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Name: xX_Roland_Xx
Gender: Male
Body Type: Athletic
Ethnicity: Various
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 170 pounds
Height: 69 inches
Age: 72
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Straight
Smoke: Non Smoker
Marital Status: Single
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Meaning of Life:
:wfuck (for those not in the know... emote it!)
Five Things I Can't Live Without:
Family, Friends, Internet, Cell Phone, My Truck, ChapStick.. yeah that's 6.. but oh well! =P
What I Like To Do For Fun:
Graphic Design and all that Geeky Techie Stuff, Listening to Music, Going to Concerts, Playing My Guitars, Dancing, Sports, Fashion and Shopping, Body Art/Ink, Cooking, Home Improvement/Remodeling, Learning and discovering new things, Watching Movies, Playing Video Games
Favorite Songs:
Favorite Movies:
The Hangover, Kick-Ass, Kung Fu Hustle, She's Out of My League, This Is It, Old School, Wedding Crashers, 40 Year Old Virgin, Up, Pretty Woman, Saving Private Ryan, Pirates of the Caribbean, National Treasure, Avatar, Batman Begins, Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done:
Served in the Marine Corps... OoohRah!
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now:
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Dancing, Playing the Guitar, Graphic Design, Pretty Bomb at Rock Band, Getting PWNED on XBox Live (it takes skill to be this bad)
Best Reason to Get to Know Me:
Certified PervBear!
Message Wall
Posted by MrB_7:
Whats good Rol, your just a freakin pimp yo.. cant wait to catch up bro!!
Posted by NellieCute:
Holas ))noses besitosss))
Posted by ArielePeach_:
Roland! Just wanted to say hi and thank you and it was awesome to meet you You're a star! x
Posted by NellieCute:
besosss nosee
Posted by NellieCute:
Posted by NellieCute:
Nose besitossssssssssssss
Posted by AvalynnRose:
Oh Roland;; i betyour hair looks smashing ;] much love, ava
Posted by AvalynnRose:
I've missed it also :]]] Tag backkk!! You are it!! XoXo, Ava
Posted by KaraWilde:
totally stalking you like the perv I am... :-P x Kara
Posted by HotSelene4u:
Hi love, I just watched your profile and I liked it. I hope to see you in my room soon, sweet kisses, Selene. PS: check my profile to see when you can find me online. Photobucket
Posted by Leoshiba:
Psh! And yet my milkshake brings all the bb's to the yard... You know how I know you're Takei? You left a website full of hotties and I for months... oh and you like Coldplay.
Posted by AvalynnRose:
Hey Roland! I miss you :] i hope you are having a great time tho and keeping outta trouble Oh.. and getting daily haircuts ;] i know how you like to look fresh! Xoxo Ava <3
Posted by MissPlayboy1:
heyyy how are you? when u come to see me? i miss you
Posted by AvalynnRose:
;D i <3 your hair
Posted by DragonxFlye:
Was so awesome to meet you! though I'm quite sad we didn't hang too much! We kept losing each other lol I'm going to send you some skittles and shiz since I was suppose to share them with you haha. thanks again for all the shit you do! xo PS. ADTR FTW.
Posted by AvalynnRose:
was nice to hangout without any pressure!! (aka convention) I hope u have lots of fun with the rest of your trip!! Stay in touch oh and I owe you some vids
Posted by AvalynnRose:
I'm so glad you came and I got to meet you finally!! You are so sweet an very cute ( i love your hair ) I hope to see you again soon!! ) The mansion party was so much fun and glad I got to see you there See you soon Xx avalynnrose
Posted by Dixxxie:
ROLAND! you kicked ass last night thank you sooo much! You are the shit <3

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