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About Me
Username: Jalyn
CamScore: 20987.3
Gender: Female
Body Type: Athletic
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 112 pounds
Height: 65 inches
Age: 27
City: Illinois
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bi-curious
Smoke: Herb
Drink: Light
Drugs: Experimented
Occupation/Major: History, Geography, Spanish
School: Graduated with my B.A. in 2009
Favorite Food: mashed potatoes, spaghetti, sushi
Pets: 3 cats Mijo, Jesse, Sammy & 2 dogs Cody and Luke <3
Automobile: Honda CRV
About Me:

















Monthy Specials
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Sparkly Handcuffs -- 399 tokens
(11 minutes 19 seconds)

I get to dominate Layla while she is handcuffed to my stripper pole. I make her holler in all the right ways...

Sex Stool -- 300 tokens
(8 minutes 6 seconds)

While pleasuring herself with a hitachi, Holly licks my pussy while I sit on a sex stool and dildo my wet pussy in her face. An intense cum for us both!

Jalyn Gives It Hard -- 350 tokens
(9 minutes 7 seconds)

I strap on my dildo and give CandieCane the ride of her life. She cums while straddeling me and bouncing her huge breasts in my face. I love making a girl moan!

Dirty Girl -- 200 tokens
(9 minutes 35 seconds)

I get nice and soapy cleaning my entire body for you... I even shave. Make sure I dont miss a spot!

Room Service -- 400 tokens
(9 minutes 52 seconds)

Opening the door to room service naked is quite the adrenaline rush! Christine and I fooled around a bit then order room service just so we could be naughty... very entertaining:)

Dom Sub -- 400 tokens
(18 minutes 12 seconds)

Brittany gets tied up and fucked in ways she wasnt quite prepared for. Its a wonderful mixture of a lot of pleasure and the good kind of pain:)

Bed Corner Fun -- 200 tokens
(14 minutes 1 second)

I grind against my bed, but when that isnt enough I grab the hitachi for extra help. After I cum I use my panties to clean my cum off my moist pussy.

Double the Fun -- 200 tokens
(10 minutes)

I use the hitachi on my clit until I get juicy enough to slide a dildo in and out of my tight little vajalyn until I cum, but Im not satisfied. I use a different dildo to pleasure myself anally until I cum again. My bright red clit says it all.

Black Lacey Teddy -- 200 tokens
(11 minutes 22 seconds)

After playing with my nipple clamps I grind on the hitachi sitting upright and facing forward. Then I use a dildo to make my vajalyn really juicy. I end up cumming 3 times 1 of which is a juicy squirt.

Fuck Me Juicy -- 200 tokens
(8 minutes 23 seconds)

After I dance a little and tease you slowly I deepthroat a dildo until I gag while rubbing my clit. Once my pussy and dildo are both dripping wet I fuck myself while both sitting and standing until I squirt. Good thing I got a towel!

Girl / Girl Videos
Click the video you wish to purchase to pop-up the tip form. Tip the amount specified in the video description making sure you put the title of the video in the comment section. I will send you the download details via MFC email.

Two Girls One Sybian -- 444 tokens
(10 minutes 13 seconds)

I climb on the sybian, which I have ridden very few times, with Aspen and we ride it hard until we both cum together.

Strap It On -- 300 tokens
(7 minutes 10 seconds)

I receive the roughest strap on fucking of my life from CandieCane. As I orgasm my entire body turns red because she makes me cum so hard.

Double Dong -- 400 tokens
(11 minutes 32 seconds)

I get to experience the double dong for the first time. Layla and I go butt to butt and fuck until we both cum hard.

Rim Job -- 400 tokens
(6 minutes 7 seconds)

I receive my first rim job from Layla. She gets me wet with her tongue then kisses me and fucks me with a thigh strap-on until I cum.

Dominating the Sex Slave -- 680 tokens
(15 minutes 29 seconds)

I take control and fuck Aspen to teach her a lesson. Hope you like it rough!

Fireside Lesbians -- 440 tokens
(18 minutes 4 seconds)

I get to experience a very hot and sensual fireside oil show and pussy eating session with Aspen. we take turns oiling one another up then eatting one another out. Delicious.

