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Username: XFuukaX
CamScore: 3471
Gender: Female
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Multi
Eyes: Green
Weight: 125 pounds
Height: 70 inches
Age: 25
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Smoke: Herb
Drink: Occasional
Drugs: Occasionally
Marital Status: Married
Occupation/Major: Webcam Model & Amateur Smut Peddler :)
School: Life
Favorite Food: potato chips ^__^/Anything lemony
Pets: Ferret- Mary Jane
About Me:

Current Deal$
January was the hardest month I've hard in a long while,
and sadly I came up short in funds needed to pay some of the bills and buy groceries this month.
In light of this, I'm offering some deals that can help us both ;D
I accept tokens, Giftrocket (US Only), and Amazon ONLY!
Token prices are discounted, but the best discounts are offered when you pay with Giftrocket or amazon, as that helps me the most at the moment.

All offers below expire on Feb 16th at 2am central time.

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Moving Helpers from November
The Moving Sale Exclusive Squirt Video will be filmed this week (2-9-16 to 2-12-16) Thanks for everyone's patience during January.

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deanodogg - 8,133 tks

To all those who supported me during my sale;
thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!!!

How do you pronounce your name?

A: Foo-Kah!

Do you have a schedule/What times are you on Cam?

A: Sunday: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm central
Monday: customs/new content day
Tuesday: 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm central (OFF every other Tues) OFF 2/2 & 2/16
Wednesday: customs/new content day
Thursday: 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm central
Friday: 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm central
Saturday: 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm central

Be sure to follow me on twitter/snapchat to know when/if there are any changes of plans to the schedule! ^^

What do you do in PVT?

A: I am a switch (meaning I can be submissive and dominant).

NO: Fisting, Vomit, Scat, Bestiality, Huge Toys, Asphyxiation, Farting, Hitachi Head Insertion or other acts that I deem unsafe or unarousing.

YES: Striptease, Masturbation, Squirting, Riding, Anal with toys of my choice, Double Penetration, Foot Fetish, Oil, Spanking, Nipple Clamps, GFE, Edging, Deepthroat (on toys of my choice), Tit Fuck, Balloons, Odd Insertions, Cosplay (for PVTs scheduled in advance), Femdom, Strap-On Play, Sissy Training, Forced Intoxication, Blackmail, SPH, Humiliation, Findom, Giantess, Instructional and more.
Role-Play and Racial Humiliation=TRUpvt ONLY!

I DO NOT accept random PVTs without a discussion via PM about what you want first. This is for both your benefit and mine.
I like to try new things, so ask me about your fetish, if you like.

Token minimum to take me PVT is 300 (5 mins) for Regular PVT & 800 for TRU PVT (10 mins). If you finish before you've spent this many tokens in PVT, hang out and chat with me, or you can tip the remainder if you're in a hurry. ^.~
Keep in mind I may not be able to do some of the things listed above at all times.


A: I do accept SKYPE shows, however I do not log off of MFC for them. They must be pre-scheduled with me.
Rates & More Info HERE

What do you allow if I buy your snapchat?

A: Good question! I don't really have any rules. You're allowed to send me whatever videos/pics you'd like. I certainly send whatever I like, so It's only fair ;D And yes, you can send me dick pics. Messages are allowed too, I check & answer when I can.
NO requests for personal snaps unless you pay. Email/MFC Mail/DM me to inquire. NO SNAPCHASH and NO Video Chat.

*All pics/vids I post to my STORY LINE are compiled into a folder uploaded to dropbox and emailed to everyone who's snapchat is still active on the 1st of the month, and provided me with their email address. Folder is usually sent out during the first week of each new month.

What Anime/Manga do you watch/recommend?

A: Check out my list of what I'm watching, have watched, and my ratings HERE!

Video Bundles

Videos are sent via Project Maenad download only link within 24hrs of purchase via MFC mail or email if provided in tip note.
*Dropbox link available upon request.

