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Profile Headline: Nerdy, Dirty, Squirty, and Flirty ;D
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About Me
Username: XFuukaX
CamScore: 4170
Gender: Female
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Multi
Eyes: Green
Weight: 125 pounds
Height: 70 inches
Age: 25
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Smoke: Herb
Drink: Occasional
Drugs: Occasionally
Marital Status: Married
Occupation/Major: Webcam Model & Amateur Smut Peddler :)
School: Life
Favorite Food: potato chips ^__^/Anything lemony
Pets: Ferret- Mary Jane
About Me: ~UNDER CONSTRUCTION~ Protection Status
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What do you allow if I buy your snapchat?

A: Good question! I don't really have any rules.
You're allowed to send me whatever videos/pics you'd like
I certainly send whatever I like, so It's only fair ;D
And yes, you can send me dick pics lol.

You're also allowed to use the texting feature, just keep in mind I don't have my phone on me ALL the time so it doesn't mean I am ignoring you.

*All pictures/videos that I post on my STORYLINE are compiled into a folder uploaded to my google drive and emailed to everyone who's snapchat is still active on the 1st of the month, and provided me with their gmail address.
Video Bundles

HD DC Cosplay

Harley Quinn Show 14min 175 tks
Harley's A2M Adventure 46min 369 tks
Poison Ivy Show 19min 175 tks
Supergirl's Anal Show 17min 225 tks
Silk Spectre Show 16min 169 tks

769 tks

HD The Chastity Experiments

The Chastity Experiment 73min 666 tks
The Chastity Experiment Two 55min 555 tks
The Chastity Experiment Three 64min 600 tks

1337 tks

HD Anal Lover's

Need You In My Ass 14min 100 tks
Holy Anal Batman 16min 200 tks
Big Black Plug 31min 275 tks
Velma's Anal Show 20min 250 tks
Anal Balls & Nipple Clamps 16min 175 tks

669 tks

Wet & Messy Lover's

WAM Milk Play (not HD) 16min 69 tks
HD Cake For The Babysitter 25min 200 tks
HD Lollipop Squirt In PVC 20min 175 tks
HD Messy With Pie 20min 250 tks

469 tks

Schoolgirl Lover's

The Shcoolgirl & The Squirting Cock

166 tks

16:02 1904 X 1072

In a crotchless purple bodystocking & black heels I play with my new anal balls for you. I add my hitachi & nipple clamps to the mix and have an awesome squirting orgasm right after I pull the balls out of my tight asshole up close!

166 tks

19:55 1904 X 1072

An unedited MFC show with a closer alternate view than my viewers got. I stuff my black, lace panties up my pussy & buzz my hitachi on my clit cumming several times before I pull them out and make a GIANT mess! Def in my top 5 squirts caught on video. ;D

166 tks

20:25 1904 X 1072

Sexy Velma Cosplay show shot from an alternate side view. Tons of dirty talk as Velma stretches out her tight, cute, little asshole with her new sleek glass dildo for all to see. Includes some DP action, sexy positions & of course a squirt finale, Jinkies!

166 tks

18:20 1904 X 1072

I cosplay as Meiko Shiraki from a series called Prison School. You think you're getting the cane, but I'm gonna make you fuck my wet cunt. I know you love when I say the word cunt and talk dirty to you. Lots of dirty talk, sexy positions, and squirt! I tell you to cum in my tight cunt hole after I squirt too.

166 tks

21:13 1904 X 1072

Dressed up as Velma from Scooby-Doo, I've got a kinky idea 2 get in some reading&orgasms! I read from Game of Thrones&can only make it through a few pages of Daenerys's chapter b4 I burst. I cum several times b4 I squirt at the end. 1st I use the hitachi over my panties getting nice&cummy, then take them off&continue reading w/the hitachi on my bare clit.

166 tks

1:03:35 1904 X 1072

In my TMNT shirt&chibi super hero panties I get horny&have a hot & heavy hump session w/my Sailor Moon Body Pillow (Dakimakura)! Lots of awesome angles&ass in the mirror during my hr long frenzy. I squirt several times on my pillow&love talking dirty about how u want 2 see me soak Usagi. I'm so cumdrunken at the end I doze off hugging my pillow :)

166 tks

49:43 1920 X 1080

Uncut Tip Control Show dressed as Sailor Moon in a bikini & red thigh high socks tippers control my Hitachi and deny and egde me along to my LONGEST squirting orgasm yet! Also Features: Ball Gag, Nipple Clamps, Butt Plug, And My "Gonzo" Hitachi Attachment.

166 tks

55:25 1920 X 1080

BDSM skype start out naked then I lock myself up in a spreader bar &chastity belt w/vibrating dildo inside my pussy. My nipples are taped & I have a ball gag on for a while. I'm forced to move around in bondage & cum as I follow directions about my positions. Finally I'm allowed to take the belt off & I squirt soo hard!

166 tks

14:41 1920 X 1080

My first time trying out my Dildo Ball. I had such a blast during this show, especially with almost 2000 MFC peeps watching. I have very intense orgasms & squirt too of course. Watch me bounce like crazy and enjoy the view!

166 tks

14:10 1920 X 1080

I Roleplay that you are "Mistah Jay" & it's playtime! I get tons of spankings, and a thorough fucking. I deep throat, talk extremely dirty, & you make my squirt all over! I get nice and creamy & I love every min of my dirty Cosplay fun (1080p recording of MFC show)

166 tks

16:47 1920 X 1080

In batman bra, panties, & knee socks I play with my tight asshole first with fingers, then a small toy, then I move up to a big cock I've never used anally before, & I love it so much, that I squirt with the cock still in my ass. It's a massive squirt!

166 tks

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Interests & Hobbies
Best Reason to Get to Know Me: I'm a fun person. A fun, fucking. crazy. person.

And I make tons of crazy videos :D

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My favourite fetish goddess in the galaxy. PURRVERTS BUY ALL HER SMUT, OH LAAAWD. I love you Fuuka <3
Thanks, Lect
hehe...nice profile pic
Public Goas is not always met, that's okay though. I appreciate the effort of each and every person you tips, takes me pvt, makes conversation, and overall tries to make it happen ^_^
Oh ya, I'm totally on MFC all the time- sucking dick...
Aww somebody, got his panties all rustled in a bunch Everyone look at MrBozz he is the victim of his own stupidity... ^_^
that reminds me, i have to do a pic cleanout...
lol, i'm so tempted to troll Sexymaya20's room now.... i wonder of she fists
Merry Christmas XOXO
fuuka is full of awesome sauce...seriously, she has so much of that it squirts out
i heard you were the fountain of awesomeness, and those that drink from the fountain of awesomeness become more awesome
Haters gonna hate. How cute.
*oggles boobies*.....
*smooches face*
wishing you a happy birthday
i feel honored, thank you so much
TY SO MUCH for the comment from MarchMadness...I didn't even see it until now..oops ANYWAYSSSS You're amazing and LOVELY xoxo
You are a Goddess!
i have a slight suspicion idunnolol is not a place in texas...haha, or maybe it is...depends if your lost, are you lost? oh....and hi

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