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Profile Headline: Geeky elf girl. Likely weirder than you.
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About Me
Username: DivSavel
CamScore: 3094
Gender: Female
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Ethnicity: Other
Weight: 107 pounds
Height: 61 inches
Age: 108
City: Vivec, Vvardenfell
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Occupation/Major: Yes
School: Yes
Favorite Food: Yes
Pets: Yes
Automobile: Yes
About Me:



Be Respectful
We're all people. Well, except the bots.

Tip to Request
Even if you just want me to stand up, begging isn't okay. As for requests, I have the right to refuse anything that I do not wish to do. Ask first!

Even if it's just to say "Whatcha doin?" It's kinda creepy when someone parks their ass in my room for hours and doesn't respond when I say hello. If you hang out in my room for days/weeks on end without talking or tipping, you may get a temp boot. I want us to be a silly community, not a lineup of silent fappers! Show me that you're alive and kicking!

NO flaming
We may tease each other in this room but hate is not acceptable. I don't care who the target of your ire is; please keep it out of this room.

No explicit images
They're not turning anyone on but you, buddy.

Don't be a creep
Don't say you're in love with me. Don't ask for personal information. Don't act like you own me. If you at any point exhibit behavior that leads me to believe you'd be a danger to models I will share your username & messages with them for their safety. This has only been done when the user is possessive, verbally abusive, and attempts to create multiple accounts to make contact(or shows obvious attempt to get past the MFC ban).

Highest tip
Highest single tip of the day always wins prizes in my room! The only things that do not count towards highest tip are videos, Skype shows and tangible gifts.

You can tip either for or against a countdown in my room. If you're tipping against a countdown (ex. If countdown is for nakedness you can stall it by raising the countdown) please say so beforehand! Also, if countdown reaches 0, tipping against it is not permitted!

Naked time
If, after naked countdown, we make no progress to showtime I may put clothes back on temporarily. Do not panic! Heroes can save me from its cottony wrath at any time.

Loop Song
If this option is in my topic, it means you can loop a song of your choice until I orgasm to it! Yes, I will fap to just about any song you can think up so choose wisely. If your song is requested, another user can match your tip to request the song be stopped.
I have a very short list of things that cannot be requested during Loops. Banned music: Children's music, non-human animal sounds, anything from Weebl's Stuff , IceJJFish, anything with my voice, recorders (the instrument), and Achy Breaky Heart.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Protip: Ctrl+F and input a key word in any questions you might have to read my FAQ in SPEED DEMON MODE (Example: Skype, Snapchat, private, squirt, etc.)

Do you have Paypal?
No, but you can buy tokens with Paypal! Just pick a token package, and choose Epoch for payment; from there you can use your Paypal account!

What's with the elf ears?
I'm an elf.

What are poop tweets/why does your Twitter account have so many toilet gifs?
One day a reg suggested my AFK time was me pooping. I denied this, and chat commented about me notifying them of my movements. The next day (June 3rd) I notified them via tagging them in a tweet. I did it regularly until one day on cam I actually went AFK to poop. I posted the pooptweet and decided that was the end of it. A few days after the tweets stopped the room decided to stage a protest until I decided to start the tweets up again. Ever since I've notified them about my first poo of the day. The list has only grown in the time since & now I need 2 tweets a day just to notify them all. Most recently, #PoopTweets got a theme song created by the epic CherrySweetie!

Can I be a part of the poop tweet movement?
Yeah.. Just shoot me a tweet that you want on the list & you'll be added. You can unsubscribe to poop tweets at any time by request.

Why the name change?
I wanted a name that was uniquely ours, so I started a mini campaign to give me a last name! It ended and the final winner was Savel! It is a last name shared both by Dark Elves and humans!

Will you do a penetration show in free chat?
No. For those who respond with "but, lots of models do it!": So don't ask a model who isn't into that sort of thing! Go visit those other pretty ladies!

Do you have Paypal?
No, but you can buy tokens with Paypal! Just pick a token package, and choose Epoch for payment; from there you can use your Paypal account!

What can I do if I don't have tokens?
Talk to me! I appreciate the company. Also, for the artistically inclined fans, I love art gifts!

Do you have Skype?
Yes! Show rates are as follows:
2000tk/15mins of naughty play
2000tk/30mins of hanging out

What do you do in Skype?
You can choose to do anything I'd do in public; but you get to call the shots for the whole duration! Want to deny me orgasm? Watch me shower? Cover me in hot wax or cold ice? Spank me until my booty is red? Or do you just wanna play a video game together and geek out? You can choose any of this, and more! Just PM or MFC mail me and help me get an idea of what you enjoy!

Will you give me videos/shows/etc. for gifts?
No, sorry. I'm just like everyone else; no amount of panties and videogames can replace my need to eat and pay taxes. "I'm tipping X for you to buy Y" is also a no-no. Every tip I get requires me to take out a percentage to give to The Man, and none can save me from his fury. Also, don't even try "If I get you toys it means you can make more mone-" hahaha no. You're not the first to try that and you won't be the last. Please stop.

