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Profile Headline: Neko Senpai!
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About Me
Username: CosmicNeko
Gender: Female
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Ethnicity: Asian
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 105 pounds
Height: 61 inches
Age: 25
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Smoke: Herb
Drugs: Never
Marital Status: Single
About Me:

Cosmic Neko

Birthday: October 24th
Cammiversary: July 23rd

About Me

Oh hai! Whalecum to my little cuddly corner on the internets. A place where I love to hang out, have a drink (or a toke), dance, tease and other fun shenaningans ;). I think MFC is a fantastic place and I've had a really enjoyable experience here and met some cool frands along the way.

I'm kind of an awkward, sarcastic, cuddly, lazy ... pile of Neko (you'll see xD). I have two cats, I play games, I toke, I watch anime, and I'm usually completely cluess about pop culture, so I probably won't get that reference you're about to make X3.

Overall, you guys have made my experience here a positive one. So thanks for visiting me, sharing yourselves with me, supporting me, and making my day a little brighter :)


Pho, Cuddles, Sleep, Kitties, Vidya Games, Nekkidness, Boobs, Tokes, Lingerie, Bath bombs, Hot showers, Jasmine/Thai tea


Bugs, Mornings, Beggars/demanders, Exercise, Spicy Food, Awkwardness, R00d people, Wearing socks indoors, Adulting

Room Rules

  1. Treat everyone in the room with kindness and respect.
  2. Begging/directing/demanding is the exception to rule #1 and will not get you kindness or respect. :P
  3. Amazingly enough, if you do have a request, you can tip for it or ask me about it :3.
  4. No dirty talk or explicit images in my public chat. You can save this for private messages (100T) or private tip notes.
  5. No religion, politics, or anything else controversial.
  6. No money talk! Tokens are between the tipping member and the model.

Cam Party!

Want to come chill with Neko and other models after AVN? Neko has 1 guest pass available! Tip 5000T to obtain this guest pass :3 Please please please, message me before tipping :)

In progress funtivities

Birthday Rank Goals:
Top 500: Public Movie Night! - REACHED! Date TBD
Top 250: 24 hr cammathon - Not reached, no 24hours of Neko for you :D

Birthday Raffle!
There will be three prizes this month! First place gets first pick, second place gets second pick, third gets the last prize :)
Prizes: Baking date, gaming date, movie date. Drawing on Thursday (Nov 2nd) and will let that be the half day for purchasing raffle tickets. Drawing will be on Thursday night/Friday morning at 12:00am PST.
Raffle Tickets:
1 ticket - 100T
5 tickets - 400T
10 tickets -750T

Private / True Private Info

Please message me in advance so we can discuss in advance what you would like for private. This is so we both know what to expect and to make both our experiences more enjoyable. :)

Stuff I tell people about privates but am going to put it here in case you're not too lazy to read:
Depending on the nature of the request, I may ask for a pre-tip and/or to do the request in a true private. Sometimes I will accept privates on the fly, but will not under certain circumstances such as if: the room is really active and busy, we are really close to finishing a countdown, we are in the middle of a show, etc. The best time to do ask is around the time I logon or logoff.However, if none of these options work for you I also am happy to schedule privates in advance at a convenient time for both of us.

Privates: 60 tokens/minute
Min Length:15 minutes (900 tokens)

True Privates:80 tokens/minute
Min length: 15 minutes (1200 tokens)


Snap is a small little peek into my life filled with foods, nudes, and cats.
Chatting is ok! but for a better chat experience, hangouts is preferable
No screenshotting allowed
Broken rules will result in a removal
1 month - 200T
Lifetime - 900T

Tip Menu

  • C2C - courtesy tip
  • Praise RNGesus - 7T
  • Fuck your face - 9T
  • Fap Tax - 15T
  • Love and stuff - 24T
  • Song Request - 30T
  • Spank (hand or paddle)! - 25T
  • Pussy Spank - 35T
  • Neko Ears - 40T
  • Friendsies (PM)- 100T
  • *Flash - 100T
  • *Teases - 150T
  • Kitty face! - 199T
  • Body Tour - 250T
  • Lush (5 min) - 500T
  • Butt Plug - 555T
  • *Life Snap - 900T
  • BF Tee - 1000T
  • Clean/Perfumed Pantsu - 1500T
  • Worn Pantsu - 2000T
  • Oil or Ice Show - 2222T
  • Snap VS Shopping - 2424T
  • Stuffed Pantsu - 2500T
  • Cum Deny (24h) - 3333T
  • Cum Save - 4444T
  • Treat Neko to a day off! (Snapchat Steal Personal Snaps) - 10,000T

Workout Wednesday!

