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Username: TiffanyAngel
CamScore: 439
Gender: Female
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Age: 27
Country: France
Sexual Preference: Bi-curious
Drink: Occasional
Drugs: Experimented
Occupation/Major: Personal Assistant (need help with that sir?)
Favorite Food: Home-made pasta, Mexican food, strawberries.
Automobile: No car for me, I ride a black Ducati Monster.
About Me: ***********************************************************************
[^_^]Tiffanys End of Year Auction[^_^]

To Win : Be one of TiffanyAngel's 2 Highest Tippers THIS MONTH!

1st Place wins:
1) An Exclusive Custom Video just for you + you choose the content!
2) A Premiere viewing of my 1st public release video coming this January.
3)Favorite Status including Director's Privilege for 30 minutes, being added to my Friend list, PM privilege, PM priority and special attention in my chat room, you gain access to all my free private albums, and FREE access for up to 3 paying photo albums.
4)Your Name in Lights - I will write your nick or first name on my naked body and wear it during my first January show online and send you a pic of it.
5)Your Name Will Appear Everywhere - Your nick will appear all over my profile as Top Tipper for the month of December, Favorite, and Winner of the End of Year Auction. Your nick will also show up in my January Live cam shows.

2nd Place wins:
1)10 exclusive photos of me in an outfit chosen by YOU.
2)Favorite Status including Director's Privilege for 30 minutes, being added to my Friend list, PM privilege, PM priority and special attention in my chat room. You gain access to all my free private albums, and get FREE access for up to 3 paying photo albums.
3)Your Name Will Appear Everywhere - Your nick will appear on my profile as 2nd Top Tipper for the month of December, Favorite, and Runner-up Winner of the End of Year Auction, your nick will also show up in my January Live cam shows.

Terms and Conditions : *Highest tippers will be published and updated on TiffanyAngel's profile as quickly and regularily as possible in order to make it possible to follow progress of the Auction. * Tips will only be attributed to the user account that did the tipping. If you have more than one account, please make sure you always use the same account when tipping TiffanyAngel this month! Tokens paid for tipping or purchases will all be taken into account. Tokens paid for private or group shows are not applicable. Offline tips count double! All tips must be made before midnight December 31st 2014 MFC time (Pacific Standard Time).
*EXCLUSIVE video and photo CONTENT as well as director's orders MUST FIRST BE APPROVED by TiffanyAngel. She has to follow MFC's rules, and there are some things she simply doesn't like. Please validate your ideas with her before participating in the Auction. Director Privilege time must be used consecutively and must be used before the end of March 2015. Video content will be minimum 10 minutes in length and in High Quality. *TiffanyAngel commits herself to deliver the prizes in a timely manner. *Please note - Privileges and statuses can be lost if you do not respect MFC's user rules, if you are acting abusively towards the model, or if you are simply pissing her off too much and she has grown tired of your shenanigans.

