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Username: OMG_Yummy
CamScore: 1244.5
Gender: Female
Age: 108
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
About Me: If you want to do something to help, TIP!!!!!!!!!! Current high tip = 7575 back in OCTOBER. geez!

My wishlist has been removed. Gift cards are always appreciated.


I may not have the busiest or perviest room, but what happens here is real and honest. All I ask is that you come in my room with RESPECT. Thank you to the guys who have shown enormous support by visiting repeatedly or even daily (and those of you who have tipped any amount, ever). I have met a lot of great people here with a great sense of humor, and have really been awakened and humbled by the experience. I've learned a lot about myself and been reminded of the kindness of others that I often forget exists. Money isn't everything but it makes things easier. Helping somebody get through their rough day is my purpose here, and sometimes you help me get through mine (thank you). It's really sad that some people come in demanding attention or cause disturbances to make themselves feel better. Keep in mind people come in to have a good time, not to listen to you bitch or cause arguments. If you can't come in with a good attitude, you don't deserve to hang out with us, and you might consider taking a time out. I'm sorry but no amount of money is going to make me kiss anyone's ass. If you become a repeated problem which is recognized by the room, I will BAN you and ask you tip to return. I am forgiving to an extent, but I too have limits and eventually run out of patience.

As a model here, I have really had my eyes opened to how difficult this job is. Many of the girls are barely scraping by and must come here out of necessity rather than choice, dependent on the income here. Long hours, continually thinking up new and entertaining (often unappreciated) ideas, and body aches and pains associated with being on cam for what seems to be an eternity without a tip, are some of the things we endure to keep you company. I realize that people here have lives, wives, girlfriends, husbands, boyfriends, job losses, money problems, health problems, disabilities, losses of life and loves, which results in us all ending in the same place. In that way we are all the same. Let's just say I recognize your life's obstacles, and enjoy getting to know you guys (and ladies) and helping you get through it.

Don't let life's little speed bumps keep you off the road. Get your drive back, get out there and do what you love, or find what or who you love. Eat well, EXERCISE, and as a result you will improve your mind. Tackle one task at a time. Before you know it you'll be in a better place and able to laugh when you look back and think "oh what a silly thing it was when I..... (was a cam model)"

Have a great day and don't forget to love yourself for your imperfections and hidden treasures. :)

Tags: real,shaved,smart,oral,open minded,nice ass,intelligent,yummy,OMG,curvy,cougar,honest,sweet,fun,friendly,milf,sarcastic,funny,classy,kinky
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Meaning of Life: Make the best of your life while you're here. Everything is temporary. Surround yourself with the best possible people who will enrich your life. Coexist, expand your knowledge, and evolve to a better human being.
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You're gorgeous and I miss you lots. Sometimes I just come to your profile to stare at your photos
Havent been here to read your profile in a while, which is bad on my part, sorry. Then I see all the wonderful things you have posted since my last visit. You have a heart of gold my dear. Every day I get to be with you or talk to you is the best day ever. You are an amazing friend Yummy and I will cherish it forever. Nothin but love for my fav west coast hottie!! <3
Luvs ya XOXO
This girl is amazing! She is super fun, vibrant, enticing and always entertaining. Her beauty brought me into her room and her charm has kept me coming back. Much love

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