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Meaning of Life: Image and video hosting by TinyPic To create. To live. To grow. To love. To make change. To change. To be. To fight. To feel. To not feel. To create self. There is and isn't a means. To evolve. Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Five Things I Can't Live Without: I don't know about the without part. There are certain things we need to live. Then there's other things we rather not live without. To be realistic. 1. water 2. food 3. fresh air 4. heat 5. the basic needed elements to be clean (air, water, earth). What I rather not live with out: 1) the internet 2)filtered water 3)music 4)my pc 5)creating. I dunno. This question drives me crazy. food photo: No Food nofood.jpg
Favorite Books: Book themes: Sci-fi, paranormal, paranormal romance, esoteric, occult, magic, magick, metaphysics, poetry, fantasy, heath, folklore, art and architecture,fiction, spirituality, celtic, language, art, teen, used books, etc.
What I Like To Do For Fun: Drift in a meditative state. Sip tea. Play with my cat. Listen to music. Draw. Sing. Do reiki. Have energy sex. Read books. Day dream. Educate myself. Boring stuff to most really.
Favorite Songs: Music types: 50's, 90's, folk, mellow, acoustic instruments, chanting, meaningful lyrics, harps, flutes, acoustic guitar, celtic guitar, ukulele, violin, pop, meditative, rock, classical, Medieval Instruments, lutes, hurdy gurdy, an oud, a psaltery, 14 century music, middle english, norwegian, yuletide music, Early 16th Century, etc. Check out my you-tube account to see the music I like. (
Favorite Movies: Movie themes: sci-fi, fantasy,paranormal romance, magick, etc. Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: I don't know. Depends on ones perspective. What is crazy and what isn't. We all are crazy and we all aren't.
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: In a tantric sub space frame of mind & body. In a sacred/protective domain of my own. In a healthy state of mind and body. Learning. Chilling. Making money. Creating art. Healing. In a place with super high ceilings and long rooms. A place I don't have to hear elephant walkers & peace & quiet. A organized fung shui place of sight & energy. Surrounded by beautiful-healing nature.
Talents: Image and video hosting by TinyPicI'm told: drawing, singing, writing poems/song lyrics, listening. -Creep on me?-Worship me?- Love me?- Adore me?- Do I have split personalities or what? 0.0 Maybe I swallowed too many souls. ^,;;,^ My swahavahana soundcloud account. My pixie-nyxie deviantart profile image link
Perfect Mate: energy healing photo: wolf energy wolfenergy.jpg.astral photo: astral-love astral-love.jpg A twin flame, soul-mate, poet, artist, singer, old soul, alien, hybrid, writer, songwriter, enlightened,hopeless romantic, affectionate, sweet, aggressive, intuitive, good in bed, tall, loving, caring, piercing and haunting eyes, magickal, honest, psychic powers, psychic, healer, astral projector, mental projector, dom, dominating, switch, submissive characteristics, ethereal/biolocate projector, high sex drive, empathic, faith healer, funny, amusing,alpha,otherkin,giving, good grammar and spelling,etc. Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Perfect Date: reiki photo: Reiki 18488322.jpg Perfect seems something not likely to happen. So let me daydream. Riding on unicorns. Going to a book store full of occult goodies. Sipping tea among a cute picnic and novels with someone delightful. Astral sex. Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Turn Ons/Offs: Turn on's: good listener, respectful, basicly everything I listed in the 'perfect mate' section. Turn off's: rude, selfish, disrespectful, jerks, backstabbers, ignorance, etc.
Best Reason to Get to Know Me: If you like strange, quiet, talkative, old souls, creative and artistic individuals, those who hear melodies in there head, those who meow and hiss in person, complex individuals, those who talk in 3rd person, those who sing, random behavior, outcasts, freaks, faeries, demonic matured, draconian, otherkin ,riddles,etc. Image and video hosting by TinyPic I used to watch her on here. When she was speaking about topics I resonate with. I watched all her first youtube channel videos. With her being RH negative and her issues with her youth. Than I saw her make another youtube channel and I watched those as they uploaded. I spoke with her a few times as a guest on here and by her 2nd youtube channel. I put this here as a reminder life can be short. Those you may feel too timid to speak with or to get to know may be gone before you know it. Share love. Find courage. Find strength.
