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Profile Headline: Lets play titanic..when I say iceberg you go down =]
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About Me
Username: KittieNCasket
CamScore: 367.7
Gender: Female
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Ethnicity: Various
Hair: Multi
Eyes: Green
Weight: 118 pounds
Height: 59 inches
Age: 27
City: City Of Sin, Nevada && The Underworld, Arizona
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Smoke: Herb
Drink: Occasional
Drugs: Never
Marital Status: Involved
Occupation/Major: Go-go Dancer & Model
Favorite Food: Italian, Japanese, Korean && Mexican
Pets: Yeah a total of 8.
Automobile: Duhh.
About Me: Since life is short let me cut to the chase I like...Pain & Pleasure...& Leather & Lace...Taken Alternative Model Sagittarius/Vixen Vegas

My life is a perfectly organized clusterfuck

Doing my best to live a happy and healthy life seeing and experiencing the world in the process. Enjoying the little things but making it all fancy <

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Tags: beautiful,funny,random,pierced,tatted,curvy,bisexual,bootie,busty,kinky,green eyes,milf,short,diva,dyed hair,exotic,dancer,tease,wild,classy,biting,choking,hair pulling,spanking,hardcore,fishnets,shaved,flexible,dgaf,crazy,role play,all natural
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Interests & Hobbies
Meaning of Life: I've recently established the mind set not to take anything in life for granted beause you never know when something you love or cherish so dearly could be gone within a matter of seconds.

