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Weight: 45 kilos
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Age: 24
Country: Russian Federation
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Smoke: Light
Drink: Light
Drugs: Never
Marital Status: Single
School: College
Favorite Food: pizza & sweets
Automobile: bicycle
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Meaning of Life: So what's the meaning of life ? A. .. ? Why all this is now : the work on which to get up every morning to an alarm clock , some goals , plans and loans , and the constant lack of time , stress , traffic , subway , family, children , drugs and headaches? Why is it all necessary? What is the meaning of this life? Where are you going ? What do you aspire to ? You carry headlong into the future at the speed of 200 km / h, not noticing how the window slip events in your present . And you do not even have time to breathe the scent of flowers ? Loans , suppliers, contract partners , kickbacks , tax ... and now the alarm goes off again Sutra ! Tink - tink ! Climb! And again flashed pictures of life at the speed of 200 frames per second . And now the sun rises somewhere , noise of the surf , screaming seagulls and the air still smells of the morning coolness ! Or you ahead of emptiness ? All the colors of your life has long been erased. And you live only in the minds of the past ... reliving old hurts , heartache , betrayal , slowly fading from lack of love, warmth, caring , understanding ... sorry about the possibilities , blaming his fate and other people who have made it so you ? That, perhaps, fate , you say yourself . So what's the meaning of life then? Why do I live? Because every year for facial wrinkles is becoming more and why a man lives the meaning of his life, so no one explained . Well, okay, enough already guessing , poking around in his past , thoughts , experiences ! From this point you can begin to smile! That's it ::)) ))) ))) Because the rest of this article will give a detailed answer to the question , what is the meaning of human life ! So, the problem of meaning of human life - solved! Just what you were looking for! To begin with let's look at the wrong answers ! Although perhaps 99% of people , the question " what is the meaning of life," answered that way because we also do not know what it is ! :))
Five Things I Can't Live Without: 28 things that makes a girl when one lives 1. It can sleep across the bed , wrapped in a roll of blankets, podpihnuv one pillow under the abdomen, and the second - for the head. When you are not around , we always sleep . 2 . Wakes up at 4 am from screeching machines "Formula 1 " in the day live Australian Grand Prix . 3 . It can make itself the world's smallest bin - and still it will always stand half empty. After all, no one to fill it with beer bottles and tons of bovine bone . 4 . Her cat walking on tables and bed with her head held high , and does not live in the wild stress and humiliation under the sofa . 5 . Dieting , she does not feel the pangs of tantalum , opening the refrigerator. Most seductive that it finds there - a pound of seeds germinated pohudatelnye wormwood . And no Iversen as depraved sausages, dumplings and sausages shameless - temptress . 6. She is regularly engaged in morning exercises , because no one stares at her bouncing breasts , red face and old sweatpants . 7. She can listen to Love Radio - yes ! Love Radio, damn it! At full volume without holding ready penitent expression "what are you saying , of course , I do not take this music seriously." 8. Can climb on dating sites (just out of curiosity ) , without worrying that some overly advanced user it in this convict . 9. She moves easily around the apartment without bumping and then on a bulky house museum exhibits a real man - snowboards , drills , tires, leather jackets and these are their # 8230 ; grinder . 10 . Dwells in the happy belief that Bulgarians - the Bulgarians are females . 11. It can be applied before bedtime on the face and body as much as possible smelly substance , not caring what the face and body will taste if someone will meet their Duty kiss . 12. She knows that if the heel dug nail clipping , it is his home , immunnosovmestimy scrap . 13. Taken in the closet pattern printed products (taken by accident , we do not read in the toilet ) is a pretty women's magazine , or at worst vile female novel , not a catalog of mobile phones in 2000. 14. She does not call your mother , do not call your mother , do not call your mother , do not call your mother ... 15. She can pick up on the street and bring into the house of men and kittens. 