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Profile Headline: Spiritual and emphatic gangster princess ;)
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Username: LauraIshtar89
Gender: Female
Age: 22
City: Bucharest
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
About Me: Greetings everybody :) <center> Book & Candle Comments
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~Magickal Graphics~</center> Do you need a real woman that will tell you what she thinks and not what you want to hear?Here I am! If you will give your best and you will be loving to me and take care of me I will be your loving friend. Sometimes this is a place where you can find people whom you can have casual or spiritual conversations with,and not only,I met people who shared their life stories with me.I find it wonderful and am thankful to have made such great friends. Life isn't all about sex. Let's talk about caming now. I offer quality company . From casual or intellectual conversation to sexy fun. I love stripping and caressing my body in front of you.Yeah,I do pet my pussycat in private. However,I love oil shows. Even thought I do NOT do public room 'cum' shows. I do not for a lot of reasons which I will resume to you in one single idea: to much freeloaders disturbing the show,trying to direct without paying.They simply disturb me and ruin all my mood and they will ruin your mood to and disrespect you to as paying members. I would PREFER having an empty room rather than having rude people in it. I do privates and sometimes subscribe to skype sessions. My perfect match: A romantic,generous,polite,loving,respectful,tender,diplomatic,brave,protective non-jealous good listener and caring guy. Muscular tall intelligent guy with long hair, curly hair or dreadlocks and soul full eyes. Tattoos and piercings are a turn on. Party guy. Open mind. Cock size does not matter so you can be at peace :) A bit thick is nice if possible,I admit it. ! IMPORTANT TO KNOW ! TURN ONS: vanilla soft sex at the beginning and a bit harder pounding later when I'm wet and open enough,sugar daddies,generous,polite,tender,good hygiene,respectful and non-jealous. I love sex with sublime men that can make me feel mellow by using two or three well thought words.Especially mixing the tender,the gentle and the sensual in a stylish mode,on a masculine deep warm tone. TURN OFFS:jealousy,possessiveness ,uninspired nicknames,rude,rough hard sex,demanding,directing,stingy,entitled,insistent,exaggerating,aggressive,neglecting,dirty finger nails,bad hygiene and anal(it's just not my thing). Sexual chat in my public room is denied.That is what PM is for. Well,on last note,please do not forget that tips and privates put a smile on my face and pay my living and my bills..and some day maybe they will pay for my dreams.Kisses :) Stay safe. <center> Book & Candle Comments
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Wishing you a Blessed Birthday, may it be filled joy and happiness and may all your birthday wishes come true
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Wishing you a Blessed Lammas beautiful, may it bring health, happiness, love and abundance into your life.
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Wishing you a bright and peaceful summer solstice may it bring you luck and prosperity into your life
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Blessed Beltane Sweetness, Wishing you happy days, health and prosperity. May peace and love shine on your life like the sun shines every morning.
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Blessed Ostara sweetness, wishing you a wonderful spring.
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Love the profile changes, you always do such a good job of explaining what is in your heart and mind. We have been friends a long time, more then just friends, we have shared our most private thoughts, feelings and intimate moments and while life's journeys sometimes take us down different paths, the special moments we have shared are embedded in my heart and mind forever. I hope you are having a wonderful Holiday Season and I wish for you the very best New Year filled with Love, Prosperity and Good Health. Kiss You, Me
wishing you a wonderful Christmas and the happiest of new years
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