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Profile Headline: I've got class, sass and a nice smile (:
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Username: MissBella__
Gender: Female
Body Type: Athletic
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Black
Weight: 135 pounds
Height: 168 centimeters
Age: 108
City: Bora Bora
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bi-curious
Smoke: Herb
Marital Status: Single
Pets: 1 tiny dog - Minnie
About Me:
Tags: ACF, TheRealBB, Tease, Brunette, Smile, Findom, Girlfriend, ASMR, Chihuahua, bellabrookz, bella brookz, bellabrooks
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Stunningly beautiful woman with insanely good camera skills. Her attention to detail is second to none. Wonderful kind personality, she will always go out of her way to make you feel welcome in her room. Incredible ASMR videos that will take your mind places. Her voice and accent ranges from cute to seductive on a dime. Always gives 100%. If you like women you owe it to yourself to check her out.
Bella! I forgot to tell you... Within a year I'll be moving to the Bahamas to start a fishing & SCUBA charter boat! I'll invite you and your friends to come visit once it's set up. I forgot that you didn't know that... But why would you since... Well you know... My Heart is still broken but on the mend. It's so great to really meet you... You are a wonderful person. It will be in Nassau/Paradise Island... Which I know you love cuz I have a cool pic of you by Atlantis. Yippee!
Do you lives in the states?
There it is! I hope you enjoy it... It was describing you... Meant for you... I know now that people call you Bella not Jenna... You are so Beautiful... Please watch it and I really hope that you like it. See you later Bella
Oops... The one below is great but not the poem I was talking about... Let me go find the correct one. There's my FB link you asked for. I decided to hit the gym a lot more and make good investments with my funds. Perhaps one day we will actually meet... You have my heart. I miss you doing YouTube videos. I got to know the real you that way. I'd absolutely Love to know you better. I'm a wonderful guy who Loves with all of his Heart. Maybe in time you we will be friends... Maybe in time there would be more. You are Gorgeous no doubt. But it's more than that. You are Beautiful inside too. A Beautiful Person. That's what I Love about You. Take a look at this YouTube video I made for you. It was a poem... Then I decided to make it a video to some music for You. With much Love & Respect. Tony Tristano
Hi Bell... I was just wondering how you are doing... I would like to meet you. I know it's over $600 to pay for Grand Master status and have you Skype me... Would you please let me know how to do that?... And I'm wondering if you happened to receive my pictures that I sent You... Hope You have a Wonderful night.
Check out this adorable video I made... There's one of my favorite pics of you & Minnie at the very end. I made this about a year ago. It was meant for You... The real You.
P.S. You can erase all these if you so desire after you read them... And Thank You for Reading Them. It Means a lot to me... Tony Valentino Tristano... Former Fireman... Paramedic & Combat Search & Rescueman (ParaRescue Jumper)
Oh... I almost forgot... Isabella... I have a YouTube Channel with all the videos I made for you... Well they are all to Jenna... Who the person imitating you said you had changed what people call you to... Some just other YouTube vids to my selection of music... Others custom made for You... But my favorite is the first ever that I made for you... Cuendo mi Enamoro. It's Cute... Romantic and a little sappy... But that's me 100%
Hi Isabella... I just wanted to Thank You for being so kind to me. You're probably wondering about a guy that thought he was going to marry you after a year plus long relationship... messaging every day many times but never actually video chatting. I wanted it but there is so much about you that is Absolutely Beautiful and whoever it was played into that. Once I knew who you were... By seeing a picture sent to me that said Bella Brooks Photography... I did a simple search and found you on YouTube... I didn't know you were even on MFC until a little later. I watched all of your ASMR videos on YouTube And that's the person that I fell in Love with. That's actually You and whoever it was... took what you are... Knew it well and simply pretended to be you. It was probably a lot of things that you would actually say so... It was more than enough to message... Send and receive pictures. But in all reality you are absolutely right. You have to suspect someone that never wanted to video chat. I simply thought that it was some way of protecting what you had set up and not wanting video recorded or some such thing. I guess it sounds kind of dumb to you but I Loved You with everything that I have and it's going to take me a while 2 mend my broken Heart... And it is broken... Because like I said before it was You that I fell in Love with. You talking about all the different things in your YouTube videos such as Love... Family... Previous relationships... Depression... Happiness... Things you love... Where you come from and even Your little doggie Minnie... I have to tell you that in the plane ticket that I bought for you to come here... I even included a ticket for a Minnie your dog! That's how convincing it was. If you ever want to fall in Love with a Beautiful man that would Love you Forever... Be Romantic at every turn... Never harm You... Always Protect You and Treat You right for the rest of our lives... Please just ask me...
