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About Me
Name: fromtheeLight
Gender: Male
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 210 pounds
Height: 73 inches
Age: 44
City: WAKE UP ...YOUR ALL Awe+Some world wide EVERYTHING else IS a LIE (()) WAKE -U
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Straight
Drink: Occasional
Marital Status: Single
Occupation/Major: ~SPEAK~ truth~HEAR~ truth~KNOW truth~Believe truth~ACCEPT truth~SHARE~ truth..))).BE TRUTH.(((
School/College: B.A.~SCHOOL~of~LOVE,,,)))TRUTH)))...~Be A~LIGHT ~in~ A dark ~WORLD...
About Me:

My Dearest friend ~Adrianna__
Jan 18th, '14
~Light ur a genious
and I love you.

My Dearest Adrianna_ ,
i still don't what to say,Thank you! Awesome You!
I'am no better no less than anyone
[we ALL only have so long
in [this] body on OUR
~Lovely earth.

Imageim just
..and i ~Love you too.

like you

my SOUL lead me here..
going places my SOUL needs to go,
Taking the steps it needs to Grow.
Step by step Heading into
~Light called..



Image Hosted by
Brothers & Sisters its Time
to Awaken
Truth [is]
our BEST Friend.
Speak TRUTH &
Welcome to MFC.
Share your Love

By, fromthee~Light 2014
LOVE,= TRUTH = Light is [KNOWLEDGE],= understanding =

if you don't even LOVE YourSELF, who will!?!

Image Image

Image~My Dear Friend, ~Pinche~Sweet...
Image Posted by PincheSweet: December 06, 2010 Beautiful, ~You Are ~My Light!!!..~Light,You have helped me find...My~Light ~again,,, and realize some things about myself, ~that i needed to Realize Thank~you,,, you are my light,, Love you. I Found these and thought of my dearest friend and my light :) What progress, you ask, have I made?
Image~Light,I have begun
to be a friend to myself....

Image thank you for everything!.


If you look d-e-e-p within,
~You ~Will Find ~A ~Brilliant ~Light. Too many,
far too many, squint and turn away from the (((shine))),,,
Let your eyes adjust,
and ~bathe [in] the radiance.

Love you 2 Dear ~
Your true friend ~Light.
The one that will
Never Lie to ya.

heal the masses...
No one needs a Lie
Not even you..your AWESOME
And that's THE TRUTH!

For those of you ...feel i
may have over step my
boundaries here
IN times,
i forgave mySELF,
please forgive me,
i forgave YOU

go & forgive yourSELF
i [needed] those lessons to GROW

in Love, light, and truth.

Image no i'am NOT religious very SPIRITUAL..
i think we all go
through HELL on earth [[d-e-c-e-p-t-i-o-n]]

to get to the REAL T-R-U-T-H [heaven]

don't GIVE UP, search..

LOOK within, TRUTH is [the hint].

[end of story].

Image [You]] ARE [[LOVE]]

[it's the key] its the hardest thing.

ImageTurn your tomorrows hell

& your
awesome heart mind body
& soul and beyond...

Life not War, Love = Peace.

The new light.. is dawning

cause of STORMS up ahead.
hello hear me tuck a little
FOOD away.

Wake -up


[lies] with LOVE no matter who you are =


Let your WORDS have MEANING

you haven't really LOVED...

[said anything] to them at all

let them LOVE you

for who you REALLY are

or they can't REALLY LOVE [you] at all!! . ~light
TRUTH [is] the Food
that teaches TRUE LOVE
[[how]] to g-r-o-w,

S_W_E_E_T_E_R than H_O_N_E_Y!

Image my Dear friend Nerry
Image Nice to have ya back Angel ~Light
ImagePosted by Nerry: December 15, 2011
Thank you dear !!!!! a miracle!! really missed you
you're just a perfect friend, love you !!!!! your friend Nerry!!!!

love you too Dear.

Peace Love Truth & Light ..)))

Speak WORDS OF TRUTH to one another or you've spoken NOT at all...

Words of NO Truth


...i stand at the door and knock,

seeking and sharing...

...Love Truth & more ~LIGHT

to and fro NEG. POS. forward backward

Living to ~LEARN TO ~Love..

[[[Yourself first.]]]

