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Profile Headline: "If I am really a part of your dream, you'll come back one day" - P. Coelho
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About Me
Username: BrianaDmnd
CamScore: 3945
Gender: Female
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Red
Eyes: Black
Weight: 53 kilos
Height: 165 centimeters
Age: 25
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Smoke: Non Smoker
Drink: Occasional
Drugs: Never
Occupation/Major: Student
Favorite Food: sweets. Im a sugar addict.
Pets: None at the moment
Automobile: Audi a6
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About me

My real name is Elena- Beatrice (hence where Tris comes from). You can call me whatever you like I don`t mind. I am a fun, happy person, that always enjoys whats best of life. I love music, chocolate, reading, and exercising. I enjoy taking pictures, mostly selfies.

MFC has become a big part of my life now, and I don`t quite picture myself without doing what I already love so much.

I am a friendly person, therefore I love making new friends all the time.

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  • Be nice to me and to everyone else. Do not swear or call me names. If i am nice to you i demand the same. Being disrespectful will get you a lifetime ban.
  • Tip for requests and do not beg. Both of the above will eventually get you a kick/ban
  • If i have a deal going on on a certain day, do not ask for a deal of a deal. Not polite.
  • Minimum for private is 15 min so we can both have the kind of fun we want/deserve. If you have less then 900 tokens, mfc mail me and maybe I will accept to do the private. Leaving before the 15 min will get you a permanent ban.
  • Feel free to engage in room chat. Regular members that join the room on a daily basis and do not tip and never talk will get a ban.
  • Do not post porn emotes, except in a tip note.
  • I do not need a porn director.
  • Do not narrate your own masturbation in public chat it's creepy towards the other people in the room. I love to hear about it in a private message however.
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  • .....

    Joker Halloween

    • x6
    • 10:28
    • 17:13
    • 21:01
    • 25:46
    • 27:10
    • 30:46
    • Cosplay
    • Closeup
    33:14 1080p 350 Tokens
  • ....

    Mall Dressing Room Squirt

    • x1
    • 04:18
    • Public
    • Closeup
    6:16 1080p 400 Tokens
  • .


    • x2
    • 9:53
    • 11:16
    • Tanning bed
    17:30 1080p 200 Tokens
Videos (older)
  • .

    Balcony Show

    • 4:55
    • Public
    • Closeup
    06:07 720p 100 Tokens
  • ..

    Black Lingerie

    • x2
    • 22:46
    • 22:57
    • Dance
    • Closeup
    • Blowjob
    • Anal
    24:46 720p 100 Tokens
  • ..

    Breasts on the Beach

    • Breasts
    • Bikini
    • Public
    6:09 720p 100 Tokens
  • ..

    Car Cum Show

    • Closeup
    • Public
    6:39 720p 100 Tokens
  • ...

    Car 1

    • x5
    • 6:10
    • 12:11
    • 12:29
    • 13:51
    • 14:07
    • Dirty Talk
    • Closeup
    • Public
    • Nipple Licking
    16:24 720p 100 Tokens
  • .

    Car 2

    • 0:43
    • Public
    0:57 720p 100 Tokens
  • ...


    • x4
    • 9:48
    • 13:45
    • 14:05
    • 16:20
    • Closeup
    • Feet
    • Footjob
    18:10 1080p 100 Tokens
  • ........

    Halloween Fun

    • x10
    • 17:18
    • 18:57
    • 19:07
    • 26:56
    • 28:05
    • 35:21
    • 35:53
    • 45:18
    • 46:53
    • 47:48
    • Cosplay
    • Blowjob
    • Buttplug
    • Closeup
    • Anal
    51:52 720p 100 Tokens
  • ....

    Hotelroom Cum

    • x4
    • 13:22
    • 16:04
    • 18:52
    • 22:02
    • Lotion
    • Anal fingering
    22:43 720p 100 Tokens
  • ...

    Peeping in the Window

    • x2
    • 12:09
    • 12:25
    • Public
    • Closeup
    51:52 720p 100 Tokens
  • ....

    Public Beach Cum

    • Public
    • Bikini
    07:45 720p 100 Tokens
  • ...

