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Profile Headline: Oops, I just dropped 8 gigs of ram down my pants.
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About Me
Name: Eight_Bit
CamScore: 5252.8
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Asian
Age: 21
City: Orgrimmar
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Pets: Kitties and a puppy
About Me:


>> Guild roster and points <<

Click the guild image to view items and discounts!
[100 tokens] to join the guild
Everything listed is available to Guild Members only

Strat & Loot Rules
[as of Patch 1.1.1]

Dungeon Difficulty:
Hard Mode
[32.33, repeating of course, percentage of survival]

Phase 1:
(Tank & Spank Phase)
+ Clothing buff UNABLE to be purged/dispelled; DPS through it!
[Moar dots!]

Phase 2:
(Air Phase/Group Show Phase)
+ Spawning void zones instantly wipes Group Shows!
[Don't stand in fire!]

Phase 3:
(Execution Phase)
+ Rinse and repeat Phase 1
+ Pop Bloodlust & all CDs
[Burn, burn, burn!]

Just wipe it, noobs. Rez, rebuff, and l2play!
[QQ moar, scrubs!]

[All your loot are belong to Eight_Bit]

+ Linen Tunic- 50% Drop rate
+ Leather Leggings - 35% Drop rate
+ Elementium Breastplate - 15% Drop rate
+ Runecloth Panties - 0.0001% Drop rate [Heroic loot]
+ Chest of the Eight_Bit Vanquisher - 100% Drop rate [Heroic loot]

200 DKP minus for adding
[Eight_Bit]: {Deadly Chat Mods} Eight_Bit is busy fighting against MFC (55%, 150/250 people alive)

Room Rules in English:
[Rules subject to change]

Mostly in Public Chat
+ Always clothed in public; tip all you want but they're staying on

Group Shows
[Not very often, I will let you know a few weeks in advance]
+ Requests/comments that upset me will end the group show immediately

Privates/True Privates
[No, please do not ask.]

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