16. If it causes damage your computer smart, cute and shy classmate . Treats his tea, sitting on the table in a short robe , enjoying his ears turning pink . And do not listen to for months about the fact that this man's work , which some do , as soon as you have time. 17. It ceases to be late, because no one measures the time of its commission with a stopwatch . 18. Bringing home flowers, worried about how much they stand for , and not how to explain where they all came from. 19. Washes, not tormented by doubts - is it true that all men are sometimes pee in the sink. 20. At the word " dinner " thinks about the restaurant , not the supermarket. 21. For some reason, is not interested in new technologies to get rid of snoring. And do not come up with diplomatic way to implement these tools in life. 22. She quickly and deftly changing a light bulb , without any strategic thinking about the fallacy of their actions in terms of a fair sharing of domestic responsibilities . 23. Hanging on the phone indefinitely , without thinking that somewhere in the corner next to a man crying in helpless desire somewhere zakonnektitsya and download something . 24. Nobody washes her panties her 80 - dollar oil soap with moisturizing ginseng. 25. She can eat candy and spite worldwide throw candy wrappers behind the couch. Sometimes we want to do it badly . 26. It naturally brings home girlfriends who have tactlessness have a third the size of the bust at the waist 50 cm 27. She currently holds the legs waxed anywhere apartment , not just standing in raskoryaku in a cramped bathroom with poor lighting . 28. goes naked
Favorite Books: Karalis, Dmitri Karasev, Alexander Maroussia Klimova Kozlov, William F. Colin Elena Kondrashov, Alexander Kopecky, Viktor Konichev, Konstantin Krivulin, Viktor Borisovich Kushner Alexander Semenovich about the book Sasha Cherny " Complete Poems and poems in one volume " "My favorite and most modern poet " Igor Butman Igor Butman saxophonist , People's Artist of Russia about the book by Alexandre Dumas ' The Count of Monte Cristo " " The nobility , strength, love and faith helped the hero out of the grave and achieve happiness for ourselves and loved ones. Revenge on enemies and forgive the lost. For this I love this book " Vera Polozkova Vera Polozkova poet , actress about the book JS Foer's " Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close " "This book - a short test for the presence of human souls : if you read , and she felt inside - hence, the truth is . As if someone had spied on , what are you silent, and shared with you your secret " Oleg Tabakov Oleg Tabakov People's Artist of Russia , the artistic director of Chekhov Moscow Art Theater about the book Ludmila Ulitskaya " Green Tent " " The book of remarkable talent , a rare and earnest love for the people " Tsiskaridze Tsiskaridze ballet dancer about the book by William Somerset Maugham "Theatre" " When I was young , I thought it was just a cute story! And now I can say for sure - this is the best analysis of the psychology of Great Artist ! That's Great ! " Alexei Zimin Alexei Zimin chief editor of " Playbill FOOD " about the book VM Shukshina " Kalina red . Novels and Stories " " SHukshin able to do that in the literature , literary language before what usually passes . He is able to turn into a novel one interjection . Is able to give some words found in the dictionary meaning of the moment " Cornelia Funke Cornelia Funke writer Neil Gaiman's book about "never" I love this book because it made me see a place and city I love with very different eyes. I listened to Neil reading it while I was illustrating Reckless and he enchanted me with every word. It's one of the unforgettable stories!
What I Like To Do For Fun: If any of you run out of power or period started - that's no reason to deprive the remaining partner all the joys of life. " Periodic sexual phase mismatch occurs in all pairs - says Melinda Gallagher , founder of the American Center for sexual advice CAKE, - there is nothing terrible ." Forced sex in this situation is a protest , refusal - offense. You can certainly get a breast to protect your mood , but it is much better for both of you will find a compromise. People (as opposed to, say, cats and rabbits ) is arranged very reasonable. He has the arm and left thumb , you can do many useful things . For example, by herself in the presence and with the active assistance of the passive side. The main thing - aside from the idea that bed games, not actual sexual intercourse ended - a waste of time. Replacing tedious genital sex it handmade , and even ( you never know ) kind of gives oral desired result and subsequently double joy fulkontakta at phase . Even simple contemplation partner - it is almost sex, also with a touch of voyeurism. "Most women initially shy to masturbate in front of men - shares his experience Gallagher - but it is a very liberating experience."
