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Profile Headline: You can't take the sky from me.
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About Me
Name: Rayne_
CamScore: 8689
Gender: Female
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 130 pounds
Height: 64 inches
Age: 73
City: Somewhere in CO
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Smoke: Non Smoker
Drink: Occasional
Marital Status: Single
School/College: Want to be a Heli Pilot
Favorite Food: Potatoes!
Pets: My 2 cats, Fela and
Chubs & Puppy Jengo =)
Car: 05 Subaru STI
About Me:

Since I was in 1st grade I have wanted to become a Helicopter Pilot. It has always been my dream and passion. Now I'm finally going for it, and I need your help! To be a true Heli Hero, tip 1234 in a single tip! All Heros will receive access to a private blog I will be keeping during my training, so I can share my happiness, and experiences with you! It will contain a journal of my flights, lessons, & pictures. I hope you're able to join me on the biggest adventure of my life, and make my dreams come true! =D

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Bye Bye Bush

PRICE: 100 Tokens
LENGTH: 8:23
DESCRIPTION: Say goodbye to my little red strip, and hello to my bare shaved pussy.
Wet T-Shirt

PRICE: 300 Tokens
LENGTH: 14:13
DESCRIPTION: Getting wet and sexy in the bathtub!
Bathroom Finger with Buttplug

PRICE: 400 Tokens
LENGTH: 11:14
DESCRIPTION: A RARE sight! Watch me finger myself doggy style with a buttplug in! Only my 2nd anal vid!
Dress Fuck

PRICE: 400 Tokens
LENGTH: 10:23
DESCRIPTION: All dolled up with dark makeup, a little black dress, leggings, and heels! Multiple fun positions and a nice creamy finish.
Schoolgirl Squirt

PRICE: 300 Tokens
LENGTH: 12:54
DESCRIPTION: I'm a naughty little schoolgirl having some fun and finishing with a nice gushing squirt!
New BJ

PRICE: 200 Tokens
LENGTH: 5:51
DESCRIPTION: Just me doing what I love to do, and sucking on my dildo imagining a real cock!
Hotel Bath Tease

PRICE: 100 Tokens
LENGTH: 10:14
DESCRIPTION: Enjoying a nice hot bath in a giant tub in my hotel room! Come enjoy it with me :)
Underwater Fingering

PRICE: 250 Tokens
LENGTH: 7:16
DESCRIPTION: Tired from wandering the Vegas strip, watch me have some relaxing fun in the tub! Lots of underwater closeups!
Drunk Hotel Bed Cum

PRICE: 300 Tokens
LENGTH: 11:17
DESCRIPTION: After a few drinks in Vegas, I decide to have a bit of fun to unwind from a long day! Watch me spank, and finger myself for you!
First Anal

PRICE: 400 Tokens
LENGTH: 12:55
DESCRIPTION: I was feeling extremely horny and start off playing with the Hitachi. When that wasn't doing it for me I decide to try some anal which really hit the spot! Watch me as i penetrate my ass and have 2 intense orgasms ending with a gushing squirt!
Shower POV

PRICE: 200 Tokens
LENGTH: 4:57
DESCRIPTION: Join me in the shower for some POV sucking and doggy style fucking!
Abbey Spanks

PRICE: 150 Tokens
LENGTH: 8:02
DESCRIPTION:Want to see me punished? Watch the beautiful AbbeyRhode spank my ass until it's bright red! She uses a variety of paddles and of course some hand spanks. Then some kissing to make up at the end. ;) I'm such a bad girl.
Bath Jets

PRICE: 250 Tokens
LENGTH: 10:28
DESCRIPTION: I found some alone time while at the Cam Mansion, and decided to have a nice relaxing bath. Turned out to be much more relaxing once I found the jets! Enjoy watching me get myself off for the first time ever with bath jets!
Cam Mansion Outside

PRICE: 250 Tokens
LENGTH: 5:14
DESCRIPTION: I couldn't find any privacy in the mansion, and was incredibly turned on. So I snuck outside and found a perfect place for you to watch me finger my tight little pussy until I cum! First ever outside orgasm!

PRICE: 250 Tokens
LENGTH: 23:14
DESCRIPTION: Bath/Suction Cock. A nice hot bath that includes shaving legs and pussy, close-up views, soapy goodness, teasing, and a creamy suction cock ride at the end!
Black Light

PRICE: 150 Tokens
LENGTH: 14:55
DESCRIPTION: Blacklight strip & Glowy dildo. I'm in sexy schoolgirl outfit that looks great in the blacklight. After some teasing and stripping I start playing with my Glowing dildo and have a nice intense orgasm to finish it off!
Robe Strip

PRICE: 75 Tokens
LENGTH: 5:49
DESCRIPTION: I am wearing a silky black evening robe, and dancing around for you, while slowly showing you the goods :)
Suction Bench

PRICE: 150 Tokens
LENGTH: 6:18
DESCRIPTION: Suction Cock Bench. I start off giving this POV cock a little BJ, then ride it forward, and reverse, with a messy ending on the bench!
Squirt Mirror

PRICE: 125 Tokens
LENGTH: 10:00
DESCRIPTION: 10 minute Hitachi/Finger Squirt. I am sitting on a mirror and getting myself off with my Hitachi, and some finger play. After multiple orgasms, I finish with a nice squirt, then lick it up.

