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Username: Dahlface
CamScore: 4776
Gender: Female
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Weight: 95 pounds
Height: 60 inches
Age: 30
City: Vegas
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Straight
Drink: Occasional
Marital Status: Single
Automobile: Go Green!!
About Me: Ive already practically written a biography in the questions above! LOL.. But if there is anything else you would like to know, feel free to ask me!! xoxox
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Favorite Models: MaryJaneHart KariLove
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Interests & Hobbies
Meaning of Life: The meaning of life.. Thats a tuff one. i beleive that our meaning of life is to be free to yourself and try to make the best of every situation. There are always going to be obstacles in life and its all about how you handle the situations you are put in. i strongly believe in Karma... and a quote i use on a daily basis is "HOW PEOPLE TREAT YOU IS THEIR KARMA AND HOW YOU REACT IS YOURS" dont take everything so seriously and Try to enjoy every day the best you can, even in tough situations... the meaning of life "to me" is to better yourself and be happy and enjoy everything that is been given to you! The more you ponder on the bad and negative energy in your life the more negative and bad energy you attract!!
Five Things I Can't Live Without: My closest Friends, My ID "for drinking privelage purposes" , Starbucks "i am addicted to caffiene", Men "what fun would life be without them??", and last but not least... my FLIPPY FLOPPIES!!!! tehee ;)
Favorite Books: Eragon and Brinsinger, books by Christopher Paolini.. I love reading fantasy books! gets me out of my head for a bit and puts me into an imaginary world that is new and exciting!! "not to mention i have a thing for dragons!!" currently reading "how to make love like a pornstar" by Jenna Jameson. its pretty much a biography of her life and how she made it to where she is at today! its an amazing book!!Photobucket Daniel Perkins: .
What I Like To Do For Fun: 1
Favorite Songs:

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I listen to everything... Country, Rap, Rock, Heavy metal, Jazz, Classical.. im currently on a Techno/House kick. i just cant get enough!!! I love Dj Tiesto and Dj Mystic as well as Infected Mushrooms!!!
Favorite Movies: I have way to many favorites to choose only acouple! i will watch anything. unlike some females who prefer romantic comedys or chic flicks"which are fun sometimes", but im always down for a good thriller or action film!! One of my current favorites is Transformers! And i cannot wait to see the sequel!!
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: Well im still quite young so im sure the craziest is still to come but as of now the craziest thing I have ever done was going 135 miles an hour with my friend on his street bike!! that was a rush and a half!!!!
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: I would be stting on the beaches of Costa Rica drinking a Long Island "my favorite drink" and soken up some well needed Sun!
Hobbies: I am an adrenaline Junky!! I love to do things that get my heart a PUMPIN!! Dirtbikes, Quads, Streetbikes "never riden alone tho" Wakeboarding, Snowboarding, Horseback riding, Indoor Skydiving" someday ill try the real thing!" Cliff jumping...but I also like kicken back and I have my lazy days!! I love BBQ's, Camping, Hiking, Softball, Movie nites, Playing on my computer ;o), Volleyball, Shopping, Spa days with the girls!, Bowling "even tho I suck! haha" Going to the Video Arcade and gettin my Game on!, Im a pretty laid back person and Im ussually down for whatever you throw at me!
Talents: I have a natural skill n horses even tho Ive never had Proffesional Training. I love to ride and when I am riding the whole world just disappears!
Perfect Mate: Someone who is willing to put as much effort into A relationship as I am "which means youd have to give it your all" because that is how I am... A perfect Mate for me would be someone who likes suprising me and likes making me feel special. Someone who can Kiss me and everything else around him just disappears.
Perfect Date: I guess it depends on the senario.. if we are just going on a first date and i just met you i think a "Perfect date" would be something physical and fun where theres other people around like going to the Nickle arcade or Going to a water park or 6 flags and grabbin a hot dog or something simple to eat.. now if it is serious and we really start to like eachother i think the date should be more one on one... like packen a picnic basket and going horseback riding in the hills somewhere beautiful and private where we can have serious conversations and mess around ;o)! OR getting a nice suite in a beatiful hotel for just one nite with some Wine and a beautiful view...
Turn Ons/Offs: Turn ons... Sexy calogne, A nice body, Beautiful smile, Good fashion sence, A brilliant mind, Someone sensitive..." not afraid to show emotions and feelings", Makes me laugh!! Turn offs... B.O., Bad Breathe, Dirty House, Still lives at home with mom, too Clingy after JUST meeting, Dry sence of Humor.
Best Reason to Get to Know Me: I guess you'll just have to find out ;o)
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Still hoping you come back someday!!!
very hot and sexy and welcome to mfc
Seen you online tonight...whats up? Thinking about returning? Cuz that would be Awesome....
come online so we can do a pvt bb
Are you really gone for good
Please come back to us!
Where have you been girl?
when are you going to be online more? come on bb
Fantasy Myspace Comments
Hi sweetheart I have bin logging on evry day looking for you and it looks like I mised you last time you were on!!! so any way you can tell me when you plan to be on again please Bin Missing Ya
where the hell are ya??
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you are having a wonderful birthday today and I look forward to seeing you when I get home from work tomorrow. Don't have too much fun in Vegas ;-)
You are a sweetheart. I will see you around cutie pa tootie haha
miss your gorgeous body !
hey lady!! sorry I've been off the map lately, lol. just dropping by to say hello. we should chat soon. I'll send you an email
Hey Amazing body Great group, To bad you don't take pms cya soon
come online again =/ i have tokens that i wanna spend on you
hi sexy miss u
mmmmm hi bby your the coolist girls on mfc an the hottest one too mmmmmmm sooooo sexy bby
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