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Profile Headline: Living in a dream land.
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Name: Top_Profiles
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 44
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Straight
Drink: Occasional
Drugs: Experimented
Marital Status: Divorced
Occupation/Major: MFC profile editing specialist.
School/College: I educate myself when I am interested in something.
Favorite Food: Thai, Italian, Mexican and spicy foods.
About Me: I like beautiful custom made profiles.

I like professional webcam models.

I also like women that are more
beautiful on the inside than the outside.
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Top Profiles myfreecams
About Top Profiles
There is no substitution for professionalism & quality.
Top Profiles myfreecams

Professionalism to the smallest details.

Top Profiles specializes in custom made MFC profiles for professional MFC models. As you follow along while reading this profile, I will show you all the wonderful things that can be done to attract new members that have never been to your room before. Many top models also find that they would like to provide extra services for their loyal fans, but they find it hard to please everybody. As you can see at the bottom of your screen I have hidden pages in this profile. I will show you how you can use these hidden pages to provide a better service for your loyal fans and friends. So if you consider yourself a professional webcam model, bookmark this page right now so you can read the whole profile when you are not working. (Did you bookmark it?) After reading the whole profile, professional models will understand that having a custom made MFC profile is possibly one of the best investments they can make here at MFC.

The Main Difference
MFC profiles with beauty & function.
Top Profiles myfreecams

General practice and specialists.

If you are going trademark something do you hire the best criminal defence lawyer to do your trademark, or do you go to the lawyer that charges about half as much and specializes in trademarks? Of course you would choose the specialist even if their fees are a lot less, because that is their specialty and they will already know exactly what needs to be done in order to get the job done correctly and efficiently.

The same holds true for web developers. You can go to a company that knows everything about creating websites, but when it comes to those companies working on an MFC profile it will not be easy for them. MFC profiles can be designed to be a powerful tool for anybody, but MFC also has a lot of restrictions on what can and can't be done to their profiles. MFC also does not use FTP uploads, so many design firms will have a much harder time getting their work uploaded correctly, not to mention they will not be used to the editing process right from the start. Top Profiles specializes in MFC profiles, having thousands of hours in editing MFC profiles, so you will have nothing to worry about from start to finish.

Professionals Are Different
There are many different types of models.
Top Profiles myfreecams

Professionals, regulars and house wives.

There are several different types of webcam models, but I tend to see them as being lumped into three model categories. Professionals, regular and house wives. When I use the term house wives, I pretty much mean any webcam model that does not do this for a living, but rather just the house wives, soccer moms and college students that are just looking to do webcam modeling as a way to earn a little extra money easily. Regular webcam models do it for a living, but don't put much time and effort into their job. Regular models also don't care too much about details. They show up, earn tokens and they are done for the day without caring about anything until the next day they show up. But I see the professionals as taking their webcam modeling career seriously and always working to improve in all areas of the business. Professionals will take the time to research and stay up to date with what is happening in the business. They work hard to provide the best services they can for everybody. And just like in any business, if they are going to survive and grow they have to be smart about how they use their time and money.

Making foolish decisions can hurt a career very quickly, but knowing how to use your time and money wisely will give you the potential to be successful. Don't be foolish by hiring somebody that does not specialize in MFC profile editing to make your custom MFC profile. It is best to hire a specialist that knows about the business and MFC. House wives and regular models looking to earn a few extra dollars a month don't have to worry about being professional, they can just provide a service for a few of the members and can earn some extra money easily or even enough to live on. And there is nothing wrong with that. But professional webcam models need to find ways to attract the masses and keep them coming back. They know that the new member of today can be the big spender, or loyal fan of tomorrow and they pay attention to all of the details about their business. This is one of the areas that Top Profiles can really help to set the professional models apart from the house wives and regular models.

Thirty Minute Profiles
Cheap & easy, looks cheap, easy & unprofessional.
Top Profiles myfreecams

Taking pride in all of the details.

