the daytime, just MFC mail me for details. Minimum
private amount is 1000 tokens.

My Art ^-^
(click to see MFC paint drawings I've made for people)
Note: If you want a drawing tip 169 to spin the Lucky Prize Wheel and maybe
you'll win a custom drawing! ^-^

My highest tip so far! Can you beat it? ^-^

26,500 : ZeldasNiisan

Big hugs to Ragen65 (20,020) for being my 2nd highest tip of all time! ^-^

Tags: nerd, big ass, small tits, teen, petite, gamer, anime, friendly, sweet, brunette, emo, shaved, blue eyes, cute, horny, pretty
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My Favorite Models: DangerDolly
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Interests & Hobbies
What I Like To Do For Fun:
I love to meet new people and have a fun time!
Favorite Songs:
Anything I can dance to!
Being nerdy, playing video games, watching anime, creating art, programming, making new friends, exploring new places, having fun .. <3
Message Wall
Posted by chocoROCket:
she's forever nit/pickin her ..fair color...'why do i look so whiteeeeeeeeeeeee?..happens to be in my top 10 BZ list!!! get over IT! XOXOXOXO DONOVAN O'ER THE WEST LAND OF THE THONG MONTSERS
Posted by PetiteAleena:
You're my hero
Posted by OGSuprise:
I got a web membership I love your vids!!!!
Posted by OGSuprise:
Posted by cr4zyboy_13:
tell your zelda bitch ass slave to contact me
Posted by ne0tekk:
Seeing her tell an epic dirty story during her show was amazing. This is one talented girl =D
Posted by threetwotwo:
your fader is sexy and old school. i'm in love with you.
Posted by popperslut:
Wow, very interesting and unique (in a good way) lady, very sweet with a great imagination.
Posted by devilschild3:
Posted by zardon75:
someone has been recording your shows and posting them onto a site called motherless, i didnt want to name the site in the gen chat in case it got you in trouble, figured you should know someone is basically stealing from you by doin that stuff
Posted by ReneeStar:
I am a mario girl myself
Posted by Miss_Teach:
hello Zelda, i dont want to disturb you, but i want to tell you something important, please add me to tell u something, then u can move me for friends, i am sure u want to know something.
Posted by WillFrO10:
Posted by Hexent:
Love how REAL you feel. The other models just feel fake, unobtainable, and full of them selves.
Posted by LovebirdCple:
Hey we really enjoyed the show last night your Love birds name's are Jon and Victoria LOl, we came across this site through a friend who was thinking of becoming a model. Luckily you were the first model we saw and clicked on you and was totally happy You really gave us a boost in bed, so thank you lol. Victoria both agree, we love your style, and have such a great personality, really your fuckin awesome. Hope to enjoy more of you and Victoria says thanks for the inspiration to becoming a future model. see you soon!
Posted by FoxymittensXO:
Omg! Your soooo cute! <3 I say alot of yes to this! Keep up the good work :3
Posted by plutocratic:
u're sexy beyond your distance travelled,which suggest a "natural"!...being a 80/20 percent vegetarian! has given me new appreciation for 'natural' i'd have to taste to be sure. U GO lady Z
Posted by spikeveora:
Just wanted to drop in and pass on, you are amazing! You are my favorite person on here, make me smile and make me cum HARD! Keep it up, I look forward to seeing more of you
Posted by Z0RDON:
Hay.. shouldn't your name be baby link? Not trying to geek out too hard here but... Anyways thought I'd come in and say hi
Posted by Thunder1098:
I enjoyed your show, you kept me cumming and cumming!

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