Favorite Songs: Dance styles Events electronic music Dubstep (English dubstep) - a musical genre that arose in the early 2000s in south London as one of the branches garridzha . The sound of dubstep is characterized tempo of about 140 beats per minute , the dominant low frequency bass , breakbeat sparse in the background and the same dub " vibe " , the atmosphere of the tracks are often very dark , riddled with mysticism. DubStep London razrodilsya new style - mutant born of dub, jungle and two-step . Called DUBSTEP. Distinctive features - dark tracks collected from slow jungle breakbeats and two-step , spiced with deepest dub bass . My first encounter with him was held while listening to a mix DJ Spikehead "Bury your head", but a better idea of the style was recently acquired will listen disk label released [Tempa] - "Dubstep allstars vol 02 : mixed by Dj Youngsta". Text in the CD booklet begins with a very capacious phrase " Dubstep - it sounds dark , dying in London ." Descriptions not find better . Shooting, sirens and dark melodies , than it resembles Detroit Techno. Positive minded people hear this is not recommended. Was wondering if you can get acquainted with the main dubstep pages on the Internet. First Blog with a lot of DJ mixes and radio shows. Secondly dabstepovy forum ( naturally in English). history Typical dubstep sound began to take shape in 1999-2000 thanks to experiments with dark garridzhem such producers like El-B and Zed Bias. Soon there was a whole series of labels, promoting new sound , the first of which in 2000 became the project Tempa Horsepower Productions. The term dubstep on this music for the first time at the grassroots been consumed in 2002 in San Francisco magazine XLR8R, have put it on their cover with the photo Horsepower Productions, where the term is meant by a two-step tool - garridzh (ie prefix dub referred view on remixes ( "versions" ) when removed from the vocal track lyrics, sometimes leaving only the chorus , and as compensation often added extra sound effects, enhanced on bass ) . After the release in 2003 on the first part of Tempa compilation Dubstep Allstars, to mix DJ Hatcha, the term is firmly entrenched in everyday life . Despite the fact that by 2004, the newly-born genre noticed major labels such as Rephlex and Planet Mu, dubstep has long remained in the shadow of grime , another predominantly vocal hybrid two-step - garridzha . But thanks to hits like Neverland from Digital Mystikz and Midnight Request Line by Skream dubstep opened the way to national radio , while before that were available only pirate radio stations . So , one of the key moments in the popularization of the genre was the transfer Dubstep Warz, held in early January 2006 as part of the weekly show The Breezeblock on BBC Radio 1 , where the hostess show DJ Mary Anne Hobbs invited leading dubstep musicians. This has caused a flurry of broadcast interest in dubstep both in the UK and worldwide. In April 2006 BBC documentary was filmed The Sound of Dubstep. A hit albums such as Burial from Burial, The World is Gone Various Production from new parts and mixes Dubstep Allstars, made during the summer to write about dubstep all the key publications from the German Groove to the British The Independent. Top was the film About to Blow: Dubstep, filmed in August 2006, the TV channel MTV Base, which marked the exit from the underground dubstep into the mainstream urban music. Musicians
Favorite Movies: Oh, I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I love movies for adults. Tell me who your favorite actress? I want to be like them! Director of the film "12 months" Alexander Barshak . The plot is a repetition of the fairy tale story . At least , the plot is not changed. Girl meets with all the months of the year . Although some authors update here yet made . Action film "12 months" is set in modern times . The main heroine - provincial , arrived to conquer Moscow . As often happens with these people - it does not want to know his family . What could be the dreams of such provincial girl ? The star of this picture - Masha Smirnova has already made a list of secret desires : to increase breast size to the third , to get a luxurious fur coat, an apartment in Moscow , becoming a superstar show business and find a wealthy husband. Dos ms dos ( 2013 ) Time adversely affects not only the person, but also on the relationships between people. Most often this disease overtakes couples . After time spent together life begins to resemble the series, which vary only times of the year , and the characters are the same. From this no one is immune to this world. The main character , being a faithful husband , falls into a routine funnel. His wife is beautiful and sexy , famous and in demand. But even this does not help spouses enjoy each other . In bed all studied from the beginning to the end, and foreplay remind Freeze on videocassette . All this leads to the fact that more and more instead of sex peaceful sleep are selected on different sides of the bed. All leads to the pit, and fragments of hearts. They are faced with a difficult choice , or step into the abyss and silently watch as their once strong love is lost in the abyss of darkness. Or, pull yourself together and fight for their piece of happiness . The story is about love and life , habits, and feelings of two blinded ordinary people. All they need to do in order to pull their marriage out of obscurity , just want to do it . Happen or not, you will learn it after watching this comedy with a romantic tinge. So Undercover ( 2013 ) American action comedy " undercover " tells about Molly Morris ( played by her actress and singer Miley Cyrus ), which is traded in school to help his father - a former police officer . Together they have petty thieves caught and exposed the wrong couple. However, these were all the little things , because now a private investigator contacted the FBI . Molly expects important and responsible work undercover . It will need to infiltrate a sorority at a university , in order to carry out protection of the girl , whose father ( a former gangster ) constitutes one of the main witness in the resonance and high-profile case . Disguised as a glamorous and sophisticated damsel that is absolutely contrary to the character Molly militant girl begins to perform the job of the FBI. Besides external changes , and Molly have to change internally , because she is very young and do not pull on a female university student . However, in the movie " undercover " in all of the main character quickly adjusted, and not having time to get acquainted with the daughter of a gangster , she immediately falls in love with a guy - Nicholas , who becomes her secret admirer and lovingly looks after her ... Zombi Holiday ( 2013 ) " Zombi vacation 3D - a comedy horror film Cyril Chemnitz . It will " devilry ", and sensible of humor with which easily with irony and easy to treat the topic of monsters, which flooded the entire screen. " Zombi vacation 3D - is looking at the title of the film , do you think that this picture - another creation of Western directors. But there it was . This film about zombies decided to withdraw Russian director . Note that this topic is very alien to our cinema , as in principle horror genre . However, if the filmmakers want to tickle your nerves and the viewer , then it does not make using ghosts or walking dead . In this case, the film is no exception to the rule and some challenge to the West . However, once we note that with the utmost seriousness and critics perceive this kinonovinki not worth it, because it is rather a caricature of the hackneyed subject of zombies, which gave the director in the genre of comedy. Will be somewhat scary, kind of ridiculous , but most importantly - extraordinary and unusual, and hence - it is worth attention . A distinctive feature of novelty is the format of 3D, which makes the film more interesting to watch. So what is the scenario of this terrible comedy entertainment funny or scary horror movie ? When it comes to vacation, we can not do without the fun to the fullest , turretless pastime and full of flies in all senses. Here the protagonists will be the company of young men , whose interests by virtue of age and levity , of course, revolve around partying , dancing, drinking and fun. Going on this crazy outdoor party guys hoping to relax and body and soul , forgetting about all the responsibilities and problems , but as it turned out later , these plans were not only them , but still one company ...
