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Profile Headline: A real lady with a huge personality, smart and funny
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About Me
Username: AmberEly
CamScore: 37674
Gender: Female
Body Type: Athletic
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Red
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 55 kilos
Height: 173 centimeters
Age: 31
Sexual Preference: Straight
Smoke: Non Smoker
Drink: Occasional
Drugs: Never
Marital Status: Single
Occupation/Major: Model on MFC
School: Touristic and Commercial Management - University
Favorite Food: anything spicy :D
About Me:
About Me

Hello Everybody!

Welcome to my profile and thank you for taking the time to read this. My name is Eliza, I am 31 year old and from Romania. I started camming on 26 January 2013 as a very shy and innocent girl and I must say it was the best decision I ever made! It changed my life completely and I am grateful for everything. I’ve made a bunch of friends and money, I had rough days and many happy moments but most importantly it shaped me into the woman I am today. I love meeting new people in my room, but please remember this is what I do for a living. As much as I enjoy the company of respectful and kind men, I can’t give everyone my personal attention all the time. So if my room is busy and I’m performing any kind of show, enjoy it and stick around until there is more time to chat. I’m a very positive girl, i like to have plenty of fun and i’m also very sexual! I love getting my orgasms here and in the same time please you! (friends call me ”Happy Spoiled Bitch” at times.)
In my opinion MFC should be the place where we come to relax, to have a good time and make friends. So let’s HAVE FUN and enjoy every moment.

Merry Christmas

Christmas Deals

Room Rules

Please read my rules and guidelines below for having a great time and getting to know me better:
1.) Please be polite to me and to the others in my room.
2.) Always check the room topic to see what’s going on and especially if you want to know whether the TruePrivates are ON or OFF.
3.) Everybody is able to PM me but you need to know that i can’t always check on it, especially during the shows I perform here.
4.) NO DIRECTORS! If you would like something special ask me with a tip note!(no promises if its’s against my rules).
5.) I always watch my FANS & VIP’S CAMS .Anybody else has to make a 99 tk tip for c2c or become an ‘Ely’s’ crew member by changing their nickname for me! (Elys_*member name*)
6.) You got banned? There’s been a good reason for it!.. so make a 777 tk tip if you wanna get back in my room!
7.) Don’t always wait for my regulars to clear the topics! Even if you can’t make big tips you can still help them … Any tip matters and i greatly appreciate every single token!
8.) Whenever we get a Public Cum show, HT of the day gets to choose what we are going for! I find this fair for everybody as all of you can get a chance to choose.
9.) Read bellow to have a better understanding of how True Privates, Group Shows and Skype are working!

Private Shows

True Privates are welcomed but be aware that i can’t always leave the chat room for having one! Never during my shows or whenever the room is going and the guys are working on my topics.
To avoid any type of misunderstanding I will always update my topic with Pvt’s ON/Pvt’s OFF so make sure you check on that!
Want me in True Private but u are not a VIP? Make a 900 tk tip and get me for yourself when room topic says Pvt’s ON! Please don’t try to get a discount! We are not on market here! Only deal you can make is join the VIP and never have to tip before True Private!

Group Shows

I will get the Group Shows ON and we can start one as soon as anyone in the room is making a 5757 token tip.
At times we can have a countdown towards it and whenever we clear it we may start a hot group show aside from the public eyes!
Don’t be shy to tip in Group! Tips get me wild!
If there will be less than 3 guys in the Group Show and No Tips, I will stop the show and we will return to Public.

Skype Show

I offer Skype for the raffles we usually have on special occasions such as Cammiversary, Birthday or Christmas, also an option to get it is beating the Highest Tip ever (read about it down on the page).
We now have an Item on MFC Share called ‘Break the rules SKYPE’ and with a 31000 token tip you can have me on Skype for an entire shift or have me log off while I’m broadcasting and get me only for yourself!


Receive “Snaps” of my every day life and keep in touch!
Snapchat is only for FAN Club & VIP Club members
FAN Club members get snapchat for A YEAR
VIP Club members get snapchat FOREVER
On special times you may find a deal for it in the room.