HD The Chastity Experiments

The Chastity Experiment 73min 666 tks
The Chastity Experiment Two 55min 555 tks
The Chastity Experiment Three 64min 600 tks

1337 tks

HD DC Cosplay

Harley Quinn Show 14min 175 tks
Harley's A2M Adventure 46min 369 tks
Poison Ivy Show 19min 175 tks
Supergirl's Anal Show 17min 225 tks
Silk Spectre Show 16min 169 tks

769 tks

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Need You In My Ass 14min 100 tks
Holy Anal Batman 16min 200 tks
Big Black Plug 31min 275 tks
Velma's Anal Show 20min 250 tks
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Satin Sheets Fantasy 15min 150 tks
Cock Hungry Sailor Mars 14min 150 tks
Fuck Me 12min 100 tks
Squirting Cock Facial 13min 169 tks
Tifa's Dirty Story 22min 200 tks
Fuck Me Vol Two 17min 169 tks

666 tks

HD Kinkster

Creamy Zucchini 7min 50 tks
Nipple Torture 12min 100 tks
Beer Bottle 11min 111 tks
Ice & Bodystocking 23min 200 tks
1st Wax Play 27min 175 tks
Ballgag & Hitachi 16min 169 tks
Vinyl Corset & Pussy Pump 16min 169 tks
Hypnotized PVT 16min 121 tks

575 tks

HD Daddy's Girl

Long Lost Daddy 16min 150 tks
Slutty Daughter's JOI 20min 169 tks
Dorothy Heels 14min 150 tks
Stepdaughter Virtual HJ 19min 169 tks
Daddy's Little Incest Slut 11min 150 tks

500 tks

Wet & Messy Lover's

WAM Milk Play (not HD) 16min 69 tks
HD B-Day Cake For The Babysitter 25min 200 tks
HD Lollipop Squirt In PVC 20min 175 tks
HD Messy With Pie 20min 250 tks

469 tks

HD Foot Lover's

Foot Humper 17min 150 tks
Suck, Spit, Gag & Squirt 33min 300 tks
Lotion Legs & Feet 7min 50 tks
Foot-Job! 13min 100 tks
Oily Feet Tease 11min 69 tks

400 tks

HD Schoolgirl Lover's

Schoolgirl & Squirting Cock 18min 150 tks
Wet Schoolgirl 15min 150 tks
Schoolgirl T N' A 19min 175 tks
Schoolgirl Riding & Plug 19min 169 tks

399 tks

ALL 9 Bundles (45 Videos) = 2,420 tks OR $200 Amazon/Giftrocket
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Girl/Girl Videos
Check Out Ann's Sulu's Manyvids & C4S For More Vids We Made
Shy_Artist's MFC Profile

Lady Deapdool Tortures Spider-Girl

1280 X 720 10min 57sec
Lady Deadpool: "If the internet sees the two of us like THIS it will have fits."
Spider Girl: "Wanda, what are you prattling on about and why am I tied up?!"
Lady Deadpool: "I guess we're no longer on different websites."

150 tks

Hotel Window

HD 4min 52sec
Ann & I have a little exhibitionist fun with a strap-on & she fucks my sopping wet pussy (it's wet from fucking her in the ass with her against the hotel window in the vid we made b4 this). I have to close the curtain a few times when I think we may get caught. We were on the 2nd floor overlooking a busy parking lot with other hotels in the middle of the night!

100 tks

Twerk Off Pie Fight

HD 13min
After making pies, Ann & I want to unwind, but can't decide who gets to play with my new wireless Hitachi, so we have a twerk off. Loser uses my njoy plug to get off, winner gets to use the Hitachi. Ann tries to make me lose by pieing my ass, but fails, as I continue to twerk. I retaliate by throwing pies at her ass so hard she has to stop & I win. We both masturbate in our pie mess & cum hard!

269 tks

HD Ann_Sulu

Rimming Up Close 8min 200 tks
Rimming Side View 8min 200 tks
Feeldoe Side Cam 12min 200 tks
Riding Front Cam 8min 200 tks
Fuuka The Brat 10min 250 tks
Sloppy Make-Out 8 min 150 tks

869 tks

HD Ann_Sulu Fetish

Tricked Into Tickle Torture 12min 169 tks
Licking Ann's Hairy Pitts 5min 100 tks
Giggly Sneezes 7min 140 tks
Balloon Stuff & Hump 12min 176 tks
Blooper Accidental Pop 2min 45 tks

400 tks

HD Shy_Artist

Foreplay & Clamps 11min 169 tks
Licking & Fingering 14min 200 tks
69 & More 12min 200 tks
Popping Her Anal Cherry 11min 175 tks
Scissoring & Dbbl Dong 12min 200 tks
Our 1st Show 47min 300 tks

750 tks
Boy/Girl Videos

*Get these & 10 other non HD Boy/Girl Videos Plus a Blooper for 700 tks or $65 Giftrocket/Amazon E-Card
(1st Sex Tape, BJ/Facial, Titty & Pussy Fuck Facial, Quickie Ass Fuck, POV Riding, HJ/BJ/FJ, Riding Squirt, Blue Hair BJ, Light Saber Gush, Light Saber Blooper)
Solo Videos

Spank N Cum!