Professional models often times take a lot of pride in providing high quality pictures that were taken by a professional photographer. They almost always have really nice graphics on their MFC profiles as well. They are doing all that they can to provide a better experience and a more appealing profile for the members to view. Some top models even have their own merchandise to sell from an external website. But then all of those nice photos, graphics, links and other images are just posted onto an MFC profile that looks like it was created in about 30 minutes. When members see one of these profiles they just think of it as nice images on a profile built in 30 minutes. But when they see a professional MFC profile, they automatically are attracted to it and they are able to see that the model is a true professional and they are instantly more interested in learning more about that model.

Why would a model that takes professionalism so seriously not care to invest in just going that one step farther to complete the professional look by customizing her MFC profile? I have found that some models just don't know where to get the help they need to create a professional looking MFC profile. Professional photographers and graphic artists are not hard to find, but to find a person that can create a professional looking MFC profile at a reasonable price is not very easy. Remember, a true professional has to be smart and having to hire the people that have the skills required to create a great looking MFC profile will cost a lot of money, because creating MFC profiles is very specialized and takes a lot of time to learn to do it correctly. With Top Profiles, professional models now have the option for a great looking profile at a very reasonable price.

Your Profile, Not TP's
Top Profiles does not advertise custom profiles.
Top Profiles myfreecams

Your profile is not my billboard.

Advertising is needed in just about every business, but my policy is not to put my logo or any other form of advertisement on the custom profiles I make for models. Many times it is standard for web design companies to put their name at the bottom of the websites they make as a form of advertisement. They will link their name some place on the web pages to their website. I find this to be a counter productive move for MFC custom made profiles. Your custom profile is a form of you advertising yourself as a professional model and a way to let members know more about you. If a visitor to your profile sees an advertisement for the person that customized the profile then it distracts them away from what you want them to see and read. Top Profiles does not do that and in fact prefers not to do it. There are a few of reasons I do not advertise on the profiles I make.

The first reason is because it is your profile, not my advertising billboard. The second reason I choose not to put my name on custom profiles is because it is your vision and not mine. I do my best to capture the look and feel that you want for your profile, it is not my vision, it is yours, I just help to make your vision a reality. I customize your profile the way you want it, not the way I am looking to advertise. Also since it is your profile any changes that you make to the profile or have somebody else make for you, means it has not really something I fully customized anymore. I also do testing to make sure everything works correctly, so if you have somebody else make changes that I have not tested then I would not want others to think that I did the work of something that is not working correctly for their browser or screen resolution. The third reason is because the less people that know about me, the more special your profile will be. If everybody knows about all of the people that can make custom MFC profiles, then is will be less special. Keeping it more of a secret is just better I feel.

Five Things I Can't Live Without:
Sample Hidden Page 1
When you give somebody a link to one of your hidden pages it is a sign of respect. You are letting that person know that you like them and trust them. It is hard for top models to make all of their regular members feel special. This is a way to show how much you respect and appreciate your loyal fans. Obviously there will not be a link on your main profile to this page, so you will give this link to each member of your choice personally, either in pm, MFC mail or any other method.

I have noticed a trend mostly with top models. They seem to be disabling their profile comment section. I figure the main reason for this is, because they are receiving too many negative comments. So I started looking for a way for people to control who can sign their profile without having to add 100+ friends to their profile friends list. Being able to comment on profiles is one of the fun parts of the MFC community, but too many times when we leave our comment section open to the public we will receive negative comments from rude people and that takes away from all of the fun. So I figured out a way to control those types of posts.

Once I figured out how to do that, I had the idea to make these hidden areas. The hidden areas can be used to provide extra content just for the people of your choosing. So you can provide extra personal stories, pictures, videos, etc.. You can have as many hidden areas as you wish also, but my basic package comes with me creating 1 main profile page that everybody can see and 3 hidden pages. Below is just a sample of how a model can use this area.
What I Like To Do For Fun:
Sample Hidden Page 2
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