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About Me
Username: DickMagnet420
CamScore: 1123.8
Gender: Female
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Weight: 120 pounds
Height: 63 inches
Age: 25
City: Georgia
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Smoke: Herb
Drink: Light
Drugs: Experimented
Marital Status: Involved
Occupation/Major: Cam Girl/ Mama
School: Nunya
Favorite Food: Chicken Strips and Ranch :)
Pets: I love doggies and kitties :)
Automobile: I'm a Chevy Lover. But I also love Honda.
About Me: photo RoomRulesMFCjpg_1024x819_zps0d562817.jpg photo TokenMenujpg_1024x819_zps4735f06e.jpg photo IMG_0008_1024x819_zpsa3046f2e.jpg photo Myvideos1jpg_1024x819_zps8f545514.jpg Teasers Twerk That Ass (3:39 mins) - Watch as I twerk in my dark green boyshorts and green shirt in honor of St. Patricks Day! No nudity, just twerking, enjoy! 75tks Booty Bounce Bopper (3:50 mins) - Exactly as the title says I twerk to the song Booty Bounce Bopper. 75tks Rhiannon Striptease (3:07 mins) - A sultry dance topless, with a white bohemian skirt on to Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac. The skirt eventually drops to the floor....One of my personal favs. 75tks Bounce It (4:13 mins) - Watch me twerk to Juicy J's Bounce It in black lace boyshorts!! Must have for the booty fan. 75tks Body Stocking Tease (2:32 mins) - Watch me dance to Korn - Got The Life in my new sexy fishnet body stocking, with no panties and no bra. 75tks Hot Legs (4:02 mins) - You guessed it - A sexy leg teaser to the song "Hot Legs" by Rod Stewart. Before my time? Ha, I think not. 75tks Wicked Games Booty Tease (4:34 mins) - Quality messed up a little on this one, but still a sexy booty tease to the song Wicked Games by The Weeknd, in a sexy tight dress. 75tks No Sleep Til Brooklyn Dance Tease (2:35 mins) - A sexy and cute strip tease in boyshorts. :) The song is self explained. 75tks Big Pimpin In Jeans Booty Tease (4:04 mins) - Watch me tease in my jeans, topless to Big Pimpin by Jay Z. The music is a little loud at first so adjust your speakers please :) I strip out of my jeans, down to my thong, and give you a good booty shaking tease. 75tks Green Boy Shorts Booty Bouncing (2:59 mins) - Watch me show off my tits (topless) and shake my gorgeous booty for you..50tks Bandz A Make Her Dance (2:35 mins) - Watch me shake my ass in the bathroom for you, in a tiny white and red thong. 50tks Nude In Heels Ass Tease (3:49 mins) - Watch me move, dance, and touch while I tease you naked in my black heels. 100tks Upskirt Teaser (5:30 mins) - I let you watch me from behind as I put on my make up. No face shots boys, this is a tease! Little black skirt and peach colored boyshorts, that are tiny!50tks Booty Lovers Teaser (4:03 mins) - Watch me shake and bounce my ass for all of you booty lovers out there. 50tks Thigh High Boots Strip Tease (4:58 mins) - Watch me dance and tease as I get topless to put on my thigh high fuck me boots...75tks Boy/Girl *NEW* Fucking Harley (10:32 mins) - Watch (Cam Is Still) as I suck my husband off and he fucks me until he pulls out to cum on my belly. 250tks Harley's BJ Skills Pt 1(5:17) & Pt 2(15:53) - Watch me display my head giving skills in these two vids - slurping, deepthroating, licking, and lots of looking up at you (the cam) 250tks Facial Finale (8:57 mins) - Watch me suck off my husband until he explodes all over my face, amazing video, great angles. 150tks POV Anal & Cum (5:44 mins) - Watch as I get fucked in the ass point of view style and he shoots all over my perfect butt. 120tks Solo Red, White, and Blue (15:51 mins) - Watch me tease and strip out of tight American flag printed leggings, down to my famous American flag bikini, then I have a little fun and make myself cum for you. 250tks Playing With Doc's Toys (18:43 mins!) - In lingerie and thigh high boots, this is a backdoor gaping video! I play with a normal toy, then bring out the doctors toy! A speculum! (Gyno Tool) If You're A Gaping Fan, or Just Looking for Something Abnormal - Look No Further! 300tks Let Me Ride That (5:50 mins) - Beautiful view (frontal) of me riding my realistic toy - then another view (back) towards the end. :) 100tks Quality Time (7:35 mins) - Exactly what the title implies, I'm spending some quality time with myself in this one! And I brought my realistic toy and Hitachi along for the ride. Big "O" Ending. 