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Name: XanderFleur
CamScore: 864
Gender: Female
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 49 kilos
Height: 163 centimeters
Age: 26
Country: Romania
Sexual Preference: Bi-curious
Smoke: Occasional
Drink: Occasional
Drugs: Party
Marital Status: Single
Occupation/Major: Fitness instructor
School/College: Midlan UC
Favorite Food: Basil and Cheese Salads
Pets: bears
Car: bmw
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Tags: cute hot pussy, nice, young, hot, sexy, gorgeous bottom, blonde, smart, chic, new
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Meaning of Life:

still have to discover that-anyway..

Welcome to my home on MFC.What can i say about me... To start,i can make you smile even if u have had the worst day ever. Trust me :)

..oh,actually i do have some rules : I dont like rudeness so please dont bother with questions like show ass,pussy,tits.I will just kick you because i do not agree with your behaviour.I like to dance and have fun,my friends love this about me and love to be a part of it. If you want to take me private please send me a private message before.I will not respond to questions about private in public chat.If i do not respond to your PM message,just be patient and will get to it.Remember that i have lots of members sending me PMs.Please respect me and my choices about what i am confortable and if you do not agree,please go to another model.


Five Things I Can't Live Without:
My Iphone ,Ipod ,Ipad ,Mac and I
Favorite Books:

Do you really want to know?! maybe you could ask..i wouldnt mind.

I will sell you on ebay

There is a priest behind you.

He will foot fuck you

I will slap you into the next dimension

I hate you

I love you


fuck youuuuuuuuuuuuu


NO NO *noises*

I love you

*not breathing*

XanderFleur: Love you____ yaaaayyy!! ...and these are all the thing SHE said.Wich is hilarious because,well-yes!

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What I Like To Do For Fun:

It was a summer that I will never forget. It was summer when I met him. He was everything I had ever dreamed of in a man. But there was one problem ..he was dating my friend, V. We weren't close but still. Anyways we all were at my friends house swimming, when I caught him looking me up and down. He stopped at my breast then moved down and up with eyes. That night, his girlfriend went into the house to change clothes and I was heading in to do so myself. When he stopped me. He asked if he could have my number and invited me up to his work the next night. I agreed. He called me the next day and told me where he worked and gave me directions.Little did I know when I got there he worked alone at night. At his family's testing buisness.

I walked in. He was smiling as he walked over to hug me. We sat down and started talking and he gently put his hand on my thigh. I felt my pussy getting wet. Somehow he knew. Because he looked at me and smiled and reach over and kissed me. My pussy is quivering as he pulls my shirt off and starts sucking and nibbling my nipples. He did this for a few minutes..Then he slowly reached down and unbuttoned my jeans, and I slid out of them. He kisses me all the way down to my pussy. He starts licking around my lips and sucking . My pussy is dripping and sucking it all my juices up. He starts slipping his fingers into my holes and I start to cum. He knows it. He starts doing it harder and my head goes back and I start moaning and screaming..Until I finally oragasm. Then he unbuckles his pants and pulls them down and I staddle him in his chair. He slips his dick into my wet pussy and I start humping and bucking as his big cock slips in and out. This goes on for at least an hour. And we both start to come. Hes saying in a soft voice dont stop and i'm just ooohhing. Until we both cum. I climb off our juices dripping everywhere. Not really knowing what to say. He looks at me and smiles as he pulls on his clothes. Me trying to do the same. I tell him I've gotta go...
Favorite Songs:
Chillout,rock,pop hmm...everything moodie and nice:) BOOOM BOOOOOOOOOOMMM!!!

My Paradise

I was listening to Coldplay's song, 'Paradise' today and I suddenly had this feeling of how it resembles my life so much. :)

Today, everyone tries to be perfect. Honestly, I am this imperfect - impractical - honest girl who loves to live in her dreams. You might think, 'Oh!Is she 12?' No, I am 19 but I am so happy with my fairytale-like conception of life that I do not need anything else. Its unlikely for anyone as old as me to ignore the hatred, the lies, the ruthless nature of people in the world. But then if 'not noticing' these things intentionally/unintentionally makes you happy, then, why not?

I have always been the pampered kid in the family. I don't even have to say the word and I get what I want. I would consider myself lucky for finding such people in my life that I don't have to think so much but I have been through my share of mean people, sleepless nights and wet pillows. So whenever I am upset and I wish I was in PARADISE, the image that comes to my mind is of beautiful green lawns. :) actually,i might be looking in the wrong place,but maybe i will find someone here that truly deserves to meet me..and who knows?..

..Love? Chirping birds. Running rabbits.Is it too much to ask?Too much to ask for a happy life?I don't think so! And I know, one day, I will end up in my paradise. Just me and you. All the happy sights. XanderFleur
Favorite Movies:
The real story of Marylin Monroe .. one of many others..
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done:

i came out of a vagina when I was a born!

I am wearing just heels and a pink bikini, showing off my tanned, slim perfect body. I got bored, so went inside to my bedroom. I layed down on the bed, spreading my legs into a split. I put my hand into my panties and giggled as i stroked my teen pussy. I pulled out my vibrator from under my pillow and teased my clit with it. I was so happy giggling, i didnt even hear the door open. I moaned louder, not caring about the neighbors, and just as i was about to come, a guy walked into my room.