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: Tired of keeping it all inside , so I suddenly remembered that I have a blog and I can write here what I want . Almost all . Three days ago, I could write " Uraa , the session is closed , I am now in my second year ," could, could . But no. Instead, I wrote a statement on their own from the 8th of June. Documents I have not yet given , but I think that the order of dismissal already have and go after the other to find out details Why did I do it ? Why I decided to leave the ( once ) most powerful and prestigious inyaz (aka HAZE ) ? Why not , I said , because I'm tired of this question, just wildly . But the truth is that I went there for Vecherka , and this means that we must go back in the 11- 12th hour , and it's scary. But as if that alone does not justify me , though, why not? I left because I still do not like the way I teach . First, Vecherka not motivating. Secondly, for the whole year I only learned a few new things. Well and pronounce certain sounds " in English ." Diaries from the second semester begin learning a second language , as we begin the fourth . Third, the brain does not cook the evening at all. And fourth , perhaps it had to be written from the beginning, I'm not sure that I have chosen my path correctly. What's next? Now we have to find a job and retake the exam, because without higher education remain I do not intend , and CSE yet no one has canceled . Although lately I hear more and more talk that the formation of such a strange thing, and very few people working in the profession , but it is not a revelation . When I went back to the subway, met D , of course she was surprised, but said that she understood , and that even when a look for yourself , not in 19 ( almost) years. A & M says I'm crazy , it does not support such a decision , but I will not leave . Blogs that hard, that I will curse your decision. But it seems to me that I needed a boost. Although it is very good that she will not leave me . In any case, it is so far the craziest thing I've done. And let be officially ( almost officially ) free ( and officially by anyone , as would be sad as it may sound ) insanely scary, I know that I have the strength to change in my life that I do not like . A year later, I find out whether I was right or made a mistake insane . I think I had to stay at home last year , but now I know the consequences . Although the brain and unexpected scares me different developments , but my heart tells me to go against all this is so on -doctoral . And rightly so ! I left not only because it 's doctors, but because I really believe that I'm right. And then, as they say , nothing ventured, nothing gained .
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: Ibiza ... The first thing that comes to mind when you hear this word - an exclusive club music, dancing on the beach and meet new people. Fly to Ibiza , swimming , traveling from all over the world, not just to rest and relax so pleasantly tired . This small piece of land , known throughout the world for its clubs, concentrated in the cities of Ibiza and San Antonio seems to be no longer sleep in the period from June to September. For young people best suited for hotels and apartments located within a five minute drive from the capital of Ibiza, Talamanca and resorts in Playa d'en Bossa , and in San Antonio. Last attractive set of entertainment : clubs, restaurants , bars . Most of the guests of San Antonio - young Englishmen . Also this resort prefer influential businessmen , show business and sport , as evidenced by the amount of their luxury yachts parked along the coast in San Antonio . Many fans ignite on the most famous dance floors such as Pacha, Privilege, Renaissance, Space and Eden, greeted the dawn, drowned in the cushions of soft white sofas bar Caf del Mar or in the company of friends at tables Bar Mambo. For other parts of the island offers club dancing to the music of fashionable DJs smoothly replaced stays on the white sand. For most vacationers one party imperceptibly flows into another. )
Hobbies: There are different approaches to the definition of creativity. To make it clearer sense subsequent discussion , let's look at the elements that , in my opinion , are a part of the creative process, and then try to define it . First of all I as a scientist should have something that can be observed in some product creation. Although my fantasies can be brand new , they can not be called creative , yet they do not materialize into something real , for example, will be expressed in words, written on paper, transferred to a work of art or reflected in the invention. These works must be brand new , their novelty stems from the unique qualities of the individual interacting with objects of experience . Creativity is always leaves a mark on your individual product , but this product - not the individual himself or his material , and the result of the relationship between them . Creativity, in my opinion, does not depend on any specific content. I believe that there is no significant difference in the works to create paintings, literary works , symphonies, inventing new murder weapons , the development of scientific theory , the search for new features in human relationships or creating new facets of self , as in psychotherapy. (Actually, it was my experience in this latter area , and not in any form of art made me a special interest in the work and its development. Familiarity with how original and effectively alters the individual themselves during the psychotherapeutic relationship , inspires confidence in creative opportunities for all people. ) I understand the creative process by activities aimed at creating a new product that grows on the one hand , the uniqueness