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About Me
Username: D0mino
Gender: Female
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 100 pounds
Height: 67 inches
Age: 27
City: City 17
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Smoke: Herb
Drink: Moderate
Occupation/Major: Photographer
School: University of FUCKLULZ
Favorite Food: Sushi
Pets: Moya, Floki, and Baba-chan
Automobile: Your Mom
About Me:
Tags: Badass
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Thursday I'm Sometimes online from 8:00 pm until 11:00 pm
Friday I'm Sometimes online from 8:00 pm until 12:00 am
Saturday I'm Sometimes online from 8:00 pm until 12:00 am
Interests & Hobbies
Favorite Books: books1t.jpg
Favorite Songs:
Favorite Movies: moviesto.jpg

Message Wall
I love your art, interests , everything. Not to mention you are beautiful.
Blast from the past. Wasn't as regular as some of your regulars... but maybe you remember me? Miss seeing you on here. You were always my fav. Happy Valentines Day D0m <3
Sweet lookin girl & I like Cloudchaser
Nice seeing you again
See the movie on Netflix called Adore, kinky movie
Miss ya, D...
Hope you had a great New Years Eve D0m.
Happy New Year D0mino! You are a sexy sweet wonderful woman! It's always fun times hanging out with ya. I miss hanging out with ya. Hope to see ya again soon.
Hey darling, good to see that you still have one of the best profiles on MFC ..... hope you are doing fine
Hey, Are you hip to Kimbra? Kinda thought of you when I saw this. Later
Heeeeeeeeey sexy lady!
I BETTER sneak in a post while I can? ]P~}
Hope to find you online soon
hey bb i had a great time listening, watching and learning a little about you. you are without a doubt absolutely beautiful and your husband is a very lucky man. thx for your great shows and i will stop in from time to time to see how yur doin. take care and peace.
I see you went to Dragon Con this year. Are you going to be out in Comic-Con in NYC too?
Hi D0m! The new look of your Homepage is great. Hope to see you live again soon. BITEME
Blimey, when I first started coding games in 6502 assembler on the Atari 400/800 as a penniless depressed teenage zombie, the idea that a gamer could be (a) female and (b) as comprehensively cool as D0mino, well it would have been several wet dreams beyond belief, heh. My, how things change Anyway, D0mino is "one suave fuck" (which is a complimentary expression in the language of "Frank", that charming chap with the gas tank in Lynch's Blue Velvet an aside to an aside, I heard Hopper was caning the Charlie so much during shooting, he wasn't really having to act that much at all, heh, probably true; Hopper can be a real arse when he feels like it. The way he talked about Easy Rider: "I *made* that fuckin' movie", yeah OK Den, whatever you say - he came across a total dick IMO, compared to Peter Fonda, but then I would say that, I did waay too much acid in 1964-5 [yes, I know I wasn't born then, your point being? heh I say "never let a trifling matter like Birth and Death get in the way of having some fun"]). But I digress (do you ever do anything *but* digress, asshole?!), D0mino totally rocks and should have her own media empire. Either that or Tyrell Corporation have taken a quantum leap in product development *and* solved the illusive fiction-to-fact transmigration problem. Pretty damn unlikely I'd say (..blimey, I just googled "Tyrell Corporation", heh, some scary hits, hmm). In summary, she is about as cool as you can get to zero degrees Kelvin without vanishing or breaking the laws of physics, whatever they might be, don't ask me i have no idea, but they sound awfully restrictive; meh, fuckem
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