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About Me
Username: Siofra
CamScore: 63
Gender: Female
Body Type: Large
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Weight: 200 pounds
Height: 510 inches
Age: 30
City: Astral plane
Country: Canada
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Smoke: Non Smoker
Drink: Non Drinker
Drugs: Never
Marital Status: Single
Occupation/Major: Succubus
School: School of the magick arts
Favorite Food: Your soul
Pets: One cat
Automobile: Merkaba
About Me: One of many words. One of few words. One of many names. Click on image
Tags: Artistic Draw Drawing Domme, Creative Dome Switch Dominating, Esoteric FinDomme Strange, InnieVagina Tantrasexual, Pale Caucasian Mixed White, Otherkin, Haunting, FemmeDomme, Sensual, Asexual, Demoness Acting Script, Poetic, Shy BrownHair GlassDildo, Tall GoldEyes RedHair BlondeHair, LongLegs BrownEyes YellowEyes, LongFeet Small hands GreenEyes, Occult IttyBittyTitties Oil, Magic Magick Goddess Highness, Pictish Strip Princess Queen, Scottish WetAnMessy ASMR, Irish SpiritPenis Vampiric, Dutch Giantess Giant GhostPenis, Native CanadianIndian Cute BBW, Tease Canadian Purr, SexMagick SexMagic Witch Hiss Sh, EnergyPlay Succubi Succubus Incu, HairyBeaver Pcos HazelEyes Ubi, BilocationSexual Fae Faerie Muse, AstralSexual EtherealSexual Dae, Bi Pan Pansexual Asexual XOXOXOX, Ki Chi Energy Dragon Draconian, Audio Sound Sing Talk Whisper Qi
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Wow, great profile. Nice cam. Hope to get see you around more. Glad you are here.
OH Boy... love your profile.. lol. 5/5..
you are so sexy!
Nadines Natural Guide to Feminine Hygiene
Both attractive and intelligent. By far, one of the most pleasant women I've had the pleasure of meeting here.
Lol Small talk is bull Ssshhh haha @Sasopein. I agree. Small minded fuckas best stay away from me if all ye know how to say is -HRU, ASL, Where do you live, BB, Babe, Whats up-. If ye small talk like that. Stay far away from me, ye vermin.
Ello ello
Not to recommend if you wanna small talk!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUE-cucumber_land!
heyyy cue (cucumber). I've been missing ye late at night. i've been sleeping like a normal person. I think the heat has made me more tired. Plus I've been up all day lately.
As an individual with Hypersensitive hearing and other senses. I feel their pain. We need to help them.
Wow!!!! SuperCuteNatural! Thanks for saying Hi
Sexuality is perhaps one of our most primal and most personal ways of expressing ourselves. We long for intimacy, closeness and the touch of another human being. The visual depiction of sex goes back to the beginning of humankinds first attempts at artistically interpret the world around us. Through the introduction of monotheistic religions and the power structures based on oppression and guilt that inevitably follows in the trail of such systems, our sexuality has become a hostage to everything but the heart and the soul. Pornography has become a commodity peddled and we have become consumers instead of creators. Sex is being labeled and packaged as pastime and escapism. It is regarded as shameful, ugly and sinful. It has also become a catalyst for male aggression and emotional insecurity. All my life I have found this strange and unnatural. Homophobia and other psychosocial issues regarding sexuality still rears their ugly heads. It is all this and so much more that has inspired me to start creating my own erotica and pornography. I want to explore where I belong and also find my own sensual voice in this labyrinth of the dark, wet, warm, tingling, intimate, poetic, beautiful thing that is the erotic. Can pornography be removed from the minds exploiting our desires and innermost hearts? Can it be Ours to define and to create? I certainly believe so. I have chosen the form of Shunga (japanese Edo period pornographic drawings, prints and paintings) to be the starting point for exploring and showing my personal fantasies and desires. Not everything I paint is things that speaks to me erotically. Sometimes I want just to experiment, shock or ask questions about tolerance, empathy or why certain things are regarded as taboo. I invite you to enjoy my visual eroticisms and hope each and everyone can find something to make their day and night a little bit more wonderful. / Senju Horimatsu
You are a wonderful person. Never a dull moment here. What an amazing choice of music and art.
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