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Meaning of Life: All things pass. By the grace of God we can start over. Life quite simply is One presence, but the father veils our eyes from both intense sunlight and also the light of death. Human beings are limited. It's good to be inspired, but not too knowing. An endless nothing from the beginning of infinity, to affirm nothingness created actors who sound out the emptiness. It is NOT. Try to put your finger on something and it slips away into the past and it is no longer. The universe itself is doing all this. We don't really exist. The proper poetry speaks in imagery. It's not our place to make concepts and figure things out, when by nature nothing can be figured out. A man of knowledge can probe and seek, but he will ultimately fall into oblivion. The truth is that we just don't know.
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U are a good person! i m happy to meet u here hugs!
Very nice song, Lion. YOU are the best
I hope you like this song in spanish ,Erich you are the best.
Thanks comps, that's classic!
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hello there sweet guy!

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