HD 27min
I break in my Bettie Page Paddle in a slutty dress, fingerless gloves & heels. I see how much I can take & never find my limit. I just keep paddling my ass adding the Hitachi to the mix when I feel I've earned it, then I cum & squirt HARD! I also talk dirty & show off my ass as it gets very red. 100+ spanks w/velvet side meant to warm up, then 200+ w/rough side.

300 tks


HD 26min
I heard slathering peanut butter on ones skin was a good beauty treatment, so I got this BIG jar! Watch as I smear it on my tits, then peel my panties down & slather it all over my big round ass and pussy too! I get horny & decide to work out my pb covered asshole till I'm fucking it hard with a jelly dildo. Also Includes riding facing forward & cowgirl, gaping & doggy-style squirts!

350 tks

Elvira's Ghostly Visitor

HD 20min
Mistress of the dark, Elvira is relaxing, reading a book when suddenly she feels something touch her. She realizes it must be a ghost & moans & squirms as she gets ravished. She eventually gets so riled up she finger fucks herself & talks dirty as it bites, scratches & molests her all over. Also includes: fully shaven pussy, pussy rubbing with the hilt of her dagger, njoy wand & 2 squirts!

200 tks

Velma's Tit Play JOE

HD 10min
Velma encourages you (Shaggy) to jerk off to her big tits as she talks dirty and shows you that nerdy girls really are very dirty and kinky under their sweaters. Lots of dirty talk, tit spanking/slapping, squeezing, nipple pinching, jerk off encouragement, tit fuck encouragement, and glorious close up views of Velma's big fat fucking tits, as she often refers to them.

85 tks

Peach Rewards Mario

HD 11min
You've just rescued Princess Peach and she wants to reward you. She tells you this is just for you and wants you to stroke it for her, getting really into it. She moans your name repeatedly and realizes that her taking dirty makes your cock throb harder, so she turns into your little cum slut, squirts, then encourages you to cum all over her.

100 tks

Mizore's Break

HD 12min
Mizore Shirayuki from Rosario + Vampire finds a moment to touch herself and fantasize about her new high school crush, Tsukune. She uses a wireless hitachi over cute panties till she cums, then pulls them down and fingers herself till she squirts all over the floor! Her orgasm is so intense she bites her lollipop she's been sucking on the whole time.

100 tks

Jelly Cock Public BR Squirt

HD 7min
Watch me get naughty with a suction cup jelly cock in a public restroom. I ride it until I burst all over the place, and the show off the mess I made, and even lick a little of my pussy juices off the floor. Unedited shot with my iPhone 6 with no case at all.

50 tks

BBBC Mirror Squirts

HD 12min
I stretch my tight pussy with my biggest dildo (my big black batman cock) and make myself squirt two different times all over the standing mirror in front of me.

110 tks

Living Room Couch

HD 12min
In a hot secretary-esque outfit I let my hair down out of a messy bun fuck my pussy with my metal njoy g-spot wand till I gush all over myself and my couch. Includes some dirty talk, and very hot positions that show off my long legs in fishnets and red high heels

125 tks

BBC Makes Me Squirt Twice

HD 15min
Wearing a strappy pink number playing with 2 big black cock dildos. I suck, ride and get messy on my bathroom counter! Hot views of my feet that were dirty under my high heels as I ride 1 of the cocks from behind. I squirt 1st riding facing you (getting the camera all wet) 2nd while fucking my tight white pussy up close on my back.

175 tks

njoy Plug + Wand

HD 13min
Backless panties and my new njoy plug I want you to watch me try out. It doesn't take me too long to get the medium sized plug in my tight little asshole, & you can tell I love every min of it. I pair it with my njoy g-spot wand in my pussy, and the result is god damned explosive! ;D

125 tks

Kitchen Counter

HD 7min
Horny in my kitchen I turn my I-phone 6 camera on and have a little fun in front of you. I start out in a t-shirt and yoga pants that I strip out of leaving a pair of knee high, navy blue socks on then finger myself and play with a big dildo until I cum, squirt & get creamy on my counter while nobody is home!

