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Profile Headline: Mature lady looking to make friends and maybe more....
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Username: SexyDesire
CamScore: 2310
Gender: Female
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 135 pounds
Height: 63 inches
Age: 40
City: Bucharest
Country: Romania
Sexual Preference: Straight
Smoke: Moderate
Drink: Light
Drugs: Never
Marital Status: Single
Occupation/Major: webcamgirl
School: College
Favorite Food: Depends what I'm in the mood for something salty, sweet or sour and yes I'm talking about food :P
Pets: I don't have one but I love puppies especially white fluffly ones! They are so cute!
Automobile: I would like one :P
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Tags: mature, funny, great dancer, smartass, flirty, playfull, sensual, cute, big full lips, round ass, hard nipples, tight jucy pussy, natural, bedroom eyes
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Interests & Hobbies
Meaning of Life: Life is one continuous battle, you gotta keep fighting to suceed..... never let yourself down and if u do, get up and keep on moving....
Five Things I Can't Live Without: Love, friends, men, cigarettes ohh...... and Sex!! Not necessarily in that order!!
Favorite Books: Gone with the wind! Basic instinct :P
What I Like To Do For Fun: Drive men crazy LOL!
Favorite Songs: Beyonce,Black Eyed Peas,Pussycatdolls, Shakira , Madonna ,Rhianna, Kylie Minogue, Sean Paul, Whiteney Houston, Celine Dion , but also some oldies , everything that keeps me moving
Favorite Movies: Comedies , thrilers, dramas , scifi ,romance, fantasy
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: Maybe I will tell you once u get to know me better :P
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: I would be in Hollywood just kidding or maybe not??
Hobbies: English language, movies, music, travelling, shopping :P after all I'm a woman ain't I?
Talents: Dancing, singing, teasing, flirting , sucking....and not the last fucking:P
Perfect Mate: Smart,funny,caring, loving, passionate, good friend, someone I can rely on ! I know there is no such a guy lol but maybe you'll prove me your the exception :P
Perfect Date: Strolling barefoot along a secluded beach watching the sunset and melting into each others arms, dinner shared in an intimate restaurant with a romantic carriage ride after, while you hold my hand, running your fingers through my hair and whispering gently into my ear......
Turn Ons/Offs: I like guys who know how to make a woman feel unique, guys who can stimulate me with their intelligence but also physically. Good sense a humour is a request! I don't like cheap, rude, nasty, liers , demanding and annoying people.
Best Reason to Get to Know Me: I'm a mixture of sex-appeal, brains and I have a great sense of humour!
Message Wall
Hey there Phrosty it has been a while... Thank u for the compliment...
Hey Stranger! Looking great!
Thank u Desperado72 ! I really appreciate it ! The important thing is that you remembered!xoxoxo
Seems everyone forgot your Birthday.I know I'm late but Happy Birthday and many more
Thank u trouble_ahead for your kind words!. I will come back when i feel up too . xoxoxo
so sorry for your loss of your mum! sexiest girl on this site and sorely missed by so many!!!, hope you come back soon!xxxxxx
Hi Pervus . The reason why im not on the site anymore is because im still mourning after my mother's death dunno if u read the post down below and im not feeling too good health problems as well. I will be on the cam when i feel like too.Hope u understand .Thank u for thinking of me ! Kisses
I keep visiting the MFC site in hops that you will be on. You know, it isn't even about nudity or sex any more. I really like you and your outlook, your sense of humor. I just hope that the reason your aren't on this site is health reasons. I'm an old guy and I know what that's all about. Write me if you wish. I'm at Allan
When are you coming back, baby?
Thank u , Sean xoxoxo
My prayers are with you, lovely lady. Please take care always.
Hugs my dear, sweet friend. I'm sorry for the news about your mother, but I'm glad she is out of pain. Take all of the time you need. We will be here for you as much as you need.
Dear friends, regulars. I havent been online since my mom got sick this summer so i had to take care of her, hospitals , doctors. She got in diapers , she had alzhaimer as well between othrer bad diseases that towards the end she suffered so much and i did the best i can for her but it was too late. She passed away at the begging of december afer a long sufferince and i watch helpless that i couldnt get better . She had diabitis insulin, anemia she lost a lot of weight plus infections from the hospital I was her nurse, care taker and it has been very difficult for me. But as much as i miss her im glad that God take care do she wasnt suffer anymore . She wasnt eating anymore coulndt speak she was in lot of pain God rest her soul! I know many of u didnt knew this aspect of my life only close frineds. Im in mourning so it will take a while till im gonna cam again . God rest her in peace! Amen ! I will never forget you mom!
Thank u trouble_ahead!xoxo
Happy Birthday gorgeous!!!
Im sorry to hear that , mrigmar. Unfortunatelly she is at her second hospitalization ,complications show up , infections she is still very weak in diapers with IV , anemic , dementia , diabitis with insulin and many more. I go see her every day . She was home for about a week and a half while I was taking care of her completly . It was very hard. I got sick myself because of this stressful situation and things are not looking good for her or me. Thank you for the kind words!
I hope your mother is doing good i lost my mother last year
I have miss you alot
Dear friends and regulars! My mother was almost to die , I got her hospitalaizd . They stabilezed her but she is stil very weak. She has dementia plus a very bad disseas chronic bronchotis . She cant walk anymore she is on IV with urinary sond and her judgment affected. I go see her everyday.U can imagine how hard it is for me to see your parent like that ! Im very stressed out myself and wear out that's why i havent been online . I will be when I can Till then all the help, offline tips will be greatly appreciated ! Im in real need her treatment , doctor , nurses , care takers , pampers for her , food , medicine , water , supplies for me and her not to mention bills will need to be payed. Since im the only child and my father is dead for 13 years and I dont have friends or relatives except old to help me out You have no ideea what Ive been going through with her and the hardest part will come So if u have a parent(s) appreciate them, take care of them cos at some point they wont be there for you! God bless you all!Miss you ! Kisses
Hi guys! If u didnt saw me online lately is because my mom is having really health issuses . I have to take care of her since I dont have anyone to do it . Im hoping things will improve but i dont know . Till then i will appreciate all offlines tips from my friends that know me and care for my situation . Thank you for understanding ! Kisses . Hope to see u soon!
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