    Road Trip Cum

    • Public
    • Closeup
    11:20 720p 100 Tokens
  • ...

    Shower Show

    • Shower
    09:57 720p 100 Tokens
  • .

    Package deal (All videos in this set)

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Tags: green hair, pretty, beautiful, sexy, cum, cream, smart, fun, happy, horny, squirt, waxed, shaved, hot, bisexual, ass, toys, boobs, anal, naughty
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Interests & Hobbies
Five Things I Can't Live Without: Coffee. Car. Sweets. Internet. Toothbrush and paste. Oops, do those count as 2? :D
Favorite Books: F.M.Dostoievski - pretty much everything; Karl May - Winnetou; hmm. To be honest, I have read so much ever since I was little, and loved every single book, that I can`t even think of my favorite ones! Every book has it's own story!!
What I Like To Do For Fun: Didn`t I answer this before? Oh wait those were hobbies. I guess it is same thing :D
Favorite Songs: I will go from heavy metal rock to dubstep, to chill house, to deep vocal, to indie, to pretty much everything. Depends on my mood at the current time. But my all time favorite is The Weeknd. Definitely my addiction. Besides coffee.
Favorite Movies: Oh Deadpool. Definitely my top movie preference right now. Do the animated series count? Cuz then, my favorite is Batman. And Scooby-Doo. And The Flinstone Family. Ugh, I`m a child at heart!
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: Oh a beach for sure. Summer, hot, sun, sound of the waves, touch of the sand. A glass of champagne.. Mmmm
Hobbies: I love to read, I love to drive, I love music. I enjoy going out and spending my time with my close friends and good quality people. I actually enjoy camming. I guess it's become like a hobby
Talents: Oh I don`t know about that. I guess I can make you feel really special. Is it a talent? I`m not sure. You tell me what my talents are :D
Perfect Mate: Oh, I`m not picky. Looks matter, but you need to have a bond with your mate. He (or she) has to make you feel loved and desired. And beautiful and everything that is the most beautiful on this earth!
Perfect Date: Oh, i don`t know. Dinner and movie? Drinks and then a walk on the beach? A club? I think it all depends on the person that you are on a date with! You could just go for ice cream at the park, and still feel like it is perfect!
Turn Ons/Offs: Hm. Music. Latex, at times, idk why. Chicks. Yeah, I dig chicks. ALOT. Thin and petite. And preety Well, a definite turn off is for me to feel undesired. Or for me to have to wait too long too cum. If I want to cum now, i want it NOW. Don`t make me wait too much, I might get dry in an instant.
Best Reason to Get to Know Me: I am a genuine person. I am smart, you can certainly have a conversation with me. I am an optimistic, positive person. I always see the full half of a glass. Always believe there is a good side in everything. Always love to have fun. Always sincere. I don`t know. Would you like to have a person like that in your life?
Message Wall
Elena is a beautiful name plus you are a beautiful, fine and very sexy woman. Your beautiful pussy and ass have my mouth watering and my dick throbbing every time I see you playing with your pretty pussy and fine ass when your juices are flowing down to your asshole. This is such a turn on sexy lady.
Gorgeous, sexy and incredible sexual appetite. 6 squirts and anal all in 20 minutes, incredible!!! LOVE YOU.
Stunning woman and such a pleasure queen and has such an amazing smile!!!!
Such a lovely lady!!!!
Elena is a lovely girl and if you haven't had the chance to see her vids, you should...very well done and very hot
Such a seductive delicious women that makes me lose control every visit.. love all that u do for us on that cam. Always a pleasure havin u tease us ..x
You are beautiful and have the prettiest butthole I've ever seen!
You make me so horny that I cum 2 times just looking at you.
best show ive seen in a while... perfection 2
very sexy r u single
Fine fucking ass OUTSTANDING
Meow pump it so good
absolutely stunning n perfect
Still waiting this is horrible. Lol
one of the best profiles i've cum across.

If all The World's a Stage, Then You Deserve Better Lighting.
Brea great
The most amazing most amazing woman on this site, my goddess!
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