50 tks

Slave Girl

HD 15min
She dances and sways b4 sucking your cock deeply and sloppily, talks dirty to you, and wants to be used up like your little concubine. You fuck her big wet tits and her tight pussy as she begs for master's cum. You surprise even her by giving her a gushing orgasm she gets all over herself. Then she shows off her wet body and the floor, b4 thanking you.

200 tks

Purple Leggings

HD 17min
I show off a new pair of skin tight lavender leggings I've got on under my dress. I want to break them in by cumming and squirting in them. Watch as I buzz my Hitachi over my silky leggings making my wet spot bigger and bigger, until finally, I squirt like crazy right through them!

150 tks

Beautiful Agony JOI

HD 22min
Purple hair, no glasses and no makeup. Just you, me & my Hitachi. I give you jerk off instructions as I have 3 amazing orgasms you get to witness from the neck up. Jerk it for your beautiful goddess as you stare into her green eyes and she guides you along an amazing orgasm with cum countdown.

123 tks

Butt Plug Adventure

HD 32min
Itty bitty fuzzy rainbow bikini trying out my new vibrating, inflatable butt plug for your viewing pleasure. It proved to be a little too long for me, but it was a really good, WET time! Watch me try it out in various positions and stretch out my tight little b-hole! There are some good gape shots when I spread too ;D

269 tks

Pikachu Squirts

HD 16min
I get naughty on the bathroom counter in my Pikachu romper with a new vibe (I insert it a few times and fuck my pussy with it too). I squirt a few times until I have a big squirt finish and button my romper back up. My romper has a zip away bottom too! ;D

150 tks

Secret Naughty Shower

HD 11min
Shot w/iPhone6 In Lifeproof case. No 1 knew I was in the shower being naughty. Watch me get soapy and play w/my fingers and toys. Awesome orgasms while trying 2 b quiet (so there is lots of O-face in this) My silver vibe & mini Hitachi make appearances and I even fuck my ass a bit with the silver one. I squirt once while fingering too.

99 tks

Public Restroom Stall

HD 11min
Shot with my iPhone6 in a Lifeproof case. I brought my pink glass toy with me to a bowling alley and had some fun with it in the restroom stall! I squirt a few times and you can tell I'm having so much fun diddling myself in such a crowded place!

75 tks

Moka's Inner Self

HD 19min
You've come 2 see your fave vampire girl-- Moka San, but will soon meet her inner self, after you accidentally pull off her rosary. Moka's Inner self is very dif from shy and innocent Moka, and she wants your seed! Includes, squirt, dirty talk, breast play, impregnation fantasy, and an ejaculating dildo giving me a pussy cream pie!

250 tks

Moka Akashiya Rewards You

HD 18min
Moka from Rosario Vampire wants to reward you for letting her snack on your yummy human blood so often. She's very shy though, so no talking :) Includes: fangs, fingering, a pink glass toy, & a big gushy squirt at the end.

175 tks

Meiko Shiraki

HD 18min
Meiko Shiraki from Prison School has called you back and you think you're getting the cane, but she's gonna make you fuck her wet cunt. She knows you love when she says the word "cunt" and talks dirty to you. Lots of dirty talk, sexy positions, and squirt! She tell you to cum in her tight cunt hole after she squirts.

200 tks

Velma's Hysterical Literature

HD 21min
Velma from Scooby-Doo's got a kinky idea to get in some reading and orgasms. She reads from Game of Thrones and can only make it through a few pages of Daenerys's chapter b4 she bursts. She uses the Hitachi over her ninja turtles panties getting nice and cummy, then takes them off and continues reading w/the Hitachi on her bare clit. She cums several times and squirts a little too.

175 tks

Sailor Moon Pillow Hump

HD 63min
In my TMNT shirt and chibi super hero panties I get horny and have a hot and heavy hump sesh w/my Sailor Moon Body Pillow (Dakimakura). Awesome angles and ass in the mirror during my hr long frenzy. I squirt several times on my pillow and love talking dirty about how you want to see me soak Usagi. I'm so cum drunk at the end I doze off hugging my pillow :)

500 tks

Shaving + Dirty Talk JOI

HD 23min
A sensual experience as I tease you with my dirty mouth and luscious curves as I shave. I tell you just how to stroke for me while I shave both legs slowly and meticulously, enjoying every moment teasing you. Finally I shave my hairy cunt lips up close, then show off my smooth lips and tell you to cum for my legs and lips.

