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Profile Headline: What's for dinner you guys?
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About Me
Username: ConnerJay
Gender: Female
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
City: In a galaxy far, far away
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Favorite Food: Sriracha
About Me:

Natural redhead? Does the carpet match the drapes? Omgnaturalgingerloveredbushcarrotredpubesirishdowntherewow?!
Nope I am not a natural redhead. My hair is as real as Santa Claus and the Tooth fairy. Yep, that means I dye my brows and pubes (sometimes) too. Don't worry, I assure you this information does not mean that I have a soul of any sort.

I don't do any of the following ever. Not here. Not There. Not in a boat. Not with a goat. Not anywhere.

-Take tips for requests UNLESS asked beforehand. Please just make sure I'm comfortable with your request before you tip for it.
-Sell panties
-Open cams
-Exist outside of the Internet.
-Provide any bullshittery.
-Tolerate any bullshittery.

A bigger selection of videos can be found on my Website or on my Manyvids profile.

Newest videos:

"Half Hour Blowjob"
350 tokens
Enthusiastic sloppy cock sucking for over a half hour with a cumshot on my tongue ending.

"Double Stuffed"
200 tokens
Double penetration and dirty talk. Using two different dildos in both holes and ending with my biggest realistic dildo in my butt.

"Full Spread"
150 tokens
Dirty talk/Jerk off encouragement video. You need something to look at and fantasize about while you jerk off don't you? Let me help you out with that. My face, tits, pussy, ass, maybe your a foot guy? I'll give you the full spread for you to stroke your cock to and beg for you to cum.

Get all 4 of these dirty talk videos for 400 tokens
Cum Together
Jerk off encouragement/dirty talk video. I lift up my skirt and using my fingers+vibrator to pleasure myself while dirty talking and encouraging you to cum with me.
Enjoy With Me JOI
Join me in bed while I suck on my realistic dildo and tell you all about how I wish it was your cock. Telling you to touch yourself with me as I roll over on my back, touching myself over my panties. Taking my panties off and fucking myself missionary while I dirty talk to you, telling you to jerk off to me, and beg you to cum with me.

POV dirty talk dildo blowjob. Talking to dirty to you about how much I love making a slobbery filthy mess while sucking your cock. Spitting, sucking, stroking, and trying to swallow as much as I can before begging for your cum.

Dirty Beautiful Agony
A beautiful agony style video. Focused on my face while I play with myself and talk dirty to you along the way.

Get all 4 of these riding videos for 400 tokens

Schoolgirl on Top
Bouncing on my realistic dildo reverse cowgirl wearing a schoolgirl skirt. A little bit of blowjob in the beginning followed by lots of hard riding, grinding, spreading, and cumming.
Rockabilly Ride
Wearing a plaid skirt and thong. I slap my big suction cup dildo on my mirror and suck it before pulling my panties to the side and riding it. Reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, close-ups, and sucking it clean after.
Creamy Closeup Riding
Get a closeup view of my ass riding reverse cowgirl, bouncing, and grinding on my dildo while I drip creamy lube all over my ass.
I slobber all over my big realistic dildo and then ride it cowgirl. Watch my tits bounce up and down while I get a workout straddling and riding the big cock really hard

Get all 4 of these anal videos for 500 tokens

Confessions of a Buttslut
I fit the biggest toy I've ever fit in my butt while dirty talking about how much I love to take it in the butt. All in missionary position. Fishnet stockings and creamy close-ups.
Very Warmed Up Anal
A long video featuring oil rubbing, butt plug insertion, pussy and anal fucking. I get warmed up with the butt plug and vibe on my clit, then move on to fucking myself with my realistic dildo. Sliding out my butt plug I slide a smaller dildo in my butt and work my way up to using my bigger realistic dildo
Sweet Butthole Fuckery
I start off slowly teasing my butthole with my finger. Using one finger, my anal beads for a few minutes, then my purple dildo in my butt. Close-ups, laying on side position, and missionary
Bouncy Buttfuck
Bending over in my short dress so you have a view of my pussy and ass. I slowly tease and finger my butthole before fucking it with my realistic dildo. I bounce up and down hard until I cum

But wait...there's more...

Hotel Solitude
I have some time alone in my hotel room. I strip out of my lingerie by the bed and then use only my fingers to orgasm in the chair.
Closeup and My POV Finger Fuck

Get all kinds of close-up and my POV views while I finger fuck myself
Extreme Close-up Gasm
Get an extreme close up view of me having an orgasm from vibrator/butt play.
Girlfriend Experience
Realistic girlfriend roleplay video. Pausing the game we are playing to give you a blowjob followed by riding, reverse riding, and creamy close-up ending
Mini Skirt Ass Tease Dirty Talk
Dirty talk/Jerk off encouragement. You can't get enough of my ass can you? Couldn't resist seeing in it in this tiny skirt. The way I jiggle it, bounce it, and spread it for you. All you need to get off is a nice view of my ass so you can fantasize about fucking it while I dirty talk to you

Cream Filled
Big dildo fucking and dirty talk with cum lube creampie ending.
I Want to Study You Jerking Off
JOI/roleplay video. Thanks for coming over to help me study, I have something different in mind that I want to study today. I want to watch you jerk off until you cum. I can help you along the way, I'll tease and encourage you to stroke your cock. When I countdown from 10 to 1 I want you to cum for me.
A virtual sex/roleplay video. Your hot classmate invited you over to study, but she has something else in mind. She wants to suck your cock and then fuck. Begging you to cum all over her face and glasses. (shot all POV with cum lube facial ending)
POV blowjob with lots of eye contact complete with a cumshot in my mouth.

