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About Me
Username: Katie
CamScore: 9025
Gender: Female
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Variable
Weight: 110 pounds
Height: 66 inches
Age: 23
City: The Sunshine State
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Straight
Smoke: Herb
Drink: Non Drinker
Drugs: Experimented
Marital Status: Involved
Favorite Food: strawberry kombucha, chai tea, vegan pizza
About Me:

my room rules

If you break any of my rules listed here you are instantly lifetime banned. Here are the tip amounts to get unbanned: 1st time unban fee = 1,111tks, 2nd time unban fee = 2,222tks, 3rd time unban fee = 3,333tks.

  • ~ no dick pics/emotes
  • ~ no trolling/spamming
  • ~ tip with your requests. I promise asking me to do things for free/begging never works, so just don't do it! Use the tip menu button on the top of my profile to see what small or large requests of yours I may be able to fulfill!
  • ~ please use tip notes.If you are tipping for content/etc., this is a must so I can get the content to you as quickly as possible & so I don't mistake the tip as just a gift ;)
  • ~ no directing during shows. I have a low tolerance for it. I know my body/what I like, if it is not "doing it for you," please move on to another room. Or perhaps you can take a look at one of my videos to buy - maybe I am doing what you like in one of those!
  • ~ don't freak out if i am not responding to your pm/mail/etc. when camming.The room gets busy often & I prefer keeping my attention on the room when it is like this. So, if you really need my attention, put your message in a 5tk+ tip note.
  • ~ respect me & my privacy! I really enjoy talking with you guys, but sometimes the questions I get asked are too personal or I just am uncomfortable with answering them. When this happens, please just drop the subject when I say no/ignore the question & I'll extend you the same courtesy.

tip menu (towards count)

  • ~ 6tks = fap tax!
  • ~ 7tks = sip of water
  • ~ 8tks = booty appreciation
  • ~ 13tks = hail Satan
  • ~ 21tks = for a sexual/personal question
  • ~ 23tks = hail pizza
  • ~ 55tks = 1 song request
  • ~ 100tks = spank (2x) *ONLY when in topic
  • ~ 177tks = buy me a latte (ILY)
  • ~ 201tks = unmute me
  • ~ 202tks = mute me
  • ~ 500tks = friend add/PM list
  • ~ 888tks = private twitter access (forever)
  • ~ 1,013tks = pony club membership
  • ~ 2,323tks = un cum-deny me
  • ~ 3,232tks = cum deny (24hrs., double price for 48hrs, etc...)
  • ~ 3,666tks = stallion club membership
  • ~ 6,543tks = add to tip menu
  • ~ 10,013tks = badass unicorn club membership
  • ~ 50,001tks = beat my highest tip ever!
  • ~ 66,666tks = my old implants (one of a kind!) + all content forever + chill hang skype sesh after my boob revision surgery :)

ninja tip menu (not towards count)

~ 3,775tks = INSTANTLY take me TruPvt (sexual or non-sexual, ask first)

see exclusive nudes of me offline with...


club videos for sale

*You can only purchase these and stream them as much/whenever you want after you join one of my clubs!

1. Uncut Squirting


I was in a rush to fuck myself & forgot to adjust the cameras focus correctly. Still fucking sexy. You hear all the wetness + moaning. And can definitely still see enough to enjoy watching me squirt with my uncut dildo

500 Tokens
Uncut Creamy Squirt

2. Really Real BG BJ


Me with a tan, blonde hair, natural tits, and a real cock in my mouth that I suck until he cums (yes, I swallow ;)

1875 Tokens
Really Real BG BJ

4. Lotion & Ice Close Up Cum


Different than my other vids! Don't buy it if you don't want to see my pussy covered in lotion/wet as fuck very close up, an ice cube in my ass/pussy, me cumming!

500 Tokens
Lotion & Ice Close Up Cum

5. Unihorny


Celebrating National Unicorn Day the right way! I cum with my unicorn mask on, magical dildo & Hitachi. There is a lot of moaning in this one ;)

500 Tokens

videos for sale

*You can stream the videos whenever/as much as you'd like, join my BadAss Unicorn Club today to get download privileges!

  • *900tks = Any 4 Solo Vids
  • *2696tks = All 17 Solo Vids

19. Soleful


My first foot fetish video! I lotion up my soles and rub them all over your cock until I can't stand it anymore, and grab my Hitachi and cum with it

323 Tokens
Soleful *NEW*

18. Candlelit Cum + Hot Wax

15:00 - 1080 HD

I turned down the lights & got really cozy by some candles on a stormy night! I dabble with some hot wax play, then use my Lelo vibrator to cum for you

499 Tokens
Candlelit Cum + Hot Wax *NEW*

17. My New Fuck Machine

11:42 - 1080 HD

Watch me get acquainted with my new fuck machine with a nice doggy POV view! This was my very first time using one, so i went gently, but had fun doing so & had a yummy orgasm!