Frequently asked questions
Are your boobies enhanced?
Yes! I had a boob surgery in 2013.
Their size is 36C(US) / 80C(EU)
Do you squirt?
Sometimes I do!
Are you shaved?
Yes, always! I am actually taking permanent hair removal sessions!
Do you escort?
Can i get your phone number?
If you beat my HT Ever YES!
What happens in your privates?
In private we are all alone and we can enjoy our time together as we best like! (No Anal!)
Do you perform Anal Shows?
Not anymore! Due to some health problems I had to stop but you find many videos of it on my MFC Share page! Once in a while you may find me using a ButtPlug but that doesn't mean we go back to Anal shows!
Will you PEE/POO/FIST?
Do you take Paypal/Amazon/GiftCards?
No, sorry!
Pervs Club

Become a Perv

by choosing to join any of the Pervs Club here

At the beginning of each month I will set up a Monthly Perv Album! Each of them requires an 1234 token tip!
I will add there all the Public Video Recordings of the month and you will be able to download or see them anytime!
The videos will be also sold on MFC Share if you don’t wish to join the club with the price of 444 tokens for the cum shows or 222 tokens for tease/blowjobs/oil shows.

Join it monthly if you are a TRUE PERV!

Fan Club

Become a Fan

by tipping 2,000 here

and get:

SnapChat (1year)
5 Hot Videos
Name on my Profile
All Galleries Passwords
c2c anytime

V.I.P. Club

Become a V.I.P.

by tipping 8,000 here

and get

LifeTime SnapChat
A Monthly V.I.P. Video
All Videos from ”My Videos” Collection
All Galleries Passwords
Name on my Profile
c2c anytime


Check out the Special Content here

Specials is the Collection on Mfc Share where you can find the content I had at some point on the Profile Deals!
Usually all the special events such as my Bday, Cammiversary, Xmas.. are being celebrated with Special Deals!
Whenever that happens it is advertised in the Room Topic and on the Snapchat/Email to give you the chance of getting them, however if for any reasons you couldn’t take the deal you can still find the hot content in this Collection but double priced!


Highest Cumulative Tipper Of The Month

I wear a custom bracelet with your name on it, all month!


February =>COACHY

March =>WOLFY

April =>WOLFY

May =>DAN



August =>ROBERT

September =>ROBERT

October =>ROBERT

November =>ROBERT

December =>

Highest Single Tip Ever

Elys_wiseguy => 166,603

Beat my Highest Single Tip ever and get a 7 hrs of SKYPE SESSION + 5 Custom Videos + 1 Custom PhotoShooting +My Phone Number & All my love!


(Greatest Of All Time)

1-Elys_wiseguy => 166,603

2-tuffenuf69 => 100,000

3-Elys_wiseguy => 60,001

4-Elys_wiseguy => 50,000

Anonymous => 50,000

5-rob91937 => 40,000

6-Elys_wiseguy => 35,000

7- stuffnutz => 33,333

8-rob91937 => 31,000

9.Anonymous => 30,300

10-tuffenuf67 => 30,000

Anonymous => 30,000

Elys_wiseguy => 30,000

11-IvanYackinof => 28,000

12-Robert => 27,000

13-RustyfromOz => 26,000

Robert => 26,000

Thank you guys!

Fan Club Members





































*Member Name*

*Member Name*

*Member Name*

Thank you guys!

V.I.P. Club Members











































*Member Name*

*Member Name*

*Member Name*

Thank you guys!