TRUTH ...IS BOSS..because its
the only thing that's


Image ~My Dear friend, ~Beautiful Model ~AngelGLOW,,~Your So ~Awesome ~Dear, ~Thank's Posted by ~AngelGlow: July 20, 2010 hi my special friend just wanted to say that people like you are hard to find. Don't change,
and always stay true! kisses !!
Image Image

Image My ~Dear ~Friend ~AmazingEmmy,~ Emmy ~Dear, [you Are Amazing]...~You [Are] ~All you ever dreamed of ~& ~More [don't forget to keep telling that pretty girl in mirror [i love you] , Thank's for all your Love Honey!! Posted by AmazingEmmy: December 13, 2010 hello, my dear friend! thank you [for being there for me] and teaching me... such great things! emmy appreciates you a lot! take good care of yourself... and [stay in the ~Light] )!Image Image

Image Image My ~Dear friend, ~Beautiful model ~Allyze , After a few conversation's,,,gently guiding her back into her own lovely inner light,,,she shared the following,,, ~Posted by ~Allyze: December 03, 2010 ,,~THE BEST ~Brother in~ ~Light I ever had and ever will have !!!!!! ~LOVE YOU Forever and EVER!!!!!!ALLYZElove u 2 Dear. ImageOnce humanity can LOVE their strange neighbor AS MUCH as, OR MORE THAN themselves, and TRULY understand and feel this UNITY WITH OTHERS, that a New Paradigm will be realized on our planet. A Paradigm of LOVE AND UNIVERSAL UNDERSTANDING is ultimately whats in store for each and every person. We create what we experience.
Soon, we will be creating our picture having
learned that our paint is LOVE and our
Canvas is OURSELVES. True Story,
Brother ~Light.

Image .Spiritual perception

is known and understood

when we do for the joy of doing.

Joy awakens light

and light transforms insecurities.

This transformation awakens love

the true quality of the soul.
Image )))Everything that exists IS energy. So certainly, light is a very important perceptible energy. It is what allows us to see beauty and feel Love. However, Darkness is also a very important energy.darkness allows us to feel beauty and to see love because we have to employ more powerful perceptive abilities in order to comprehend things through darkness..)))

ImageThese Beautiful Model$ ARE A
REMINDER to Man/Woman of the
WOMAN,and they are doing
a fantastic

Image [this is your stage to Practice showing them
& yourSELF your an AWESOME MAN

Image Acceptance and Understanding Our Core Essence. Deep down we are all beautiful beings worthy of love and support. Image Hello - I'am ~Light

POWER, WISDOM and LOVE, the three-fold flame, is your sacred link with the creator. True power cannot shine forth without wisdoms guidance and neither can take form without the intent OF LOVE. fromtheeLight, a brother~in~Light,

i'am not afraid to say, yes i still have [short moment's] of darkness [i'am constantly working on that / it maybe a simple thought less than or don't = Love that comes to me and slips out & i have to remind mySELF in a loving way that i'am better than that & forgive myself right away]. My Goal is to simply [be Love] & spread LOVE LIGHT & TRUTH into the world. So, if i error & fall short of the mark, please forgive me. Like you, i'am [a bunch of memory]& can't help that & that's ok!! yes (())I'am that i was(()) ))i'am.. that i'am))i'am that i will better than anyone, no less than anyone)))
(((i'AM .. just )))ME((( (((i'AM .. just )))ME(((

..Like you, that's ALL i CAN [be].


I am free,
like an angel,
and take on many forms

I laugh and I listen
I am never far away
I am never gone at all

I am a friend,
a good book,
or a pink and golden sunset

I am a mothers touch
and a fathers
helping hand

You know me
I am you

You are me
and through

I am unconditional love
and you
are too!

The concept of Unconditional Love is just this
that all things have purpose.

The concept of Unconditional Love is just this that all things have purpose. ALL things. Nothing can be seen as negative under this light.

The bigger picture is that Darkness and Light are one and the same thing.EACH AVENUE SERVES TO CREATE AWARENESS AND UNDERSTANDING utilizing different energies and outcomes, but all these different paths tend to lead to the same place eventually

. Duality has served its perfect purpose and most certainly has been a necessary part of our complete evolution. This is the complete Evolution of our Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual bodies, which of course, happens simultaneously.

How would we know our light if we do not understand the depth of our darkness?

We must experience both to fully comprehend who and what we are. If we did not descend into a physical experience, and remained immortal spirit beings.we would never know what we were exactly we have to experience being mortal physical beings to find out for sure.

Don't Hide from the TRUTH find out what it REALLY [is] [because] it [is] our BEST FRIEND,
Brother ~Light

My Dear friend,
~Beautiful DaniMerie
Posted by DaniMerie: 2011-03-04 04:06:33
You rock! Love ya light!
Love ya too dear.