499 Tokens
Feels Like The First Time...

16. Valentine's Day Vixen

25:54 - 1080 HD

I cum so hard THREE times with my pink vibrator & pink butt plug for you! The third orgasm you can see my pussy tighten when I cum. *if you are wondering about the hearts, members tipped in February 2016 to have their name on my mirror in spirit of Valentine's Day & I wanted it to be the background of this special video.

666 Tokens
Valentine's Day Vixen

15. Sensual Over Panties Cum

11:45 - 1080 HD

After cam I broke out my Hitachi to unwind, but decided to keep my panties on to change things up. I tried to stay as quiet as I could to not disrupt anyone else in the apartment!

499 Tokens
Sensual Over Panties Cum

14. Post Pool Dildo Ride

15:36 - 1080 HD

I was crazy horny after laying out by the pool and finally used my newest dildo (which is really large for my tight pussy ;)! Watch me tease myself then take off my swimsuit & ride my dildo till I cum hard

499 Tokens
Post Pool Dildo Ride

13. Naughty Xmas Hitachi Fun

12:36 - 1080 HD

I cum three times in slightly different positions while wearing a naughty Christmas outfit...and by the way, you can see my pussy orgasming in one of these cumshots, and this is first vid I have of that!

550 Tokens
Naughty Xmas Hitachi Fun

12. Candy Cane Dildo Squirt

19:50 - 1080 HD

*BIGGEST SQUIRT ON CAM* This is my special Christmas vid! I have on a open X-Mas bra on, crotchless red panties & squirt three times with my candy cane glass dildo! The last one is my biggest squirt yet on cam!

550 Tokens
Candy Cane Dildo Squirt

11. Creamy Cucumber Cum & Squirt

19:34 - 1080 HD

Who knew a cucumber would feel SO good in me?! Seriously, I had one of the best orgasms ever happened filming this. I cum first w/ a vibrator & the sexy green fruit, then get insanely creamy (creamiest vid to date), then end up going for round two & squirt!!! Then take a bite out of the cucumber...

550 Tokens
Creamy Cucumber Cum & Squirt

10. Mylk & Honey

14:14 - 1080 HD

I did my first mylk & honey show live on cam & set up my camcorder to catch it all in case you missed it, or if you were there, but wanted to be able to re-watch the fun! This is just me dousing myself with coconut milk & honey, and wiggling no penetration, but really sexy and fun.

499 Tokens
Mylk & Honey

9. Double The Fun Pink Vibe Cum

10:08 - 1080 HD

I get really cozy on the floor & made sure to give you a twice the nice view of it all

499 Tokens
Double The Fun Pink Vibe Cum

8. Wet T-Shirt Titty Tease

15:16 - 1080 HD

My first video with my new set of titties! I get in the tub with a white cami & pour water all over to tease you, then strip & rub oil & ice on my breasts.

499 Tokens
Wet T-Shirt Titty Tease

7. My Biggest Dildo Hitachi Bed Cum

6:22 - 1080 HD

i use my new big toy to gently fuck myself on my bed & cum with my hitachi

499 Tokens
My Biggest Dildo Hitachi Bed Cum

6. Mirror Fuck + Hitachi Cum

10:32 - 1080 HD

i have been dying to try out my new toy, which happens to be my biggest & it felt so good. i fuck myself slow & fast while it is suctioned to my mirror & then finish with the toy in me & using my hitachi

499 Tokens
My Biggest Dildo Mirror Fuck

5. Rainbow Glass Toy Play + Squirt

7:33 - 1080 HD

i was feeling playful after a cam session so i keep the fun aurora lights on me & use my glass dildo to play with myself & have a few smaller orgasms/squirting

499 Tokens
Rainbow Glass Toy Play + Squirt

4. Doggy Style Hitachi Cum

4:20 - 1080 HD

title describes this video rather well! i stay doggy style the entire video & cum really hard with my hitachi

499 Tokens
Doggy Style Hitachi Cum

3. Creamy Kitchen Cum & Squirt

10:49 - 1080 HD

legit the creamiest my pussy has ever been (the previews don't show the best of this vid ;)! & i squirt, twice. i think this is my new favorite video :)

550 Tokens
Creamy Kitchen Cum & Squirt

2. High Times Cum

13:32 - 1080 HD

i tease, let you hear how wet i am, lightly edge, lightly dirty talk to you, then cum hard...also, this is probably the only vid filmed from this angle (high up)...i wonder what inspired me?