of the individual, and on the other - due to material events, people and circumstances of life . Let me add a few criticisms to this definition . It does not distinguish between "good " and " bad" creativity. One person can find a way to relieve the pain , and the other to invent new and more sophisticated ways to torture political prisoners. Both of these actions seem to me creative, even if their social significance quite different. Although I will discuss further these social assessment , I have refrained from including them in its definition because of their extreme instability . Galileo and Copernicus did creative discoveries , which in their time were evaluated as blasphemous and evil, and today considered fundamental and constructive. We do not want to obscure the sense of our definition , using the term that has a subjective meaning . You can consider this problem from another angle , noting the following: to the product considered in historical perspective as a result of creativity , he should get some recognition of a group of people at some point in time. This fact , however, is irrelevant to our definition because of the previously mentioned fluctuations in the estimates , and the fact that many of the products of creativity has never been seen by society and disappeared without being appreciated. Therefore, taking a group of creativity as an aspect missing in our definition. In addition, it must be said that our definition does not distinguish between the degree of creativity, as it is also very choppy , evaluative definition. Creative nature have , according to our definition , the child's actions , inventing their comrades new game ; Einstein formulating the theory of relativity ; housewives, to invent a new sauce for meat , a young author writing his first novel . We are not trying to place them in some action sequences as more or less creative .
Talents: Teach your child to express his feelings in words If the kid will learn to do it, adolescence is not difficult to deal with children's emotions. Among the ways to express feelings words can be the following : talk about their feelings to someone you trust ; call a friend ; consult with parents ; learn how to soothe themselves with others; ask for help. Take your time and be patient , be aware that it is the most difficult task for a child. Not to tell the child : " Do not give a bad mood . Keep your hands, " such phrases by themselves will not help anyone . We have to show exactly how not to succumb to the mood. Introduce a child with a variety of ways , helping to pull myself together . Ways of expressing feelings can be very different : physical - stamped his feet , rapid dance dance , jump rope, run around the house, the power to do gymnastics, take a warm bath with foam and " wash " bad feelings , take a few deep breaths , " inflate " anger or sadness balloon , place the dough for fun , cycling ; hearing - or listen to the cheerful calm music , writing fairy tales or songs , singing birds ; song - " sing " without words his attitude voice to compose and sing about yourself and your mood ; speech - talk about their problems brother, sister , or even a doll dog, ask a friend , girlfriend , mother , or anyone else about how they cope with their feelings ; call grandparents or someone else and share their feelings , ask for help or advice , invite guests to another; praise himself aloud for the effort ; creative - Kawkab do something creative : draw a picture that excites ; compose a tale about what happened , to play a small show ; game - play your favorite game (bingo , dominoes, checkers, chess ), to build a children's " wigwam " or "house" of the chairs and blankets , play sports ( badminton, tennis ); visual - see the hilarious cartoon ; consider stamp album or just a beautiful book ; economic - to send all the energy on cleaning rooms, washing dishes , or plant a tree houseplant , clean the bird cage or aquarium , go to the store ; helping others - learn how we can help , for example, mother or grandfather , write a good letter ; reduce a walk little brother . If parents will be able to interest the child various embodiments switching negative emotions into positive , then then he begins to fantasize , inventing new and interesting ways . Then the child will not only learn osoznovat their feelings and manage , but also understand that from any predicament there is a way , and not one. That of any , even the most difficult situation there is, children should inspire all the time! Ability to find a way in difficult situations - a very valuable acquisition for life . Then , when faced with difficulties , your children are not saved before them, did not give up , do not fall into depression ( let us remember that depression - the worst enemy of creativity ) , but to weigh and consider the various options will take effect . A choice of ways to manage your mood is also important because as a teenager child will know that it is not necessary to grab a cigarette or a glass , pouring wine wo ... With excitement , restlessness , anxiety, fear or fatigue can be handled in more. Be consistent and patient . Remember that some problems can be resolved quickly , while others require time and patience. Do not lose sight of the goal that you set for the child and ourselves . Celebrate achievements , enjoying even the smallest successes. Capture the "steps" and not "fall" , keep the child in his endeavors . Remember that all these ways - only the first part of the work . The next task for you is : teach your child not to judge anyone and forgive others their offenses . Way of strengthening and further developing the emotional stability of the child lies in your ability to achieve a balance between the freedom of his actions and