Lets Get it On -- 350 tokens
(17 minutes 11 seconds)

Having a good time with my friend Layla goofing around until things start getting serious... I get to lick and fingerfuck her into a juicy oblivion.

69 Time -- 450 tokens
(11 minutes 51 seconds)

I get to experience the feeling of my clit and vajalyn being licked while I get to taste Aspens.

Rock Paper SCISSOR! -- 500 tokens
(11 minutes 51 seconds)

With a hitachi between our quivering pussies Aspen and I grind on each other until we both cum.

The First Encounter -- 388 tokens
(16 minutes 56 seconds)

I get to fool around for the first time with Christine in this fun little clip that was recorded OFFLINE.

Sexy Suds -- 420 tokens
(20 minutes 35 seconds)

I get extra naughty in the shower with SarahJean. We show you how dirty girls get clean.

Anal Makes Me Smile -- 333 tokens
(9 minutes 34 seconds)

I receive my first anal strap on pounding from a girl. CandieCane bends me over and slides into me over and over again until I cum.

Oil Wrestling -- 380 tokens
(53 minutes 23 seconds)

After oiling eachother up Christine and I wrestle it out. Our bodies slip and slide all over one another. Its fun being rough sometimes:)

Dominatrix -- 488 tokens
(33 minutes 47 seconds)

Being dominated and dominating another is such a hot experience. In this Video you get to see me play both roles. Christine and I take turns and use whatever is around us to show eachother a good time.

Wet and Wild -- 330 tokens
(13 minutes 20 seconds)

Watch Christine and I soap each other up and spend some sensual time together in the shower going down on one another.

My First Sybian Ride -- 350 tokens
(11 minutes)

This was such an intense orgasmic experience for me. I control the intensity on the sybian for CandieCane and she cums, my body completely shakes as I cum for the first time ever using the sybian that CandieCane controls. She increases the intensity until I cannot take it anymore.

Solo Videos
Click the video you wish to purchase to pop-up the tip form. Tip the amount specified in the video description making sure you put the title of the video in the comment section. I will send you the download details via MFC email.

After A Date -- 444 tokens
(11 minutes 41 seconds)

HD and edited video of me roll playing as if I just got home from a date and I'm so horny I can't help but touch myself.

Barrie April 2013 -- 600 tokens
(17 minutes 01 seconds)

HD and edited jerk off instruction video. If you like to be teased you will love this video!

Barrie August 2013 -- 600 tokens
(14 minutes 42 seconds)

HD and edited beautiful agony video. I play with myself and cum while only showing you my face. The ultimate teaser!

Barrie January 2013 -- 600 tokens
(21 minutes 18 seconds)

Edited video of me squirting in a tanning booth at a tanning salon. Public naughtiness is my favorite!

Beer Chugging and Cream -- 500 tokens
(49 minutes 03 seconds)

Watch me learn to shotgun a beer for the first time ever and celebrate with the creamiest cum show. Very naughty, just how I like it.

Bishop and Hitachi -- 388 tokens
(26 minutes 51 seconds)

I get to use my biggest anal plug called "The Bishop" while grinding my clit against a hitachi. Undoubtedly my favorite way to cum!

Booty Show -- 344 tokens
(23 minutes 02 seconds)

I get to cum with my favourite dildo. Nuff said!

Creamy Glass -- 333 tokens
(17 minutes 00 seconds)

I love to talk dirty and work myself into a creamy mess of intense orgasms. This video proves it.

Barrie February 2013 -- 600 tokens
(13 minutes 08 seconds)

HD and edited video of me squirting on the washing machine using a suction cup dildo after a long day of cleaning my house.

Fun with Jalyn -- 350 tokens
(22 minutes 50 seconds)

Watch me sensually oil my body up only to grind my clit against my hitachi and finish with an intense anal cum show with a glass toy.

Greatest Squirt on Earth -- 388 tokens
(25 minutes 02 seconds)

Using a suction cup dildo and a mirror, I ride until I cream. Then I flip over and squirt everywhere. Hope you like it juicy!

