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Username: HottieRoxxie
CamScore: 4070
Gender: Female
Body Type: Athletic
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 120 pounds
Height: 66 inches
Age: 30
City: TomorrowLand
Sexual Preference: Bi-curious
Smoke: Occasional
Drink: Moderate
Marital Status: Single
Occupation/Major: Model
School: University of teasing
Favorite Food: healthy food
Automobile: Red emotion
About Me:
Video 1 CUMM (2:51)
129 Tokens
Watch as I cannot hold back any longer and cum while riding my glass dildo! (Offline price: 89 Tokens)
Video 2 BALLS CUM (8:35)
249 Tokens
I use my favorite black Ben Wa balls and rub my swollen clit until I explode in orgasm. (Offline price: 174 Tokens)
Video 3 SMOKING (4:09)
99 Tokens
After fucking myself to a strong orgasm, I needed a cigarette. I smoke and get my pussy ready for Round 2!(Offline price: 139 Tokens)
Video 4 FEET IN SAND (3:00)
99 Tokens
In a vacation, playing with my feet in hot sand, so nice feeling! Watch me enjoying it! (Offline price: 69 Tokens)
Video 5 TATTOO B`DAY (0:53)
55 Tokens
Watch as I get my very first tattoo, is so beautiful now on my skin. My butteflies are so nice! (Offline price: 39 Tokens)
Video 6 HEELS IN PUSSY (1:32)
99 Tokens
Have a fetish? Watch how i use my high heel inside my creamy pussy. (Offline price: 69 Tokens)
Video 7 BJ FINGERBANG (5:13)
239 Tokens
I suck my dildo and get so excited that I bang my pussy with my fingers to a creamy orgasm!(Offline price: 167 Tokens)
Video 8 LOTION LEGS (2:36)
99 Tokens
Have a foot fetish? I start my morning with a nice leg massage using my favorite lotion.(Offline price: 69 Tokens)
Video 9 ONE-ON-ONE CUM (13:43)
299 Tokens
Want me to seduce you? Do you have what it takes to make me cum?(Offline price: 209 Tokens)
Video 10 RIDING REALISTIC (8:00)
244 Tokens
OMG! I suck your cock and ride it to an earth-shattering orgasm!(Offline price: 171 Tokens)
Video 11 FOOT JOB (4:07)
199 Tokens
Have a foot fetish? I begin with a foot massage and use my toes to gently caress your cock!(Offline price: 139 Tokens)
Video 12 ON TOP CUM (12:11)
269 Tokens
My dirtiest and wettest video! I tell you exactly what I want you to do. Cum with meee!(Offline price: 188 Tokens)
Video 13 CUM BIG DILDO (5:08)
244 Tokens
The one and only time I ride my big purple dildo to a quaking orgasm!(Offline price: 171 Tokens)
Video 14 MIRROR CUM (6:54)
344 Tokens
I take a mirror off the wall and ride my realistic dildo to orgasm!(Offline price: 241 Tokens)
Video 15 PINK VIBE CUM (11:44)
399 Tokens
Watch as I use my newest vibrator and fuck my hairy pussy to a creamy cum!(Offline price: 279 Tokens)
Video 16 PAINTING NAILS (6:41)
199 Tokens
Have a foot fetish? Watch me paint my nails before getting on cam!(Offline price: 139 Tokens)
Video 17 PANTY PARADE (9:00)
244 Tokens
Panties fetish! Before our virtual date, I try on all sorts of panties for you to choose.(Offline price: 171 Tokens)
Video 18 HANDJOB CUMSHOT (6:00)
277 Tokens
I stroke your cock with my hand until it squirts all over my tits!(Offline price: 194 Tokens)
Video 19 UGLY TINY DICK (3:40)
144 Tokens
Fetish? Your pathetic tiny dick is so ugly it will never make me cum! I dare you to buy the video and feel humiliated! (Offline price: 101 Tokens)
Video 20 CLOSE-UP CUM (12:00)
333 Tokens
Awsome! I put my camera so close to my pussy that you can see the juices flow as I cum!(Offline price: 233 Tokens)
Video 21 TIED UP (9:07)
279 Tokens
Bondage fetish? I get tied up and struggle to get free!(Offline price: 195 Tokens)
Video 22 REALISTIC & HITACHI (7:32)
399 Tokens
I use my Hitachi while riding the realistic dildo to an earth shattering orgasm!(Offline price: 279 Tokens)