175 tks

Bulma Shows Goku Her Balls

HD 26min
Goku has peeked in on me and I give him a show. I show how I use the dragon balls when I'm not making a wish for the perfect bf to please me half as good as these balls. I squirt 3x 1st w/bunny plug and 4 star ball in my pussy. 2nd w/4 star ball in my asshole 3rd w/4&1 star ball in my asshole close up!

300 tks

Wet Tee Tease

HD 16min
An already see through white tee and matching pubes as I get nice and wet as I pour pitcher after pitcher over my curves. I even give you some peeks at my bare tits and awesome closeups. I can't help but to touch my pussy a few times too! <3

100 tks


HD 16min
Cosplay show in nothing but kitty ears, tail plug, and bell collar. Lots of intense orgasming, mewing and meowing. A furry's wet dream! I use my fingers and Hitachi, licking my creamy fingers like a kitten. The squirt at the end is unREAL and my plug shoots out =^.^=

150 tks

Holey Squirt

HD 16min
Shot Portrait style so you can see every inch of me! In catsuit and heels I show off through the suit, then standing up I use my Hitachi and balance on my heels through INTENSE orgasms. I give you front/back views and unzip my suit showing off my pierced nipples. My squirt is so hard it comes up through the holes in my suit!

123 tks

Cigs & Squirt

HD 33min
Smoking in hot secretary outfit. I tease and strip to just thigh high stockings and sexy white pumps blowing smoke at you. Then I ride dif toy cocks from dif angles, smoking and talking dirty and catch my squirt in a bowl and wine glass. I pour the bowl over my tits then have 1 last cig w/my delicious glass of fresh squirt!

300 tks

Playful Little Sister

HD 15min
A playful sis/bro RP dressed in grey plaid skirt, tank, and knee highs. Little sister likes to be watched, and if you follow the rules she will let you cum right in her mouth! Rule 1: No talking! Rule 2: She gets to cum 1st!

169 tks

Peeing On Myself

HD 2min
This is a pee fetish video in which I pee all over myself, and then I get up and show off my pee covered tits, face, and glasses. I had to pee so bad, and it felt so good!

75 tks

Lil Sister's Panties

HD 9min
I RP that you're my big brother, and when you come in my room, I tease you with how womanly I'm becoming, and about how I know you sniff my dirty panties. Lucky you, I'm so horny I cum right in my white panties for you up close and then give you my panties. I won't tell, big brother!

99 tks

Glass O' Squirt

HD 44min
I work my asshole out working up to my biggest black, glass butt plug. I have both my holes filled most of the time and I catch my squirt until I've got a glass of it, then I sloppily drink it getting it on my face and tits.

300 tks

White Leggings Enema

HD 13min
*WARNING* This video is very fetishy and dirty. Buy at your own risk ;D I give myself an enema and then hold it in and let it out through white leggings!

250 tks


HD 13min
You caught this dirty girl in a good mood, and got lucky enough to have her tell you exactly what to do to her, to make her cum and squirt all over your cock. Listen well and shell let you cum right in her filthy mouth! Purple pubes in this.

99 tks

Dirty Enema

HD 19min
*Result is dirty, steer clear if you don't like it. I inject my ass w/a syringe, insert a long plug, put on some tight grey pants and the fun begins. I struggle and whine since I had to pee when I started. Desperation sits in and I writhe and wiggle holding it in as long as I can. Finally I let it out for your viewing pleasure. I talk about the pain, but I like it more than I let on.

400 tks

Shaking & Teasing

HD 17min
I model cute panties for you, swaying my hips and round rump at lots of provocative angles giving you peeks of my pussy as I try on different pairs.

69 tks

Dirty Panties

HD 7min
Turquoise hair getting a pair of hello kitty panties dirty. I push them to the side and pee (yellow) into the toilet, then get nice and horny and make myself squirt a few times in the panties in different positions. Nice close ups of me soaking them and you can hear my moans as I'm pleasuring myself.

