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About Me
Username: EliseRivers
Gender: Female
Body Type: Athletic
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Age: 97
Country: Australia
Sexual Preference: Bi-curious
Smoke: Occasional
Drink: Occasional
Drugs: Experimented
Favorite Food: I LOVE COOKING!! Although Anything cooked by another is nice to have sometimes ;)
About Me:
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Hi Guys! Welcome to my page

I'm Elise, I come from the Land Down Under. I'm Aussie/Finnish. a beach girl & love adventure.

You can catch me body painting Marvel & DC characters online, Dressing in sexy lingerie & cosplay outfits.

I'm dorky & love collecting in the Popculture world.

I like connecting with people who have positive vibes & are genuine, making people feel welcome, comfortable to hang out & have fun.

I LOVE MUSIC, anything from Pop, Classic Rock, Alternative, I play nearly everything and anything 80's,90's to now.

I DO get fully naked and dance, I love the art of seduction & the art of tease. I am not an explicit model, meaning No Kitty flash, No toys, No fingers.

So please DON'T BE SHY, I'd love to get to know you guys & hopefully we can build some great friendships on my journey.
Room Rules
Don't be obnoxious
This means show some respect to me and the others in my room. Acting like an idiot is a quick way to get banned.
Tip for requests
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Room Topic
Check my room topic for the day's countdowns and specials. Also while I might consider certain requests, I don't haggle so please don't try.
Go easy on posting emotes. Some are funny, some are to the point, a lot are just annoying. If you really need to see/post dick emotes, you are in the wrong room and likely the wrong site.
I don't Skype so please don't ask
Some models Skype, others don't. Loyal members are only considered.
I don't accept PayPal?
This is MFC - I only accept tokens.
Personal information
I have a life outside MFC as do you. While it is flattering that you might ask, I like to keep my personal information private.
Meet Ups
I am not going to the Tamworth Country Music Festival with you. Period.
Personal Rights
I reserve the right to remove anyone from Clubs, Friend lists, Snapchat etc at anytime if I feel uncomfortable or If they become rude or simply because I find they display lack of effort when it comes to being apart of my MFC Journey.
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Whats Coming Up
I post news of upcoming events and activities here,
so keep checking back to see what's new.
    • Jan: Happy New Year! A Bright New Year of fun of course
    • Feb: Valentine Raffle 55, Get a Valentine Card 320, Get a Heart on my wall to show you Love me 200 (unlimited)
    • March:Raffle for a Canvas Painting I painted as me body painted as Cat Woman 55tk ends at the end of March
    • April: Planning
    • May: Planning
    • June:
    • July:
    • Aug:
    • Sep: Starting my 88 day Challenge
    • Oct: Halloween Bodypaint Special
    • Nov:
    • Dec:Birthday Month Spoil me, also my 88 day challenge finishes on the 15th Dec my birthday <3
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Tags: Body Painting, UV, booty, smile, cute, ass, friendly, armpit, erotic, playful, nerd, hot, cosplay, brown eyes, tease, dancer, non explicit, sexy, fit, big boobs, stockings, classy, Dork, tanned, petite, shaved, fun, panties, heels, natural, blonde, brunette
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Thursday I'm Always online from 8:30 pm until 2:00 am
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