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Profile Headline: You Only Live Once! So Make it Count for Heaven's Sake.
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Username: ittybitty123
Gender: Male
Age: 108
City: Kealakekua
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Straight
Smoke: Non Smoker
Drink: Non Drinker
Drugs: Experimented
Marital Status: Divorced
School: 1yr college, 4yr trade school, 1yr commercial arts
Favorite Food: Asian & Pacific Rim Cuisine
Pets: Cat name D.O.G.
About Me: I was born at a very young age,into a world of strange and odd looking people. Oh..wait, that's my mom and dad. Oops! what I meant to say was Okay looking people. Who tried as they may to make me the apple of their eye. But who knew instead of a fruit I was a nut. A coconut drifting in and about the vast Ocean of life. experiencing the many ebb and flows of life challenges. 'Life Is Great!' So follow your dreams!! And if you don't have one.Follow somebody else cause it's the act of doing that allows you to live life to the fullest. 'So live and love ImageImage on images to link to profile or twitter site.
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Favorite Models: StackedNSlim ChristineAsh
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Meaning of Life: Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? What are reason and logic? What do we really know and how do we know that we know it? The particulars are the specific details of life and the physical world as we observe them. The particulars are like beads on a string or threads in a tapestry; the universals are the pattern or plan by which the beads or threads are organized into a meaningful whole. Universals lend significance to the particulars; but knowledge of the particulars will not necessarily lead us to an understanding of the universals. There are many meanings of life. So choose the Best One... I choose to live life simplistically, uncomplicated,free of stress and try to influence others likewise. kinda like that 80's song by bobby McFerrin 'don't worry be happy'Image
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Favorite Songs:
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: Is convincing my pot head friend while he was stoned(well to be fair I was too.)to drive a golf cart off a thirty foot cliff into the pacific ocean in the dark of night. while assuring him that the direction to the club house was straight ahead. He trusted me and went off the cliff with great poise and finesse. Which he let out a girly pitched scream, followed by a few cursed words and a big splash... I think he knew I was lying and just did it anyway just to show off. Who am I kidding I have done a lot more crazier things than that! By the way he was fine but the cart needed to be fished out by a tow truck with extra long cables. My boss wasn't happy. Oh I didn't mention I worked for the golf coarse. My boss had no idea of my involvement in this. After all I reported the accident. hehe Image click on golf cart to see picture of cliff where he drove off of ;)
Talents: Being Sarcastic without being a Jerk or Offending Anyone in the Process. it's not easy to Do...Try it with your friends and see how long you can spew sarcasm before they call you 'douche bag.'
Perfect Mate: Perfect is what perfect does, perfect is like a box of chocolate that doesn't adhere to your waistline. as if.. Sooo..perfect is a value we perceived to be better than less perfect. so perfect would be based on a sliding scale. indubitably. because my sense of perfect would not meet your sense of perfect.So its a draw right?'s not! Because we both make compromises to meet somewhere in the middle where we are both that's perfect.
Perfect Date: There is no such thing as 'A' perfect date, because all dates are perfect dates. you make it about 'her' and not about 'you' with no expectation in return. if it is reciprocated,perfection is near.___________________________
Ask 8 Ball a question... Skip info. and click show me the answer</embed></embed>
Turn Ons/Offs: Turn on 'great attitude' turn off 'bad attitude' turn on 'good humor' turn off 'rude remarks' turn on 'self awareness' turn off 'self centered people' turn on' great smile' turn off 'bad teeth'... going through this reminds me of Mr.Miyagi 'wax on''wax off' oh well its a good life lesson if you're the Karate Kid.__________Image _____'Really??'
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rated and admire you__
Thank you for the post babe! Miss you a lot
Hi love, I just watched your profile and I liked it. I hope to see you in my room soon, sweet kisses, Selene. PS: check my profile to see when you can find me online. Photobucket
I miss you lots!
Thinking of you! love you xoxoxo
Thank you for the Kitty with a spark of Energz in it Wink. Thats cute. Its snowing where i live at the moment so it is kind of cold but not to fear ... I have heat in my home heheh so i am toasty lol .
Interesting Profile i wanted to say hello and have a fantastic day Amber
miss you too ittybitty.
I misssss you !!! WTF with your wifi?
Hope you had an excellent Thanksgiving babe
I saw your posts....Too funny baby. I want to rock your world. Took me a long time to see them because Christine keeps me too busy to enjoy life. Well better go my program is on.
Where are you?
Just wanted to say we miss you
Thank you for doing what you did to be able to spend my birthday with me. You are the best and btw I love this song!!! The seeds part is my favorite
Thanks for your support when my mom passed. It was greatly appreciated. :brofistbump

Cute Graphics

Thank you for the great vid clip you posted, and omg what a profile you have babe. Thank you so much for all you do. xoxo
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