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Profile Headline: Faerie - Fantastically Amazingly Exotic Real Interesting Entity Faerie - Fantastically Amazingly Exo
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About Me
Username: Faerie
CamScore: 3539
Gender: Female
Body Type: Average
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 105 pounds
Height: 59 inches
Age: 31
City: Fairy Kingdom
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Smoke: Non Smoker
Drink: Occasional
Drugs: Experimented
Marital Status: Single
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School: I have my piece of paper
Favorite Food: I love sushi! ^_^
Pets: The 3-legged hatian lizard that lives by my front porch. His name is Lucky ^_^
Automobile: Sofia my little gold Saturn Ion
About Me: I think this is filled with enough stalker-tastic information as it is. .............. If you want videos of me or anything else, I'd be happy to oblige. Just ask ^_^
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My Schedule
Sunday (drop in to find out!)
Monday I'm Always online from 11:00 pm until 1:00 am
Tuesday I'm Sometimes online from 11:00 pm until 1:00 am
Wednesday I'm Usually online from 11:00 pm until 1:00 am
Thursday I'm Always online from 11:00 pm until 1:00 am
Friday I'm Always online from 11:00 pm until 1:00 am
Saturday (drop in to find out!)
Interests & Hobbies
Meaning of Life: The meaning of life is 42
Five Things I Can't Live Without: My computer, books, cute panties, the color pink, and probably air...if you don't breath, you die.
Favorite Books: I love fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, non-fiction, mystery, autobiographies, biographies, poetry, erotica, philosophy, mythology, romantic fiction...oh and give me comic books or give me death!
What I Like To Do For Fun: Take my clothes off and dance around. Play games. Go for walks. Lurk around 4chan scanning for pr0n.
Favorite Songs:
Favorite Movies: I'm a regular fixture at my local movie theater.
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: Nonsex: Climbed trees in Miami ass naked. Sex: Public sex is always crazy-fun.
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: I would probably be traveling around the world eating really weird food. Fuck you Andrew Zimmern!
Hobbies: I'm a burlesque performer, and fetish party go-go dancer. I love belly dancing and working at Renaissance festivals. I <3 video games, online rpgs, D&D, magic the gathering and other notoriously geeky pastimes. I'm also a little old lady and I like to knit and do crafts!!! I'm a wizard with a hot glue gun, so watch out bitches!
Perfect Mate: Someone who can keep me sexually stimulated and is intelligent and geek-licious. I think brains are sexy..big beautiful yummy brains...(I swear I'm not a
Perfect Date: One that ends in mind-blowing sex. Haha...I'd like to spend %80 of the date laughing. Bonus points if something comes out of my nose while laughing.
Turn Ons/Offs: Turn ons: A witty attitude, someone with knowledge, even if it just means you'll whoop my ass at cash cab. Turn offs: I don't mind a dumb person. I mind a dumb person who refuses to advance themselves. As for turn off's, I thought this video was extremely appropriate. Enjoy.
Best Reason to Get to Know Me: Create your own banner at!
I'm pretty freaking awesome? And I'm starting my own cult. Wanna join? Actually, the best reason to get to know me is that I'm fun, down to earth and really different from a lot of the normal girls on here.
Message Wall
hope everything is going well for you *hugs*
i miss u too!
I miss you
Cute Graphics
It was an absolute pleasure coming by today! I look forward to coming by again
Happy New Year!!...I miss~missing u wishes for a wonderful year...hope u r well!...keeses...xoxoxCB...Photobucket
BOO 2 U!...Happi HalloWeeni!!...xoxoxCB...
just a shout out from one fire spinner to another... keep being awesome!! I've only found two poi spinners here so far, I spin the hoop myself =^_^= see you around!
Have I told you lately that I love you?
Do you have a wish List?
Seeing Faerie Wednesday I can't get enough of her she needs to be on a lot moreo or come on from 8 to 10!
You logged on yesterday and I missed it? Be still my heart! Guess I gotta keep my eyes peeled then.
.........xoxoxCB......... Heavy hung the canopy of blue~*~ shade my eyes and i can see you~*~ white was the light that shines through the dress that you wore~*~ she lay in the shadow of her wave~*~ hazy were the visions of her playing~*~ sunshine in her eyes but moonshine beat her blind every time~*~ green is the colour of her kind~*~ quickness of the eye deceives the mind~*~ envy is the bond between the hopeful and the damned...
haha...funni, those r sum extreme turn-offs...i will quickly agree with u on those...e-specially the spatula...owch!! lol...stoppin by...wishin u well...showin luv...n stealing kisses!!!...xoxoxCB...
Hey Fairi gurl...hope all is super good with you...just stoppin by to show sum luv...xoxoxCB...Photobucket
very sexy
I never see you on anymore. Sadface. And I haven't bought tokens since the last time I caught you on. Coincidence? Think not (ie this site's a bummer without you on) Hope all's well!
......and by that I mean when's OUR wedding?!! ^_^ ... and yes, I do want to fuck you like Snow White.......... =P
I miss you.
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