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Profile Headline: I knock on your skin and I am in
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Username: CoraBorealis
CamScore: 11169
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Smoke: Non Smoker
Drink: Light
About Me:

Captzero1957 100,000
icummblood 35,000
Captzero1957 31,500
icummblood 30,275
ruggeddo 28,000
DeepTr0ut 25,252
chimmies 21,000
fredskazoo 20,000
DeepTr0ut 15,543
Stokesie 15,215
Lumiekins 11,111
caniac71 10,000
generic_user 10,000
idunnokid 10,000
Ninja 10,000

Captzero1957 - 100,000

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Cum save: 4567
Wiggle wiggle wiggle: 50
Vegemite: 666
Double Trouble dice: 500
10 BobJacks: 88
Comfy panties: 246
Vein trick: 6
30 second plank: 295
Mute/Unmute: 120
Say "teet": 80
3 animal noises: 49
Tarzan yell: 29
Rickroll sing-along: 123
Replay last 5 seconds: 37
Cheese Ninja: 333
Insta-cumshow: 2222 if naked, 4444 if clothed
Chocolate Rain: 135
WhatWhat in the Butt: 199
Change to white t-shirt: 321
Happy panda eyes: 66
Emulate an emote: 70
Carlton dance: 201
Clothing count swap: 112
Corasplains: 152
3 minutes No Typing: 222
5 mins no hair touching: 200
5 mins panty hat: 250

caniac71 (x23)
DeepTrout (x15)
slatemcslate (x12)
VeniVidiVixi (x6)
Kawzmoe (x1)
r0dSiMpLy (x1)
Doop_de_Doop (x1)
Dellium (x1)
king_v_ (x1)
KingCapt (x1)
chimmies (x1)

Tags: sick moves, acf, maths, cheese, blue, chill, hates everything, best beard, cumsaw, crazy cat lady, hungry, ThickEnoughForDonglover
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Cora is a sweetie, as long as you're not a basic. Her room is a lot of fun, and the fact that she's beautiful is just a bonus.
super interactive, very happy . the good vibes are wonderfull
Wow!sexy as you like, but fun and smart too
smoken hot baby
shes super nice and really cute!
Good mommy and woman!
A true women who know how to know's how to treat a man more than a customer but as a person. Beautiful body and incredible smile. worth the Tips Gents WORTH THE TIPS
Just thinking about you. Miss ya much. I hope to see you soon.
She's very beautiful
What can I say? She's beautiful.
when I was a basic she accepted me like I was special now ever since I became prem I'm so glad I got to meet some one so awesome your the best cora
CONGRATS MV Rising Star Of The Year #1. You Go Girl
I just wanted to say that you have a very nice voice ive only heard you sing in low key but what I heard is very nice.have you had singing lessons or is singing just something to do at home? Anyway I hope you don't waste such a great voice on cam.
Cora? What is a Cora? One may say it is a woman of many talents, or maybe even an unparalleled beauty but no. I believe that Cora is all of it. Cora, one who may be of the Borealis variety, seems to have herculean strengths that are unheard of. A myth? No, a truth. What only puzzles historians now is why there aren't scripts written about this woman! If she's not squatting or on a pole, she's eating cheese off of her face or perspicuous to the ideas of Jesus and anal. A correlation? Never. Causation. She is a woman. She is Cora. Cora Borealis.
You deserve to sit on a Christmas Tree.
Who is Cora, you ask? Well, let me tell you a little story... - scene change to a younger cora- It was a cold, wintery night in northern Russia with the arctic chill creeping south. Cora, she went by the name of Coral at the time, ran through the dense forest, clomping through the snow. She enjoyed the snow, but the setting sun told her it was time for food and she was famished. " " - Oh, sorry there. Let me translate. "I'm coming, mom," little Coral yelled from the edge of the forest. She ran to the doorway, the scent of bear and potato stew in the air. "You're late," her mother yelled. Cora hated being yelled at and she hated the remote nature of her childhood house. She longed for escape into the wonderful city she had seen pictures of and to go to school with other children. What? This is taking too long? Well damn, hold onto your rocking chair. I'll fast forward. It was years later and Coral had finally moved out of that tiny house and into the city. It was big and wondrous, just as she had imagined. She had made a ton of friends at school and... Seriously? Not far enough forward? WELL FINE! But not another word, or I'll smack you with my cane! Coral finally got married and moved into a nice apartment with her new husband. With a baby on the way, Mr and Mrs Coral needed a way to make money and Coral was hot. She had blossomed into a beautiful young woman and her first instincts were to take advantage of it. And so, Coral found It took her some time to convince Mr Coral to allow her to become a performer, but eventually she won out. So Cora started out on MFC in meek fashion. Reserved and a little shy, it took Cora some time to become comfortable and familiar with her new camming life. The first thing to go: her Russian accent. Cora found that, while sexy, she gathered a better crowd with an Americanized accent. And so, there is the shortened tale of Cora. Show the lady some respect. She may or may not have relatives in the Russian Mafia.
hello pretty woman I from brasil we have lots of sun and beaches here please come to brasil baby ur hot as Rio
Yer very purdy...I'm glad I found yer room.
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