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Profile Headline: Only the ancient Greeks surpass the Scots in their contribution to mankind.
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Username: iJason
Gender: Male
Body Type: Muscular
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Weight: 240 pounds
Height: 190 centimeters
Age: 35
City: Glasgow, Scotland
Country: United Kingdom
Sexual Preference: Straight
Smoke: Non Smoker
Drink: Non Drinker
Drugs: Never
Marital Status: Single
Occupation/Major: IT Engineer / Telecoms / Broadcaster / Film maker
School: Master of Science in Information Technology, Glasgow Acting Academy
Favorite Food: Fish 'n' Chips, Chinese food, Pizza
Pets: House Mouse
Automobile: Land Rover Discovery 4 HSE
About Me:

JDtv Broadcast Scotland - The latest news from Jason

Weather Underground PWS ICUMBERN2
Tags: Single, Scottish, Scotland, Jason, TV, Movies, Sex, Music, Rich, Tokens, iPhone 5s, Gentleman, Webcam, Funny, Friendly, Respectful, Glasgow, Cumbernauld, Comedy, Loyal, Intelligent, Romantic, Linux, Android, iOS, Kinky, Hazel eyes, Sperm, Tall, Skype, Zello, Gamer
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Interests & Hobbies
Meaning of Life: The key to a great life is NOT to rush everything. Take your time, there will always be a tomorrow (unless terminally ill) savour each day, enjoy each day, try different things in life, never keep doing the same things you've always done, or you'll most likely get depression, So try new things, but take it slow and easy because that way you will never get bored and there will always be millions of new things for you to do. You know most people these days, they live life fast, they try do everything in a few years and find themselves growing older and getting frustrated and bored because they have nothing else new left in life to experience. Most people who rushed through life now live a right boring life sat on their couch watching soap operas all day and night with their 18 stone overweight wife munching on chocolates. So, don't be that way, learn from those sad people, keep active, read books, keep learning new things, it's good for your brain and well-being and keeping a healthy outlook, slow down, you'll still be here when you are 90+ - Don't smoke, Don't do drugs, try not to drink much, and keep it weekly if you do, keep calm, don't worry about anything. Be social, communication is very important. Get plenty of fresh air, don't keep using text messaging over talking on a phone, that is bad anti-social habit. Texting will never replace a real conversation. Texting is for short and sweet messages, so don't turn into an anti-social zombie who can't hold a conversation, there is already plenty of them out there!. To sum it all up, Never take it too seriously. Go a little crazy from time to time, be young at heart always!. Your true self is in your heart and soul, always have a good one. Be a Philanthropist! Always keep an open mind and Have a fun ride. Life is very short but living slower and changing interests will vastly help your well-being, Have a family, kids, feel loved, give love and be happy. But do it all slowly! there is no rush. Do that and you're doing it right. :-)
Five Things I Can't Live Without: 160MB Internet, 300 inch HD 3D TV, SONY 4K Movie Camera, XBOX, Netflix, Amazon! :-)

Follow me on Twitter!Buy Me Gifts!Like me on Facebook!Follow my Daily Videos on Vine!
Favorite Books: It's all about the money!
What I Like To Do For Fun:

This is my voice and my radio show, I had it set to auto play but the drug addict alcoholic lesbian Russians don't like it. They are scared of my Scottish accent. So had to turn off auto play.
Favorite Songs: 50's,60's,70's,80s,90's, Dance, Trance, Pop, Rock, Classic, Country, Lana Del Rey, Classic. Spotify Premium.
Favorite Movies:

This is me playing my favourite game, Battlefield 1943. Yes it is my voice, and yes I say a lot of bad words. But it is only comedy.

