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Profile Headline: Non ceoerceri maximo, contineri minimo, divinum est
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Meaning of Life: 'Erect no gravestone for him. Only this: let the rose blossom each year for his sake. For it IS the god. His metamorphosis in this and that. We do not need to look for other names. For it is Orpheus once for all whenever there is song. He comes and goes. Isn't it enough if sometimes he can dwell with us a few days longer than a rose? Though he himself is afraid to disappear, he HAS to vanish: don't you understand? The moment his word moves out beyond our life here, he has gone where you will never find his trace. The lyre's strings do not constrict his hands. And it is in overstepping that he obeys' - Rainer Maria Rilke
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What I Like To Do For Fun: Philosophy is a dangerous and irresistible pastime. I don't know that it's really fun, but I find myself intrigued by questions. There's something magical in wondering, as if one is a child. I like to be engaged in imagination and reading some things can be quite fascinating.
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Best Reason to Get to Know Me: I'm a human being, like you. If I am polite and friendly then maybe you will be the same and we can share some humanity together. But I'm an asshole as all people are, so it's not always good to know me. Just depends on how we get along.
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U are a good person! i m happy to meet u here hugs!
Very nice song, Lion. YOU are the best
I hope you like this song in spanish ,Erich you are the best.
Thanks comps, that's classic!
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hello there sweet guy!

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