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Profile Headline: FunsizeNerd is 'Pornography with a personality.'
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About Me
Name: FunsizeNerd
CamScore: 1504
Gender: Female
Body Type: Little in the middle
Ethnicity: Various
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 115 pounds
Height: 59 inches
Age: 29
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Smoke: Non Smoker
Drink: Non Drinker
Drugs: Never
Marital Status: Involved
Occupation/Major: Graphic Designer
About Me:


Hi! My name is FunsizeNerd. Otherwise known as Alexandra or even Alex, for short. I am a very short (4'11') video-game-loving nerd. I'm very sassy and very sarcastic. I may sometimes apologize for it, but I probably won't mean it. Unless I really hurt your feelings. Then I will feel awful and beg for forgiveness.

I am not very articulate. I get tongue-tied easily and I can be kind of shy. Still, I'm very easy-going in my opinion! Takes a lot to ruffle my feathers and keep them that way.

I like to talk and I like attention. Give me good conversation and the focus of the room, and you have a pretty happy Alex.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?
Did you not read above?! I'm Alex!

How did you come up with your username?
Well, I spent a couple days trying to think of a name that would best suit me. I'm one of those people that really likes to pick out names that represent them. I eventually came to 'FunsizeNerd' because it sounded bubbly and cute, which I happen to think is very like me. 'Funsize' refers to my short stature. 'Nerd' refers to my uncanny interest in videogames and technology in general.

Your ethnicity says 'Various'. What's up with that?
Weeeeeell, I'm a mixed mochasita (yes I made up a word). My mommy is German, Irish, Scottish and English. My daddy is African and French. Needless to say, I am definitely 'various' in my ethnicity.

How big are your boobies?
I get asked this a lot! I am a natural 34D.

How old are you/when were you born?
I am 23 years old (as of June 2012) and I was born on August 14th. That makes me a Leo!

Where are you from?
I am living somewhere in Washington, in the United States.

Are you really a graphic designer?
Sure am. I generally only work with web designing, though. I likes me some HTMLs.

Are you single?
Not anymore! I'm in a very committed relationship with a man who accepts what I do on here with no problems.

How many guys have you been with?
Sexually, I have been with two men and two women.

What do you do?
Stuff! Mostly make a fool of myself and be very giggly while naked. I do this mostly has a hobby, though, so experience is something I lack. If you would like to offer kind advice, I'm always open to it. Just drop me an MFC mail.

Do you have any toys?
Yes, I do! I have a pinky-red crystal jelly dildo that I have yet to name. I also have a G-spot vibrator named Buzz. Sadly, if you recall Waldo, he has gone onto greener pastures. I was a little too rough with him. My dear sweet Waldo. :(

What camera do you use?
I am currently using the Logitech HD Pro Webcam c910.

I heard so-and-so was talking about you. Are you going to do something about it?
Unless it gets really out of hand, I don't particularly like to address stupid drama. Sure, I have my moments of raaaaaaaaaage, but they pass very quickly. My policy is to respect members and models alike, and I expect everyone else in my room to do the same.

Do you do group and private shows?
I do! Please read the sections below about that.

What about cam-to-cam in public/group/private?
In private, I will certainly do cam-to-cam at your request. In group shows, I will also do the same. In public, you can ask me, and if I want to see it, I will say so. If I say no, or don't seem to respond right away, it's probably not a good idea to keep asking. Generally that means I cannot put my attention on you at that moment.

What turns you on?
Good question! I am an exhibitionist and a voyeur. I am submissive with men, and dominant with women. I love being pinned to the ground and manhandled. I love doggystyle. I love being carried and pinned against the wall. I even enjoy a good spanking every once in a while. Since meeting my new beau, I've found out I enjoy biting and anal. A lot. The only problem is I bruise too damn easily. Le sigh.

Public Chat

In public, you can expect naked goodness to be sure. I will mostly be giggling and chatting in public chat. Various public shows may make an appearance from time to time. (i.e. lotion shows, baby oil shows, etc.). Tips are always a wonderful surprise and I will thank you for each and every one.

Group Chat

Group is for teasing and slow build up to climax. Group shows are my selfish time. I will do whatever I desire to make me happy.

Private Chat

In private, it's just you and I. You are the focus of my desire, and I will do my best to make you happy. However, I do ask that you please make sure you send me a message beforehand asking if I want to do a private show. Just out of courtesy, that's all!

Tags: sexy, brunette, nice ass, big boobs, nerd, geek, cute, black, mixed, anal, girl next door, natural, dork, curvy, glasses
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Interests & Hobbies
Five Things I Can't Live Without:

Internet, an audience to laugh at my CLEARLY hilarious sense of humor *coughcough*, a comfy cozy bed, chicken alfredo and music.

Favorite Songs:

I like a lot of different styles of music. From Beyonce to Daft Punk to They Might Be Giants to Kishidan. My two consistently favorite bands, though, would have to be The Beatles and Garbage. IloveyouShirleyManson!


I love to play videogames. Which is where the 'nerd' comes into my name. I especially enjoy RPGs. As far as MMOs go, my current obsession is TERA Online and for consoles, it's a tie between Final Fantasy VI and Star Ocean: The Second Story.

Other hobbies I have include drawing, designing websites and chatting!


I love to draw! Adobe Illustrator is my baby. <3 I also have a knack for Photoshop and Cinema 4D.

Best Reason to Get to Know Me:

I love to make people laugh, and I do my best to try and make it enjoyable to be around me.

Message Wall
Posted by grendel__:
For whatever reason or itch brings you back to seeing this page, I hope that life is treating you well. Miss your cuteness.
Posted by mid14u:
Where are you ? All my fun is gone ;-(
Posted by LSlinger:
wow your my new MFC best buddy.
Posted by favedave:
Wow - you came back yesterday and I missed it! I sure hope to see you again.
Posted by Darkdevi1:
Hope you come back some day
Posted by br4704:
5 stars
Posted by ShimapanKing:
I love your style! You definitely make it enjoyable! I will very likely be one of your new regulars.
Posted by favedave:
You're extremely hot! Looks like you're a pretty good designer too. Great combo.
Posted by yoyobro22:
weirdo?! nag nag nag :p naggy nagg naggg... ok maybe you were right lol
Posted by Makayla420:
I cant control my visitors i dont send them to ur room telling them to nagg u i just found out about u like 3 days ago some of the regulars have told me they have gone into ur room and said u know I had the name first and blah blah they r doing that cause they r upset that im changing my name and they think i shouldnt but im changing my name because of this situation I'm losing customers and im tired of people getting mistaken with u for me so i will remain this name for another 3 weeks until i get all my stuff changed to my new name so u wont have to deal with people nagging u that u used the same saying as me or you should change ur name instead of me K =D toodles
Posted by RON569:
Posted by Coolhand22712:
Your a sexy natural, gorgeous girl, hope to see you again here. Cool
Posted by YoHoHo6969:
You should find the keys to some internet soon!
Posted by OJayLikesTits:
Ever coming back? lol
Posted by DevilsJoker65:
very nice
Posted by rolandfazio:
you blew my mind last warned...I will be very sad if you don't do it again soon
Posted by Dancow:
Hello sexy girl! How are you? cheers Dan
Posted by funluvinguy80:
pure perfection
Posted by wutsurfantazy:
you are most definately a sexy babygirl , keep up the great work ur doing here , u might see urself as a nerd but trust me , many of us see u as sexsymbol , love you sweety .
Posted by directdrive25:
Hope I catch you online again soon. It's unusual too chat with woman with a personality as unique as your own. xxx

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