,,, ~My True ~Friend almost 5 years now,~The ~Beautiful ~Beautiful Model ,,, That talked me into making this profile...[i thought i never would], ~She thought i would have a lot of FUN having one [she was right].~Lovingly took the time'.... to t-e-a-c-h me {[how]} to make ~Video post,, and post of ~Pretty flower's etc....
~Angel ~Cool. Image Image
Posted by ~LoveSquirt4u: December 03, 2010 fromthee~Light
~Is always so friendly and nice to me and people ...
~he deserves a lot of nice Surprises from Life ....
...... ~KISS
~KISS....Tanya[A] i'll [never forget]
what you said dear, the highest complement a man can receive from a Woman! Bless you ~Sweetheart!!!
Your Awesome.
Image Image

Image Acceptance and Understanding Our Core Essence.DEEP DOWN WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL BEINGS WORTHY OF LOVE AND SUPPORT. brother ~light.

THANK YOU... MODEL$ ..&..[all] brother's & sister's
world wide for making MFC... an awesome place to be.



A Brother~in~Light.
# 1). The beginning of wisdom is found in doubting by doubting we come to the question, and by seeking we may come upon the TRUTH.
Image .#2).If you have KNOWLEDGE, let others LIGHT their candles in it.
Image #3).The truth that makes men free,..
is for the most part ,
,the TRUTH which men.........prefer not to hear.

Cristyna, your an Awesome
soul, Thank you Dear.

Light, your an amazing friend!

~Hi, my name is ~From...thee..light, ...I'am, ~A~Brother~in~Light, I WANNA THANK ALL YOU LOVELY GIRL'S FOR YOUR TIME AND ATTENTION... BLESS YOU ALL you girl's are FAR MORE INTERESTING than [just] your pussy, i have LEARNED SO MUCH about women through each of you, that i'am forever grateful of the experience and knowledge i have gained here. Not to forget the AWESOME memories of BEAUTY you have given to me..that i GET TO CARRY THESE BEAUTIFUL MEMORIES WITH ME [every where] i go for LIFE. How awesome.



Truthful Knowing ...

When you raise your consciousness and find your bliss in truthful knowing, when you find your discernment and KNOW THAT YOU KNOW, you then do not need any authority to tell you how to eat healthy, how to turn your mate on... or how to raise your child to be productive. There are many things you do not need to be told when you magnify the spot of LIGHT INSIDE YOUR HEART to reflect your higher knowing. IT IS LOVE, IT HAS ONLY EVER BEEN LOVE and IN LOVE IS TRUTH [everything else is a LIE]... Find this in yourself before you give it to others. How can you LOVE another IF YOU HAVE NOT YET FOUND IT WITHIN,
where it connects
to source.
Image Image
My dear friend,Sweet Blond07
Posted by Sweet Blond07: October 17, 2011
thank you dear for all what you doing for me!!!!!
you are really nice person and good friend!!!!
i like you so much!!!
kissss you!!!

Posted by Sweet Blond07: December 25, 2011

Your welcome dear, Always,love you two ~Angel.
ImageImage Hosted by Image

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Remember that you are a magnificent, immortal spirit being you have a direct connection to the Divine and need no church or in-betweens to commune with it. Ask and you will receive answers to any and all questionsLOOK for answers EVERYWHERE as they will come. On the radio, through an experience with a friend or a chance happening. There are no coincidences.only misunderstood symbols to your understanding of greater concepts. Sunrise at Bungan Beach

What does it take to be a Master? The truth is that we already are. A few thoughts from Dr. Meg.

ImageWAKE UPA Master has accepted him or herself as who and what they are.

ImageA Master has humbly accepted his or her assignments within their journey with no strings attached, no what ifs and no looking back to the past.

ImageA Master embodies the Living Truth with no drama, no trauma, in every moment that they are.

ImageA Master embodies personal integrity. This doesn't mean how honest we are in the world, but how honest we are with ourselves. Self deception is one of the greatest causes of fear. We can tell if we are in personal integrity if how we feel on the inside matches what we experience on the outside.

ImageA Master not only has learned to give, but to receive, having given him or herself value of equal measure across the board.

ImageA Master embodies love instead of practicing it as an ideal or an idea.

ImageA Master is able to find compassion for everyone including him or herself.

ImageA Master is everything that a Master teaches and is always aware that there is more to learn.

ImageA Master knows no comparison of experience. Each is on a perfect path to what his or her soul seeks.

