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About Me
Name: ChiefHeapFoxA
Gender: TS/TV/TG
Weight: 200 pounds
Height: 70 inches
Age: 104
City: Addy logger. Don't visit. Use a proxy, ladies!
Country: Canada
Sexual Preference: Straight
Occupation/Major: Surviving
School/College: Edumucated
Favorite Food: Edible
Pets: Enslaved and indebted, BOTH of us... No longer.
Car: Which hunk of junk do you want to know about?
About Me:

The Red Road has four Commandments:

Respect for the Great Spirit.
Respect the Earth.
Respect your Fellow Men and Women.
Respect every mans freedom, provided it does not interfere or threaten the tribe, the People or Mother Earth.

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Interests & Hobbies
Meaning of Life:

Native American Animal Symbols

Five Things I Can't Live Without:

Stress, Oxygen, Water, Sustenance, Sun, Hygiene, Shelter, Fuel source, Igniter, Creator's design, AND Compassion.
Is THAT Five?

Favorite Books:

Schematics, the only true non~fiction.

Broken Head Awards:


I'm in absentia too, now. Break the profile as you see fit MFC. I did find out that there is now a character limit on our CSS page, however MFC demands we expand that with blank spaces. Now that I know the difference between injecting CSS and embedding, maybe I'll go fancy one more time. NOT today, however.


''Like me now, or I annex you...

News:This profile is for all purposes considered CLOSED!.
PLEASE: Use a proxy server, ladies.
Meanwhile: Slippers and tea time.

Visit: Overt Go Away (He's gone)

And: Tiphareth (He left too)
This Page Was Pilfered:


Thanks to the kindness and generosity of those two outstanding gentlemen exclusively, everything you see or do not see before you was absconded from their profiles, expertise, or guidance. If you want to see some truly outstanding work, I encourage you to visit their pages above.

ANY time

You are both welcome to include almost anything you wish to here! (Huge Grins) In Case You Missed It:


This is the first time I have knowingly seen html or css code. I need all the critique and suggestions I might elicit. I encourage brutal honesty.
Fair Warning:


Going free-range on/wall, peoples.

I was trying to keep it trimmed a bit so 'page-one' contains a fair representation of all posters, but I decided to stop. I MAY take out the Nickleback songs if they are not my two favourites, (Trisha, you BRAT. You know I love you in spite of or because of it, right? P~) and if someone is being a TOTAL ass but for now, everything stays up.

If you want to see what some of the MOST gorgeous humans on the planet have to say, (Yes, men AND women... Aesthetically 'Easy on the eyes' or ugly like a macaque's ass; beauty is how you nurture not in your genetic nature. P~) click ''View all...'' at the bottom of the page.

Now Trisha... Lean over the railing for your daily spanking.
Do You Really Want To Know:


Who would I share many of my beers with? (Yes, us Canadians actually misuse plurals like that, and think it's funny to try being colloquial, as well as opening our sentences with prepositions... Just don't get me started on the run-on sentences. ... And quite frankly, most humans wouldn't know a dangling participle if it was slapping us on the chin. }P~) I answer, ''Buckle up, baby!'' and ''Be careful of what you ask.''
What I Like To Do For Fun:


Favorite Movies:
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done:
Listened to my doctor.
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now:

A Gimp- Head Prod
Is this eHarmony?
Perfect Mate:
Tolerant [CHUCKLE]
Perfect Date:
Today, the only true gift.
Turn Ons/Offs:
Best Reason to Get to Know Me:

Photobucket is NEEDY, and thinks it's funny to talk in the third person but I fail miserably at it.

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''A man paints with his brains and not with his hands.'' ~ Michelangelo

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