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About Me
Username: Longtimer
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Age: 96
City: The Uncanny Valley
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Straight
Smoke: Herb
Drink: Moderate
Drugs: Experimented
Marital Status: Single
School: yep
About Me: Sadder still to watch it die, than never to have known it... For you, the blind who once could see, The bell tolls for thee... this was kinda deep reading it again.i'm not that dark but that was a wee windoewmm
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Interests & Hobbies
Meaning of Life: Sunshine & Lollipops /+>
Favorite Books: Joseph Campbell, 1984, Phillip K. Dick , Lovecraft, more to relate
Favorite Songs: Amused to Death, Passion, RUSH, Tool, Prog Rock, in progress
Favorite Movies: Waking life,, Requiem for a Dream, 12 Monkeys, Fight Club, , Sin City, Dogma, Man, I see in fight club the strongest and smartest men who've ever lived. I see all this potential, and I see squandering. God damn it, an entire generation pumping gas, waiting tables; slaves with white collars. Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don't need. We're the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our Great War's a spiritual war... our Great Depression is our lives. We've all been raised on television to believe that one day we'd all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars. But we won't. And we're slowly learning that fact. And we're very, very pissed off. Tyler Durden's unrequited love thought in progress
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: with the ppl i love
Hobbies: He fights zeitgeist with polite might.
Talents: Drummer, Singer, Philosopher, Thinker, in that order ,, not
Perfect Mate: undiscovered.. a thinker, a dreamer, a girl who has her own life too.
Best Reason to Get to Know Me: Remember, remember, the 5th of November The Gunpowder Treason and plot; I know of no reason why Gunpowder Treason Should ever be forgot this was kinda deep reading it again.i'm not that dark
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your avatar picture is HAWT im in looove your haircut is awsome ))))))))ty for the looove
hi huny))i am Nataly-new here!!!maybe we can be a friend?rate and admire))kiss!!!!!!!!!
hello dear!!! hey just want to THANK YOU for being such an special friend!! was an awesome bday!! and you were part of it!! gracias mi amor de todo corazon!!

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Flirty Myspace Comments hey just stopped by to say hi and rate and admire!!! kisses!!! Laury R
Hi cutie! Haven't seen you on in a few days. Cum check me out when you have a chance...I'll be on tonight at 6 MUAH!

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