I live my life, the way I want, and with No Regrets!!! Sure,we all make mistakes, but I take each day as a learning experience. After all No one is PERFECT! But, Iam perfectly happy with the way my life is, so if you don't like it , then you can fuck off! Cause I'm not going to sit here and pretend to be something I'm not.
Five Things I Can't Live Without: My Fam Bam, My Pets, My Car, Make-up && Hair straightener fer sure.
Favorite Books: Alternative Press, Guitar World, Inked Magazine, MMA Magazine, Lord of the Flies, The Outsiders, Flowers in the Attic, The complete works of Edgar Allen Poe, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, V is for Vendetta, The Heroin Diaries, The Serial Killer Files, The Diary Of Anne Frank, Kurt Cobain Journals, A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Zombie Survival Guide, Human Monsters, MMA Worldwide & TapouT Magazine, Sex+Design, Skin Deep Tattoo Magazine, Tattooist Art Magazine, Tattoo Vixens, The Piercing Bible, Why Men Love Bitches, Ufc Magazine.
What I Like To Do For Fun: W/e tickles my fancy atm.
Favorite Songs: AFI, Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu, Black Veil Brides, Bullet For My Valentine, Boys Like Girls, Brokencyde, Escape The Fate, Falling In Reverse, Horrorpops, Killswitch Engage, Kingspade, Kitty In A Casket, Kottonmouth Kings, Linkin Park, Motley Crue, My Chemical Romance, Papa Roach, Poison, Reel Big Fish, Shwayze, The Distillers, The Expandables, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, The Used, 30 Seconds To Mars, T. Mills, Tsunami Bomb, Vampires Everywhere!, We Are The Dance Party.
Favorite Movies: Alice in Wonderland, An Officer and a Gentleman, Boxing Helena, Burlesque, Cruel Intentions, Beastly, Crazy Beautiful, EuroTrip, The Shining, Queen of the Damned, Jackass 3D, The Last Exorcism, She's Out Of My League, What Happens In Vegas, Sweeny Todd, The Change-Up, Friends with Benefits, Knocked Up, Fight Club, The King and I, A Clockwork Orange, The Proposal, The Exorcist, The Phantom of the Opera, The Notorious Bettie Page, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Craft, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, V is for Vendetta, Magic Mike, To Wong Foo, Detroit Rock City, William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, The Crow 2, The Stepfather, Seed of Chucky, Never Been Kissed, Bride of Chucky, Orphan, Jackass 2, Lord of the Flies, Enough, The Faculty, The Hot Chick, The Rage: Carrie 2, The Friday the 13th Movies, Freddy vs. Jason, The Other Boleyn Girl, Lakeview Terrace, Jackass The Movie, The Crow, John Tucker Must Die, Snakes on a Plane, Silent Hill, Prom Night, Baby Mama, House on Haunted Hill, Cocktail, Phone Booth, Obsessed, Encino Man, The Witches of Eastwick, Legends of the Fall, The Omen, Something's Gotta Give, 10 Things I Hate About You, Bus Stop, 300, A Cinderella Story, Secret Window, Where the Boys Are, He's Just Not That Into You, A little Princess, What About Bob?, Scream Movies, The Butterfly Effect, Titanic, Rosemary's Baby, Turner & Hooch, Grease, House of 1000 Corpses, When A Stranger Calls, Anger Management, Jackass 2.5, Black Swan, Ladybugs, American Pie 2, Stephen King's Sometimes They Come Back, My Boss's Daughter, Coal Miner's Daughter, Brokeback Mountain, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Just Married, 50 first dates, Get Him to the Greek, I Love You, Beth Cooper, I Love You, Man, The Ugly Truth, Lost Boys, American History X, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Eyes Wide Shut, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, 13 Going on 30, Psycho Series, Vacancy, The Girl Next Door, The House Bunny, House of Wax, Carrie, The Long, Long Trailer, Can't Hardly Wait, Creepshow Series, Ever After, The Hellraiser Movies, Friday The 13th movies, Nightmare on Elm Street Movies, American Psycho, The Corpse Bride, Edward Scissorhands, Nightmare Before Christmas, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,Corpse Bride, Pinapple Express, The Wizard of Oz, Friday After Next, Next Friday, Friday, A Walk To Remember, 50 First Dates, Get Him to the Greek, Saw Series, Batman: The Dark Knight, American Pie, Jawbreaker, Phonebooth, Swimfan, S.W.A.T., The Amityville Horror, The Roommate, Van Wilder, Varsity Blues.
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: I've done alotta off the wall shitt just ask if you wanna know...
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: Most def Europe.
Hobbies: Alaska, Animals, Animal Rights, Art, Astrology, Astronomy, Asian Culture, Ballet, Beach, Beauty, Back scratches, Beluga Whales, Bettas, Bisexual Women, Biting My Lower Lip, Bmx, Body modification, Chinese Shar Pei's , Hiking, Eating, Flamingo, Hummingbirds, I Hate Stuck Up Bitches, Leather, Dying My Hair, Philosophy, Drinking Around Bonfire, Traveling, Darkness, Dreams, Fire, Greek Mythology, Writing Poetry, Mythology, Psychology, Hanging Out With Friends and Family, Educating Myself, Kola's, Reading, Making Things, Taking Photos, Surfing, Shaving My Legs, Miniskirts, Spending Time With My Family, Relaxing, Making People Laugh and Smile, Gettin Money, Makeup, Boobs, Boots, Booties, Booty Shorts, Califronia, Camping, Choking during sex, Chocolate, Classic cars, Coffee, Ice Tea, Concerts, Collar bones, Cooking, Cow Print, Digging your nails into someones back as you receive pleasure from them, Dirt Bikes, Dirty Talk During Sex, Drag queens, Drawing, Drink Fight and Fuck, Drinking, Dermals, Driving, English Bulldog's, European Guys, Eyes, Exploring, Family, Fashion, Fit Guys, Food, Four Loko, France, Friends, Germany, Going Out, Greece, Guns, Hair Bows, Haircuts, Hair dye, Hair Extentions, Hair, Handcuffs, Heels, History, Horoscope, Hookah, Horror movies, If you bite my neck, you better take your fucking clothes off just sayin', Harlequin Great Danes, Hawii, Hip bones, Hot dirty Sex, Italy, Jagermister, Jewelry, Kink, Languages, Learning, Licking Things, Lingerie, Lip biting, London, United Kingdom, Love, Malls, Macaroni Penguin's, Making out, Masturbation, Me Myself and I, Music, My Health, My Pets, My son <3, Naps, Nails, Nature, Neapolitan Mastiff's, Nevada, Ocean, Orca Whales, Outdoors, Piercings, Pillows, Pillow talk, Panda's, Peacock's, Pirates, Polar Bear's, Pratying, Puffin's, Rain, Road trips, Rockhopper Penguin's, Rum, Russia, Seagull's, Sexuality, Pin-up girl, Pugs, Sex, drugs and rock and roll,Sexting, Sex toys, Sex, Shopping, Shooting, Skinny jeans, Skin to Skin, Skulls, Sleeping, Smoking, Spankings, Sweden, Tall Guys, Tattoos, Texting, Tiger Print, Toucan's ,Travel, Trucks, Tv, Vampires, Vamps, Video Games, Victoria's Secret, Vintage, Vodka, Walking, Weather, Whips, Whipping, White Lepoards, Winter, Writing, White Tigers, Your Mum, Zebra's, Zebra Print, Zombies.
Talents: Burlesque, Classic Cars, Cosmetology, Go-Go Dancing, Kick Boxing / MMA, Lingerie Football League, Modeling, Motocross, Playing Drums,Bass Guitar, Guitar && Piano, Piercing, Poetry, Stripping, Tattooing && etc...
Perfect Date: It all depends on who its with...
Turn Ons/Offs: LIKES IN PEOPLE: someone whos sweet, honest, patience, loyal, compassionate, observant, charming, gentle, someone whos easy to talk to, someone whos enjoys being with me, friendly, kinda hearted, gentlemen, caring, romantic, beautiful eyes and smile, someone who can bring me up when i'm down, someone who can make me laugh and smile, someone who gives me encouragement, sensitive, loving, someone whos positive, courageous, someone whos balanced, intelligent, someone with morals, high standers, someone who works, someone who has goals in life, understanding, confident, consistent.

DISLIKES IN PEOPLE: egomaniac, rude, bad teeth, bad breath, bad temper, hypocrite, jealous, suspicious, moody like a bitch, obsessive, demanding lying, inconsistent, disrespectful, possessive, b.o., judgmental, impatient, people pleaser, people who try to live double lives, follower, insecure, immature, fake, wigger, loud and obnoxious, bad manners, chubby chasers, people who think their gods gift to men or women, controlling, bossy, argumentative, over protective, posers, tools, stealing, abusive, obstinate, people who don't keep promises and their word on things they say or do, and i can't tolerate people that say one thing to my face and do something entirely differently behind my back, negativity, a person who talks in third person.
Best Reason to Get to Know Me: Pretty self explanatory just read the bio or find out for yourself :).
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afi is amazing <3.
awe right on and thx i added ya on my friends list ttyl doll
p.s. I rated & admired you
hey hunn.. love your look! I didn't have the time to read your whole profile but I scanned through it and it looks like we have some similar interests I am a model on here as well.. msg me if you ever wanna chat! mwah
thx peet38!
thx noshownotoken .

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