Are you really an elf?
Yes! However I do cosplay as humans from time to time.

What's your ASL and/or life story?
I'm Div Savel, a Bosmer that hails from Vvardenfell! I was born in 3E 377 on First Seed(March) 31st. I am currently 304 years old and I live on Earth, specifically within the United States. I still make pilgrimages to Morrowind from time to time, as I consider it my true home. Most recently (2/14/16), I was given the name "Savel"!

Do you have Snapchat?
Yep! It's 900tk for lifetime access! Scroll to the bottom of the "Videos & More" box for more information.

Can you squirt?
I cannot. Do not attempt to teach me.

Will you do [insert possibly illegal or definitely unhygienic sexual fantasy here]?
Lets get all of these out of the way in one go. There will be NO age play (under 18), bestiality, incest, fisting, scat/defecation, urination/watersports, humiliation, random object insertion, or bloodletting. I don't want to be your daughter, I don't feel the need to falcon punch my vag, and I REALLY don't want to bone a dog. I respect that everyone has their own fetish, but don't ask me to go outside my personal comfort levels.

Do you do SPH (small penis humiliation)?
I'm sorry, but I'm not yet a licensed bad girl. I want to be up front and tell you that I am unable to humiliate anyone as of yet (even consensually). I'll keep you posted on this one!

Can I private message you?
PMs are reserved for regs, private requests, or when I'm just off-cam. Please, if you want to say "Hi, how are you?" shoot me a message in freechat! We're all good people out here!

Do you do do privates/groups?

How much for all of your videos?
4,000tk as of March 2016! If this date is old, be sure to ask me first!

Do you do anal?
Yes, but rarely by request!

Do you sell panties?
Yes! PM me & ask about my free panty picture set!

Do you escort/meet?

Are you single/available?

Do you do custom videos?
Sometimes, yes! Just PM or MFC mail me and we can talk about what you'd like!

Do you have heels?

Do you open cams?
Yes, for 30tk/minute! If you are doing something extreme on the other end it is within my right to close the camera.

Will you do GG shows?
Yes! But please don't try to ask me to do a show with [model name here]. I will happily meet up with other ladies, but it has to be on our own terms!

What's your bra size?
I range between a 32B-C depending on who makes the bra. Women's clothing is absolute nonsense.

Can I see your ass/boobs/uvula?
I don't know, man. Can you? (Please commence your laughter. This joke will never get old to me.)

What is Felldew?
It's a drug in the Shivering Isles (realm of madness) of the Elder Scrolls universe! On Nirn it causes extreme euphoria and is incredibly addictive. On Earth it's the name I gave to my favorite alcoholic beverage! To make Felldew mix 2 parts melon DeKuyper, 1 part Amaretto & 1 part Brenjger.

Videos & More!

Please put the name of the content you want in the tip note; thank you!



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Beastie Tamer

Tags: chair killer, sparklepussy, Riker, why boner, fantasy, literal fantasy, confusing, elf, weird, immortal, nerevarine, dovahkiin, hero, wonderful father, smellslikeflowersmadeofbacon, bacon, stockings, girl next door, cute, sweet, playful, funny, small tits, fun, bisexual, young, natural, gamer, petite, nerdy
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Adorable, funny, friendly, charismatic, original, and sexy as all hell. I'm so glad that I found Div and I'm proud to be one of her Beasties!
The most beautiful elf on all the interwebs
Div is adorable, lovely and a Daedric Prince sass beast. For an extra-dimensional omnipotent demon, she has a surprisingly great personality. She is witty, fun and addictively entertaining. Her room is also full of equally amusing and friendly regulars. I have yet to leave without more of a smile on my face than I came in with. A++ will perv again
Adorkable indeed!
What can I say about Div's room. Honestly, you never know what's going to happen but there is one thing for sure: You are going to have a good time! Div is simply amazing and all of her Beasties are very friendly. There's sexy time, gaming time, shenanigans and in one night you can go through a roller coaster of topics and subjects. All I really can say is that I dare you to spend a night in Div's room and not have fun with and just be mesmerized by the insanely amazing mythical being that is Div!
is - by far - the most fun model/host ever
Just saw you for the first time tonight. You are the most badass chick I have ever seen. Your comic knowledge with that body! DAMN!!!!
You're too cute ohmygod!!
You're so freaking cute and seem like a really awesome person!
Little Elfkin you are so cute and adorable. Hal
You are so cute!
Hi Beautiful, I m glad I found you, you are very Beautiful and sexy, I love all of you.
Always a pleasure to see you
you can really lift my spirits
Entering Div's room is like crossing into a parallel universe where different laws apply. She's an enchanting lady in an enchanted world with a a voice that makes me go weak at the knees. Oh and did I mention just how darned cute and sexy she is. Thank you Div, and your cohort of crazy guys, for a whole load of fun. Love ya babe.
I hope you know how cute you are. Lol. SO cute!!!
I like you,you're awesome
i like all of you, especially the ears!
Always an epic adventure spending a night in Divs room. ~ Ek zul los mul ahrk ek tanz laaghahdrimaal ~
You are too adorable.
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