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Profile Headline: I don't give attention for free. It's rare that'll you be accepting a great man.
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About Me
Username: Richcute101
Gender: Male
Body Type: Average
Ethnicity: Various
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 210 pounds
Height: 68 inches
Age: 30
City: Wilmington
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Straight
Smoke: Herb
Drink: Occasional
Drugs: Never
Marital Status: Single
Occupation/Major: Aspect > Master of Trades: Government Psychology Technology Inventing Finance Business Sociology
School: Self study, and life long education at various orgranization's, instituion's, and schools.
Favorite Food: Mango, Pussy, Wine, , Rib Eye steak medium rare, little debbie cheese cake strussel
Pets: Dog, Cat, turtle,
Automobile: Yes Creating them/ Mercedes Benz
About Me: I have a hard time loving somebody else because of things that have happened to me by cause of society mainly females, especially feel iffy about females. Find out about me and what kind of person I am you will find I do have a warm heart, that I am my own person within rite and am actually cool overall despite what trauma has begotten of me.
Tags: Single, Datable, Weird, Super Genius, Genuine, Conversationlist, Gentleman, Understanding, Innovative Pioneer, Big dick and balls, Joker, Wealthy, Powerful, Knowledgable, Good Pimp, Resorceful, Adventurous, Cool Pimp, Pro Pussy Eater, Perfect Size 7, Honest to Modest, Multi talented, Horny Pervert, Casual, Investigative, War Fighter, Techy, Open minded, Clean, Detail Attentive, Random Spontaneous, Lover
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Interests & Hobbies
Meaning of Life: Information, Replication. Knowledge, humbleness, Intelligence, wealth, insight power, empathy to others feeling, friends, family, food. happiness, great health, longevity, long life lived worth living being lived. Thank you for Viewing.
Five Things I Can't Live Without: Information, Commodoties,Inner peace. My Intelligence, Things of equity and quality. Some good people (not all people are good people).
Favorite Books: Pimpology, Sun Tzu Art of war, Erogon, Wheres Waldo?, Oxford English Dictionary, The 48 Laws of Power, Position of the Day Play Book, The Female Brain, Cash Flow Quadrants, Barens Physics B, Blacks Law Dictionary,
What I Like To Do For Fun: Haven't really got to have much fun in my life but these are thing's I do or would do: Sex, Party, Read, Philosophy, Social Work, Write, Create, Discover new talent's, Recruit, Learn, play games, Mess with people, Find out what makes people tick, how they are and what kind of person they are and getting to know them before they get to know me... I find people facinating.
Favorite Songs: Some Death Metal, some Smooth Rock, Hip-Hop, Trance, R&B, Dubstep, light Classical, Classic Pop, Pop, Instrumentals and other., I can produce my own beats. Eminem No Apologies,
Favorite Movies: Focus, Lucy, The Matirix,
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: Had sex during the day outside in public. Had sexin a shed. Nearly fall off a cliff at age 11 mountain climbing in a 4x4 Pathfinder. Join the U.S. Military Elite special forces division. Mastered a trade and retired betweenthe ages of 21-24.
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: In space, on an expedition with a bunch of other astronauts exploring the universe.
Hobbies: Having agood time, Sleeping, Learning, Reading, Teasing/Messing with people, Collecting, Creating, Inventing, Power Investing, Mastering Trades, Socialism, Science Entertainment, Music (Music production: Making beats ), Sports, Eating Amazing food. Designing, Writing/Jounaling, Traveling and Exploring, Chilling out, Meditating, Nimpon Kempo mixed Martial arts,Shooting, Photagraphy, Media, Construction, Investigating, making good new friends. Technology, Hacking, Being at peace.
Talents: Natural Leader trait. Making miracles. Pimping, Being a great sex partner. Calculating. Psychology. Strength. Having a high I.Q. of (260). retatining modesty and humility. Becoming more enlightened.
Perfect Mate: Be a sexy attractive woman on the inside as well as the outside I can love who retains her neutrality and indivisuality.
