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Username: imnotlaika
CamScore: 7958
Gender: Female
Weight: 115 pounds
Height: 60 inches
Age: 27
City: Toronto, CANADA
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
About Me:
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Welcome to my room! I am a very smol Canadian currently residing downtown Toronto, with my 4 cats Mozzarella, Pancake, Maple & Pudding. Mozzarella is a blue bi-colour rag doll, Pancake is a silver shaded British Shorthair, Maple is a lilac British Shorthair, and Pudding is a seal tabby point British Longhair

I am 5'0 tall & 115 pounds. My boobs are NOT real, they are currently a 30H. I have had 2 breast surgeries since July 2015, and I am very very happy with the way they look now! Before my surgery I was a 32B.

Besides being a full-time cam girl and cat mom, my favourite things to do when Im not working are playing music, eating and obsessing over video games. My genre of choice is Scifi-FPS story based games, but I've recently discovered my love for Fortnite & Overwatch! I've always been a pretty strict xbox gamer, but lately I've been all about my PS4. I DO game with members online, ask in my room how to get my PSN! My guitar is a Taylor 214ce, 2011 & I recently got a Fender Tele American Professional. I'm in the studio RIGHT NOW finishing an EP that will be released this year! I will be releasing it under a different name. Keep updated with my social media for when that drops!

Im an extremely passionate weirdo, I love talking about my music, growing orchids, video game characters, and my 10 year journey battling Borderline Personality Disorder.

I love video games and am always up for discussion in my chatroom. I actually worked at GameStop/EB Games for quite a long time before getting into cam modelling. My genre of choice is Sci-fi FPS story based games, though I have played and will continue to play other genres. I currently own an XBOX One, PS4, WiiU and 3DS XL. I'm also covered in video game tattoos!!

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