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Profile Headline: ^-^ Welcome to Baby Zelda's profile! <3 ^-^
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About Me
Name: BabyZelda
Gender: Female
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Ethnicity: Various
Hair: Always Different
Eyes: Blue
Age: 23
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Marital Status: Single
Occupation/Major: Entrepreneur / Indie Game Artist
School/College: dropped out of Space Camp
Favorite Food: Sushi, Lobster, Ramen, Curry, I love food!
Pets: I have 4 birdies ~ Metroid (BCC), Samus (Indian Ringneck), Chozo (African Grey), & baby Cockatoo
About Me:
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My name is Zelda! I'm a shy introverted indie game dev / gamer / anime nerd
/ bird enthusiast who loves to make new friends & roleplay your
fantasy! When I'm not on MFC, I spend most of my free time animating
pixel art
for my dream indie game that I will release sometime in the
nearish future! I love all things nerdy ~ D&D, Star Trek, anime, science,
math, logic & so on!

A few of my favorite games are~
Metroid, Legend of Zelda, Dark Souls, Diablo 2, Baldur's Gate,
Ultima Online, Braid, Monster Hunter, Psychonauts, LoL,
Hotline Miami, Hearthstone, Don't Starve, & Portal!


I try to get on cam Tuesday - Saturday nights between 12:30 - 1 am PST (5 days a week),
and stay online for 3 - 5 hrs. I always tweet when I'm about to cam on my Twitter. ^-^
Note #1: I don't usually check my MFC Mail (it gets flooded >.<) so apologies if I miss your message!
The best way to get ahold of me is to text me, talk in room, or MFC Mail with a small tip for it is easy to see! :3

Note #2: I sometimes log onto Skype to snuggle/hang out after camming! Skype is 500 tokens
& I love getting to know new people even though I'm shy introvert! o.o *hides*


If you offline tip me for vids, I will send them to you the same day
or the next day at the latest. Click here to offline tip.


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Free powers during control shows sometimes! :D 5 bonus raffle tickets
1st bronies of the month get HUGE names on the board (Go Go Power Rangers!)

Note: 969 tokens to become part of #TeamZelda! ^-^ Above are the prior month's Zeldarians.
This current month's Zeldarians will be added at the start of next month!


I'm available for privates during the daytime, just MFC mail with topic **PRIVATE** for details.
Minimum private amount is 1000 tokens & 200 must be tipped upfront!

My Art ^-^
(click to see MFC paint drawings I've made for people)
Note: If you want a custom drawing tip 234 (uncolored) or 669 (color)!

My Highest Tip this year (2019)!

Thanks to my 2nd High Tip of 2019 DGaggins (7,575)!!

My highest tip ever! Can you beat it? ^-^

26,500 : ZeldasNiisan

Thank you my lovely High Tipper of 2018 AndrewCW0404 (10,000)!!

Big hugs to Ragen65 (20,020) for being my 2nd highest tip of all time! ^-^

Tags: nerd, big ass, big tits, teen, petite, gamer, anime, friendly, sweet, blond, emo, shaved, blue eyes, cute, horny, pretty, japanese, asian, big butt, big boobs, curvy, geek, smart, shy, introvert, glasses, innocent, princess, adorable, new, nice, young
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Posted by MugiwaraZoro:
Steals tokens :,(
Posted by Funklord:
I always have so much fun with you!
Posted by Christofur64:
Thanks for all those videos Zelda. I really like one of the ones where you were playing with a friend (of course I like the lesbian stuff, I am a man). Thanks again
Posted by ninjaneer:
Still on my mind since 2014! So lovely, sexy and alluring
Posted by Nova89:
Did I mention she is your dream come true!
Posted by Nova89:
Legit the best woman on mfc,she is a sweet down to earth otaku!
Posted by nastynate667:
Did I see you at age of chivalry yesterday
Posted by desu_ch:
she's a cutie and very nice :3
Posted by therock191:
I know it's been a long time if you do remember pop me a message
Posted by randy308:
Still the most gorgeous eyes and smirk I've seen on MFC to-date.
Posted by Fever141:
Hey-its Fever. Ghost from the past. Dont expect you to remember but Ive always enjoyed!
Posted by Oregonrandom:
I must have a lifetime ban i cant even remember for what lol
Posted by WILLiamGames:
Worth every penny spent on your videos on your site. There's no other model out there better in my book... You're everything all in one. You be like the absolute best GF in the world, and so much much fun with sexual partners and games. I'm totally in to it.
Posted by SnuggleTeddy:
Happy New Years Zelda! Hehe
Posted by andythebossm:
This, what we are doing is a sin of our bodies which is a Temple of God! I repented of this sin and I pray You all do the same. Jesus died 4 U too. Be Blessed.
Posted by unmarked:
Hey there if you ever wanna play a friendly game of co-op baldur's let me know. After 18 years they released a new expansion finally. Have a good one.
Posted by Liltexas454:
I just loves BabyZelda, she's cute sexy,fine and smart .
Posted by bladenhf:
I love you
Posted by upinadam:
your amazing. Got the pokemon app?
Posted by superjoo:
Hopefully you recall my username. I have all your videos. I saw on your menu that panties are available. I don't necessarily need them to be 'used', however, I would like to purchase a pair that I have seen you in. You are hands-down my favorite MFC model. I'll try to catch you when you are online and set it up. Keep on being delightful! -Jon A.K.A. Superjoo

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