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About Me
Username: JALYN
Gender: Female
Body Type: Athletic
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 119 pounds
Height: 65 inches
Age: 30
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Smoke: Herb
Drink: Light
Drugs: Experimented
School: BA in History, Geography, Spanish
Favorite Food: mashed potatoes, spaghetti, sushi
About Me:


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Gold Crown Winner of Miss Myfreecams.
  • Age: 30.
  • Sexual Preference: Bisexual.
  • Body Type: Athletic.
  • Weight: 119 pounds.
  • Height: 65 inches.
  • Country: United States.
  • Smoke: Herb.
  • Drink: Light.
  • Education: BA in History, Geography, Spanish.

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Video Store

Two Girls One Sybian

I climb on the sybian, which I have ridden very few times, with Aspen and we ride it hard until we both cum together.
444 tokens 10 minutes 13 seconds

Strap It On

I receive the roughest strap on fucking of my life from CandieCane. As I orgasm my entire body turns red because she makes me cum so hard.
300 tokens 7 minutes 10 seconds

Rim Job

I receive my first rim job from Layla. She gets me wet with her tongue then kisses me and fucks me with a thigh strap-on until I cum.
400 tokens 6 minutes 7 seconds

Dominating the Sex Slave

I take control and fuck Aspen to teach her a lesson. Hope you like it rough!
680 tokens 15 minutes 29 seconds

Fireside Lesbians

I get to experience a very hot and sensual fireside oil show and pussy eating session with Aspen. we take turns oiling one another up then eatting one another out. Delicious.
440 tokens 18 minutes 4 seconds

Lets Get it On

Having a good time with my friend Layla goofing around until things start getting serious... I get to lick and fingerfuck her into a juicy oblivion.
350 tokens 17 minutes 11 seconds

69 Time

I get to experience the feeling of my clit and vajalyn being licked while I get to taste Aspens.
450 tokens 11 minutes 51 seconds

Rock Paper SCISSOR!

With a hitachi between our quivering pussies Aspen and I grind on each other until we both cum.
500 tokens 11 minutes 51 seconds

The First Encounter

I get to fool around for the first time with Christine in this fun little clip that was recorded OFFLINE.
388 tokens 16 minutes 56 seconds

Sexy Suds

I get extra naughty in the shower with SarahJean. We show you how dirty girls get clean.
420 tokens 20 minutes 35 seconds

Anal Makes Me Smile

I receive my first anal strap on pounding from a girl. CandieCane bends me over and slides into me over and over again until I cum.
333 tokens 9 minutes 34 seconds

Oil Wrestling

After oiling eachother up Christine and I wrestle it out. Our bodies slip and slide all over one another. Its fun being rough sometimes:)
380 tokens 53 minutes 23 seconds


Being dominated and dominating another is such a hot experience. In this Video you get to see me play both roles. Christine and I take turns and use whatever is around us to show eachother a good time.
488 tokens 33 minutes 47 seconds

Wet and Wild

Watch Christine and I soap each other up and spend some sensual time together in the shower going down on one another.
330 tokens 13 minutes 20 seconds

My First Sybian Ride

I control the intensity on the sybian for CandieCane and she cums, my body completely shakes as I cum for the first time ever using the sybian that CandieCane controls. She increases the intensity until I cannot take it anymore.
350 tokens 11 minutes

Sparkly Handcuffs

I get to dominate Layla while she is handcuffed to my stripper pole. I make her holler in all the right ways...
399 tokens 11 minutes 19 seconds

Sex Stool

While pleasuring herself with a hitachi, Holly licks my pussy while I sit on a sex stool and dildo my wet pussy in her face. An intense cum for us both!
300 tokens 8 minutes 6 seconds

Jalyn Gives It Hard

I strap on my dildo and give CandieCane the ride of her life. She cums while straddeling me and bouncing her huge breasts in my face. I love making a girl moan!
350 tokens 9 minutes 7 seconds

Dirty Girl

I get nice and soapy cleaning my entire body for you... I even shave. Make sure I dont miss a spot!
200 tokens 9 minutes 35 seconds

Room Service

Opening the door to room service naked is quite the adrenaline rush! Christine and I fooled around a bit then order room service just so we could be naughty... very entertaining:)
400 tokens 9 minutes 52 seconds

Dom Sub

Brittany gets tied up and fucked in ways she wasnt quite prepared for. Its a wonderful mixture of a lot of pleasure and the good kind of pain:)
400 tokens 18 minutes 12 seconds