  • Omg water - 11T
  • Squats - 50T
  • Planks - 55T
  • Pushups - 60T
  • Situps - 60T
  • Burpees - 65T
Please use tip notes.

*Starred Items can be high/lowed for half price.

**VS Snap shopping can also be done for a $125 VS gift card :)

For shipping outside of the US please include an extra 350T.

If want to spoil me with a giftcard instead send me a message!

Team Neko 1024T

Join the team to show your support and love for Neko!

Times Joined Perks
  • Unlimited C2C
  • Team Menu and Deals
  • Double Spanks
  • Lifesnap
  • 1/2 off Lush control
  • Team Neko Raffle Tickets
  • Google Hangouts
  • Discord 3 Months
  • 5 Custom Snaps
  • Screenshotable Fansign

Team Neko Tip Menu

Attempted Booby Lick - 55T Personal Sexy Snap - 234T BJ - 200T
Eye Fuckings - 66T Gag Mute - 199T Dildo - 250T
Kick - 69T Gag Unmute - 201T Vibe - 300T
Personal Snap - 123T Song+Sexy Dance - 249T Hitachi - 350T
Cum Deny - 2222T Cum Save - 3333T
Current Members
EarlGrey4 x5
Bockclocker x3
CartlesNeko x10
MrMee79 x5
Shiro x5
Missingno x3
DjRush_ x4
ASkyBison x5
ScenicMook x5
achazriel x5

Neko Games

Blackjack - 55T

-Standard casino rules apply
-Every 1 win = 1 tier

High/low - 65T

-Call Aces high or low for the round
-Every 2 cards guessed correctly = 1 tier
Tier 1
Any flash
Song request
Neko ears
1 raffle ticket
10 Spanks

Tier 4
5 minutes hitatchi
BJ tease
Ice on boobs
Ice in pussy
Tier 2
Pussy tease
20 spanks
1 month snap

Tier 5
1 year snap
Butt plug
Ice show
Oil show
Tier 3
5 raffle tickets
Body tour
5 minute dildo
5 minute vibe
5 min fingering

Tier 6
Deny - 24 hours

Honorary Nekos

Don't feel like a large contributor but enjoy my company/room?

Honorary Nekos are the people who contribute to my room in other ways than tokens :3 They come in, say hi to myself and other members, encourage chat/conversation, spread good room feelies, and are generally just pretty fucking aweosme xD

I know who you guys are :3 Every now and again I'll kick you guys some extra little things as a small token of my appreciation for your support

Gaymers 1337T

  • Bnet Tag
  • 3 month discord
  • Free join-ins on Overwatch!
Current Members
EarlGrey4 - 1/1/2018
SoulSlicer - 1/1/2018
Achazriel - 1/1/2018

Neko's Noobs

Still a basic? Upgrade and tip Neko your first 200!

  • You'll receive the following:
  • Friend Add for PMs
  • 1 Month of Snapchat
  • Some Welcome Personal Snaps ;)!
Current Members

Music Sloots 345T

Gain access to a quarterly Spotify collaborative playlist with Neko and friends! Playlist will be played in my room every so often so we can enjoy the music together. A copy of Neko's favorite songs will also be sent to you!

  • Playlist Schedule
  • January - March
  • April - June
  • July - September
  • October - December
Current Members

Kazu and Melodia's Royal Court 252T
(for world domination)

You've probably heard of them or seen them around, but they are my beloved kitties and I am their hooman. Court members will gain access to an album full of pics and memories w/ them as well as be able to tip for treats!

  • Treat - 33T (3 per day/cat)
Tags: Asian, Chill, Cute, Gamer, Tease, Strip, Cuddles, Adorkable, Neko, Weed, Buttplug, Sensual, Nice, Kind, Sweet, Lovable, C2C, Spanks, Bisexual, Petite, Bi, Short, Findom, Dom, Sub, Tease, GFE, Girlfriend, GND, Girl Next Door, C2C, 420
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