A big THANK YOU to all partipants. You make me feel like a Princess!

~~~~~~~~~~END OF YEAR AUCTION - STATUS~~~~~~~~~~
Tokens will add up fast! I was online very little time this month and I didn't announce the auction until Dec. 24th.

#1. ej186 - 691 Tokens
#2. Nucky88 - 450 Tokens

*******************MY FAVORITES*******************

Starting in January

Join my Favorites : Single tip me 600 Tokens

Favorites get :

1) Director's Privilege once for 30 minutes and if you like it, you can purchase 30 minutes once per month for 300 tokens.
2) FREE access to 1 video selected by TiffanyAngel. 3)Access to my private albums and 3 paying photo albums.
4) Added to my Friend List and receive PM Privilege. You also get special attention from me and priority over other conversations.
5)Your Name Will Appear Everywhere - on my profile as a Favorite, and in my Live cam shows the month you were Favorited.
6) 10% off photo albums and videos.

****************TOP 3 TIPPERS IN NOVEMBER****************
#1. marzianoo
#2. ej186
#3. sex2nik

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CHAT ROOM RULES~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Be polite to others and avoid arguments. Also, if you are well cultured please find another way to share your knowledge with me other than belittling me, "teaching" me how much I don't know, or other things like that. It's just a question of approach. If we simply talk, you'll realize that there is more to this camgirl than meets the eye!

If I ask you to be quiet or to stop doing something and you continue to do it, I might ban/ignore you without warning.

I will not do Roll Playing in Public Chat (Unless you have earned Director Privileges)! Do not call me negative names, or give me orders. I am not your servant.
If you have a request, use words such as "Do you", "Can you", or "Please". If you tip me and write a request in the note, there is more chance I will do what you are asking for. For more information on how to make Requests in my Chat Room, please visit my Special Request section on how to procede.

If I'm giving a show - dancing far away from the keyboard or playing with wet body parts, I won't see chat text very well, won't be reading PMs, and I won't be able to type. (Poor keyboard) Please do not insist I look at your message. If you have a request or need to draw my attention, please send me a message in a tip and I will read it as soon as possible. High Tippers (VIPs, Favorites, etc.) always get first priority!

No, I do not watch guy's cameras. I do not do CTC nor Skype. Please read my FAQ section for other details on what I do and won't do

Want to talk in Private? *40 tokens = FRIEND ADD + PM PRIVILEGES. If you would like to discuss something you do not want others to see or want to request something special in a Private Show, you can send me 40 tokens and request to be added to my friends list so we can have private conversations. I used to accept PMs from everyone, but it's quickly unmanageable and I feel it's not fair to you guys when i'm distracted so often, we all lose so much time that way! I also need to show some favor to the people that have been treating me well and create opportunities for us to get to know each other better. Just remember, PM Privilege will get my attention but I won't be rude to the people in my public chat room by ignoring them. There will be good moments for us to chat, and others when it will be inconvenient for me since I am working. If you abuse your privilege, I can take it away.

Were you a trouble maker? *200 tokens = Remove BAN + I will stop ignoring you. If you got in trouble in my room and got banned, send me 200 tokens and I will remove the ban and take off the ignore. But you have to turn the page and act like a very good or silent boy or I will ban /ignore you again and I'm sure to tire of the game after a few times.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CHAT FUN MENU~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

10 tokens = See my lovely feet up close and from different angles!
30 tokens = Tit, Ass, or Pussy Flash. Because you love being teased.
50 tokens = Take off 1 pc of clothing. Let's see some more.
60 tokens = 3 Spanks. Hear me squeel and see me jiggle!
70 tokens = Lick tits. Watch me work my tongue around that sweet softness.
80 tokens = Put on 1 pc of clothing. Help protect my innocence.
90 tokens = Close up. Name a part to see it's mouth-watering details!
100 tokens = Finger pussy or ass. 5 minutes of simple pleasures.
250 tokens = SMALL black buttplug. Help me explore new sensations.
300 tokens = Glass or blue "jelly" dildo. 'Cause I need to feel something in me.
400 tokens = Remote control! Take control of my body for 10 minutes.
All other requests are on hold.(only 1 Remote or Director is possible at a time)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SPECIAL REQUESTS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

PUBLIC SHOW REQUESTS: I can't and won't do everything that everyone asks me to do. There are simply things I don't like or am not into. Also, it's not humanly possible for me to make everyone happy. I have decided to give a priority to guys that tip for their request. IF THERE IS SOMETHING YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE and it wasn't in my Fun Menu or FAQ, make a request. HERE'S HOW- In public chat simply ask if I'd accept to do this type of thing in my chatroom and how much it would cost. If you feel your request is unusual or a bit complicated, then you may want to send me a Private Message when i'm online (Tip 40tokens once for Friend and PM privileges). Some simple request ideas : change the music, speak in French, change my outfit, change shoes or stockings, change toys, the only limit is YOUR imagination! IMPORTANT - Describe your request in a tip note or i'll just think it's a gift (and a lovely one at that)!

