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About Me
Username: HandS0LO
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Other
Age: 41
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Straight
Smoke: Non Smoker
Drink: Occasional
Drugs: Never
Marital Status: Single
Occupation/Major: Musician
About Me: Here are a few things about me... I played guitar for the Army Band... I've played in a band with the current drummer for Jay Z... I've played for president George W Bush... I've done a lot of touring throughout the East Coast and in Florida... I worked with inner city youth through the Salvation Army for a year and a half... then I drove a semi truck for a year... I'm finishing a degree in marketing... I am developing a school for the arts (I enjoy the opportunity I get to be a positive influence on people while I teach them a skill they will enjoy)... and I'm the lead guitarist/keyboard player for a band
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Favorite Models: mirah le_lea Indigowild
Interests & Hobbies
Favorite Songs: Just about everything... If I recommended just one album it would have to be Bruce Hornsby Intersections 1985-2005 and my latest favorite video
Favorite Movies: The Fisher King, Black Snake Moan, The Man Without a Face, With Honors, Dead Poets Society, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Due Date, Fight Club, The Matrix, The Dark Knight
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: Most of my life has been pretty adventurous/crazy including my tat, riding a motorcyle for a while without a helmet, driving a semi truck for a year, writing a 5 page metaphorical story expressing my feelings for someone and living in a tent in a friend's back yard while starting up my own business in a city that has a huge unemployment rate... but the craziest thing I've ever done was before all of that when I came close to finishing an IT degree.. at the time I thought if I was smart enough to do something that could make me a lot of money then that is what I should be doing... I was miserable most of the time and if I had continued am confident that I would still be miserable... I learned a lot about who I am through the experience.. realized that what some may consider the traditional/normal path was not for me... and then realized that I AM FUCKING AWESOME!!
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now:

I am a Christian. For me that means that I have a personal relationship with my loving Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I recognize that to others that 'Christian' can be something really bad. I'm sorry if you may have had a bad experience but I want to share a poem that I wrote when I was younger for my cousin which carries a lot of meaning to me about my relationship with Jesus.

My cousin was raised by her Mom after her Dad had left from a divorce. He was a real asshole. He pretty much didn't acknowledge her existence and when he did he was very abusive towards her. I care very much for her.

She is a young girl that knows what it means
to live in a world filled with hopes and dreams
with a feel of excitement in the air
she runs through the fields without a care

You would think that she could run for a mile
with her energetic youth and her beautiful smile
a smile that could warm even the saddest heart
but unknown to her she lives in a world that is about to fall apart

Little girl there is no need to fear
Daddy will always be near
Little girl its safe to cry
Daddy is going to sing to you... goodnight

She is a little older now and has seen things she cannot explain
it would be enough to drive anyone else insane
with more questions than a heart can take
if you only knew you would wonder why she didn't break

Her smile is fading but it doesn't show
she is a strong woman now but she can feel so alone
yea she knows that things might be bad
but she finds her rest in the love of a heavenly dad

Little girl there is no need to fear
Daddy will always be near
Little girl its safe to cry
Daddy is going to sing to you... goodnight

He picks her up and whispers in her ear
He tells her there is no need to fear
tell me all your thoughts and all your plans
I hold your future in my hands

She turns to look him in the eyes
and wonders why she ever wondered why
that she might have thought she was all alone
when in His arms she is loved and known

Little girl there is no need to fear
Daddy will always be near
Little girl its safe to cry
Daddy is going to sing to you... goodnight

If you would like to talk about any of this PM me (let me know in chat that you want to PM me as only 'friends' are enabled for PM). I won't talk about my faith a lot in public chat because it can be a controversial issue and I don't think it is fair to a model.

Or if you would like to check out more on your own I recommend the audio series that Tim Keller has at this link.


While I enjoy coming here to goof off, meet people and enjoy fun models there are downsides to this industry. Hopefully these links can help!

XXX Church can help with issues such as porn addiction, people in the industry trying to get out and internet filters.

There are so many things I would like to communicate that I think these videos do well at. If you don't watch the videos then I want you to know that God exists and he loves and values you and that he wants to have a relationship with you... which I believe is the only place to find real fulfillment in this beautiful and at times fucked up world.

These links are to videos.

The Great Porn Debate (3:43)
Ron Jeremy goes to Church (48:23)(it is all good but if you are limited on time start at 35:35)

Message Wall
wow! hi! how are you! if anything pm if my room is too crazy!
where the hell have you been??? we do miss you!!
Happy New Year Hands!!!
Happy New Year!!
Happy New Year!!
Have a Happy and Safe New Year HandSol0 and since I was late this year have a Merry Christmas in 2013! Ha, I'm first for that one!
Merry Christmas Hands
Merry Christmas Hand.
steven you bastard
people were asking about you in the room...yes.. Tommy was there... I told them.. I think he's living life a bit... I hope you are... I know I have been... I've been enjoying summer and hearing some great music....
bow wow cutie! jsut so you know i use two hands abbahhhahah
don't know if you like music-project, but i guess so. you should check out the Kyteman Orchestra, Kyteman is a young dutch guy. he bought his own street, i think a year ago, and made it one big studio. crazy shit, he's a weird dude but really talented. maybe you should read his webpage first
Keep being the awesome individual you are.
Such a great song!!! Janelle Monae is awesome.
hi mmmm oyu sexy XDDDD
do you have Spotify, if you don't get it. found a guy there his playlist is about 12 hours, mostly dubstep and a bit of drum an' bass. Thou the D&B these days is not the same as in my prime-time, haha lol! but you might already know it it's by; 'Dubstep/drum&bass by Chistian Stavem' Talk to you ltrz
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