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Username: OMG_Yummy
CamScore: 1034.2
Gender: Female
Age: 108
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
About Me: If you want to do something to help, TIP!!!!!!!!!!




1. RESPECT THE YUMMY. RESPECT the model and others in the room.

2. TIP THE YUMMY. REQUEST IT WITH A TIP. The bigger the tip, the more likely I'll respond!

3. LOVE THE YUMMY. Rudeness will get you a BAN. If something crawled up your ass which makes you a miserable person, stay out of my room.

4. PERV THE YUMMY. Privates are 500 TOKEN MINIMUM. I do public shows now and then but prefer the Big O in private, occasionally a group. (What do I do in skype? No anal, farm animals or baseball bats lol) ps. I AM NOT A FAKER. MFC MAIL ME FOR SKYPES AND PANTIES (500 TOKENS)

5. DON'T ANNOY THE YUMMY. Excessive begging, disgusting requests (pee/poo) will get you a BAN. That shit isn't allowed here so stop asking me to do stuff like cram a toilet brush in my na-na. I respect myself too much to do stupid shit for you. Chanting boobs boobs boobs ass ass feet feet feet feet ISNT the way to ask for things. Refer to Rule #2.

6. A NOTE ABOUT BANS. Depending on the severity of the BAN, you may be banned temporarily or forever. If you received a severe ban, you will need to TIP TO RETURN with a sincere apology. Otherwise, sit in Time Out until you've had time to think it over.

7. HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR. The room is VERY sarcastic, but we all love each other. It is not my job to be your mommy or babysitter because you can't join the Big Boy Club. Put on your man pants and suck it up, or come back when you grow balls.

8. BE KIND: Friends are welcome here, INCLUDING MODELS. Drama has no place in my life. This means no arguing between members and models.

9. DON'T FEAR THE YUMMY. Don't be afraid to ask, I won't bite. Well, maybe. :)

69. SIXTY-NINE. Get on ma FACE already!!!!!! LMAOOOOO Self explanatory. ahhaha

I may not have the busiest or perviest room, but what happens here is real and honest. All I ask is that you come in my room with RESPECT. Thank you to the guys who have shown enormous support by visiting repeatedly (and those of you who have tipped any amount, ever). Keep in mind people come in to have a good time, not to listen to you bitch or cause arguments. I'm sorry but no amount of money is going to make me kiss anyone's ass. If you become a repeated problem, I will BAN you and ask you tip to return. I am forgiving to an extent, but I too have limits and eventually run out of patience. If your actions don't benefit the room and BENEFIT THE MODEL, please take a TIME OUT. No badmouthing other members or making people feel unwelcome!! Any visitor is a potential tipper, even though I realize people can't tip daily. If you hurt my income by making other people leave, YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE.

Don't let life's little speed bumps keep you off the road. Get your drive back, get out there and do what you love, or find what or who you love. Eat well, EXERCISE, and as a result you will improve your mind. Tackle one task at a time. Before you know it you'll be in a better place and able to laugh when you look back and think "oh what a silly thing it was when I..... (was a cam model)"

Have a great day and don't forget to love yourself for your imperfections and hidden treasures. :)

Tags: real, shaved, smart, oral, open minded, nice ass, intelligent, yummy, OMG, curvy, cougar, honest, sweet, fun, friendly, milf, sarcastic, funny, classy, kinky
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Have I told you lately that I love you? XOXOXOXO
Sexy fun girl to talk to. Had a lot of fun tonight.
So good to see you again. I was thinking you quit your account so we can finally be a couple <3 but this works too
best girl on mcf love you emma
So hot
amazing girl be good to this one guys
Jessica Alba's long lost sexier twin sister!!!
How do I love thee, Let me count the ways: 1, 2, 3........1,000,000,000 <3
I love your philosophy stated above. Look up the poem "Desiderada" sometime, I think you will like it....
wuffy wuvs you
All my love goes out to this lady, her beauty shines from both inside and out. She is a very special girl and I am glad to be able to call her my friend. Luv yea lot's

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