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Username: galaxy55
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Straight
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show them sexy feet i hope they smell good
It's none of your business whether or not I have kids, but I sure hope you don't, because you are too uneducated (learn how to complete a sentence before you go talking shit) and disrespectful to women to have what it takes to be a real father figure to anyone. Not to mention the fact that you are young as hell mentally. For all I know, you're some horny 13-year old kid sneaking on his Mommy's computer to look at some hot naked chicks online. And as far as you bragging about fucking some 18-year old dolls and the fleshlight (adult toy for men) don't count, sweetie!
You're a real piece of shit...I saw you when you came into the room, BEGGING...for some free shit...and then you had the nerve and audacity to say 'goose gave tokens and you still didn't do shit'. Goose gave tokens, and he opted not to ask for shit...doesn't mean your dumbass can request something in his place...then you have the audacity to crack on my girl's page and call her stupid? A heffa? Because she didn't kowtow to your dumbass request...for future references, TIP before you fly off the handle...if you don't have tokens or choose not to give tokens, SHUT THE FUCK UP AND ENJOY WHAT YOU'RE GETTING... PS. EAT A DICK NIGGA!
Looks like u made urself some bad choices bro, see u have nothing but negative comments on here that does not look good for u. when u give respect u earn respect and trust me with respect u would get alot further in life just saying. Can't be rude all of ur life cause u will end up a lonely old man that be bitter in life and thats no way to live.
Hey, galaxy55, thanks for posting that retarded message on my wall. You're nothing but a cheapass, stupid fuck who probably couldn't get any pussy even if you paid a woman for it. LOL. Your broke ass doesn't even have any tokens, and you're just mad that MyFreeCams is the closest you'll ever get to some pussy...haha! You need to go sit down somewhere and scrub your nasty-ass sweaty balls. And go get yourself an education while you're at it, because you sound dumb as shit. Like the commercial says...'Hooked on Phonics worked for me!!!' Oh, and I'm reporting you to the MyFreeCams administrators. Buhbye, freeloader!
WOWEEEE!!!!! What an asshole u R!!!! for postin n doin such crap in models rooms n on their profiles.... ur nick should b GAY not galaxy... so just take the lax out
Didn't your mother ever teach you that if you don't have something nice to say - don't say anything at all? Going out of your way to be mean is just sad. If you don't like what you see sweetie.. go to another room. Have a great day.

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