ImageA Master embraces all that he or she is faced with without fear, instead, with a full heart and of his or her wholeness.

ImageA Master sleeps well at night, knowing that he or she has done their very best in any given situation throughout the day and that's all her or she could have done.

ImageA Master Knows there are no mistakes, only opportunities to change direction or to learn something, and then rather than beating him or herself up for it, can laugh at the humanity of it and go on to the next thing without dragging what was behind them.

ImageA Master looks to no one for approval, but is open to everyone to share what he or she has and accepting to new avenues of thought and the wisdom others have gained. After all, we all have a piece of the puzzle.

ImageA Master basks not in ego, but in humility and wonder at the scope of the infinite.

ImageA Master never feels as if he or she has learned it all because that is impossible except as a body of Light when we are encompassed within the light of the source.

ImageA Master carries that Light everywhere he or she goes without judgment or attachment to outcome, after all, once it is shared, it will grow according to the choices others make.

ImageA Master goes with the flow, allowing him or herself to regenerate, honoring that which he or she needs to be at their peak potential, for if one is truly within the flow, one gets as much as one gives.

ImageA Master needs no words such as these to convey the simplicity of the apparent complexity of what is.
It just IS.

ImageA Master is love,
Imageon Earth and everywhere beyond.
Don't Hide from the TRUTH find out what it REALLY [is] [because] it [is]
Brother ~Light Fantasy Myspace Comments
This profile isn't about ME ..its ABOUT ALL of US WORLD WIDE.If the information on this profile LOVE, TRUTH & LIGHT= [knowledge] = Understanding = FORGIVENESS.Constant SELF/forgiveness as well CONSTANT FORGIVENESS of others. Work's for me IT WILL WORK FOR YOU AS WELL ..I give my personal thanks to LOVELY MFC Model LOVESQUIRT4U and member UrSoSexy, they are the ones that talk me into having and making a profile. They knew i would enjoy one & they were right.
ABOUT ME, well first let me say from the HEART I'AM NO BETTER THAN [ ANY HUMAN BEING ] we ARE ALL AWESOME WORLD WIDE, i'am just ME. is few words from some of the LOVELY LOVELY ~Models on MFC shared..[i will say i'am sure there is just as many or more that have other opinions about me] but i'am doing the best i can for now.
Posted by mikelpn: 2010-09-25 just wanted to stop by and say thank you for your posts on the news feeds, its always uplifting and helps to know that there are people such as yourself here to help our moral because sometimes that is needed you are awesome hun thank you.
Posted by Christineee: 2011-11-17 Congrats for your beautiful profile! I really enjoyed all the pictures, videos and sayings! Loved it! Kisses.
Posted by AlesyaBrunete: 2011-11-01 21 hey..glad to have friend like u..u are verry kind ...kiss u my love.
Posted by SKYLA: 2010-03-28 Thank you for all the love.
..Posted by XAshleyCumnX: 2011-08-30 hey from the light just stopin by to say hey, n thanks for all the love much love xashleycumnx.
Posted by EmmyLove: 2010-06-25 i might not have the fancy pics but i got all the love in the world,u always ~Light it up and there will never be enough blinky hearts.
Posted by Bamby23: 2010-02-02 Very nice profile and very good songs! Dont change anything at u! Stay great and Take care !!:u are the Best!
Posted by Christineee: 2011-11-17 Congrats for your beautiful profile! I really enjoyed all the pictures, videos and sayings! Loved it! Kisses. Posted by Spicydawn: 2010-02-05 u are a gr8 men! love u!!........Posted by Amarilla: 2010-02-04 ur the best friend of mine kisses from amarilla ...Posted by KittieKate: 2010-04-09 ty bb 4 being with me!!!!ur my best friend****Posted by BunnyDeeDee: 2011-04-28 Hey my dearst friend. I just wanted to say HI and to let you know that I'll be missing you next days when i'll won't be able to be online.Big hug Take care. Mwahhh.Posted by SweetHoneyBB: January 26, 2012 HI I AM SORRY BECAUSE I CAN'T LET YOU A PICTURE HERE LIKE THE OTHERS BUT I CAN LET YOU SOMETHING MORE SPECIAL ME LOVE :c ME HEART IT BEAT ONLY FOR YOU I WISH TO DREAMING YOU AND NEVER WAKE UP TO CAN STAY WITH YOU FOREVER !.Posted by Typhannie: 2010-05-10 Thanks for sending the Enigma Video Totally brought back great memories with my sister, lol
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