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Profile Headline: I am a freak! I am unique! :)
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Username: Peoplecanfly
CamScore: 472
Gender: Female
Hair: Red
Eyes: Hazel
Weight: 55 kilos
Height: 175 centimeters
Age: 30
Country: Poland
Sexual Preference: Bi-curious
Smoke: Herb
Drink: Light
Drugs: Experimented
Marital Status: Single
Tags: friendly, smiling, sweet, creative, intelligent, funny, natural, long legs, trimmed, hairy, open minded, free spirit, yoga, hippie, honest, single, european, small boobs, mature, milf, easy to talk with, understanding, slim, dance
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Interests & Hobbies
Meaning of Life: 'Life on our planet is a unique yet minuscule fraction of the grand picture, as the Universe uses each species of life throughout the cosmos to create a grand cosmic painting. Only It will know what the final product will look like, having intimately experienced past, present, and future across the farthest reaches of existence.'
What I Like To Do For Fun:
Favorite Songs:
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: I would definitely check out K-Pax, Pandora or Solaris. Or at least the moon
Perfect Mate: Everything starts with friendship...
Turn Ons/Offs: The most sexual human organ is the brain :)
Message Wall
Thanks for the time together earlier today. I'm not sure what turned me on the most - those totally expressive eyes, the seductive way you moved, the openness in our conversation, or the no-panties part of it. LOL! I'm thinking it's all of that and I'm sure there's more. I'm excited to spend time learning who you are Karolina. Thanks again.
where are you ???? wherever you are I hope your a really happy and enjoying life. xxx
much missed come back soon for a guest visit xx
Christmas Comments Pictures
We have only recently met and I can say you have many of the traits I most admire.Charm,energy,wit,and a love of the outdoors.All that are incredibly sexy.
Photobucket people flying
I would like to be a freak too. Can I? Please?
People flying, as it turns out, is the reality of being a people. It is the expression of full human potential. People should posses their full value, the purpose of life, the meaning of life. Anything less is in violation. Purpose of life is to naturally move on to full value, and to enjoy that. People should fly. When people engage the mechanics of that potential, then, to what ever limited extent that flying is expressed - even short hopping - it brings a smile of the universe, nature delights, and the value of people is elevated more toward that true status. People flying is simply mastery over the entire domain of the laws of nature. Just like the illusion now taken as flying is the use and mastery of some small amount of natural law. As one leading Quantum-unified physicist has put it: by analysis it is obvious that if even just one of the accounts of miraculous performances by people - like flying and such - is true, it is verification that consciousness is the unified state of the universe, and in which, the human mind is rooted. Only on Peoplecanfly's Wall could this be posted. How fun. People flying is fun, not in the limited sense of illusionary flight, but in the reality of expansion in ubounded bliss. Then again, Peoplecanfly seems also very fun, from the short time I have visited the room.
wow what a lovely girl, shame you can only be rated 5 stars your worth much much and
hi dear i am glad i stop in your room. i am hoping to spend much more time. think i would mmmm fun with you.i am wanting that in the near future. mayb we could get friendly sometime.kisses all over willy
I love chatting with you. Your so fun to be around. Wouldn't change a thing.
I have written many times on these profile walls. I have praised the virtues of the chosen girls with gushing compliments on personalities and their stunning looks. And I have meant every word that I have typed because at the time I believed that was the truth, and for most girls I still do. But then I strayed into your little piece of cyber-space and you have completely knocked me off my natural orbit. In lay-man's terms 'you have knocked me sideways'. Sitting in your very green room, at first you did't seem any different to many of the other beautiful girls that cohabit MFC. But it soon became apparent that you most certainly are.You are very easy to talk to, and I wish I could have spoken longer, but alas I was unable to do so due to other commitments. But in the short time we did speak I found you so captivating, so much so, I hope that I will be welcome in your 'very green' room again.But also your profile is so interesting In the way you look at life, it makes you stand out in the crowd, And as you say, you are 'unique', which is such a pity, because 'WOW' what a world this would be with lots of you in it. I see in another post that your name is Caroline, I hope you don't mind me using your name as Peoplecanfly is a bit of a mouthful.Hope to see you soon Caroline. And If you can't make people fly, you can certainly make hearts a flutter. Bye.
Easter wish: Let the stone be removed Underoath - Some Will Seek Forgiveness Others Escape
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