99 tks

Spontaneous Accident

HD 23min
BenWa Balls & Plug. I struggle around with my holes filled till I pee though my yoga pants and white panties. I'm a slut to the painful and wonderful full feeling as I stuff my panties up my pussy and have a huge squirting orgasm after my accident.

250 tks

A+ My 1st Enema

HD 20min
Enjoy this video of me talking extremely dirty, squirting and drinking it, and giving myself my very 1st enema! Now give me the grade we both know I deserve!

200 tks
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Tell Me 'Bout It - Joss Stone
Booty Swing - Parov Stelar
I Against I - Massive Attack and Mos Def
Brass Monkey - The Beastie Boys
Party All The Time - Eddie Murphy
Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes
Dare - Gorillaz
Lapdance - N.E.R.D featuring Lee Harvey & Vita
Hit That Jive - Gramatik
Sexodus - M.I.A. featuring The Weekend
Dangerous - Big Data featuring Joywave
What's Up People - Maximum The Hormone
Lady Don't Tek No - Latryx
Doggy Dog (Cowboy Beebop) - Vitaminless
Ambiguous - Garnidelia
Tainted Love - Marilyn Manson
Bloody Tears (Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest)
99 Problems - Jay-Z
Get Back - Ludacris
My Band - D-12
Gurren No Yumiiya (Attack On Titan Theme) - Linked Horizon
One-Winged Angel (Final Fantasy VII) - Nobuo Uematsu
We Go! (One Piece)
Creep - Radiohead
Vagina Mine - Puscifier
M4 (Part II) - Faunts
Internet Friends (VIP) - Knife Party
True Love - Brokencyde
Hide & Seek - Namie Amuro
Astral Dogma - Yousei Teikoku
(S)Aint - Marilyn Manson
Gimmie Chocolate! - BABYMETAL
Chocolate Onna No Ko - Utsu-P
Pictures - Sneaky Sound System
Why Don't You Do Right? - Jessica Rabbit
Zelda Medley - Taylor Davis
Oats In The Water - Ben Howard
Fuck The Pain Away - Peaches
Cooler Couleur (Ac Slater Remix) - Crookers featuring Yelle
Come Running - Darren Styles and Francis Hill
Recess Is Over - Dj Stephanie
Fuck Yeah! - Wasted Penguinz and Rebourne
The Underground (Kayzo Harder Mix) - Alvaro & Carnage
Dead Souls - Nine Inch Nails
Confusion (Instrumental) - New Order
FYI I Wanna F Your A - Ninja Sex Party
Enter Sandman - Metallica
Tengen Oppa Gangnam Lagnann - Triple-Q
Sexy Bitch - David Guetta featuring Akon
I See Fire - Ed Sheeran
1,000 Cigarettes - Mstrkrft
House Of The Rising Sun - Five Finger Death Punch
Do You Feel It? - Chaos Chaos
Look To The Sky (Original Mix) - Sysf featuring Anna
Here To Mars - Coheed & Cambria
Chains - Nick Jonas
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Walkabout

-Skip any song = 15tks
Message Wall
Happy New Year sweet angel Fuuka! I hope 2016 is an epic year for someone soo incredible that I'm truly blessed to call a friend
My favourite fetish goddess in the galaxy. PURRVERTS BUY ALL HER SMUT, OH LAAAWD. I love you Fuuka <3
Thanks, Lect
hehe...nice profile pic
Public Goas is not always met, that's okay though. I appreciate the effort of each and every person you tips, takes me pvt, makes conversation, and overall tries to make it happen ^_^
Oh ya, I'm totally on MFC all the time- sucking dick...
Aww somebody, got his panties all rustled in a bunch Everyone look at MrBozz he is the victim of his own stupidity... ^_^
that reminds me, i have to do a pic cleanout...
lol, i'm so tempted to troll Sexymaya20's room now.... i wonder of she fists
fuuka is full of awesome sauce...seriously, she has so much of that it squirts out
i heard you were the fountain of awesomeness, and those that drink from the fountain of awesomeness become more awesome
Haters gonna hate. How cute.
*oggles boobies*.....
*smooches face*
wishing you a happy birthday
i feel honored, thank you so much
TY SO MUCH for the comment from MarchMadness...I didn't even see it until now..oops ANYWAYSSSS You're amazing and LOVELY xoxo
i have a slight suspicion idunnolol is not a place in texas...haha, or maybe it is...depends if your lost, are you lost? oh....and hi

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