Video 23 TWICE CUM (10:12)
333 Tokens
I use a glass dildo to cum so hard! Soooo hard that I keep going and cum again!!(Offline price: 233 Tokens)
Video 24 DOGGIE FINGER ASS (14:04)
444 Tokens
I got so excited watching a football game that I started using my rabbit toy. Watch me ride the toy doggie style with my finger in my ass until I cum.(Offline price: 311 Tokens)
Video 25 HITACHI BALLS (13:45)
399 Tokens
I start using my Ben Wa balls and then add the Hitachi until I have a creamy orgasm.(Offline price: 279 Tokens)
Video 26 SHOWER CUM (6:54)
333 Tokens
After an erotic dream, I got horny and took my glass dildo into the shower and fuck myself until I cum.(Offline price: 233 Tokens)
Video 27 PORN WATCHING (13:07)
399 Tokens
Want to enter in my private cum life? I decide to watch some porn and to get myself into a drippy orgasm.(Offline price: 279 Tokens)
Video 28 QUICKIE BJ (1:15)
123 Tokens
We dont have much time! How quickly can I make you cum with my mouth?(Offline price: 89 Tokens)
Video 29 HITACHI FINGERS (13:49)
399 Tokens
Using my hitachi with no dildo around, I slip my fingers inside to bring me to an orgasm.(Offline price: 279 Tokens)
466 Tokens
My new dildo makes my pussy feel so good! Watch as I suck this realistic cock, feeling like it is MY BOYFRIEND, slip it inside my moist pussy, and pound myself to a creamy cum!(Offline price: 326 Tokens)
Video 31 BLACK DILDO (12:00)
289 Tokens
I start riding my realistic dildo and start sucking my new black dildo. I get so excited that I switch and ride the black dildo while sucking the white one to a mind blowing cum!(Offline price: 202 Tokens)
Video 32 PILLOW HUMP (09:25)
269 Tokens
One afternoon I was so horny that I started humping my Hello Kitty pillow! Using my Hitachi, I hump the pillow until I cum.(Offline price: 188 Tokens)
Video 33 REALISTIC FUCK (12:15)
329 Tokens
Watch as I lay on my back and fuck myself with my realistic dildo to a creamy cum!(Offline price: 231 Tokens)
Video 34 DOGGIE SPLIT CAM (12:24)
339 Tokens
My favorite dildo fits my pussy just right. I take this toy from behind and turn on a second cam so you can see both my ass and my face as I cum.(Offline price: 237 Tokens)
Video 35 BLACK VIBRATOR (13:30)
379 Tokens
The newest black dildo in HornyLand, is curved so it can reach my G-Spot. Watch in my mirror as I suck and ride this toy to an earthquake orgasm!(Offline price: 266 Tokens)
Video 36 PANTY CUM (12:55)
359 Tokens
One day, I got so excited that i started playing with my pussy without taking off my panties. Finally, I pulled my panties to the side and finger fucked myself to a huge orgasm!(Offline price: 251 Tokens)
Video 37 MAID OUTFIT CUM (13:00)
369 Tokens
Would you like me to be your maid fantasy? I was cleaning your room and found under your sheets a toy, while smelling your perfume on sheets, i used the toy and cum so good!(Offline price: 259 Tokens)
Video 38 FUCK MYSELF DOGGIE (15:12)
389 Tokens
So horny, I strip off my sundress, and fuck myself with the realistic dildo until i cum.(Offline price: 272 Tokens)
Video 39 SOAPY POV BJ (13:16)
379 Tokens
I was playing with myself in the bubble bath, but decided to starting sucking my realistic dildo in POV. I dont cum, but you will!(Offline price: 264 Tokens)
Video 40 CRY LAUGHING (11:32)
174 Tokens
Some clips that didnt quite make it into my videos section, but i decided to show you my crazy side. If you are like me you will laugh until you cry!(Offline price: 122 Tokens)
Video 41 OILY CUM (13:54)
389 Tokens
I put too much oil on my body, so I had to rub it everywhere. I inserted my ben Wa balls and had a shivering cum. (Offline price: 272 Tokens)
Video 42 PUSSY INSTRUCTION (12:37)
