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Tags: blonde,beautiful,striptease,stockings,nice ass,nice breasts,funny,long legs,cute,smile,shy,russian,classy,private,spanking,feet,heels,stockings
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this is wonderful girl how deserve the best thate she can get in this world , i hope ever meeting just girl like you so wonderful beautifule soul she have you Always gone have place in mine heart may angel of heaven xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I JUST missed you! Barely! You had just come out of a Private and then you were Away and then you were GONE! Oh, the tragedy! Because a day without you is like a day without a breath of fresh air! And knowing when you go away it may only be mere hours until you return, but it could also be days or even weeks! No one knows exactly when the mystery May will return. And those long periods when you are gone... oh... they are like being held under water... choked down... waiting, praying for your return... just to gasp in two lungs full of YOU. Sweet you. Like the wind you blew through my fingers today. I shall sit here and wait until the singing of the leaves and the dancing of the grass tells me you have floated back through the air to join me again. I will breathe you deeply into me and I will smile my deepest smile. And I will be happy again.
you are a doll
Such a sweetheart!!!!!!
Enjoyed the time thanx. You're absolutely beautiful.
You are an absolute class act. Your smile is intoxicating. Your facial expressions show a sincerity that I have not seen in other model. I look forward to the next time I get to see you. You could be habit forming.
I lived my life in ignorant bliss. I thought I had seen every kind of beautiful woman there was. Tall women, short women, women of different curves and different colors. Some charming, some cute, some naughty. I thought I had seen it all. But I was dead wrong. Now I have seen perfection. A woman so unlike any other ever I have ever known it is almost like seeing the first sunrise after a lifetime of blindness. To hear the sound of wind in leaves after a lifetime of deafness. From the very moment I first laid eyes on this incredible human being I understood that my very definition of what is amazing had changed. Just to sit with you and pass time is an incredible experience. I can only be amazed that the entire universe aligned in such a way that I was able to view this once in a lifetime treasure.
HAPPY NEW YEAR MISS MAYLILY I hope 2014 is great year for you , kisssssssssss xxxx
I am looking at your profile... looking at your Tags. Blonde? Yes. Beautiful? I would say INSANELY GORGEOUS, but yes. Striptease? I've never seen you strip, so I can't say. It is probably for the best though. I would probably have a heart attack. Stockings? Yes, and you look stunning in them. Funny? Yes and your sense of humor is wonderful and refreshing. Long legs? Yes, and they are the best legs on the planet. But nice ass? No way! Nice? Nice?!? How about perfectly curved, incredibly tight, totally delicious ass? That's what it is! And nice breasts? Nope. Those are the breasts that almost turned me from a leg man into a breast man. They aren't nice. They are miracles. I can't say enough nice things about you May. All of you is a miracle to me. Really.
HAPPY CHRISTMAS Miss MayLily i wish you health , love and happiness xxxx
You are a total knockout.
i love u so much ur a amazing young lady i wish u were my gf
Hi Lily. U r the most georgeous woman I have seen on here for years. U should be a model
Just amazing!! Not much else to say.
The best model on MFC hands down!! May is someone who will always give you all of her..
missing u lots!!!
A whole week... gone...
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