GROUP SHOWS: I have not done any group shows yet. I am open to the idea however, since I prefer intimacy and small audiences. If you get a group together, maybe you can talk me into it! ;)

PRIVATE SHOWS: Private shows are truly awesome. I am more focused since it's just the two of us and I can truly be myself since i'm not trying to please tons of people with different tastes. I DO NOT ACCEPT EVERY PRIVATE REQUEST. First I need to get to know you and understand what you like and what you are looking for. We also need to agree on any accessories that might be used - if you suddenly ask me for a toy I don't have during a Private, we'll both be embarrassed. If you want to discuss the possibility of a private show and would like to share your tastes with me, send me a tip of 40 Tokens to gain FRIEND/PM Privileges. In PM we will discuss our tastes and if we are BOTH interested, I will inform you when I am available and how long it will take me to get ready so that we can make preparations BEFORE you start spending money. You can also set an appointment with me for a later time or date. Please note - I do not turn on guy's cams and am very open about this. If this is important to you, then I cannot offer you the amazing experience you deserve.

VIDEO REQUESTS: Starting in January 2015 I will be offering tailored and personalized amateur videos. You can choose from a wide variety of options - just ask me about them! Prices start at 300 Tokens per video. If you want to order an EXCLUSIVE video (For Your Eyes Only, which means I will not make the video available to the public) add another 400 Tokens. VIDEO CONTENT MUST BE DISCUSSED WITH TIFFANYANGEL AND AGREED UPON BY BOTH PARTIES BEFORE TOKEN PAYMENT. Products will be made available ONLY after payment is confirmed and will be delivered in a maximum of 1 month. All videos will be provided in High Quality.

**********************TIFFANYANGEL'S FAQ**********************

~Do you have any videos?
My first solo video will be available for purchase this January!

~Do you Skype?
I do not offer Skype appointments now, and will not offer them in the future. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS.

~Can you watch me, turn on my camera, do CameraToCamera (Ctc)?
No, I do not do CtC and will not offer this in the future. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS.

~Can we meet in Real Life?
No. I am not an escort and I don't mix my private and professional lives.

~Do you squirt?
No, I have never squirted and probably won't ever squirt in the future. Some girls can do this, so enjoy what they have to offer. Personnally, I am not looking to develop this particular talent but if I ever do squirt, I totally have to see it. If you record something like this, please show me!

~Can you pee or poo for me?
No, I'm not into it and will not do things i'm not comfortable with. My contract with MyFreeCams also forbids this type of show.

~Do you do Role Play or ever Play hard?
In real life, yes! I've never tried it on camera though. I would prefer discussing ideas and setting up rules before considering doing it in Group or Private.

~Do you like foot play?
I've had my toes sucked and am open to playing with my feet. I simply haven't tried doing this on cam, so it would involve different logistics we can discuss. I'm open to suggestions for Group or Private.

Tags: red head, redheaded, foot fetish, sexy feet, white, pale, freckles, sexy, pierced, games, intelligent, natural tits, natural breasts, sweet, sensual, playful, spicy, amateur, spontanious, sweet and sexy, motorcyclist, Tiffany, TiffanyAngel, Angel, girl next door, spanking
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Interests & Hobbies
Meaning of Life: We're all here to have fun and forget the crap in our daily lives, right? So sit down and relax. The fun's just starting!
Five Things I Can't Live Without: 1) Breaking norms and surprising others. 2) Guys reactions when I remove my helmet and unzip my leather jacket. 3) Sex and all the fun that surrounds it. 4) Music and the way it makes me feel. 5) Having someone go out of their way to surprise me or pamper me.
Favorite Movies: I love all movies (except for the last Transformers). I also like to watch Honest Trailers on Youtube. Those guys crack me up!
Hobbies: Motorcycle riding, cooking, singing, writing.
Turn Ons/Offs: You earn points with me if you are polite and show respect. **People that lose my interest and risk getting banned : gossip, are rude, pushy, or simply spread negativity around.
Best Reason to Get to Know Me: Enthusiastic, open-minded, spontanious, creative... Share with me your fantasies, maybe I can make them happen!
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One of the most Amazing women I have come across on this site. She is a total Sweetheart, intelligent, and unbelievably sexy !! Real deal natural beauty here !!
One of the most Amazing women I have come across on this site. She is a total Sweetheart, intelligent, and unbelievably sexy !! Real deal natural beauty here !!
Wow, you are just amazing. I'll be back again and again.
Welcome and good luck on MFC. Rated you 5 stars and admired. Wishing you here lots of fun and respect
Hey beautiful lady! I am honored to welcome you to MyFreeCams. You are extremely sexy, I hope that you do well here. I have rated you 5 ***** and admired you. Best wishes and take care - hope to see you soon! Hugs and kisses from your Favorite Guest

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