Afternoon Fuckfest
Doggystyle ass view, doggystyle face view while I cum, reverse cowgirl riding, blowjob, and close-up mouth cum shot. A nice long natural sunlight afternoon fuck fest.
Dark Elf Ride
This elf is horny for human man. I start off reverse cowgirl riding his cock until I cum, then I turn around and ride cowgirl. Watch my tits bounce up and down as I ride his cock hard. Once I get into the squating position and lower myself down onto his cock he doesn't last long. He pulls out and cums all over while I grind on his cock.
Schoolgirl Riding
Blowjob, riding, reverse riding, squatting, and close-up of my ass bouncing on top with a creampie ending.
My First Buttsecks Video
Behold! The very first video in existence of a real life boner in my butt. Three different positions. Starts off with a blowjob, then I turn around, lube up, slowly lower my ass down to sit on his cock and bounce up and down. Followed by a POV while I lay on my stomach and spread my cheeks, then I get on top and ride until I cum and he cums in my ass
Lick and Fuck
Video with NataliaGrey. Shot all POV. Natalia goes down on me outside on the patio and you get my POV and then I fuck her with a strapon while you get her POV.

Nice to Meet You
Video with JaneZEF. I meet Jane in my hotel room for the first time and we bang right away! Hot and heavy kissing, skirts, spankings, pussy licking, Jane makes me cum and then I make her I get to rub her bald head
Video with NataliaGrey and Caireen. Tonight is the night our coven will grow even stronger. Anything our Mother Goddess asks of us we must oblige...anything....(hot goth girls eat eachother out)
Triple the JOI
Video with Picnic and SexyIsabella. We know you're getting horny watching us make out in front of you, so we're going to tease you and tell you how to jerk off for us. With cum countdown ending.
French and English JOI
Video with SexyIsabella. We instruct you how to jerk off, Bella in French and I translate it in English. Complete with a cum countdown ending
Adorable Ass Lickers
Video with SexyIsabella. We look all adorable in our rainbow socks and pigtails, making out and fondling eachother on the chair. I go down on Bella first, she puts her legs up in the air while I lick her up and down. Paying extra attention to licking her cute butthole until she cums and then she returns the favor.
Strap-on Switch
Video with SexyIsabella. We take turns wearing the strap-on and fucking eachother. Watch both our boobs bounce as we both get fucked missionary style and give you some appealing views including POV
Fitting Room Fling
Video with SexyAymee. Me and Aymee bring our bras into the fitting room...but decide to have a little fun instead of try them on. Aymee kneels down, pulls up my skirt and eats me out in the crowded fitting room. You can hear people talking in the background as I try to stay quiet while she makes me cum hard.
Mary Jane's Wet Dream
Video with DivSavel. Mary Jane walks in to find her wet dreams are about to come true. It's not just her stuffed toys this time, but REAL Spider-Man in her bed. Mary Jane gets to have her way with Spider-Man and his big cock. Dreams do come true.

.....and so much fucking more on

Tags: redhead, red hair, ginger, piercings, tattoos, blue eyes, acf, sexbot, eyebrow wiggler, pillow humper, boozeytrouble, cumbrain, thunderfap, panicontheinside, leanmeansexmachine, bonerkiller, weakandsquishy, somethingsecret, contextfail, centipedeslayer, worriedandbothered, verysafeinternetstranger, notamidget, doingathing, doingyourmom, forscience
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Interests & Hobbies
Meaning of Life: That is a deep question for a porn site, bro.
Five Things I Can't Live Without: The same 5 things any sane person would want:
Air, sleep, food, water, and sex.
Favorite Songs: Indie, alternative, rock, metal, grunge, punk, oldies, rockabilly, blues, jazz, swing, electronic, and ambient. I try to play a nice variety of music that fits the current mood on cam.
Favorite Movies: I'm a Horror freak. I dig zombie flicks, torture/revenge, slashers, apocalyptic, werewolves, serial killers, and overall gore fests. I also enjoy a good mindfuck thriller,sci-fi,comedy, and Disney movie!
Q: Favorite horror movie of all time?
A: Nightmare on Elm Street
Perfect Date: Take me somewhere I've never been, show me something I've never seen, and tell me something I've never heard. Make me wish that the date will never end.
Or you could just get me sloppy drunk and buy me tacos....depends on what kind of perfect date I'm in the mood for.
Best Reason to Get to Know Me: Because I like to take my clothes off and fondle my girly bits for you, of course.
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