Tags: sexy, shaved, sweet, lush, cute, hot, funny, horny, toys, pussy, butt plug, fun, squirt, tease, dildo, sensual, high heels, big toy, blow jobs, friendly, long legs, piercings, stockings, inteligent, cam2cam, lingerie, oil, striptease, nice tits, nice ass, double penetration, live orgasm
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My Schedule
Sunday I'm Sometimes online from 6:00 am until 2:00 pm
Monday I'm Usually online from 6:00 am until 2:00 pm
Tuesday I'm Usually online from 6:00 am until 2:00 pm
Wednesday I'm Usually online from 6:00 am until 2:00 pm
Thursday I'm Usually online from 6:00 am until 2:00 pm
Friday I'm Usually online from 6:00 am until 2:00 pm
Saturday I'm Usually online from 6:00 am until 2:00 pm
Interests & Hobbies
Meaning of Life:
Five Things I Can't Live Without: family , friends , money , shopping and sport :)
What I Like To Do For Fun: i like to go out with my friends , i like to dance a lot and i like playing game cards :)
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: In your thoughts ;)
Perfect Mate: 1. An ideal partner has grown up. 2. An ideal partner is open and non-defensive. 3. An ideal partner is honest and lives with integrity. 4. An ideal partner is respectful of and sensitive to the other, having uniquely individual goals and priorities. 5. An ideal partner has empathy for and understanding of their partner. 6. An ideal partner is physically affectionate and sexually responsive. 7. An ideal partner has a sense of humor!
Perfect Date: Good dates are ones that are spontaneous and there is a flow of conversation. The date can be anywhere-but personally I like creative dates or something a little simple and not too flashy. If the guy is a gentleman and holds doors or takes the bill that's always nice as well. Bad breath, a boring personality and aggressiveness can ruin the date.
Turn Ons/Offs: I like nice and respectful people but I hate rude people and those who demand things from me with no right !
Best Reason to Get to Know Me: I'm a sweet and playful girl :D
Message Wall
Happy Birthday Amber hope your day goes well as you're really sexy & know that you'll be in the top 20 soon enough
Happy Birthday Eli, brightest star of my universe and sunshine of my life! I wish you a wonderful and unforgettable Bday and all the best for the future: success, health, joy - everything you want and need. May all your dreams and wishes come true and all the evil and nightmares stay far away. We know each other for almost two and a half years now and with every second passing by since i stumbled into your room for the first time my love for you is still getting stronger and deeper - and with all that love from deep in my heart i send hugs and kisses over to you. I will never ever forget you! But first I hope we will enjoy many more wonderful years together. Te iubesc, Wolfy.
hey see you soon
OMG it was 8-20-13 and this 8-20-17 will be four years, how could I screw up so badly? Any way thank you for the 4 years of your patience and love. It's been a most beautiful and exciting time in my life, hope things get better and your next 4 years make you as happy as you've made me. Te iubesc.
What can I say, was no.1 for a short time, but that doesn't matter, we talked we loved and i' m happy. You are very special to me, from 7-20-13 to 7-20-17 I've loved you and will always have you in my heart. Others will dazzle you with tokens but no one will love you more. Te iubesc,
No, I don't blame you. And respect you and your decisions, it's always wise to see other options, then either use them or ignore them. No one said you had to use them, they must have sucked because you didn't like them. ))) Still love you no matter what.
I'm a grown up woman, capable to take her own decisions, it is more than normal to decide for myself and to take the risks, either if they are good decisions or bad, one has to make their own choices! ''Like other ideas''? what is it about to like? Ok .. I don't like other ideas! Can you blame me for being me?
1385 days we've been together, but I guess it's good bye, your very beautiful and giving, but you don't like other ideas. I loved you every day of that time, and only wish you happiness and success. Thank you for the ride, it was beautiful your still one special lady.
thank you!!!
Ely, it has been a privilege to get to know you over the past 18 months. Like many of your other admirers, I am hopelessly in love with you - not just your stunning beauty, but your charm, intelligence, wit and, most of all, strength of character. Words can't adequately describe the joy I feel when I am with you, either in private, or simply watching you interact with your other fans. While my time online will be limited with my new role as full-time grandpa, I still plan to visit you from time to time. Good luck in all your endeavors. And thank you for being part of my life - Robert
Te iubesc, for ever, don't forget. sweet kisses

you are an amazing woman ty for being on this site
What a hell of a show! loved the oil and got me off just watching you moan. Make an old man happy!
you are a magic women , i like what you think ,be so how you are thats the right way of life ,sorry for my english it isnt very well ,but i hope you understand what i mean ,i am a 52 years old man and when i was 20 years younger then you i want to marry you ,but its to late ,wish you all the best for yet and the coming years ,good luck every day sweet kisses for you ely
Simply incredible and amazing. The most beautiful Eli I have ever seen! You own my heart forever. With love, Wolfy.
love your new pictures, finally showing your true beauty, as it should be shown. love you
It will soon be four years since I first met you. It's been a fantastic time. Your very special and you know how I Love you. Good health, success and peace in your life is my wish for you.
Everytime I see you I fall in LOVE a little more! You are so sexy and beautiful.
My favorite!
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