With much Love... Respect & Willingness to do anything for You... I Hope You one day consider it. You are so Beautiful both Inside & Out... If you're curious... Remember to watch one or two of my over 70 YouTube videos that I made for you when I thought you were seeing them. It's mostly all love songs. My YouTube channel is under Firefightertristano. Bella... It's so great to meet the Real you and it must be a bit odd to have someone Love You with all their Heart and not even know them. I do though. Getting to know you better would only make that feeling stronger. I'm including one of my absolute favorite pics of you which is the one where you split it between you a bit younger wearing a Minnie mouse shirt and you a little while ago in your car. My Facebook is under Tony Tristano. It's the pic of me in a suede jacket and sunglasses. I would really appreciate it if you friended me. We could talk once in a while. I Love many many of the same things that you do which is partly why I feel the way that I do. So thank you again. You have this firefighters Heart if you ever want it. It's yours for the taking.
You Replied??? Of course you did... You're a great human being... Beautiful too... You don't even know how much I loved you... but it wasn't you... Thanks for replying Isabella. This person... Knew everything about you... Even was unavailable while you did your cam thing which leads me to think it is someone you possibly know of... I haven't watched your shows out of respect cuz I know even a person I Love needs to pay the bills... I finally received a settlement for my accident and the money to buy you a car and ring... A home to have a family and money to send you to school... However... It wasn't really you. I have enjoyed every single ASMR YouTube you ever made... Felt like I got to know You... The real You... I am so very sad now but your message put a smile on my sad face... I've had too much sad in my life... Especially after the accident as a Professional Firefighter. I'm sending you some pics of me so you can see me in case you were wondering what I look like... I'm careful but still open like You.. My Facebook is under... Tony Tristano... My full name is Tony Valentino Tristano... I was a spec ops medic for six years after high school and then a Firefighter and Medic for ten years after that.
Sorry the messages start at the bottom and read up but I know you will figure it out.
So after about a year after I met you... Or rather the person pretending to be you? I finally received a settlement for my injuries as a fireman. We talked everyday for over a year many times a day... why someone would pretend to be you... I do not know. So I finally had the money to bring you here so I thought... Bye a BMW X5 for myself and an X3 for you. I also bought a 1.5 carat diamond engagement ring. I was going to ask you to marry me at the sunken gardens here with a violinist and guitarist playing. The weird thing is that when I got the plane ticket for you... At least I thought it was you. There was a flight here but stopped in Denver to change planes. There was a check in at the start but then no one on the flight from Denver to here. So a little bit after that I messaged you while you were on and realize now that it was never really you. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that I would love to talk with you and just wanted to let you know that I am a very good man with a kind heart. I have help too many people over the years in some of their darkest days and worst times. I've saved countless lives and actually delivered a babies out in the field over my 10-year career as a Firefighter and Paramedic.
So let me tell you a little about why I thought I was talking with you for over a year. The person that contacted me who I thought was you randomly messaged me because she thought I was a different Tony. We got to talking and started messaging each other every day. It was all on Facebook messenger so I have the hundreds of conversations all saved. After a couple of months it got to where it was more like old school love letters. You asked me why I would believe someone without video messaging with them. There were plenty of pictures and I sent video of me but the way that we wrote was more like old fashioned Love letters. I also thought that's you were protecting yourself just in case... So the video I did receive was what you did apparently. Like You playing in the snow in New York... I absolutely love that video. By the way You are very beautiful... Classy... And seem like a great person because I started watching you or ASMR videos on YouTube. So I watched them all. Let me backtrack just a little and let you know that I had no idea who you were at first. Then one day I got some pictures that had a name stamp on it married... "Bella Brooks" I thought it was a photography place at first so I looked it up and there you were on YouTube and also here. I wasn't mad but considered it okay because you're so classy and wonderful. I did go on here a few times but decided not to because it was meant for other people... Not me. Besides I thought I'd have you all to myself eventually.
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