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Profile Headline: I am who i am.. dnt like it then fk'n go.
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Username: Lustful_JoJo
CamScore: 160
Gender: Female
Body Type: Little in the middle
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Multi
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 200 pounds
Height: 60 inches
Age: 41
City: Nunya.. yur not gett'n it
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Smoke: Moderate
Drink: Light
Drugs: Never
Marital Status: Married
Occupation/Major: House wife, Mother of 6 & MFC Model
Favorite Food: anything Italian
Pets: not a pet person
Automobile: only in my dream's..
Tags: Beautiful, Tattoo, blue eyes, sexy, Horny, Milf, Me, Natural, Squirt, shaved, long hair, big ass, bbw, honest, sweet, funny, tease, fetish, playful, smoking, finger, blunt, cum
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Favorite Models: Nebraskalette
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Interests & Hobbies
Five Things I Can't Live Without: My family..
Favorite Books: glitter logo -

<3 as i sit here typing to you i think about all the thing's i culd be doin to u right now, I wuld so love to very softly kiss your lip's & nibble them while i'm rubbing my hand's down ur side's lifting up ur shirt, i get ur shirt to the top of ur chest i pull my lips away from u still lookin in ur eye's i pull ur shirt up over ur head cum back in & start kissin u. i lightly rub myhand's all over ur body still kissing u then i work my way down ur chest kissin & runin my tounge on ur chest slowly softly workin my way down to your pant line takin my hand un doin ur pant's still kissing u licking ur ur so hard already ican feel it. i want it but to early. so i slowly pull down ur pant's puttin ur cock in my mouth just the head suck"n on it rubbin ur body all over i slowly cum back up u walk outa ur pant's i guide u to the bed. u lay down i start @ the foot of the bed slowly crawl my way up to u lickin u from toe to head moanin lookin u in ur eye's .i cum up on u kiss u sum more. giude my self on top of ur hard cock as ilook deep into ur eye's. i lean over kiss ur soft lip's & ride up & down with my wet pusy moanin for more. i lean back put my hand's on ur knees get up on my feet. & move fast up & down over ur cock that's so wet from u makin me cum all over u . u reach for me i tell u no lay still u won't listen u rub my clit with ur thumb. it get's me off even harder & faster. u move a certain way my eye's rook back into my head i'm ready to exsplode i have to p i tell u u smile.. & say hold it not yet please. it's so hard i can't hold it back so u lean up really fast grab up bounce me up & down over ur hard cock u tell me now let it out.. surf baby surf. cum hard baby u throw me back as i'm in the middle i'm moanin so much breathin so hard it cum's i can't hold it i exsplode all over u &i p on u all the same time.. ur eye's get so big . like it surprised u it make me cu again so fast & so hard i lean up i kiss u ur holdin me tight i'm still cummin all over u . u tell me to hold the big one u wanna cum with me.. so i do it's so hard i can't i tell u to fuck me harder & all the sudden we both cum & p all over each other.. & I go back down on you lick & suck ur cock all over while i have ur ball's in my hand cupping them. i'm so horny for ur cock to go back into me. but u throw me on the bed & tie my hand's & feet u bit & nibble all over my body my nipple are so hard. my pussy throbing 4 your cock to go inside me.. u run ur finger's down my body kissing me i'm moanin cuz i want so much more from u . the bed is soaked we are sweetin, u slam ur cock deep inside of me. & fuck me so hard when i cum on u i almost push u out. u pund me harder make me cum harder. i'm screamin more i want to feel u i wanna wet ur cock. i'm cummin so hard i want u to cum with me i'm wisperin in ur ear cum with me bay exsplode inside of me. were both cumin & it's a long hard on & i can't move so i cum allover you harder.
What I Like To Do For Fun: anything i can get into..
Favorite Movies: anything good
Hobbies: Photography, sex, family time, scrap booking, 4-wheeling, mudd'n,
Turn Ons/Offs: MMmm.... Kissing, light touches, roses, Hmm let me let you read this.. Take a rose lightly run it over me naked body soflty wisper those sexy word's in my ear i quiver as the rose touches me it's makin me wet so You keep touchin me & u bend over to kiss my soft lip's & i arch my back up off the bed & my arm's are ties so i can't touch you i sqirm all over to get loose i can't. i go to move my leg's & bend them but there tied also.. i'm like'n it even more i feel myself gettin ready to cum & try to get up to kiss & u pull back. The touch of the rose on my soft naked body & the force of the rope holding me down i can not take it.. I explode & u get soaked... My moaning is so sweet so sexy.. u can't stand it.. but i am tied up & I can not please you.. Till next time then i will PLEASE U EVEN BETTER,,!!!!!!!!
Best Reason to Get to Know Me: Because i am me & nobody else.. I'm 1 of a kind & don't care what other's think..
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LOve how it turn's me on when u talk to me.. and love the way you are when i watch you cum all over my face.. knowing that your in here sharing yourself with all these people it make's my cock so hard and make me wanna fuck you even more each day.... I love you babe.. show them what all you got.. free myspace comments
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Thanx Nice_John & ClitSpanker ((((HUGS)))
your profile is amazing i've already decided what a lucky man your husband is.i would trade places tommorow with him.anyway i've rated and admired you. speak soon to you.xxxx
May Today be Filed With Sunshine and Smiles,Laughter and Love.xxxxxxxxx

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wat an amazing lady !!! ur such a goddess flower thx you !!!

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