499 Tokens
High Times Cum

1. Sunburnt Creamy Cum

14:00 - 1080 HD

i got an intense sun burn that must have rushed my blood to all the right places...i cool off with an ice cube, lotion, then get creamy with a glass dildo & finish with my hitachi

499 Tokens
Sunburnt Creamy Cum

the kimber video collection

*Vids are stream only, join my BadAss Unicorn Club today to get download privileges! ;)

  • *1500tks = all 16 HD vids listed below (lettered A-P) + 3 squirt vids
  • *1016tks = all 16 HD videos listed below (lettered A-P)
  • *699tks = 6 HD videos of your choice (pick from ones lettered A-P)

P. Onesie Dance Party w/ DaisyFairy

3:25 - 1080 HD

DaisyFairy & I dance in our very sexual onesies...more of a comical vid, but we're super happy! And there's lots of boob shaking to make you happy! Yahhhh. Get it

199 Tokens
Onesie Dance Party w/ DaisyFairy

O. Cake Sitting & Cupcake Smashing

7:14 - 1080 HD

DaisyFairy & I celebrated her 20th bday on cam with some cake sitting & cupcake smashing! If you missed the fun live, you need this video...and if you saw it live, you may want this to always remember the fun night!

499 Tokens
Cake Sitting w/DaisyFairy

N. Our 1st Kiss

00:56 - iPhone 6

DaisyFairy and I are straddling each other naked and share our first kiss!!

399 Tokens
Our 1st Kiss

M. Couch Cum (Glass Dildo + Fingers)

5:32 - 1080 HD

I rarely cum from just my fingers anymore, but I was so worked up from cumming with my hitachi earlier in the night (video L) & my glass dildo felt so good! I tease myself for a few minutes then bring myself to an orgasm very quickly!

99 Tokens
Couch Cum (Glass Dildo + Fingers)

L. Crotchless Panty Couch Cum

16:15 - 1080 HD

I christen my new furniture while wearing new stockings and very crotchless panties. I chose to use my favorite toy on maximum speed the entire time, so there is lots of squirming & fun moans with some light dirty talk right before I cum...I guess I just got too horny to keep quiet

99 Tokens
Crotchless Panty Couch Cum

K. Pretty In Pink Squirt

6:00 - 1080 HD

I've been wanting to squirt on my pink couch for a while now, so I finally did with my pink glass dildo (and also painted my nails bubblegum pink to match). It is a "quickie" vid, but I promise I make up for that with how many times I squirt

199 Tokens
Pretty In Pink Squirt

J. Pretty In Pink Butt Plug + Vibe Cum

13:15 - 1080 HD

I needed some me time, so I set up the camera so you could watch me use my two favorite pink toys in this vid to cum on my pink couch

199 Tokens
Pretty In Pink Butt Plug + Vibe Cum

I. DP Naughty Bunny

17:58 - 1080 HD

Watch me transform into a naughty bunny with lace pink bunny ears & a fluffy bunny butt plug! I start off by removing my panties & sticking a finger in my ass, then put in the butt plug. I tease you like that, then start to also use my rabbit vibrator. I play like this until I almost cum, but it gets too intense for me to handle so I remove the plug & cum with my legs up in the air

399 Tokens
DP Naughty Bunny

H. Coconut Oil Cum

14:55 - 1080 HD

I really wanted to make myself cum after rubbing my body all over with oil, so I grab my lelo vibrator & then put in my sparkly butt when I get close to cumming to really intensify things! (part 1 of this video is video G)

123 Tokens
Coconut Oil Cum

G. Coconut Oil Tease

10:01 - 1080 HD

I can never get enough coconut oil! i just loved rubbing it all over myself in this video knowing you'd be watching...I'm a major tease. (part 2 &em; grand finale &em; of this video is video H)

99 Tokens
Coconut Oil Tease

F. OMG: Hitachi + Me

13:35 - 1080 HD

I haven't had a hitachi to cum with in so long! It felt even better than I remembered, which is probably why i can't stop saying "oh, my god" in this vid. I grind against it for my first orgasm, then flip over on my back for round two!

199 Tokens
OMG: Hitachi + Me

E. First-Time Anal Play

20:23 - 1080 HD

My first vid where I use more than just a butt plug in my very tight ass ;) I start off with my graduated glass dildo & get myself so turned on..then I put in my sparkly butt plug, grab a vibrator & make myself cum...hard.

499 Tokens
First-Time Anal Play

D. Rub A Dub

17:18 - 1080 HD

Watch me tease you by running hot, slippery, bubbly bath water all over my body until I bring out my pink hitachi and make myself cum in the tub

99 Tokens
Rub A Dub

C. Creamy Cum & Squirt

9:46 - 1080 HD

I use my new glass toy to get my pussy really wet & creamy for you until I can't take it anymore & squirt a few times!