PRICE: 100 Tokens
LENGTH: 3:27
DESCRIPTION: I LOVE headrubs! So much so that I look like I'm about to cum while doing them. Therefore, Hairgasm! Enjoy :)

PRICE: 200 Tokens
LENGTH: 18:12
DESCRIPTION: Ever want to just watch a girl take a shower? Maybe sneak into a locker room? This is just a sexy shower, no pussy play. This is how I shower when no one is looking. Voyeur style!
Foot Fetish

PRICE: 100 Tokens
LENGTH: 06:27
DESCRIPTION: For all you foot lovers out there! This vid should certainly please you. Sexy heels, barefoot, lotion, and of course rubbing and massaging my tired pretty feet ;)
Couch Cum

PRICE: 200 Tokens
LENGTH: 04:59
DESCRIPTION: Just enjoying myself on my couch on a sunny afternoon. Wouldn't you like to cum home to this??
Bed Playin

PRICE: 300 Tokens
LENGTH: 06:59
DESCRIPTION: This is a different side of me not many of you have seen. See what I look like laying in my bed and getting myself off the natural way! Just fingers, no toys! And there's a nice squirty finish!
Bath Play

PRICE: 250 Tokens
LENGTH: 08:17
DESCRIPTION: Who loves cumming in a bath? This girl! Enjoy this sexy bubblebath and watch me pleasure myself with my glass dildo!
Shower Toy

PRICE: 300 Tokens
LENGTH: 11:21
DESCRIPTION: Taking a nice hot shower and decide to have a nice hot orgasm to go with it! Watch me soap up, rub down, and get off!

PRICE: 100 Tokens
LENGTH: 5:20
DESCRIPTION: For those of you that love my butt, here's some fun dancing and closeups!

PRICE: 100 Tokens
LENGTH: 4:29
DESCRIPTION: I love sucking cock, since I don't have a real one I'll just suck off my dildo! Enjoy :)

PRICE: 75 Tokens
LENGTH: 05:37
DESCRIPTION: Just me spanking my ass till it turns nice and red ;)
Chatty Chubs

PRICE: 75 Tokens
LENGTH: 4:11
DESCRIPTION: Chubs doing what she does best. Being obnoxious!
Rub A Dub

PRICE: 400 Tokens
LENGTH: 9:58
DESCRIPTION: Sexy bubble bath striptease video with CheshireXCat! We have a great time soaping each other up, making out, licking titties, and giving you some sexy PoV shots!
Rub A Dub 2

PRICE: 500 Tokens
LENGTH: 17:52
DESCRIPTION: A bath vid from when we were camming together. It includes Lots of making out, Soaping up, PoV, goofing around, and a super sexy duel BJ to a giant cock sucker!
Group Show 1

PRICE: 600 Tokens
LENGTH: 20:22
DESCRIPTION: Group show with CheshireXCat! This was recorded from a camshow we did together. There was plenty of making out, eating out, licking, masturbating, and cumming! Including some Hitachi scissoring! Very Hot!
Group Show 2

PRICE: 600 Tokens
LENGTH: 17:32
DESCRIPTION: Second group show with CheshireXCat!. There is A LOT of pussy eating in this video! Of course some making out and titty licks too! We finish ourselves off at the end, Chesh gives a nice creamy finish, and I end up squirting all over the cam! Great ending ;)

Posters also available! Ask me about them!

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USA- 2000!!!

Aero- 1875!!

Anon- 1875!

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Interests & Hobbies
Five Things I Can't Live Without:
My car, Internet, Sex, Video Games, and Music!
What I Like To Do For Fun:
Spend most of my free time either playing with my puppy, or on WoW.. Exciting life, i know
Favorite Songs:
I'm a rocker girl, I like pretty much all rock/metal. If you hang out in my room i'm sure you'll hear some of these... Bloodhound Gang, Mindless Self Indulgence, Slipknot, Korn's old stuff, Tool, Cold, Rammstein, Fear Factory, Rob Zombie, Pitch Shifter, A Perfect Circle, NIN, Offspring, Breaking Benjamin, and many mores. I add more stuff almost everyday to my playlist. If you have a song request or something you think i may like feel free to bring it up ^_^
Favorite Movies:
Wedding crashers, Anchorman, Old school, Knocked up, My Best Friend's Girl, Employee of the Month, Road Trip, Waiting, The Hangover, Avatar, Boondock saints, Inglorious Bastards, The Departed, Interview with the Vampire, and other random stuff.
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done:
Had sex in my old high school when it was being rebuilt after a tornado. ^_^
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now:
Flying a helicopter
Getting nakie and dancing around, racing cars, playing with guns, video games, driving around town, & anything and everything that has to do with helicopters.
Perfect Mate:
Someone that can make me laugh all the time, and that's good at cheering me up. Enjoys my same hobbies, and knows what he wants in life.
Turn Ons/Offs:
Turn ons: Being kissed on the neck, ear nibbles, and little sexy whispers. I also like Tattoos, piercings, and drummers! Turn offs: Rudeness, begging, guys wanting me to watch them stick something in their ass >_
Best Reason to Get to Know Me:
I'm a really fun down-to-earth girl that's more like a 'tomboy' at heart, but my looks and attitude will stun you. I can have nerdy conversations with guys and usually know more about what we're talking about than they do. ^_^ | | My Profile | Profile Settings