100tks Quick Ride Front and Back (5:03 mins) - Starting off with some mouth play :) then goes on to show me ride it (frontal and rear views included) 75tks Bump N Grind Hitachi (10:53 mins) - Watch me tease you and grind on my Hiatchi in my pretty white mini skirt. Then things get a little more heated...150tks Naughty Housewife (15:01 mins) - Begins with me vacuuming my room, in a pretty blue thong and no top, in heels. I get restless and feel the urge to play :) You can use your imagination from there.... 250tks Anal Infatuation (14:30 mins) - Infatuated with gaping butt holes? This is the video for you. Starts out with a nice strip tease out of shiny pink boyshorts and a purple bra, then I get down and dirty, making my ass gape. Plenty of up close views! 300tks Harley's Up Close Pussy Fuck (15:31 mins) - Watch me tease in my Harley suit - then use my big pink dildo to fuck my pussy and gape for you. Like seeing inside? This is the video for you. 250tks Anal Gaping (8:48 mins) - Watch up me gape my asshole for you, playing with my glass toy, up close views included. Also, gripping orgasm at the end :) 150tks Sucking Toes w/ Dildo In Ass (11:00 mins) - Watch me suck and spit on my toes with my dildo in my ass - rubbing my clit - until I have a big orgasm, and gape my ass at the end. 200tks Fun with Your Toothbrush (4:00 mins) - Fresh out of the shower, with a shaved and wet kitty, I decide to get myself off before getting dressed, but the only thing I can find is your toothbrush....where am I going to put it? 100tks Steamy Voyeur Shower (14:31 mins) - Watch me climb in, soap up, shave, then get a little naughty...okay a lot naughty.300tks Watch Me Ride (11:32 mins) - Watch as I ride my realistic dildo on my mirror on the floor. Views of front and back riding :) Tons of fun. 250tks Up Close and Personal DP (10:21 mins) - Watch up close as I play, then use two toys at the same time! Orgasmic ending! 250tks Cumming In My Boots (8:12 mins) - I'm so HORNY! Watch as I use my hitachi at first as a warm up, then pull out my favorite dildo and use them both until I cum! All in my corset (comes off) and thigh high boots! 175tks Panty Stuffing Fun (11:54 mins) - Watch me shove my little polka dot thong inside my pussy and make myself cum on them with my Hitachi and purple anal beads! I cum so hard in the end...200tks Harley Sundae (8:01 mins) - Watch me pour chocolate and cherry syrup all over my naked body - so delicious, kitty rubbing, titty rubbing, finger sucking good. 200tks "Watch Her Work" Booty Shaking (3:34 mins) - Watch me shake that ass in a black thong and blue shirt/dress (lol!) Kitty peeks while shaking! 100tks Birthday Suit Masturbate (6:22 mins) - Watch me masturbate and cum, only using my fingers, close up of my pussy after cumming. Hmm. 200tks Bathtime with Harley (7:56 mins) - Watch me get soapy and show off for you, then play with my glass toy with hearts, so cute. Different camera angles, nice views 160tks Harley Sucks Cock (5 mins) - Watch me give my realistic dildo a very sloppy bj in my Harley Costume (top comes off) lots of gagging and spit. 130tks Harley Goes Anal Pt 1 (8:20) and Pt 2(8:26) - Watch me strip out of part of my Harley costume and fuck my ass with my realistic dildo and cum hard! 300tks Dirty Mouthed Harley Pt 1 & 2 - Watch me tell you how horny I am in my Harley Quinn get up and masturbate for you - 200tks Anal Slut Pt 1 (6:48) & Pt 2 (7:52) - Watch me talk dirty to you and tell you how horny I am, shake my ass for you, then fuck my ass. 200tks Watching Porn (8:48 mins) - Watch me be a naughty girl and watch porn. I masturbate until I cum hard. 200tks Naughty School Girl (14:57 mins) - An all time favorite, watch me "come home from school" and masturbate instead of doing homework.. 200tks Fetish *If You're Looking For Brown/Efro Vids Message Or Live Chat Me For Details, Some Guys Do NOT Like This Fetish, So I'd Rather Talk About It Privately* NEWS - I no longer take "custom" efro video requests - period. I'll make efros to my liking - and if you happen to like it to, then we have a deal. It takes a lot of effort to record these videos, due to timing and circumstances! I hope you understand. Hot Legs (4:02 mins) - Watch me show off my legs (bare) and heels (black) for you to "Hot Legs" by Rod Stewart (Yes, I know him!) No face shots, legs and heels only 50tks Token It Up (2:00 mins) - Watch me toke up on some Chemdog mixed with a little Blue Dream Caviar. If you're a true smoker, you'll know what I'm