199 Tokens
Creamy Cum & Squirt

B. Dildo Ride

8:27 - 1080 HD

I ride my flesh dildo in my new heels on my wood floor and even get a bit creamy for you until I just have to make you & I cum (my booty is bruised from spanking myself the day before with a leather paddle)

99 Tokens
Dildo Ride

A. Slippery Toy BJ

5:44 - 1080 HD

Me enjoying sucking on my flesh dildo, wishing it was you

99 Tokens
Slippery Toy BJ

how to buy my vids

Tip me (offline or online - you can also individually click each vid on my profile to take you to a tip window) the amount for the video(s) and I'll send you a MFC Mail with the info how to view/stream the video(s) you got. If you aren't in the BadAss Unicorn Club, you will be unable to download my videos. If you have any questions/problems regarding this, or any questions at all, please contact me before purchasing my vids. Also, please note when buying a video you are not buying the rights to the video, you are buying a copy & have no legal rights to redistribute/sell the video as it is against the law. Thank you!

common questions

  • q: do you do meet ups?
  • a: Nopeee
  • q: where do you live?
  • a: The Sunshine State
  • q: what is " the kimber video collection" exactly?
  • a: It is a video bundle! All the vids are from when I broadcasted on MFC under the name "KimberNoelle," which was my "stage name" for a while. The vids feature 100% me & are just as hot as my recent ones, I just have my old username as the copyright/watermark.
  • q: do you make/sell custom vids/pics?
  • a: No
  • q: do you do anal?
  • a: Only if you consider me using butt plugs as me doing anal! And I do have one anal video for sale (499tks, scroll up to video section to find out more) that's very hot ;)
  • q: do you squirt?
  • a: Yes, I can, but I don't do live squirt shows anymore. However, I have several squirt videos for sale, scroll up to check them out!
  • q: do you have toys?
  • a: I have a variety of toys and always adding more to the collection & love suggestions so please feel free to MFC Mail me toy suggestions!
  • q: paypal? skype?
  • a: I do not accept PayPal & NEVER will. I don't really do Skypes so if you want it, it's going to cost ya ;) 13,130tks for 30min to be exact.
  • q: do you c2c?
  • a: Yes, please view my tip menu for rates (tip does not go towards countdown for this).
  • q: do you shave or wax?
  • a: I get laser hair removal treatments so I am permanently bare down there. If I could be hairless from my neck down, I would!
  • q: do you do privates?
  • a: only if you tip 5,150tks and it can be sexual or non-sexual, just ask first and make sure I can fulfill what you had in mind for the pvt :)

custom video info

*I'm not doing custom videos at the moment, this may or may not be indefinitely.*

controlled cumshow tip menu

sometimes i have "controlled cumshows," here is what you need to know: when i do have these & it is finally "showtime," you tip & basically control when i cum! these are my favorite because they are always a lot of fun! here's what's on the menu...
  • ~ 20tks = start vibrator
  • ~ 30tks = decrease speed
  • ~ 40tks = increase speed
  • ~ 50tks = stop vibrator
  • ~ 100tks = maximum speed
see you in my room sometime :)
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Unique and natural beauty, fun-loving & intensely sexy, everything an mfc girl should be!
Amazing young modele
You're truly one of the most lovely ladies on MFC ever.
Incredibly sexy
one awesome fabulous person & amazing body
a WOW soo cool n down to earth .. the best on mfc !
I hope that this year is the beginning of all your dreams coming true for you... Mikey
Even though we dont live close. I felt in my heart that i should tell you that with each passing day I am slowly over coming my fear of soft kittens..... :/stupid cunt
was in room 5 seconds and that was 5 seconds too long... needs aditude adjustment, she bans everybody.
You banned me because I was asking you a few questions about Hawaii. I was stationed on Oahu for 4 years. Was asking you about being called a Howlee. Probably not spelled right. Wasn't meaning any disrespect and you banned me. Howlee only means someone who is not a native Hawaiian. I know a few Hawaiian words. Anyways. I thought that was prutty mean off you. Will not tip a dime to be unbanned. Will spend my money on other girls more worthy and not so conseated.
Loved her "Mylk & Honey" video WOW
She is so Hot! No other word can describe her.
?- what is the difference between the free snapchat (unicornbooty666) & the XXX snapchat referenced on this pg?

hi! im a new model and im trying to get the hang of coding for my profile. how were you able to delete your entire heading section containing ur avi, last login times, etc.? and also where in your 'edit profile' section did you put your custom coding for your profile? help needed
Ive tipped u for snapchat babe
Just hope one day you will have painties for sell
without a doubt the best room on MFC, just joined her session tonight and already have had the best time ever. Always swing by and talk!
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