Hot Wax and Butt Plug -- 390 tokens
(29 minutes 40 seconds)

In different positions I rub myself for you while pouring hot wax over my body. I get to slide my favorite anal plug in after that!

Hot Anal -- 399 tokens
(26 minutes 42 seconds)

Straddling my desk chair I grind the hitachi against my clit until I can't take it anymore. I slide down into my chair and pleasure myself with an anal glass toy until I cum so hard my whole body turns red.

New House -- 344 tokens
(23 minutes 55 seconds)

Using my fingers and a hitachi I play with myself until I cum hard and loud. If you like feet, they are in view and bare the entire time!

Oiled Goddess -- 299 tokens
(16 minutes 48 seconds)

Watch me oil up my body in different positions. The ultimate celebration of the female body. Incredibly sensual.

On the Beach -- 380 tokens
(19 minutes 11 seconds)

While visiting Miami I decided to cum on the beach using only my fingers. The first attempt is interupted by people, but my second attempt was successful with a wonderful squirt, too!

Deepthroat and Squirt -- 444 tokens
(30 minutes 31 seconds)

I get to show you just how deep I can slide your dick down my throat. After, I squirt all over it while wearing glasses...

Squirt Show -- 350 tokens
(20 minutes 02 seconds)

Using my favorite dildo I work myself into a creamy mess. But I want to cum more than once, and when I do, I squirt! What a mess!

Squirtting Madness -- 455 tokens
(37 minutes 11 seconds)

Hang out with me before I use my blue dildo to make myself squirt what seems like gallons!

Tags: tight ass,athletic,natural boobs,squirter,skinny,funny,weed,flexible,brunette,smart,sensual,shaved,pole dancing,long legs,piercing,sexy
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Interests & Hobbies
Meaning of Life: Having fun, smiling, following one's heart, staying true to one's convictions, and NEVER growing up:)
Five Things I Can't Live Without: love, my 5 boys , bath time, chapstick, and lotion
Favorite Books: The Lovely Bones
What I Like To Do For Fun: I play video games, I nerd it out to my stupid TV shows that I watch like Criminal Minds and Game of Thrones, I drink here and there, I smoke the herb, and I enjoy my closest friends always.
Favorite Songs: I have an eclectic musical taste... I enjoy some softer punk like Lucky Boys Confusion, Allister, Catch 22 and Starting Line. I also enjoy my share of hip-hop, you know, that radio stuff. But I really enjoy the older stuff, the stuff I listened to when I was growing up. This includes the Eagles, Nirvana, The Beatles, Pantera, Aerosmith, Jet, Jimi Hendrix... so on and so forth
Favorite Movies: Grandmas Boy, Super Troopers, Waiting, What Dreams May Come, Inglorious Bastards, Hot Fuzz
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: I got fingerblasted by another model in the middle of a nightclub in Chicago... we had quite the audience :)
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: Spain, Hawaii, New Zealand
Hobbies: I take pole dancing and kick boxing classes a few times a week. I read a lot, I enjoy going to the shooting range, playing video games like Assassins Creed, and I am always listening to music.
Talents: I'm a certified pole dance instructor, I can deep throat like no ones business, and I can dildo myself while in a one-handed handstand... hmmm, getting a mental image?
Perfect Mate: Another history junkie like myself that will debate and challenge me and not let me win unless I really win... Someone who makes me laugh, is patient, and kind hearted... Someone who is very non-judgmental/open-minded and would be alright hanging at home with me on the couch instead of going out every night... Someone who loves to have fun.
Perfect Date: It varies... and I like to mix it up. I will say that I am very active and love to go hiking, indoor rock climbing, bicycling. I love watching good movies and going out for food and drinks. I'm easy to please, and I love surprises.
Turn Ons/Offs: Turn ons: confidence, humor, and a nice booty are always good Turn offs: judgmentalness, pesimism, unforgiving people, bullies
Best Reason to Get to Know Me: I am spontaneous. I love to laugh, and I will make you smile. Im a goofy, nerdy and at times weird little lady... Laurel Thatcher Ulrich said, 'Well behaved women seldom make history,' so lets have some fun:)

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