responsibility for them. For example , telling a child that is not good to beat someone , you set the outer limits of its action . I must say it again: " When you are angry , step aside and chill ." Often parents do not try to explain your child what to do , but only talk about what not to do , and thereby further restricting displays of emotion child. He learns to find a middle ground between the expression of emotions and self-control , following the known limitations. If everything is forbidden , how can he learn? The older he gets, the more we become consultants , we only help them cope with feelings. As children continue to learn to control themselves , and that the burden of responsibility for emotions increasingly shifted their side swing. This means that if a child has passed the boundary set by you , but you know that he is able to cope with irritation known his ways ( step aside , go to your room ) , rest assured , he will use it in these ways to pacify myself. Kid asks for permission to go for a walk , but before lunch time is short , and you say "No". If, after this, he rushes to his room and stays there to cry , just " lick wounds ," it's all right . This is a perfectly acceptable way to pacify emotions ( especially in the age of five ) . This suggests that the failure of his emotions lead to nowhere , and that he was afraid to say what later regret. So he goes to make up your emotions. Some parents do not allow children to express emotions , suggesting to them that feeling - the phenomenon of intolerance . Then look at what you 'll be doing yourself when boss denies your vacation, you have been waiting for ? If we want our children in response to the frustration and anger do better than we do ourselves , then there is something wrong , obviously , with us. One thing to expect more from ourselves , and we have long since developed a strategy of behavior , and we have the emotional reserves to cope with such situations , and quite another - to expect the same from his three - five-year baby. Too many parents are able to recognize the child's desire to properly express their emotions, but most of them only reinforce restrictions . For example, when a mother or father a child say , heading to his room : " Do not go, I have not finished , I do not allow you to go to your room " , the child loses the opportunity to tidy up his feelings as he can do it. There is nothing wrong in his attempt to calm down before you start to resolve the conflict . Too often we ourselves want to understand the situation and is extremely unstable emotional state. This leads to more irritation and failure. I'm not saying that we should not force their children to take responsibility for their abusive words or bad behavior. Once things settle down , sit down with him and discuss what happened , and what could be done differently . Do not forget that even in the heat of passion , you are still the teacher, not the catalyst. If your kid only 2 years old , then the idea of his behavior should be relevant you . You need to consider how much the child is able to cope with emotions . Dvuhletki simply unable to control their feelings and do not expect this from him. Its just overwhelmed with feelings , and he responds by impulsively, often voice. That is why tantrums - a distinctive feature of this age. Here are two important tips that will help you achieve emotional stability kid. Take the child's ability to manage their own emotions ( this does not mean that you have a blind eye to his inappropriate behavior ) . How quickly gives your child emotions and how fast it goes ? If this happens, really quickly, then tell him, " It will soon pass ," and let the baby to calm down . Many of us in the heads have timers that click , and we believe that it is time to end around , we do not look to the degree of resentment. Be careful . Hardly a child has the same timer , it still needs more time to regroup emotionally. Think about the fact that since its weak nervous system " malfunctioned " , you may need to help him calm down. It's time to take the baby in his arms and tell him what you need to do to be obedient. Look for opportunities to teach a toddler to properly manage emotions (eg , the ability to step aside in anger and calm yourself , do not yell loudly at the outbreak of anger, and even try to reduce the time of this outbreak ) . Hurry noted and praised the increasing ability to overcome anger and reasonably cope with feelings. Help children grow spiritually healthy - a complex and controversial task. We must explain to them that emotions - normal. And at the same time, we have to teach them not to disrupt their feelings on others. Need to find a middle ground in the disclosure of increasing cognitive abilities and the ability to explain and get along with others . We need to be directly involved in this process, but do not confuse their own feelings with the child.
Perfect Mate: Abstinence is extremely dangerous for gentle body Sex - it's life. His long-term absence is detrimental to the human body. And abstinence is still bad impact on both the physical and the psychological health of the person . And for women lack physical love , as if the lack of water for the flower . Which once again confirmed by scientists . It turned out that many women forced abstinence acts as a steam boiler operates no holes to relieve pressure : increased irritability , greatly aggravated premenstrual syndrome , there is apathy and fatigue . Besides mental effects are also possible , and physical , such as benign tumors of the uterus , uterine bleeding and other gynecological ailments. At the same time , as the experts, the lack of sex is not the direct cause of these diseases, and only able to greatly accelerate their development.