He was ridiculously tall, with muscles under his tshirt and he was gorgeous. I laughed some more as he stuttered. 'Uh, Im sorry, the door was open and you...uh, have a package.' I smiled widely. 'Yeah, you too.' I stared at the bulge in his pants. He smiled as well as i got up off the bed and walked over to him. Even with my huge heels on, i only came up to his shoulder. I pulled his top off, exposing his torso. He dropped the package on the floor as I pulled down his pants. His cock popped out. I gasped when I saw it, wondering how it would fit into my tiny teen hole. He laughed then, pulling off my bikini top and playing with my tits. He leant down and sucked them hard, making me so horny. I felt my pussy juices drip down my leg. He saw it too. He leant down further, on his knees, and licked my thighs, slapping my ass. I squealed in pleasure. I felt him stick his tongue on my clit, me still standing. I pulled his face up, and kissed him hard, tasting my juices still hot on his tongue. He wrapped his arms around me, lifting my legs up around his waist. I felt very high up as he slapped my ass some more. He slowly put his huge cock into my pussy, suddenly ramming very hard. I screamed loudly, giggling at the same time.

'Yes, baby! Fuck me! Yeeeesssss! Fuck me!' I screamed, my tits bouncing as he shoved his cock into me. 'Yes, you little slut. Who's your daddy?' He yelled, grabbing my blonde hair hard. 'You are, your my daddy! Fuck me daddy!' We came together, filling me with his hot cum. I gave him another blowjob before he left. I wil never forget that day..
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now:
I would have to say I would go back to The Pink Palace at Corfu Greece. I would close my eyes and pretend I was there again, jump off a cliff and swim at midnight.What a great summer that was ....would like to re-live it.
Travel,travel and again shopping!ding!
Fitness,my part time job,of course!
Perfect Mate:
Kind,lovely and loveable.And....generous..maybe?
Perfect Date:

I was at a bar with a bunch of old college friends, and we were getting pretty drunk. At the end of the night, a guy and his girlfriend struck up a conversation with me. I didn't know them very well, but they were friends of friends.

They asked if I wanted to come back to their apartment for a nightcap. I agreed. So we go back to their apartment. We had another drink and at this point, I'm pretty blitzed. So they ask if we should go lie down. I go into their bed and I kind of know what's going to happen but I'm in that super-drunk-anything-goes stage. And you know when you're drunk, how everything feels good? Like even drinking a glass of water is like the most delicious drink you've ever had? Well, everything was feeling that good. So we lie down on the bed, and the girl starts rubbing my back. I'm kind of in a zone, and then the guy starts kissing my neck.

One thing leads to another, and we're pretty much making out. I end up giving the guy a blow job, while the girl goes down on me. It felt really good, and crazy, and in the back of my mind, I was definitely thinking, 'Who am I? Is this really happening?!' The thing that was really crazy about the whole thing was how SOFT the girl's skin was. I had never made out with a girl beforeonly guysand I was used to their hairy, kind of scratchy, sort of dry skin. But her skin was SO SOFT. And it wasn't just her skinher body was just softer, like curvy and soft and not all muscular and bony, like guys usually are. It was funny, it made me realize that I probably feel that way too! Go, ladies!

At the end of the night, we all fall asleep in the bed. I woke up with a KILLER hangover the next morning and booked out of there. I felt a kind of weird but chalked it up to experience. The girl called me a bunch of times after that (I feel like she leaned more towards girls than guys), but we never hooked up again. That one night, though, was definitely a cool/weird/crazy/wild experience!
Turn Ons/Offs:
oooooooooooooooohhh-A man with a sensitive side. Someone that spoils me!!! Someone who makes me smile

Turn offs: Being pushy.Just entered my room and you're acting like you already know me Cheesy pick up lines Rude persons *Show me*
Best Reason to Get to Know Me:






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My personal phone number for 1555 tokens!!!

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Missing you!
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hi, hope you had a nice xmas and have a great new year. hope to see you soon xxx
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hey sexy, thanks for stopping by and showing the love!
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OMG.........You are such a sweet person. THANK YOU...........for being a sweet friend. Kisses and hugs for life.
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You are by far one of the best on MFC! Your smart, funny, friendly, innovative with a vivid imagination. You bring a freshness and erotic flare to MFC that keeps me coming back! Every thing on your profile is entertaining, the best profile of them all! Be bold and magnificent forces will come to your aid.
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Always a joy to see your warm cheeky smile, and to hear your lovely voice. The rest goes without saying!!! Love from Michael XXOO
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My little close friend with benefit thanks for writing me
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the hottest girl on MfC so Amazing Beautyfull
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hey lovely!! miss yooo. cant wait to see you again muahh
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you r silly!
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Just sending more love your way. Muaaak! Don't ever change Miss Xander.
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w0w sxwxett sXXy grll nice amazin funbb cute lovsX U xxx [TY4U]
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Hi Huni ..I just rated 5 / admired ..hope to see more of you kiss
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You are absolutely gorgeous! <3 ~Kyle
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you're welcome
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Hey Baby... You are a Very fun Girl who is full of Life, energy and Sex Appeal.... And that Ghetto Booty is not so bad either You are going to go far here. Kiss kiss.

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