379 Tokens
I describe how I like my pussy eaten and show you what to do with your tongue and fingers to make me cum! (Offline price: 265 Tokens)
Video 43 STANDING FUCK (11:25)
359 Tokens
I was so wet that I started sucking and deepthroating my dildo. Finally, I stood and fucked myself to a glorious orgasm. (Offline price: 251 Tokens)
Video 44 WET T-SHIRT CUM (14:54)
399 Tokens
Have you ever had a private wet t-shirt contest? Watch my lingerie become see through as I finger myself to orgasm. Did I win? (Offline price: 279 Tokens)
Video 45 DOUBLE TROUBLE (21:00)
459 Tokens
My longest double-cum video. After finger fucking myself to an orgasm I wanted MORE! Luckily my new hitachi and suction cup attachment arrived in time for my second cum. Cum twice with me? (Offline price: 321 Tokens)
369 Tokens
I love my hitachi, but sometimes a girl just wants to be fucked. I played with my hitachi for as long as I could until I needed a dick inside me to cum. Watch as I fuck and buzz myself to orgasm. (Offline price: 258 Tokens)
Video 47 DOGGIE POV (9:25)
369 Tokens
I ride your cock doggie-style to a huge orgasm and then licked you clean after you came, you will feel amazing. (Offline price: 259 Tokens)
Video 48 INSIDE CUM NEGATION (11:55)
379 Tokens
I sucked your dick and ride you hard until I came! Did you fucking cum inside me maniac??? (Offline price: 265 Tokens)
Video 49 BEAUTIFUL AGONY (12:34)
389 Tokens
Beautiful agony means you will get to see the emotion in my beautiful face & upper body that giving myself pleasure brings. Watch my face as I cum twice during Beautiful Agony! (Offline price: 272 Tokens)
Video 50 LITTLE BUSH (15:45)
369 Tokens
I let my bush grow for you because you begged me. Lots of lotion gets spread in my hair until I use my fingers for a "shocking" orgasm! (Offline price: 259 Tokens)
Video 51 START 1, ENDS 2 (12:49)
349 Tokens
I started rubbing my clit with a hitachi, but that wasn't enough. Soon, I had 2 hitachi's buzzing at the same time until I exploded in cum. (Offline price: 249 Tokens)
Video 52 BLACK BANG (14:45)
359 Tokens
I pulled out my chocolate dildo and could not resist a taste. After sucking it for a while, I slid it deep inside my pussy and banged myself to a wonderful cum! (Offline price: 259 Tokens)
Video 53 HEELS BANG (13:21)
329 Tokens
So horny, I wore my highest heels for you and fucked myself with them until I came! (Offline price: 229 Tokens)
289 Tokens
After the Halloween party I stripped off my costume, played with my pussy,and then sucked and fucked the realistic dilso until I came! (Offline price: 199 Tokens)
Video 55 ICE CUBES & HITACHI (18:23)
399 Tokens
It was the hottest day of the summer so I used ice cubes to cool off my body. I came hard with the hitachi as my hot body finally cooled off. (Offline price: 279 Tokens)
Video 56 BANANA CUM (11:59)
329 Tokens
I wanted to eat some fruits but I got distracted. Watch as I use an innocent banana for the sweetest cum ever. (Offline price: 229 Tokens)
Video 57 RIDE 'EM COWGIRL! (11:58)
389 Tokens
I finished riding my horse and I needed to cum. Watch as I ride a realistic dildo to a bouncing orgasm. (Offline price: 279 Tokens)
Video 58 HAIRY CUM BREAK (4:30)
89 Tokens
During the break i got suddenly very horny. Touching my hairy wet pussy and fingering i came hard and made myself happy! (Offline price: 63 Tokens)
329 Tokens
Horny, in a black dress with a black russian hat, very wet! Awsome fantasy right? Buy it and cum with me! (Offline price: 229 Tokens)
Video 60 BLOW JOB & HITACHI CUM (10:55)
369 Tokens
I caught you sniffing my panties and decided to reward you with a blowjob. I got so wet that I had to finish with my Hitachi and your dick inside me! (Offline price: 258 Tokens)