Perfect Date: We almost stopped going to these visits and have almost forgotten that go together in a bar or at a party, where there will be dozens of friends - this is not a date. Date - this is when they play by certain rules and do not do it casually and deliberately , trying to find a man in front of more than just a friend . We met up with Katya Zemsky , an expert in matters of etiquette by vocation and found out what the important rules familiar to her in this delicate matter. I often listen to stories about dating friends, I have my own experience and I carefully look around and you know what ? I see that few of us understand what actually date and what it should and could be . We all , daring to meet with a man who is interesting for us , of course, expect magic , but very often do not get it. We are taught everything , anything , but no one told me where to begin relationships. It seems that stupidity - the rules , do they not to be broken, how can standards be in this special issue. The idea is that there is a frame - etiquette, you can string it on anything . It is designed to facilitate your task . If etiquette is not instilled since childhood - it can be learned . I am no expert in this matter , so do not become a dream, and met a lovely girl Katya Zemsky . Katya noble roots, she grew up in a family where the table is served even when eating alone , clear rules of etiquette for her - a system in which Kate lives since childhood. So, what should pay attention , going to spend time with those who may become really important to you in the future ? Relationship - the responsibilities of both parties. Be with you - this person's choice , and the social contract between you . After all, do not go on a date with anyone who invites . If you are invited to a meeting , and you are not ready for such a format , it is possible to offer a cup of coffee together . This is a completely different amount of time , but you can be sure of his decision , or vice versa - suddenly interested person. But, if decided on a date , spend this time to benefit , find someone who sits in front . Ask, and you will answer . But do not ask those questions on a date that may confound , be polite . 1. Why do we need a date? - To take a closer look . So invite a date to the movies strange that we can not recognize each other in the movie, we even look at each other can not . What a date to the movies , I and 200 people ? Cinema, lecture , museum and other leisure activities for the first meeting is not an option . Dating for a nice walk or a meal , while not necessarily a restaurant, it might be a picnic . But a first date - it's when you're sitting across from each other , to see the reaction , pause and notice more. Keyword : are we going to know a person . In fact, we go to the interview. date 2 . Date - this is when it flowers , and you're wearing a dress and makeup. That is correct, and that respect for each other You qualify, you must show that it is not simply ran out. Man must also be dressed properly to a girl if she wore a dress, did not feel discomfort. Flowers - just a nice sign gifts here are misplaced . If you do not give flowers , what else token man can do to show that he is interested in a girl ? Huskies not the same network ! Any girl is preparing for a date , chooses clothes , doing makeup and here he sees the result , which is clearly not gone 15 minutes. A man spends much time to get out on a date ? But somehow he must show that also ready that he had not come by, and for her. If it's for men , of course, a deliberate act. A campaign for a date is important to be conscious. date 3 . typically thirty At the beginning of the conversation you speak simple themes familiar to both of you to remove the awkwardness , and she is always there when people are looking at each other. To know - it takes time for this are several hours. If you choose to spend them in the restaurant, the first thing you need to order , so you do not do this . Orders should be a three-course , because it is easier and more logical , you just have time to learn everything you need . Usually dating needs about 30 questions and answers. date 4 . It would be nice to forget about the phone at all We can not do two things at once , we will lose in quality. On a date you spend not only time but also the time of the interlocutor. If you have an important call , you can prevent this in advance , but it can be only one call . You have selected 2-3 hours , no one makes a date to sit longer, but it's your choice - go there . And, if you are distracted - is disrespectful to yourself first . Missed calls - the price of your appointment . 5 . Salad, main course and dessert For the salad you will learn the simple things of life each other , for example, whether there are brothers or sisters , what the people that he is interested in , etc. Main course - the main speech. You can touch on relations. You ask about the expectations of each other , so as not to be deceived . It must be understood that the meeting - a social contract . What you basically meet ? The ultimate goal - to be together. Therefore, you should immediately talk over what's important - it's honest and it's not hard , you just need to try. You can specify one valid question about the past. For example , it is desirable to understand whether the source is in a relationship, not to create awkward situations in the future. It just seems ridiculous, until you hit a similar story . If the past sorted out and everything is fine, you can move on to dessert. During dessert, talk about the future , not specifically about the expectations of each other , but in general . There are different time periods, sometimes you just want to have fun , and people , on the contrary , set his next relationship will be long and severe. If you do not discuss some things at once, it may be a misunderstanding. If you do not ask, in a few months can get something