Bed Corner Fun

I grind against my bed, but when that isnt enough I grab the hitachi for extra help. After I cum I use my panties to clean my cum off my moist pussy.
200 tokens 14 minutes 1 second

Double the Fun

I use the hitachi on my clit until I get juicy enough to slide a dildo in and out of my tight little vajalyn until I cum, but Im not satisfied. I use a different dildo to pleasure myself anally until I cum again. My bright red clit says it all.
200 tokens 10 minutes

Black Lacey Teddy

After playing with my nipple clamps I grind on the hitachi sitting upright and facing forward. Then I use a dildo to make my vajalyn really juicy. I end up cumming 3 times 1 of which is a juicy squirt.
200 tokens 11 minutes 22 seconds

Fuck Me Juicy

After I dance a little and tease you slowly I deepthroat a dildo until I gag while rubbing my clit. Once my pussy and dildo are both dripping wet I fuck myself while both sitting and standing until I squirt. Good thing I got a towel!
200 tokens 8 minutes 23 seconds

After A Date

HD and edited video of me roll playing as if I just got home from a date and I'm so horny I can't help but touch myself.
444 tokens 11 minutes 41 seconds

Barrie April 2013

HD and edited jerk off instruction video. If you like to be teased you will love this video!
600 tokens 17 minutes 01 seconds

Barrie August 2013

HD and edited beautiful agony video. I play with myself and cum while only showing you my face. The ultimate teaser!
600 tokens 14 minutes 42 seconds

Barrie January 2013

Edited video of me squirting in a tanning booth at a tanning salon. Public naughtiness is my favorite!
600 tokens 21 minutes 18 seconds

Beer Chugging and Cream

Watch me learn to shotgun a beer for the first time ever and celebrate with the creamiest cum show. Very naughty, just how I like it.
500 tokens 49 minutes 03 seconds

Bishop and Hitachi

I get to use my biggest anal plug called "The Bishop" while grinding my clit against a hitachi. Undoubtedly my favorite way to cum!
388 tokens 26 minutes 51 seconds

Booty Show

I get to cum with my favourite dildo. Nuff said!
344 tokens 23 minutes 02 seconds

Creamy Glass

I love to talk dirty and work myself into a creamy mess of intense orgasms. This video proves it.
333 tokens 17 minutes 00 seconds

Barrie February 2013

HD and edited video of me squirting on the washing machine using a suction cup dildo after a long day of cleaning my house.
600 tokens 13 minutes 08 seconds

Fun with Jalyn

Watch me sensually oil my body up only to grind my clit against my hitachi and finish with an intense anal cum show with a glass toy.
350 tokens 22 minutes 50 seconds

Greatest Squirt on Earth

Using a suction cup dildo and a mirror, I ride until I cream. Then I flip over and squirt everywhere. Hope you like it juicy!
388 tokens 25 minutes 02 seconds

Hot Wax and Butt Plug

In different positions I rub myself for you while pouring hot wax over my body. I get to slide my favorite anal plug in after that!
390 tokens 29 minutes 40 seconds

Hot Anal

Straddling my desk chair I grind the hitachi against my clit until I can't take it anymore. I slide down into my chair and pleasure myself with an anal glass toy until I cum so hard my whole body turns red.
399 tokens 26 minutes 42 seconds

New House

Using my fingers and a hitachi I play with myself until I cum hard and loud. If you like feet, they are in view and bare the entire time!
344 tokens 23 minutes 55 seconds

Oiled Goddess

Watch me oil up my body in different positions. The ultimate celebration of the female body. Incredibly sensual.
299 tokens 16 minutes 48 seconds

On the Beach

While visiting Miami I decided to cum on the beach using only my fingers. The first attempt is interupted by people, but my second attempt was successful with a wonderful squirt, too!
380 tokens 19 minutes 11 seconds

Deepthroat and Squirt

I get to show you just how deep I can slide your dick down my throat. After, I squirt all over it while wearing glasses...
444 tokens 30 minutes 31 seconds

Squirt Show

Using my favorite dildo I work myself into a creamy mess. But I want to cum more than once, and when I do, I squirt! What a mess!
350 tokens 20 minutes 02 seconds

Squirtting Madness

Hang out with me before I use my blue dildo to make myself squirt what seems like gallons!
455 tokens 37 minutes 11 seconds

Double Dong

I get to experience the double dong for the first time. Layla and I go butt to butt and fuck until we both cum hard.
400 tokens 11 minutes 32 seconds
Tags: tight ass, athletic, natural boobs, squirter, skinny, funny, weed, flexible, brunette, smart, sensual, shaved, pole dancing, long legs, piercing, sexy
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