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About Me
Username: LilaBrooks
Gender: Female
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Weight: 999 pounds
Height: 999 inches
Age: 107
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
About Me:
7,777 - Bobbyeevee
About Me
My name is Lila and I love video games, petting dogs, and drinking coffee. I'm happiest when it's raining outside and I'm cozied up with a fun game or a good book.

Do you do privates?
  • Yes, to GOLD members of my club only!
Do you do Skype?
  • No. I will very rarely offer a Skype show as a prize, that is the only exception.
Are your boobs real?
  • Yes, 100%
Are you a lesbian?
  • I am bisexual and I like both guys and girls equally.
Room Rules
Please DO: Please do NOT:
  1. Have fun and don't be afraid to talk to me!!
  2. Be polite! Being rude, to me or anyone else in the room, is not allowed!
  3. Tip before requesting anything!
  4. Tell me if I make you cum... I like to know.
  5. Use public chat when possible, keep the conversation going!
  1. Ask to meet up with me, go on a date, have sex, etc.
  2. Spam. This includes images and emotes.
  3. Request anything illegal (instant ban, no exceptions)
  4. Ask for things for free.
  5. Advertise or insult other models.
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Offline Lila Training Camp:
Remind me to do the things I should, even when I'm not here
  • Smile!!!---3 tk
  • Drink Some Tea---5 tk
  • Do Some Crunches---6 tk
  • Eat Some Vegetables---7 tk
  • Go For a Walk---8 tk
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