that will not be ready. One should be clear , all the problems of vague phrases. date 6. Who pays? In Russia, the classical rendezvous calls man and he pays too . Basics of patriarchy brought to us from childhood , " you're a girl ," " be a man ", and despite the dot emancipation of women , they are very well fit into realities. In the men's power to choose a restaurant and, accordingly, the event's budget . date 7. end of the evening If you meet in the evening , the man would be good to carry her home . Modern standards in this regard are slightly blurred , he is not obliged to do so , but this is normal and the girl will be pleasant this concern . But if the date did not work out , you can offer to call a taxi , but be sure to play the last chord in the tone of the evening . After all, is not always ideal date portends a long family life, but will always remain in the memory as an independent event. date 8. Date ends the next day In order to digest the situation , we need time . People may not like , but you still have to thank for the meeting , because the interviewee has spent the time , turn off your mobile phone in the end . So this morning would be nice to make a call, but you need to take into account the day of the week. Not always correct to call on the weekends when people may be busy with family. Therefore, we can write and . Of course , you'd better do it man, as host, but there is also no clear answer , so it does not matter who writes the first the next day. Thanks - that is important . date 9. If you are not interested person , find the strength to say about it We can say no, we can not be passionate about - this is normal . If you have the desire to continue the relationship , to meet again , it must be said about this , but do not say so out of politeness. Giving hope when they do not - discourteously . Man, for example, might ask whether a girl wants to meet again , or she herself may ask this question. Understanding the situation greatly simplifies all , why stay in the unexplored , if one may ask ? Perhaps first to ask such questions embarrassing , but it is a skill , it should turn out . On such things should not be focused , but they definitely need to know to not wonder then why a person with whom you had some chemistry, no interest after a well conducted goodbye. Of course , you need to trust your feelings. I believe that this is the best means to feel whether or not to move forward.
Turn Ons/Offs: What should be the ideal man ? What should be the ideal man and misconceptions zhenschinSuschestvuet difference to have their claims to the man and to build unrealistic expectations regarding its behavior. Most women have common ideas about how to be a man and how he has to behave in a given situation . This in itself is harmless , as long as women do not start to check what is happening here and now , so ideal that they created in their imagination . Imagine an ideal situation with a man in her life for women is quite natural. It can motivate and inspire . But when we are constantly comparing our ideal image with reality , it is almost impossible to find a match and as a result is inevitable disappointment. Your real man shares your feelings , outlook on life , is able to meet your needs in a relationship, you can trust him and share with him his life . And your perfect man always behave as you want. The difference between the real and the ideal man is obvious. Second simply does not exist in nature. I should add that men do the same. You might have seen men who are constantly in search of his dreams, a better ideal. Even if there are a lot of beautiful women , they dream that they will find supermodel who will wholeheartedly love them and do not require anything in return. It is their ideal, these women do not exist in the real world , but many men secretly follow their fantasies.
Best Reason to Get to Know Me: "I believe that the same sunglasses with the inscription Chanel or Dolce & Gabbana in sequins and golden ringlets that our women wear on the head, and not where it should be, - is the very kokoshnik that they do not denounced . This desire to cover his head somehow gilded halo. But since kokoshniks now on sale there , they cover their heads in sequins glasses . " Creative meeting will be held in a beautiful modern atrium gallery under the program "Fashion's Night Out" in the shopping gallery " Moscow" . Starting lectures 23.15 ! Maestro will share his vision of what the " Russian style" how to catch trends and characteristics of modern fashion urban dwellers - cities. On a huge screen will be broadcast slides and illustrations from the personal collection of the author. Known fashion historian , author and collector Alexandre Vassiliev designed more than 100 productions of ballets and operas on stages leading theaters . The author of popular books and articles , consummate lecturer Vasiliev teaches the history of costume and fashion in 4 languages worldwide, was awarded the Gold Medal of the Academy of Arts of Russia , medals SP Diaghilev and VF Nijinsky . And each of his lecture - a creative improvisation that the eyes of the listeners and viewers suddenly unfolds in a unique intellectual entreprise . For amateurs and professionals in the fashion ! Attention! Before the lecture maestro conducts a personal autograph session of his books at a meeting with his readers in the concept store PODIUM MARKET on the second floor of the shopping gallery Moscow c 22.00 to 23.00 . After the lecture, the central enfilade shopping gallery will be transformed into a night cinema and fashionable night everyone will be able to finish watching the beautiful cult film SEPTEMBER ISSUE, about how to create a magazine VOGUE, the bible of modern fashion . Also on this night in the shopping gallery "MOSCOW" all fashion lovers are waiting for special discounts and surprises in boutiques galleries .
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