Perfect Date: Fun, interesting, friendly and comforting. Non Brutal I don't like that brutal woman shit. Doesn't fake being a good woman. Enticing excitment. Show me you're different from the bunch I am regularilly used to and tired of. Is not a stalker or a terrorist, and is not crazy or delusional in the head, is her own indivisual with her own mind set and mentality.
Turn Ons/Offs: Turn off's: Bad people/ Being a bad person, STD's, Petty, Rediculous, Indecent, Anti-social, Avoident, Presuming, pressuring, Tentuous, undependable, unreliable, Contradictive, Vain, Horrible, Horrendous, Stalkive Terrosistic, Undesirable, unforgiving, Unloving, Distant, Unforgiving, Seflish, Forgetting, Isolative, Vague, Greedy, Spoiled, Bratty, Uninteresting, Savage, Spiteful, Hurtful,Unwilling, Painful, indearing, Hinderive, Argumentive, Unapologetic, Draining, Leaching, difficult, Unfriendly, Withholding, Rebellious, Bitchy, Rude ,Disrepectful, Offending, Offensive, Mean, pessemistic, Loathful, Unjust, Shady, Vindictive, Oversesative, Weak, Unkind, Dumb, Ungrateful, Feeble, Self-entitled, Unconcerning, Hypocritical, Nacassistic, Crazy, Dirty, Negligent, Unaware, Uninsightful, Dishonest, Closed, Inconsiderate, Unequatable, Unqualified, Stressful, displeasing, destructive, Uncommunicative, Discommunicative, Decietful, Shallow, Distasteful Clueless, Preventative, Impeding, Fearful, Shunner, untrustworthy, irrational, unreasonable, obcene, unwomanly, nasty, repelling, irritating, disgusting, ugly, Imitating, confused, confusing, hysterical, delusional, fake, frauding, broke, unfortunate, unfortuning, misfortuning, succubus, disturbing, misdirective, misleading, manipulative, contemplative, doubtful, scornful,Lazy, Whorish. Turn on's: Great internal character and external beauty, Bright, easy, Easygoing, Loving, Considerate, Moral, Submissive, Feminine, Respectful, Giving, Savy, Pleasent, Soft, Lovable, Happy, Fearless, Comforting, Warm, Open, Sexy, Seductive, Celebrative, Perky, Womanly, Caring, Nurturing, Creative, Motherly, Explorative, Courageous, Empowered, Professional, Pleasent, Strong, Smart, Cute, attractive, appealing, Humorous, Direct, Guidive, Helpful, Useful, Tough, Sexual, Sensual, Suggestive, Outgoing, Qualified
Best Reason to Get to Know Me: Overall Am a nice guy but not someone to be picked on. Am my own indivisual people try to break down and prevent me from being, and I am cool people's always have been always will be. Truly unique to myself there is only 1 of me in the world no one is like me so that makes me specifically a scarcity. I have my own name for myself in this universe.
Message Wall
hey mister,nice profile,rated 5 stars
It's highly advised that it's better to be my friend than to choose to dislike me for invalid reason and make me your enemy or choose to show disinterest not caring bout my interests ewually to your own. Treat people well and dont ever place me underniether you cause im not that type of guy who is below you.
Donbt rate me bad if your abad person. in fact dont rate me at all if your not going to rate me good for all ive been through or what good im trying to do. Stop being a hater and disliking me for no reason.
if ever u wanna chat pls say hi, i dont bite
welcome back, been worried about u, i to often fall foul of the trolls here, cos i diff, been trolled summat cronic recent. i try not 2 let em get me down, pls do the same
i c ur a gamer, me 2, old fart games, NES,SNES, N64,GameCube,PS1, PS2, an RPG fan, Zelda, Final Fantasy, etc
have read ur wall here and read ur headliner, sorry i didnt realise, send me a mssg when u here later,sorry if i upset u in any way shape or form
talk 2 us normal please and we mean no harm, try and be above us and same may happen, talk 2 us normal thats all we ask, take care 4 now
xoxoxox very nice to meet you

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