Video 61 RIDING MY GUMMY BEAR (11:23)
389 Tokens
Would you like to be my Gummy? While i was eating gummies i got myself horny, started to imagine that a green Gummy will have a dick and i will ride till a huge cum. (Offline price: 279 Tokens)
Video 62 GIRLFRIEND POV (10:34)
399 Tokens
Want me to ride you and talk with you like you are my Boyfriend and your dick is inside me? Buy this amazing video & you will instantly cum with me! (Offline price: 289 Tokens)
Video 63 DRESS PARADE & CUM (16:34)
424 Tokens
Me funny, making for you a dress parade, but, i get horny and we start to fuck until i came! (Offline price: 300 Tokens)
399 Tokens
Loving an early morning sex? Loving to see me waking up during morning with my panties wet, ready to explode my cum in them while i whisper to fuck me hard? mmmm enjoy the view! (Offline price: 291 Tokens)
Video 65 WELCUM HOME! (17:11)
419 Tokens
I got surprised by you coming home, watch me thru your eyes how i express my joy of seeing you and getting horny and ready for you to fuck me and cum on my landing strip! (Offline price: 299 Tokens)
Video 66 OIL LEGS TEASE & CUM (17:32)
409 Tokens
Teasing you with my legs, making them all oily, got really horny and i will cum with you! Join my Journey! (Offline price: 296 Tokens)
Video 67 SSSSMOKIN` FETISH (07:40)
244 Tokens
Sensually Smoking in shinny leggings, teasing my body to a horny mood! (Offline price: 171 Tokens)
Video 68 HOT CUM 4 YOU (15:21)
369 Tokens
Teasing in red gloves and sensual clothes, i am inviting you, dear watcher, to jerk off while you play with me and fuck me till a huge cum! (Offline price: 259 Tokens)
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Sunday I'm Sometimes online from 7:00 am until 12:00 pm
Monday I'm Always online from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm
Tuesday I'm Always online from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm
Wednesday I'm Always online from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm
Thursday I'm Always online from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm
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Interests & Hobbies
Meaning of Life: Meaning of Life: Life means existence and sharing
Five Things I Can't Live Without: 5 Things I Can't Live Without: family, lover, wallet, my Hitachi, my smile
Favorite Books: Favorite Books: Ulysses, Don Quixote, Anna Karenina, Crime and Punishment
What I Like To Do For Fun: What I Like To Do For Fun: I am open minded to many things
Favorite Songs: Favorite Songs/Music: Electronic Dance Music, Pop, some Country, Jazz, R&B, Classic Rock, Reggae, Oldies.
Favorite Movies: Favorite Movies: The Godfather, Scarface, Inglourious Bastards, The Shawshank Redemption, Gangster Squad, Django Unchained, Transformers, Gladiator, The Exorcist, Seven Pounds, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Godzilla, Ocean's, The notebook, Hacksaw Ridge
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: jumped with parachute, sex (in the sea, at cinema, in the elevator)
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: Maldive, backstroke swimming and watching the sky
Hobbies: Hobbies: Life in general, swim, watching great movies and serials.
Talents: Talents: too many to count :P
Perfect Mate: Perfect Mate: Soulmate
Perfect Date: Perfect Date: Walking on the moon; lot of laugh and love.
Turn Ons/Offs: Turn Ons/Offs: Romanticism, humour, LOVE/ unpolite,rude
Best Reason to Get to Know Me: Best Reason to Get to Know Me: Everybody is different and unique. I have my own ways which i would love to share with you!

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