Visitors this Week:
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: We made love in Palace Square in the afternoon. Later that evening we went down the River Neva in a little tour boat, again making love in Public. Our hands were all over each other. We then got a taxi to Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge. We went to the back and out of sight, She went down on her knees and pulled off my pants, blew and sucked me hard while rolling her long warm, wet tongue on my cock and balls as the cold night air blew on us. Then I fingered her pussy, massaging her clit, and pulling firm and hard on her BIG throbbing swollen G-Spot with two fingers, though she needed no help getting wet, she bent over the rail guard and looked down at the river as I fucked her hard from behind, her pussy was extremely tight and soaking wet. She was dripping all over the ground as I pushed into her deep and hard. She begged me to stick it in her ass after 30 minutes of pumping her pussy. She was groaning like a cat on heat, and taking great pleasure from this intense sex!. I had to remind her we were outside and on a Public bridge! It was her greatest fantasy to be done in on Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge!. Finally we took a final Taxi to Nevosky Prospect, and we fucked in the Alley near the houses!, She pulled up her wet panties and took my right hand, walked me to Saint Isaac's Cathedral, we opened the doors and went inside. She lay on the bench and I fucked her in missionary style this time, my hands covering her lips to keep her groans quiet. Finally the moment came, she left a giant pool of cum on the Cathedral floor and as the tickle in my stomach slithered down to my balls and grew to an orgasmic high, I pumped my entire load deep inside her pussy. I lifted her legs high so that the sperm would flow into her Cervix, then gave her wet pussy a final lick. We lay there for 30 minutes, then got dressed and went back to the hotel for our shower and sleep. I filmed it in Ultra HD 4K on my SONY 4K Action Cam. :-) Maybe you want to make a hot movie with me too in 4K ?. Just ask :-)
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: Amsterdam, New York, California, Kiev, Vinnitsa, Kharkov, Odessa, Ukraine, Nevosky Prospect, Saint Isaac's Cathedral, Saint Petersburg, Russia. In your knickers or your bed, in Kate's Mazda car, humping women on crash barriers at night beside a busy road. Cuddling you on my couch, while watching movies on the 300 inch home cinema. You'll love the rush of Public sex. Oh yes you will. Just say YES. I'll introduce you to new pleasures in life, your big G spot will be swollen and happy :-)

It's all about the money!
Talents: The Partyline: (Chat line)
Part of my telecommunications company

No charges for services, unlike most of the parasites you'll find in this world.

Just dial one of the local access numbers below, and begin talking with people on the chat line and make new friends from over the world, no Subscriptions, No Premium rate phone numbers. No Pin numbers required!**. Lines have over 50,000 channel capacity. The only free high powered conference service of it's kind in the world. PBX system is designed and run by myself, here in Scotland.

Partyline Access Numbers for UK:

London, England: 02035195110
London, England: 02035195114
Glasgow, Scotland: 01412950115
Glasgow, Scotland: 01412950360
Edinburgh, Scotland: 01312141066
Stirling, Scotland: 01786601042
Motherwell, Scotland: 01698623002
Cumbernauld, Scotland: 01236320027
UK Nationwide: 03300109200

Outside UK Access Numbers:

Amsterdam, Netherlands: +31202623773
Dublin, Ireland: +35314373236
Dublin, Ireland: +35314373237
Bucharest, Romania: +40312295055
Ukraine: +380893202499
St Petersburg, Russia: +78122411682
Melbourne, Australia: +61390212235
Perth, Australia: +61863777210
California, Orange, CA 92866, USA: +17142029617
California, Los Angeles, CA 90044, USA: +13239772810
New York City, New York City Zone 7, NY 11234, USA: +13472893010


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Perfect Mate: A nice girl with long dark brown hair, so i can play with it, oulala pick her up and play with her haha, dance with her, running my hands through her long sexy hair, as we kiss deep with our tongues, making french kisses all night :-)
Perfect Date: A walk by night time, gazing up at the stars and the moon within the midnight sky, holding hands, 1 on 1, and settling down with a fine bottle of red wine with that woman who knows how to converse properly, while I look deep into her beautiful eyes and make love to her.
Turn Ons/Offs: Turn On: Nice hearted and honest girl. - I love when she spends time with me, when she writes to me, she confides in me, and trusts me and talks to me on Social media and the telephone.
Turn Off: Stupid, Thick, Zombies, Mutes, Social Rejects, who are not capable of talking, interacting, having a conversation, talking on a telephone.
Since I own a large telephone network, I do expect to talk to you on the phone.
For example: If I gave you a local phone number in your city/country to contact me back in October 2014, and you did not phone me, then we are not friends.
I am really turned off by self-obsessed, egotistical, delusional and ignorant people and by people who break continuity in a conversation. I do not pay for fake friends, friends are something you earn, not buy.

Women who sell Skype, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Kik, and more.. They are vile Social rejects, only interested in stealing money from people. They defeat the purpose of having anything related to Social media.
Best Reason to Get to Know Me:
I am the longest member of MFC, I joined in October 2004, 3 months after the site began.
Before you beg me to tip you, make sure we have spoken on the telephone first, I don't tip people I don't know and I don't feed parasites.
This is how it works. You phone me on a local number in your country and prove you are a good person and not a Social reject or a Free loader of Social media sites. This number is on my own telephone network, If you are nice and do that, we will talk normal chat, and get to know each other better.
If you can not afford a local phone call, I will provide you with a software phone for free HD video calling into my telephone network and FREE calls to PTSN lines.

Do you have any good Files to share?. Perhaps, Documents, eBooks, Photos, Movies or Music?. Upload to my secure server and share!, all files are encrypted and safe. 3GB MAX File upload size.

Scan the QR Code below using your phone for more information

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