talking about! I smoke topless in this vid. 50tks Sweaty Feet (4:40 mins) - Watch me take off my tennis shoes and let you smell my sweaty feet! Toe and sole views, talking and showing off the feet! 150tks First Humiliation Video (8:43 mins) - Dressed in my black corset, black thong, and thigh high boots - watch me tell you how to jerk your cock for me, and how much of a loser you are; You should be sucking cock, and your not good enough for me, smiling and giggling the whole time. I even show you how you would suck my hubby's cock! 250tks First Ignoring Clip (3:51 mins) - Watch me watch TV and totally ignore your loser ass. 100tks Peeing Frontal View + Tampon Removal and Insertion - (1:28 mins) - Watch me sit on the toilet, full frontal nude, legs open, remove my tampon and pee. Then insert a new tampon. This video comes with four nude photos on the toilet. 100tks Period Play (13:06 mins) - Not particularly messy, but I use a white vibrator and purple anal beads and play on my period....250tks A Quick Pee (1:15 mins) - Watch me stand up in the bath tub and pee, nice stream - let out in spurts. 100tks Honey Feet (5:16 mins) - Watch me pour ooey gooey honey all over my sweet little lady bug colored toes. Close ups of toes and soles! 100tks Sweet Feet (5:21 mins) - Watch me scrub my cute feet and toes with this homemade sugar scrub, close ups and sole shots. 100tks Smoking Vids - I have several videos of myself smoking topless, if you like smoking, ask me about these vids! 50-100tks
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Sunday I'm Sometimes online from 6:00 pm until 12:30 am
Monday I'm Sometimes online from 6:00 pm until 12:30 am
Tuesday I'm Sometimes online from 6:00 pm until 12:30 am
Wednesday I'm Sometimes online from 6:00 pm until 12:30 am
Thursday I'm Sometimes online from 6:00 pm until 12:30 am
Friday I'm Usually online from 6:00 pm until 11:30 pm
Saturday I'm Sometimes online from 6:00 pm until 12:30 am
Interests & Hobbies
Meaning of Life: Is to find happiness I think.I'm on the pursuit of happiness, myself. I think that everyone should be.
Five Things I Can't Live Without: My laptop, My little girl, Food LOL, Friends, my sanity. I think that's a good list.
Favorite Books: I love the twilight saga - I read the books before the movies even came out. I'm not a movie fan! I like science fiction mostly, romance is alright, depending.
What I Like To Do For Fun: 640x100_grunge_ani.gif
Favorite Songs:
Favorite Movies:
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: I don't think I can actually pick one time out as the craziest. LOL. Probably being a webcam model!
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: In Your LAP :)
Hobbies: I'm a stay at home mom. I cook clean and do laundry. I'm a hot milf! I like watching movies and I love music.
Talents: Deep throat, irresistableness *wink*,anal, love to play with my toys, dancing, teasing. I love softball :) I'm also an artist. I love to draw :)
Perfect Mate: Someone with a sense of humor, prefer dark hair and eyes and height = tall. Because I'm short :D I like someone that can talk to me and loves/worships my overall being :D
Perfect Date: Scenario #1 - Somewhere quiet and secluded - I'm a woodsy type. Sweep me off my feet! I would love to go swimming in a quiet lake - just the two of us. Have a cabin out in the woods - that would be really sexy. Scenario #2 - Say we're leaving the club - its dark out on the streets, I have some hot little mini dress on - and you drag me into the alley; and jack me up onto the wall, hiking my dress I could probably think of more... :) But I'll let you get to know me for all of that ;)
Turn Ons/Offs: I love other women, I absolutely adore toys, massage, pole dancing (Iam going to learn soon), two girls on one guy is hot, just starting anal ) Not too many things turn me off. I dont like fisting - I like pussy tight. I hate rudeness and I only want to be bossed around if I ask for it! For some reason I love love love for my feet to be rubbed. Maybe I have a teensy tiny foot fetish lol.
Best Reason to Get to Know Me: Because I'm the one you wanna meet baby ) I love sex and I will try anything once. I love a good convo and I'm a naughty little thing. I will be the one you cum back to ) Love Bambi? For just 75 tokens you can have your own picture of me with your name written anywhere on my body you like. Ask me about it.
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